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April 9, 2009- Portland, OR- MAX train testing on the Mall 5 Rules and Real Estate Investment Tips for Buying a House In a Trendy Area Here are 5 real estate investment tips for identifying the next soon-to-be-hot neighborhood. Oct 7th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 1447025345_eddc129dd1_o 3 Ways to Always Keep Your Finances Stable So You Avoid Going Broke Dec 20th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich chase branch 8 Ways to Sidestep the Chase No-Cash Deposit Policy May 6th, 2016 - Daryl Paranada 8143897812_4de9ac4548_k How to Finance Home Repairs If You Have Zero Savings Oct 8th, 2014 - Peter Bennett photo-49 Chase Freedom® Changes How You Earn Bonus Points: Keep It or Toss It? Nov 3rd, 2015 - Simon Zhen 10283028425_d15f4bfa43_k Million-Dollar Starter Homes Sparks the Classic Buy vs. Rent Debate Dec 22nd, 2015 - Peter Bennett 2604431825_21b9a23216_b Smart Retirement Planning Tips for Each Decade of Your Life Dec 20th, 2015 - Daryl Paranada 239654105_7f5abee13f_b The Perks of Being a Cardmember: My Experience at the US Open Chase Lounge Sep 4th, 2014 - Theresa Kim 8495912071_66c43931e1_k 7 Ways to Financially Survive Sandwich Generation Stress Dec 20th, 2015 - Anne Dullaghan 4514170580_1765d59ea9_b Sell Your House Fast With These Proven Seller Incentives Sep 1st, 2014 - Peter Bennett 15050270131_d0e690f20d_k(1) Avoid 6 Checking Mistakes With These Solid Student Banking Tips Sep 4th, 2014 - Daryl Paranada 8049717030_185e55a27d_k Keep Your Finances Under Control With Our Fall Financial Check-Up Guide Dec 19th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 3900248845_77dfdf4689_o Smart Ways Parents Can Save on Back-to-School Shopping With a Rewards Credit Card Aug 29th, 2014 - Daryl Paranada Shrewd Strategies to Follow When Buying a Flipped House Dec 20th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 3821711977_e81f0a7ebd_b Shared Appreciation Mortgage Benefits Those Who Don’t Have Enough for a Down Payment Aug 28th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 3325351060_7487bcc10e_b Know These Store Credit Card Pros and Cons Before You Get to the Register Oct 13th, 2016 - Jeff Yoncich money invest The 7 Best Ways to Invest $5,000 of Your Savings May 6th, 2016 - Anne Dullaghan 14373734290_48c8f1646b_k How Federal Reserve Policy Could Affect Your Next Big Purchase Aug 25th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 2331958871_0016dafb49_b How Scam Artists Target Your Elderly Parents and Drain Their Bank Accounts Dec 19th, 2015 - Daryl Paranada 3180492369_78a82675fc_b 10 Empowering Ways to Boost Retirement Savings After You Turn 50 May 28th, 2015 - Anne Dullaghan gooddebt 3 Instances When It’s Actually Worth Being In Debt Feb 5th, 2016 - Daryl Paranada 1308766605_7b73609639_b Skillful Handling of a Home Equity Line of Credit Can Help You In a Financial Bind Feb 25th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 2146992973_93ed245b46_o Why You Need to Teach Your Kids About Money Way Before They Leave the Nest Aug 22nd, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 4275353139_6884bdf1d1_b 7 Ways to Keep From Going Broke Your First Semester of College Dec 22nd, 2015 - Anne Dullaghan 1805259146_28866728e1_b You’re Not Refinancing Your House Because… You’re Lazy? Dec 22nd, 2015 - Peter Bennett 497904222_c98eaa985c_b Why It’s a Bad Time to Make Your Mortgage Payment With a Credit Card Aug 21st, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 1144870111_1b3bdc51cf_o When High-Net-Worth Borrowers Say ‘Show Me the Money,’ Banks Respond Enthusiastically Sep 5th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 13208880233_0c8a81ad24_k Smart College Survival Apps That Will Ease You Into Real World Financial Responsibility Aug 17th, 2015 - Daryl Paranada shutterstock_172885226 How to Solve Huge Income Differences In Relationships So You Can Live Happily Ever After Dec 19th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich mortgage Cheer Up America, Global Unrest Can Lower the Cost of Your Next Mortgage Aug 19th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 6246263914_0f99ab7524_b Savings Account Fine Print: 5 Tricks Banks Use to Keep You from Noticing Fees Dec 19th, 2015 - Veronica Stewart financesfreshmanyear 5 More Ways for Freshman to Handle Their College Student Finances Sep 19th, 2014 - Daryl Paranada 2270207802_a5721e3cd2_o Convert Costly Self-Storage Rentals Into Your Next Big CD or Down Payment Sep 29th, 2014 - Peter