What Managing Your Money In Your 20s Really Looks Like

You go into your first job with high expectations.

Then reality sets in on payday.

But you tell yourself you have to start somewhere.

Being frugal takes on a whole new meaning.

Thinking about the future makes you a little panicky.

You have to give yourself a pep talk every time you go to a store.

The first time your student loan statement comes in the mail, you die a little inside.

Paying the bill each month makes your throat close a little.

In fact, you begin to think you'll never get your loans paid off.

You get a credit card to start building your credit score.

But you underestimate how much interest really costs.

You read all the news stories about how 20-somethings are screwing up their finances.

But you decide it's time to take control of your money.

So while your friends are still paying off their debt and living paycheck to paycheck...

...you'll be doing this.