7 Surprising Services & Items Banks Are Offering

Beer and More

beer1Oregon-based Umqua Bank is offering the following items for: beer, yoga, ice cream, children's theatre, and more.

Umqua, which is already unique for referring to their branches as "stores," hosts these initiatives to draw customers to their branches.

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Bank Library

weird1Philadelphia-based Beneficial Bank has "learning libraries" at some of their branches.

The space is filled with books that customers can sit and sift through to educate themselves on money matters and financial products.

The books are only allowed to be read in the branch and cannot be checked out like a real library book.

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Penny Arcade Machine

stTD Bank, famous for their free pens, is now enticing customers with free coin-counting and penny arcade machines.

All of TD's branches now feature fun penny arcade machines that help change coins into cash.

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Multimedia History Lesson

multimediaNavigant Credit Union isn't flashy, but is known for being informative.

The bank's Chepachet, Rhode Island branch offers a topographical map of the town and a multimedia presentation that was created with the help of a local historian.

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Gourmet Food... and Paper Shredding

gourmetWashington-based Homestreet Bank entices customers to new branches by putting out gourmet spreads.

The bank also has other promotions including a "Shred-a-thon" at which customers can shred their financial papers for free.

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Free Money!

onedollahPearl River, New York-based Palisades Federal Credit Union regularly offers their customers "samples from the vault."

On these days, customers get a free, crisp dollar bill, and get to sign up for a raffle featuring a larger cash prize.

The bank regularly has raffles for other items as well, and like TD Bank, offers free coin-counting.

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Learning Library

workshopConnecticut-based Connex Credit Union regularly hosts workshops and seminars for their customers, ranging from learning how to max out your Social Security benefits to dealing with the threat of identity theft.

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