Top 5 Bank Videos That Teach You About Finance


Bank of America 'Money Management' Series

Bank of America offers a series of informative money management videos that can help you learn how to balance your finances. The videos include information on the impact negative marks have on your credit score, how to build credit from scratch, and what cosigning a loan means, among others.

These videos are short, to the point, and can be clearly understood by most people, making it easy to digest the information received.


U.S. Bank Hilarious Debt Management Video

Not every helpful financial video has to be serious. This funny video on debt management from U.S. Bank is a prime example of how you can be entertained, but still learn a valuable lesson when it comes to your money.

This video is part of ABA's Teach Children to Save program. In this portion of the program, contestants between the age of 13-18 enter a contest in which they create a video that highlights the importance of saving. The video is intended to influence their peers to better manage their finances.


Wells Fargo 'Your Financial Journey' Videos

Wells Fargo has a very informative series of videos on a variety of subjects. You can learn the basics of how to plan for retirement, how to pay for college, or what to think about when managing your finances in general.


Helpful Finance Videos from Chase

Chase has two sections on its YouTube channel that are worth noting for people who are interested in gaining a better understanding of finances. The first is their advice for home buyer's channel, and the second is their finance videos for small business owners.

The latter is a unique series that can help any small business owner learn strategies for how to manage their money when opening a business for the first time.


'Gain a Financial Edge' With Citibank

Citibank has a series of finance videos that aims to provide you with tips and advice on how to practically manage money.

The most helpful is available to watch here.