In order to address the huge number of “branchless,” online only banks on our system, we now offer the option of filtering your search to show either both internet and traditional banks, or to filter out the internet banks and only view those banks with physical locations.  By clicking “no” as the option, we will hide rates and information from banks that only offer services online (online banking from banks with traditional locations will still be available.)  This allows those of you who enjoy the conveniences and personal service of a traditional brick and mortar to find the banks that have offices you can walk into.  Use this feature in conjunction with our state filter to find banks that have locations specifically in your state, or simply go to our banks page and use the convenient Bank Finder tool.  If you want to see all rates, simply click “yes” and the online only bank rates will appear as well.

NOTE:  When filtered by state, rates from banks that have no physical locations in your state but offer national rates online may be shown; if you have any questions about this feature please contact

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