Top 4 Best Credit Cards For Couples Expecting a Baby

Parents Who Plan Ahead

35cipw4Your baby hasn't even been born yet, but if you’re already thinking ahead to Junior’s college needs, you might prefer a credit card that helps you grow your child’s college savings.

Fidelity Investments 529 College Rewards American Express Card deposits your 2% cash back and rebate earnings to your child’s 529 college savings account instead of giving you a statement credit or check in the mail. The earnings in the 529 account grow tax-deferred until your baby reaches college age, and he/she can use the funds to cover tuition without paying tax on the earnings.

Store-Specific Credit Cards with Rewards


Before having a baby, look for a store in your area that carries everything you will need before the baby comes and then once he or she arrives -- get a store-specific credit card with rewards for that store. For many parents, their one-stop-shop becomes Walmart or Target. Walmart offers two credit cards, but the cash back earnings are very low compared to other options.

Target Credit Card -- This is called the REDcard and you’ll save an additional 5% on everything you buy from Target retail stores or with your REDcard. When shopping with your REDcard, you’ll get free shipping in addition to the 5% savings. Your REDcard also gives you an extra 30 days to return items you buy. As an added bonus, you can choose your child’s school and every time you shop with your REDcard, 1% of your purchases will be donated to the school of your choice.

If you are afraid of overspending on a credit card, you can always sign up for the Target REDcard debit card. It’s linked to your checking account, but still offers all of the benefits and rewards of the credit version.

Online Shopping Credit Cards

rewardscard-amazon-visa-300x188The closer you get to the baby’s due date, the more likely you may be to spend time at home. After the baby is born, you may also find yourself spending more time at home enjoying the new baby and some quiet family time. For days when you don’t want to leave the house, shopping online can be the perfect solution. One of the most ideal online stores for expecting and new parents is Amazon -- especially if you go with Prime Membership for free 2-day shipping on almost everything! You can also order nonperishable food and diapers and other items in bulk for discounts.

Amazon Credit Card -- The Amazon credit card offers 3% cash back when you shop on but it’s also an all-around good rewards card with no annual fee. The Amazon rewards program gives you 2% cash back on gas station purchases, restaurants and pharmacies; and 1% cash back on everything else.

A Credit Card For Everything


If you don’t think you will stick to a single retailer for the majority of your purchases, you will be better off looking for a credit card that offers rewards on all purchases. Many expectant parents find The American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card to be a good fit for their needs. Blue Cash Everyday Card offers 3% cash back at supermarkets and 2% at department stores and gas stations and then 1% cash back everywhere else. There is no annual fee for the card, unlike many other generic rewards credit cards, so as long as you pay your balance in full each month you’ll benefit from the rewards and not lose the rewards to the higher-than-average interest rate on this card.

Reminders for Expectant Parents

3274955487_766014dab1_zWhile it is possible to earn rewards through the use of various credit card programs, it’s also very possible to cause financial strain if you aren’t using credit cards responsibly. To avoid getting in over your head with credit card debt, be vigilant about only charging what you can afford to pay back each month on your credit cards. No matter how great a credit card is or how much you can earn through the rewards program of a credit card -- if you carry a balance, the interest and finance charges are going to cost you more than the benefits.

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