More Money, More Problems: 10 Stars With Massive Debt

1. Brendan Fraser

The 20th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival - Whole Lotta Sole Premiere

Since sustaining a serious back injury in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Fraser has struggled to pay his bills.

Surgery and extensive rehabilitation have eaten away at his finances, and resulted in his inability to pay ex-wife Afton Smith the monthly $110,000 in child support and alimony.

As a result, Fraser was forced to plead poverty to the courts in order to get the payments reduced.

Credit: Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET

2. Dionne Warwick

'Fame' Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsEven Dionne Warwick's 50-year career can't save her from her mountain of debt.

On March 12, 2013, Warwick's bankruptcy filing lists $10.7 million in debt against her mere $25,500 in assets.

However, Warwick's longevity knows no bounds as she continues to tour the world and earns nearly $21,000 a month.

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3. Nicholas Cage

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 5.30.47 PMNicholas Cage, once one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, was at one time close to bankrupt. Although he earned $40 million in 2009, Cage's spending and tax issues left him with several foreclosures and $6.2 million in owed taxes.

Cage blamed the tax debt on his financial adviser, claiming business manager Samuel Levin "lined his pockets with several million dollars in business management fees while sending Cage down a path toward financial ruin".

Eventually the two settled their suits, but Cage is still fixing his finances.

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4. Toni Braxton

The Heart Truth's Red Dress CollectionToni Braxton went bankrupt in 1998 due to her love of the finer things in life, including faberge eggs, 1,000-thread-count sheets, and expensive flatware.

The R&B vocalist found herself in hot water again in 2010 when she lost her Georgia home.

Braxton's debts were once cited to be as high as $50 million.

She is also battling lupus and has fielded bills due to medical expenses. The singer's financial woes include bankruptcy and unpaid taxes.


5. Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz Hosts Solo Photography Show In Madrid!Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz became financially strapped in 2005 and borrowed $24 million from the Art Capital Group. She put up her entire photographic library as part of the collateral to repay the loan, and when she couldn't pay up, she was hit with a lawsuit.

Luckily, the company withdrew the lawsuit and gave her an extension on the due date for her repayment.

The photographer's financial difficulties are a result of her partner Susan Sontag's death in 2005, as well as both her parents, the twins she had via surrogacy, and unpaid taxes and property bills. She is now putting her $33 million New York City property for sale.

(Credit: ANG/Fame Pictures)

6. MC Hammer

Celebrities Attending Black Eyed Peas' Benefit Concert

M.C. Hammer's story has a happy ending. Though he went broke in 1996 with $13 million in debt, he has since bounced back, performing with Korean superstar Psy, of Gangnam Style fame, at the American Music Awards this year. At one point he had an entourage of 200 people and a $30 million mansion! Even his $33 million fortune from the "Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em" album wasn't enough to pay for all that.

(Credit: Bonilla/

7. Kim Basinger

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 6.34.02 PMIn 1989, Kim Basinger purchased an entire town in Georgia called Braselton for $20 million in partnership with the Ameritech Pension Fund. Basinger hoped to turn the town into a tourist attraction, but those hopes were dashed when she found herself sued for breach of contract for pulling out of a film called "Boxing Helena." Hit with $8.1 million in damages, she was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1993 and sold her stake in Braselton to Ameritech. The judgment was settled with the studio for $3.8 million.


8. Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin Attends Post-Firing From "The Apprentice" Press ConferenceIn 2009, Stephen Baldwin, the youngest of the Baldwin family, defaulted on his mortgage loan and filed for bankruptcy.

Baldwin had more than $2.3 million in debt, including $70,000 in credit card bills.

In 2012, Baldwin was arrested in New York on charges of state income tax evasion. He is said to owe more than $350,000 in state income taxes for 2008 - 2010. If convicted, Baldwin will spend four years in prison. Baldwin says his advisers are currently trying to work out a deal with state officials. So far, he has managed to avoid jail time.


9. Mike Tyson

"Scary Movie V" - Los Angeles PremiereFormer heavy weight champ Mike Tyson was reported to once be worth $400 million. Now, he says he's totally broke, an announcement he made on the popular TV show "The View."

Considering all the money he spent on mansions, jewelry, Bentleys, and Bengal tigers, it was probably inevitable.

Tyson blames his financial strait on managers and promoters who have cheated him out of more than $100 million.