Bennett rentingamericandream Bleak News of Declining Homeownership Means You’ll Happily Rent Forever Aug 26th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 3918413248_bdc342e882_b 5 Brilliant Ways to Handle Finances Freshman Year That Will Help You Beat Future Debt Sep 19th, 2014 - Daryl Paranada 8685922857_6645dbc199_k Why Switch Banks Now? Dec 19th, 2015 - Veronica Stewart 12088746866_c5363651d2_k Why Big Banks Should Rely on Their Own Money to Prevent Another Crisis Oct 7th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich mortgagejunkfees2 Here’s the Skinny on How to Trim Some Fat from Mortgage Junk Fees Dec 19th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 3753959881_dcdbb32c51_b 5 Realistic Ways Millennials Can Hustle Their Way to Millionaire Status Aug 22nd, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich nationwide flag How Insurance Companies Like Nationwide Are Making a Push to Be Your Next Bank Mar 2nd, 2016 - Simon Zhen 5201099754_a7b6045474_b How the Wealthy Use Clever Seller Incentives to Attract Big Offers and Why You Should Too Sep 3rd, 2014 - Peter Bennett 8410004777_f5d0414335_k Why New FICO Score Rules Could Be a ‘Game-Changer’ In Helping You Obtain a Loan Aug 22nd, 2014 - Peter Bennett prepaidvssecured2 Prepaid or Secured Credit Cards: Which Works Best for You? Jan 27th, 2016 - Veronica Stewart 8709581107_24a0ddf924_k Why Mortgage Protection Insurance Is Perfect for You If You’re a Pessimist Aug 13th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 3344142642_c4d3bfa042_b 4 Questions to Answer Before Switching Jobs That Indicate You’re Ready to Quit Aug 13th, 2014 - Erik Neilson neighbors 20 Undesirable ‘Neighbors’ You Don’t Want Living Next Door to You Mar 15th, 2016 - Peter Bennett Expensive Consequences of Not Having the Dreaded Inheritance Conversation Dec 22nd, 2015 - Daryl Paranada 2603129684_64730d5bbf_b How a Medical Expense Tax Shelter Can Become an Investment Gold Mine Aug 6th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 4636608287_93f19630bd_b This FHA Loan Packs Twice the Punch of Your Average Loan So You Can Finally Fix Your House Dec 22nd, 2015 - Peter Bennett 555004799_fe45a51ff1_b Why You Should Fight a Market-Driven Impulse to Move or Refinance Aug 22nd, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 3511142501_28f76db205_b Beating All-Cash Offers on a Home Requires This Great Game Plan Feb 23rd, 2015 - Peter Bennett 3112843288_16c0311560_o How to Snatch Up Your Dream Home With a Zero-Down Mortgage Dec 22nd, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 1797154828_cc06b6dd84_b Master These 10 Strategies to Score a Great Real Estate Bargain in Any Market Dec 22nd, 2015 - Peter Bennett 430856286_0114dd3409_o 15 Sneaky Ways Borrowers Fudge on Mortgage Applications In the Hopes of Outsmarting Lenders Aug 26th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 538885859_8612ea9e8d_o What You Should Worry About If Your Lender Sold Your Mortgage to Another Bank Dec 20th, 2015 - Daryl Paranada 4184216102_275114426b_o 3 Reasons Why You Finally Have a Better Shot at Landing Your First Home Nov 11th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 8629374957_27a9c70baa_k To Get a Great Interest Rate, Try These 3 Mortgage Buydown Tips Oct 9th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 6409995541_07cfbbc585_b What to Do (Besides Panic) If You’ve Co-Signed for a Loan and the Borrower Goes Bankrupt Aug 21st, 2014 - Erik Neilson 5457291695_6491b0f4ea_b Top 10 Millennial-Friendly Cities That Will Spark Your Inner Urge to Move Aug 21st, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 8692695536_e382383656_k A Great Real Estate Team With These Key Players Will Help You Hit Your Next Deal Out of the Park Aug 21st, 2014 - Peter Bennett 14064245093_79740ceae9_k 5 Ways to Put Financial Goals Into Action So You’re Not Always Strapped for Cash Aug 21st, 2014 - Erik Neilson 10539730276_d24c892d76_k Carefully Track Hidden Home Purchase Costs So You’re Not Suprised Later Aug 21st, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich Flickr | Why Opting for Smaller Monthly Student Loan Payments Is Always a Smart Idea Aug 21st, 2014 - Daryl Paranada How to Ensure Your Family Will Inherit Your Property So Uncle Sam Stays Out of Their Pockets Aug 21st, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 3017122504_ee2f56d1f3_b How Wealthy Executives Still Remain Untouched by the Great Recession and Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank Aug 21st, 2014 - Peter Bennett