Would You Sell Your Organ to Repay Student Loan Debt?

More than half would exchange privacy for debt relief.


Getting rid of debt is on thing, but giving up your privacy for the sake of TV entertainment is another. Surprisingly, 55% of respondents said they would sign up to have cameras follow their every move.

Fun fact: Reality stars of "Duck Dynasty" on A&E reportedly make $200,000 per episode, or $2 million each season.

Thirty percent said they’d give up an organ.


Finances over health?

Yes, please! 30% would sell an organ to say bye-bye to their debt!

Did you know? Ladies, you can get up to $8,000 for egg donations or $45,000 if you want to be a surrogate, according to NYU Livewire.

Most said they’d sell half of their possessions.


Perhaps extreme downsizing doesn't appeal to new grads. Respondents were split when asked if they would be willing to give up their worldly possessions for the sake of their debt.

Fun fact: One Iowa City couple decided to sell everything they own and started a website that went viral. They eventually wrote a broke called, "All My Life for Sale."

More than a third would enroll in a “questionable” health study.


It's OK to be a human guinea pig, as long as it pays well? 38% of respondents said they would volunteer for a questionable medical study.

Did you know? The federal government once offered $3,000 to anyone willing to get the flu to better understand human influenza, according to the National Institute of Health.

“No way,” respondents said to military service.


Perhaps this questions is more political than financial, but grads felt strongly about this one. 68% said no way to signing up for active duty.

Did you know? As an active duty service member, you can earn a compensation package (including bonuses and benefits) of $99,000, according to GoArmy.com.