My Bank Tracker, the premier interactive banking and information website, announces the launch of multiple add-ons since its introduction into the online financial vertical on August 4th 2008. Adding to their list of products, My Bank Tracker now offers information about Mortgages and CDs (Certificate of Deposit), highlighting the best rates across the nation’s top banks. In addition, My Bank Tracker also launched their first of many financial tools, including an APY calculator (Annual Percentage Yield) and APR calculator (Annual Percentage Rate) calculator to allow consumers the flexibility to evaluate their return on savings, checking, and/or CDs accounts or to determine monthly payments on home and credit loans.

Two of the major additions to My Bank Tracker, is the bank rate comparison tool and bank locator. The comparison tool titled “Quick Bank Finder”, allows consumers to enter their desired investment amount, then by selecting savings, checking and/or CD are instantly presented with the best bank rates based on their financial needs across 58 local, national and internet banks. Bank Locator was developed to allow users to pinpoint the closest desired bank based on zip code. Powered by Google Maps, the Bank Locator is found within each bank profile page to ensure consumers make the right choice when choosing their next bank, or attempting to avoid those hefty ATM fees.

“We are very excited about all the upgrades that have been made. Our development team has created not only visually appealing, but also extremely user-friendly applications. With just the launch of our financial tools, we have seen a lift of 81% in bank driven clicks alone” stated Alex Matjanec, Media & Communications. “We have already given the user the ability to rate and review banks – with these additions consumers now have more control to compare and refine their financial decisions. My Bank Tracker will continue to respond to our customer requirements while providing the best in class personalized social banking experience” Mr. Matjanec added.

My Bank Tracker will continue to offer their users the best in functionality, financial tools and banking news. In the upcoming months, we will begin to roll out additional consumer offerings in the form of credit cards, dynamic emails as well as opportunities for banks to create focused conversations with our visitors that not only provide them with insights, but also offer our users relevant targeted content so that they can make better financial decisions.

About My Bank Tracker:
My Bank Tracker provides users the ability to compare bank rates for savingscheckingmortgage and certificate of deposits (CD) accounts; presents current and relevant articles on the industry and offers tools and widgets to locate a bank, compare and calculate interest rates. By visiting, our users can make informed financial and banking decisions based on the shared experience of our social network membership.

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