Knowing These Key Points Will Help You Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Selling Real Estate Dec 20th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich How Amortized Fixed-Rate Loans Help Keep Your Final Mortgage Payment In Sight Dec 20th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 11408021096_8d347c6abf_z 3 Regrettable Banking Mistakes That You’ll Make As a New Graduate Dec 19th, 2015 - Katherine Muniz Why You’ll Make These Mistakes Before Retirement If You’re Not Paying Attention Dec 22nd, 2015 - Erik Neilson 8164195110_5536916d7a_k The Perfect Home Repair Loan for When Your House Springs a Leak Oct 8th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 1571875240_5e88fa1dd5_b 5 Reasons You’ve Got the Wrong Mindset About Personal Wealth and Struggle With Money Dec 22nd, 2015 - Erik Neilson 14440965021_cc033fabb4_k Real Estate Market Values Rise: ‘Anything Under $3 Million Is On Fire’ Aug 21st, 2014 - Peter Bennett Flickr | Making Extra Student Loan Payments Won’t Help Pay Down Your Debt, Thanks to This Sneaky Trick Aug 21st, 2014 - Katherine Muniz 7211165374_99d222d926_b How to Milk Your Next Home Inspection to Make Every Square Inch Count Aug 21st, 2014 - Peter Bennett 4947508079_0dbdd69196_b One Life-Changing Way to Invest In Your Future If You’re Only Making Minimum Wage Aug 22nd, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 3213645421_1eae5ca6eb_b How SWAG Can Help You Build Wealth and Become a Better Investor Aug 26th, 2014 - Veronica Stewart 3123123391_65dcf74b0a_b What You Should Never Do With Your Bank Account If You Are Moving Abroad Feb 26th, 2016 - Daryl Paranada 2987232840_1d5231d765_b How a Contract Works Depends on 4 Essentials Aug 25th, 2014 - Peter Bennett Flickr | 5 Ways Millennials Must Kick-Start a Budget to Avoid Living With Their Parents Until Age 40 Dec 19th, 2015 - Daryl Paranada 3935027870_0895e236be_b How to Make the Most of Your Inheritance, No Matter the Size Dec 19th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 202136435_d76fcecd5e_o Why Winning Free Tuition from a Contest Costs You More Than You’d Think Jan 4th, 2016 - Katherine Muniz Flush Away Thousands of Dollars If You Don’t Heed This Home Repair Advice Dec 19th, 2015 - Peter Bennett Flickr | 5 Crucial Steps Every Young Adult Must Take to Achieve Financial Independence Dec 19th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 3870609298_7555aa5845_b Ways to Survive Credit Card Approval Fraud and Why You Will Always Be a Target Aug 21st, 2014 - Erik Neilson 8806284738_6ed16ad7e4_k Stop Lying to Yourself About Early Retirement, It’s Not About Saving Millions Dec 20th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich singlemom2 How My Single Mother Saved for College to Keep Me Debt Free After Graduation Dec 19th, 2015 - Daryl Paranada millennialshome2 Economy Slowly Recovers, But Millennials Still Choose to Live With Mom and Dad Oct 27th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich Why You Should Spend More to Save More and Overcome Outdated Saving Habits Dec 19th, 2015 - Erik Neilson 3218131407_f4c5b40ae9_z A Flawed Student Aid System Will Leave You Behind If You’re Middle Class Jul 31st, 2014 - Katherine Muniz 62594669_5ec1da38ae_b Why Your Decision to Live Upstairs or Downstairs Will Floor You! Jul 31st, 2014 - Peter Bennett 7 Deadly Credit Card Sins That Will Leave You Tapped Out and In Financial Hell Oct 13th, 2016 - Daryl Paranada A Down Payment Grant Can Help You Afford a Home Dec 19th, 2015 - Gerald Morales 10 Real Estate Principles That Will Make You a Smarter Home Buyer Dec 19th, 2015 - Peter Bennett OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hospitals to Predict Who Will Get Sick by Using Patient Credit Card Information Aug 4th, 2014 - Gerald Morales 10297401384_b467a4b07b_o 8 Money-Saving Tricks That Will Leave You Feeling Richer Jul 30th, 2014 - Katherine Muniz debtsettlement2 How You’re Easily Duped by Debt Settlement Companies That Don’t Seem So Bad At First Dec 22nd, 2015 - Daryl Paranada Busy Supermarket 3 Reasons You Don’t Need to Spend $100 on This Credit Card Innovation Aug 4th, 2014 - Erik Neilson img src: How to Deal With Added Costs of Higher Rent So It Doesn’t Stress You Out Jul 30th, 2014 - Erik Neilson 8077807908_fd097ed7d0_z Extended Warranties Your Credit Card Company Won’t Tell You About Unless You Call Oct 13th, 2016 - Katherine Muniz OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA U.S. Bank Settles $200 Million In Federal Mortgage Probe Sep 23rd, 2014 - Gerald Morales