Top 5 Excuses for Late Credit Cards Payments


“I forgot.”

In this day and age, with smartphone technology, you can easily remind yourself to pay bills on time. There's also personal finance management tools like Mint, that also alerts you via email when there's a looming bill.

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“I mailed in a check. It must have gotten lost.”

Always blame it on the post office! This excuse won't work and you'll still have to pay again. Using this excuse just delays the inevitable, and may cost you more in the end, since there's interest tacked on as well as late fees.

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“I don’t have the money right now."

Sometimes you really don’t have the money, but unfortunately, it still doesn't make your bills go away.

You may be able to negotiate a realistic payment play by calling your card company and explaining your situation. Of course, this doesn't always work.

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“I never received my bill.”

This excuse may work one time and one time only. With consumers signing up for paperless statements, receiving your bill through email means there will most likely be less errors, since the post office is not involved in delivering the bill.

If you can get your credit card company to waive the fee once and forgive you, consider yourself lucky.

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“I was out of town.”

This seems like a good excuse, right? How can you possibly pay your bill if you weren’t home?

Again, living in today's digital world, companies will probably not accept that as an excuse. These forms of technology can easily be used to make a payment by using an app, through their website or your online banking.

Watch out for overdraft charges if you've set up an automatic payment and don't have the funds to cover your bill.

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