10. Donald Trump

Stars Promote New Season Of 'Celebrity Apprentice All Stars'As of March 2013, Donald Trump is worth $3.2 billion. However, his empire hasn't always been so lucrative.

Donald Trump and all his various corporations have filed for bankruptcy  four times.

In 1991, his Taj Majal casino in Atlantic City left Trump with $3.4 billion in debt.

The following year, Trump owed $550 million on the Trump Plaza Hotel.

In 2004, his entire Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts Inc. filed for bankruptcy due to being $1.8 billion in debt. Finally, in 2008, Trump went to bankruptcy court yet again, ending up with only a 10 percent share of the company named after him.


Tom Cruise

  • cheese101

    $110,000 monthly in child support and alimony? You have got to be kidding me.
    1,320,000 a year? Sounds like he got the short end of that deal.

    • toby

      She is not getting that now, he broke. Bet the child was still abused and the money when he did pay was squandered by the mother.

  • 18235

    if only some movie studios would go broke…

  • 1950’s Marine

    I don’t get it. Brendan Fraser should be well covered by the SAG Health and Welfare plan……

  • OctoberHurts

    Another argument for not buying the cow…

  • The idea of “bankruptcy” for these spoiled, pampered, millionaires is far different than bankruptcy for the average Joe. “Bankruptcy” for them means that they have to sell their $10 Million Dollar mansion, move into a $1 Million Dollar home, fire their chauffeur and sell their Bentley, and settle on driving their own Mercedes Benz S550. The idea of bankruptcy for the average Joe means having to face the prospect of selling all of their belongings, and being homeless.

    • ShawnSzentmiklosy

      You would be surprised bankruptcy does not do that to the average Joe.
      You get to keep a lot. Bankruptcy laws have changed tremendously since 08. You can keep your house up to $500,000 in equity, $100,000 in cash, just to name a few highlights of the deal.

    • Underwater Ops

      Actually, for Trump and such, bankruptcy means keeping everything they own personally – it is just their business that goes bankrupt. Usually because they drew heavily from the business for bonuses and outrageous salaries.
      Just look up Mit Romney and the millions he pulled out of a healthy KB Toys, until it died.
      This is how Trump got the $3.2B, running the businesses into the ground and collecting huge payouts, while the investors, service providers, and all the small fry suppliers, picked up the tab.

      • Jeff Warner

        What’s this have to do with Trump? This is about Brendan. Politics have nothing to do with Brendan. He is not making as much as he was. The court has seen and heard, and reduced his child support payments. Since Trump announced his running for President, the liberals have nothing to talk about and wine about. Keep to the subject, don’t show your ignorance.

        • JoshuaHulgan

          Um, Donald Trump is number 10 on this list…

        • HelenL1

          I “wine” a lot too because of trump. hehehe

    • Robb

      Nicely said!!

  • cunning

    There must be an agency that suplies aunterarges because all the rapers especially black performers including bieber have them, apparently there job is to be yes men to everything, collect a fat wage and spend as much of the bosses money as posible till the broke waning lights go on, then they are outa there.

    • Chris

      “Cumming” before you post learn how to spell please!!!

      • The Pyat

        Please don’t tell him that. Cunning’s was the most fascinating post. All of these violent sex offenders wandering about with their uncles’ sisters looking somewhere between a fat ship and a faberge egg hatched from some mysterious agency, and Bieber somehow turning African American, and these aunts changing sex with a YES and fleeing a dying light blinking BROKE! BROKE!—I mean, wow. Poetry.

        • Me

          What ¿?

  • mikeburke

    Can’t the great and “Fair-Social Justice” fighter Alec help his brother? Or, his ex-wife? Lot of Baldwin karma in this list. It’s not “fair”.

  • debra

    Couldn’t for the life of me figure out WHY Annie would EVER agree to photograph the SLIMY kim and kanye for Vogue cover ? What a sad discredit to her resume. Now makes perfect sense, hope she charged them Millions !

  • Phanes Erichthoneus

    The Stephen Baldwin one is hilarious, especially after I saw his anti-marijuana tirade on Fox News a few years ago.

  • SantaFeJack

    When Brendan first divorced, he was making millions more than he is now. Ex-wives who live off their ex-husbands should ride the same ups and downs of their spouse. The same way they would if still married.

  • SantaFeJack

    Donald Trump has always been about smoke and mirrors. And bankruptcy courts. He really does no how to work the system. Lives like a King while the little people are out on the street.

