May 2014 Sales and Deals

Memorial Day Sale


Retailers are using every three-day weekend to throw a sales event -- but they have their reasons. Memorial Day weekend sales are the retailers' last chance to get rid of old merchandise from spring to make room for new summer models and items.

Fun Fact: New models for refrigerators and vacuum cleaners come out in May -- so expect to see the best deals on these items this month.

Here are some key products to look out for on Memorial Day:

Home Furnishing

  • Mattresses, office furniture, outdoor furniture


  • Refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, cookware


  • Winter and spring styles

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Mother's Day Sale


You can show your appreciation for Mom on Mother’s Day -- which means many retailers will be offering deals on traditional gift items for moms.

Fun Fact: Sales on kitchenware items are actually targeted for the upcoming graduation and wedding season -- either way, take advantage because you'll be getting an excellent deal on these items in May.

Here are some key products to watch out for around Mother's Day:

Mother's Day Gifts

  • Flowers, jewelry, books, sweets

Home and Garden

  • Kitchenware, gardening tools, outdoor decor

Technology and Electronics

  • Smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras

Gift Cards

  • Restaurants, retailers

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Summer Travels Sales


May is the last month before summer, and the best time to snag deals. Book your summer vacation now!

Fun Fact: Time is of the essence when it comes to getting a good deal for travel sales. Check out other ways you can save on hotel costs.

Here are some key products to watch out for at the beginning of May:


  • Special packages and offers from airlines like Delta, American, Southwest, Jet Blue, Virgin Atlantic and more.


  • Special packages and offers from hotels like Hilton, Marriott, Westin, Ramada and more.

Car Rental

  • Free upgrades, special packages

Local Deals

  • Tickets to local events and activities

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Father's Day Sale



Shop early for Father's Day.

Fun Fact: The Japanese financial fiscal year runs from the beginning of April to the end of March of the following year. Therefore, many Japanese manufacturers will try to get rid of old stock from the previous year starting in April -- which means additional sales on these items.

Here are some key products to watch out for towards the end of May:

Outdoors and Sports Equipments

  • Golf, athletic apparel and shoes, camping

Gym Membership

  • As the weather warms up, indoor sports, such as gym memberships may slow down. Ask for a discount!


  • Power tools, home improvement, automotive


  • TVs, smartphones, laptops, wireless gadgets

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