Top 5 Gadgets to Help Safeguard Your Home from Burglars

122092 is a security system you can use to monitor and control your home or office in real-time and from anywhere.

It features an interactive security, video monitoring, and even energy management.

You must fill out a form on their site or call them for pricing.


Put Lights on a Timer

Put your living room and bedroom lights on a timer, so that it goes on automatically after it gets dark outside.

Here is one you can get from Amazon for $22.90.



Consider purchasing FakeTV, which is a lighting gadget that makes it look like someone is home watching TV.

You can purchase one on Amazon for $29.95.


Motion Detecter

The Auto Dialer Security and Safety Alarm is a motion detector with a auto dialer that will call up to 5 preset numbers selected by you.

Get one on Amazon for $34.85.


Fake Security Camera

For just $8.95 on Amazon, you can purchase an Outdoor Fake Security Camera with blinking lights to make the intruder believe you have your home on surveillance.