    • BJNJ

      so many people trusted trump and they got screwed. The advice, count your change before and after shaking hands with this person.

    • Eli risto

      Donald Trump personally paid off my friends mortgage. He(my friend) fixed his stranded limo outside Casino Windsor. When asked for monetary compensation he declined. The driver asked him for his name and address so that his boss could send him a thank you card. A week or so later his mortgage was paid and he had a personally written note from Donald Trump saying that he was a good man.

      • SantaFeJack

        All I can say is your friend’s experience certainly doesn’t gibe with the public information available about Trump and his dubious business practices and reputation.

  • Kittey

    I don’t understand the whole allimony thing these days. Back in the 50s sure, when women’s places were in the home raising the kids. BUT that’s no more. What woman can claim she has equal rights and is just as good as a man when she demands handouts from him? When she can just as easily support herself???? I have no respect for those women. Now, child support is a different matter, imo you have a baby, you are 50% responsible for that child’s care. Even if that means the custodial parent has to show monthly receipts verifying ALL the money spent was on the child(ren) and not for themselves.

    • Sam

      When their husband wants them to be a stay at home mom they lose all of the career advancements they wouldn’t had if not for that joint decision. She should be compensated appropriately. Not 110,000 a month, but to support the child how they would have been without a divorce. Child support is for the child. It shouldn’t be used or viewed as an ex wife trying to take from her previous husband. It’s not for girls looking for an easy way out in life by having children with wealthy men or lazy men looking to live off of a woman. The child is the only concern, should be given every necessity, and have at least two loving parents. If that’s not how it’s going they should lose their child and pay for someone else to support that child appropriately. We don’t take children from people nearly as much as we should then ask “What’s wrong with this generation? They’re lazy!” Children have dealt with too many adult problems for too long. It’s time we show we actually care about the future, not just ours, and put more systems in place to provide for all children as much as we can. Maybe get rid of food stamps and put that money into education. Give kids an opportunity to get higher education, and inform them of job market availability and saturation. Kids now are going to school for psychology and nutrition degrees with no jobs available for even half of them, yet loans for those college programs are still being approved and students are being blatantly lied to about the salary and job potential.

  • 0609

    Another celebrity who’ll soon make this list is Sarah Palin. She’s dumber than a box of rocks & doesn’t know that her 15 minutes are up. So long, Caribou Barbie.

  • Ben Rose

    couldn’t Dionne see this coming?

  • Angel

    Well that explains why I haven’t seen Brendan Frasier in any movies..

    • Daniel Thomasislin

      He has consistently been in or produced films since 1991. Just because you don’t get out, don’t make stupid little comments on people you know NOTHING about.
      He even has his own website. Something I bet you could ever have or need.

      • Angel

        You are an Idiot.

  • Bobby33x

    Of course, most of these morons vote for “tax the rich Democrats” don’t they. I’d say they’re getting exactly what they deserve!

  • carl6352

    tyson problems were marrying that skank and her mother tagged along. they milked him the whole time and when divirced took more than half for doing nothing.. disgusting pair of pigs

  • Refreshthetree

    What child needs 110,000 dollars a month!? What court would EVER rule he pay that, how absurd.

  • kG

    Nick is the man! He started collecting mansions in Europe. Now that is a habby! Plus he owns one of the most expensive comic book collections in the world. that is the way to go bankrupt,friends. The bees ,not the bees you god da… witc….es!

  • wayne wright

    Brendan’s medical debts certainly could have been mitigated if he had gone back to Canada where you aren’t charged two thou for an ambulance ride. What exactly did he do with the millions he made previously? Why are we supposed to be concerned about people who make more in a year than we ever will in a life time? It always amazes me these people never quite pay off their houses or cars or manage to pay the proper taxes. And yet none of them ever considers funding a ghetto school or neighborhood which is a tax write off- especially the multimillionaire athletes and celebrities claiming to have come from the ‘hood’.

