Every cardholder has their own strategy when it comes to collecting credit card rewards. Some let theirs grow as an emergency fund, others may choose to cash out once or twice a year, and some await the day when they reach a status high enough to redeem a big-ticket gift they really want. However, few of us crunch the numbers necessary to determine which of our rewards cards will give us the must lucrative payoff per purchase… until now.


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Credit card rewards management mobile apps are the latest technology that are helping consumers claim their rewards and earn hundreds more annually. If you have more than one credit card, constantly trying to remember your rewards programs and reasoning between all of them can get confusing. Here are three nifty mobile apps that will be your ace in the hole when it comes to securing an effortless credit card reward strategy.

Reward SummitScreen Shot 2014-05-29 at 4.19.46 PM

Consider Reward Summit to be a cheat sheet when you need to decide between different credit cards for a purchase. The app and website allow you to compare credit card rewards, and after linking your accounts, gives you a report that ranks every single card available in order to help you pick the best card for your spending habits. Users don’t need to have a reward card to use the comparison tool, and are at liberty to select as many rewards cards they want.

If you already have one or more reward card(s), load your digital wallet with it, and the app starts recommending when you should use which card based on the merchant and location you input, no account numbers necessary. The app then tells you the best credit card to use for any given purchase depending on your rewards programs. Reward Summit even does what consumers are far too lazy or incapable of doing — it converts reward points into dollar values so you can quantify exactly how much you receive from each credit card rewards program.

According to the Reward Summit website, the app is designed to work with whatever information users are comfortable with sharing, and uses bank-grade encryption to protect users’ data. The app never asks for, or stores credit card account information that can be used to make a purchase. Non-smartphone users aren’t left out either — Reward Summit now offers an extension for Safari that users can install to get advice on which cards to use to earn more rewards when shopping online.

Platform: Online, iOS, Android

Cost: Free

WallabyScreen Shot 2014-05-29 at 5.01.40 PM

The Wallaby mobile app is at first reminiscent of Reward Summit, but the settings give the user more control over the results that are generated. If you only get the app, you’ll get a virtual wallet (just like Reward Summit) in which to store your credit cards that offers you advice on which card to use based on the most lucrative reward. However, the app comes with handy preferences you can set, like configuring the app to stop recommending one card once your balance has reached 30 percent of your credit limit, or whatever specific type of request you may wish to impose. Wallaby has an extension for Chrome.

If you’re interested in capitalizing on the full Wallaby experience, you’ll need to join 20,000 others who have already signed up for Wallaby’s beta list to get The Wallaby Card. This soon-to-be released tool consolidates all of your credit cards onto one physical credit card that routes your purchase transactions to the credit card that gives you the most reward value. However, Wallaby’s innovative new technology will come at a price, being fee-free for six months, and then $50 each year.

Platform: Online, iOS, Android

Cost: Free

GlyphScreen Shot 2014-05-29 at 6.00.58 PM

The Glyph mobile app supports more than 250 credit cards and tells users which credit cards give the most valuable rewards —  such as cash back, travel, hotel loyalty points, or any other rewards. Glyph may sound like Reward Summit, but it is different. In order to determine which card you should use, you enter your information and it will consider multiple factors like rewards, interests, fees, promotions, each card’s balance, and even gives you potential factors which may affect your credit score. On the other hand, the number of filters to choose from can quickly become overwhelming — rewards, due date, interest rates, to name a few. If you choose not to hand over your information, have the option of picking a category (such as recent college grad) in order to get credit card recommendations tailored for that niche.

Platform: iOS

Cost: Free

Many companies are currently investing money into mobile wallet innovation. With so many credit card rewards management mobile apps at your disposal, reaping credit card rewards just became a whole lot more gratifying.

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