    • msdetroit

      Wayne wright….u said EVERYTHING!!! There are multi- millionaires and billionaires in this country with enough money to HELP people but instead they look down on people or they say that somebody is looking for an easy come up. The truth is EVERYONE WASNT MEANT TO BE RICH. Monetarily speaking, however everyone IS meant to be rich spiritually. But because we make the selfish choices that we do we look down on people and determine that, we are higher up than the next person.And we judge a man because he doesn’t have what we have….shame on US…

  • Nailheads

    And all the idiots who think Donald Trump should be president. LOL

  • unitedwalk

    Donald Trump has made his money by screwing over every one he deals with, then he simply goes bankrupt over and over again. He did this several times in Florida, selling his name on “Trump Towers” luxury condos and then skipping out when it came time to fulfill the promises. Anyone who does any business with this guy is insane

  • johnsnare

    Warwick file for bankruptcy, and she earns over 2 million a year.?

    • Cher

      $21,000 a month is $252,000 per year, not $2 million.

  • johnsnare

    Cage. Another A hole. He earned over 40 million in 2009. That is 40 million dollars in one year folks, and he files for bankruptcy.? Even if he paid his taxes, say 20 million, he was still left with 20 million. Geez, life sure is tough.

  • johnsnare

    Another outrageous celebrity with Champagne taste, and a beer pocketbook. Braxton, grew up poor, and never ate on a dish, and lived in a cold water flat, and all of a sudden, she is successful, and must have all the finer things in life, that at some point in her life, she could no longer afford. No Big Mac’s for her.

  • johnsnare

    How the hell does Baldwin have advisors if he is broke.? Do they advise for him free.?

  • scott will

    You cant fix stupid.

  • Getfiddle Man

    We knew all along that Trump is a punk.

  • Davie Ace

    your so right Leo, bankruptcy to these people is fuckall in fact it is better because their slate is wiped clean after a couple of years, then they get to start wading back into debt again, poverty for the average Joe means no food no job no home and no friend with a $10m apartment in central park for you to rough it in untill things pick up.

  • James Burns

    what most are missing is all of these people have set up trust to protect their assets. they can only be sued for what is in their name. and the job of a trust is to own everything and to have nothing in your name. and once the money is placed into a trust if it is written well it cant be traced

  • bob

    I’ll take a few grand and not buy any dope

  • thomas allen

    Its funny how the mummy star is now literally a mummy of his former self

    • Daniel Thomasislin

      Speak for yourself you raging homo.

  • ZEUS

    Donald Trump is a waste of AIR, i can’t believe people like this ASS. He has screwed so many people over the years , he has no principles in life . He has claimed Bankruptcy so many times . I think the funniest thing of all was when old BIG Donald thought he was going to bully his way into the Las Vegas market and the Gaming commission said sit down little BOY

  • Jo Ja

    First of all, don’t these stars have health insurance?!??!!

    Second, that Brendan child support number was ridiculous – hope he did lower that significantly in court. That should have been the YEARLY amount.

    In all of these stories, at least 50% of the blame goes to the celeb. You make $5m after taxes (if you want to pay them of course hehe), put 2 away at the least in simple investments (mutual funds, etc). That way if u piddle away the other 3, u have some fallback money and a learned lesson….

    Silly celebs!

  • Megan Riley

    I’ve always said.. Take someone who makes $10K/year and someone who makes $100K+/year… Both are broke, just on different levels, living paycheck to paycheck. (This doesn’t apply EVERYONE) But people usually spend what they make.

    • ClaireMBT

      Hi Megan, yes that’s very true. People tend to equate “being rich” with six figures, but it’s all about lifestyle. I recently read a compelling story about a man who made a modest $50K a year and through saving and wise investments, was able to retire by 33, with $1.4 million socked away.



  • Marty Tarver

    Sandy wasn’t a hurricane, by the way. Hence, it’s called Super Storm Sandy.

  • Judelop45

    110,000 a month is obscene!!! Why do the courts allow that??

  • HelenL1

    Are you FREAKING kidding me. Earning 21000 and still being allowed to claim bankruptcy. These people wouldn’t know poverty if it smacked them in the spoiled princesses asses of theirs.

  • James Strickland


  • Sam Contos

    this picture is grotesque

  • Frank Perrino

    This is some good info about celebrities

  • valid voter

    and some people want to elect this idiot to the presidency

  • James Lannan

    better than the idiot we have in there now or the crook who’s running for the democratic ticket

  • Robert Dobson

    Amazing. Adults who can’t pay their bills or live within their means. How amusing that almost all of them blame some other person, or entity, or situation that caused their problems. None really take responsibility for their own deficiencies in managing THEIR OWN lives and finances.

  • Celesti Arcana