North Korean Money

The top-secret nation of North Korea has been making headlines lately, as Pyongyang threatened to target the U.S. and North Korea’s neighbors in the South. These types of threats are nothing new, as the world’s most secluded country is known for its hatred of all things American. Anti-America sentiments are strong and still very much a part of North Korean propaganda.

The U.S. has a longstanding political relationship with South Korea and will intervene if necessary. Recently, in response to the threats, the U.S. launched a series of stealth fighters and nuclear-capable B-52 bombers over South Korea.

The Kim Dynasty in the lap of luxury while North Korea starves

Kim Jong-un, who succeeded his late father Kim Jong-il in 2011, now reigns over the Hermit Kingdom as Supreme Leader and indulges in the same lavish lifestyle as his dad. Jong-un continues to build private resorts and make lux purchases, despite the fact that his starving North Korean citizens were reportedly resorting to cannibalism, as food is scarce. The god-like leader spends extravagantly on things like expensive imported meals, booze and trips. Former NBA star Dennis Rodman raised many eyebrows after he made a trip to North Korea to hang with Jong-un. After the controversial trip, Rodman said he would not return North Korea.

As one of the most impoverished countries in the world, North Korea’s stagnant economy is virtually closed-off from the rest of the world. In the 1990s, millions of North Koreans died in a famine that devastated the country due to food shortages and its failed economy. The country reportedly has labor camps, in which prisoners are forced into hard labor, tortured and sometimes killed. Prison escapees have often shared the same horrific stories when it comes to these concentration camps.

However, Great Leader cares not, and continues to live a life of luxury while his people suffer. Read on to get a glimpse of Kim Jong-un’s shockingly excessive lifestyle.

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  • spo101

    …even worse, now the peoples of every nation on the planet now despise us for being so stupid to elect a fool like George W. Bush or con artist, anti-christs such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Gingrich, Delay, Gramm, etc…

    Foreigners watch our idiot reality shows like Honey Boo Boo or Jersey Shores, then investigate our educational system and realize a growing number of Americans have become fat, lazy and very stupid. Stupid enough to send their money to false prophets like Pat Robertson or get stuck in adjustable or reverse mortgages. Stupid enough to keep voting for the same con artists over & over & over &.., like they’re all f***n insane… They don’t respect us anymore, do they?

    Secret planning bunker for Kim Jong-Un. North Korea’s Presidential silver spoon wants to eat Big Macsin the Big Apple, **** American party girls and sleep in the White House. This cubby little mad man has plans to CHOP UP fat Americans and feed them to his people. Good night and good luck suckers!

    • IDIOT liberals put in office a drug addicted racist hater who has spend 900 hours playing golf and vacationing while spending only 386 hours total on solving the economy and job problems. This generation in this nation are the worst pieces of garbage we have ever seen! BUSH was our saviour and that clown obama is excrement that flushes down everyones toilet everyday! Obama does nothing but continually campaign jumping from one state to another talking talking talking talking and doing absolutely NOTHING!! The most worthless piece of meat that ever lived other than the rest of the liberal garbage that lives in this country!!! Liberals demos are the scum of the earth. They destroy everything and everywhere they are. Just look at Europe what a mess it is and NOW our great nation is being completely corrupted and destroyed by a golf playing do nothing president. Send all our liberals to N. Korea and feed them to their people. This might save our country!


        Crystle Fire


        • gemini1971


          • lee gary

            Lamay…Obviously yours is even less. More obvious is that you apparently didn’t even possess the intelligence to create an intelligent rebuttal therefore all you did do was throw insults. To make matters even worse you insulted your own self because you are posting here as well.

        • crystlfire62

          Curtis you are making yourself look like a bigger idiot than you already are. You have no facts to post just name calling and putting people down. Cochroaches like you need exterminators!

          • Al Khan

            Asses like you need a massive push of Chilly powder full in Ur backend to stop bleeting!

        • lee gary

          You just can’t stand the truth. All you do is insult people because you may not be capable of developing a rebuttal. A trait commonly found in the remains of the democrat party.

        • Haskell Nixon

          You forgot the comma on his I.Q. number. I’ll fix it. 0.60 there.

      • nhman

        You have to be human to post here, you don’t qualify.

        • crystlfire62

          Than what are you doing posting here. Apparently you are far from being so called human! Cochroaches are on a higher scale than you are!

      • Robert Gemerek

        are you insane? bush spent more then half his presidency on vacation and could barely complete a sentence without saying something stupid. Obama is no better but lets be real here

        • crystlfire62

          Next to Obama and that idiot Biden, Bush is a complete scholar and a gentlemen. The other two are excrement we flush down the toilet daily!

          • agnar150

            Bush a savior he almost tanked this country. Did you not see the state of the economy when he left office? He let the banks steal the homes of low IQ Americans…LOL

            • buttwhatif

              well if we are over the bush mess in 50 years , ummm that would be great !

            • lee gary

              That was Clinton with his Affordable Housing Act and repeal of the glass-Steagall Act. Apparently you are another low information democrat.

              • Bob Jones Jr.

                Phil Grahm worked hand in hand with Bill. Let’s be fair.

              • D.j. Riddle

                So was Clinton the one who controlled the Republican filled House and Senate who shoved the repeal of Glass-Steagall down America’s throat? If America could get over the idea that it’s just the folks from one party or the other or just the left or right that is causing the problems then maybe we could get our collective poo together and start solving the real problems. Oh wait, we live in a nation where half the population is below average in intelligence and all of them have the right to vote, so…

              • MIKE

                It was all Clinton’s fault I mean if he didn’t spend most of his time catching bjs in the Oval Office then maybe he wouldn’t have left such a mess for bush to clean up. bush saved the American people best he could. And now Obama takes credit for everything bush did in his term. Bush cleaned up most of our economies problems and Obama stepped in put a bow on it. And took all the credit

                • Robert W

                  clinton left office with a surplus BTW

                  • Marvin Williams

                    Your right, he left office with a big ……SLUPLUS, AND A VERY NICELY STAINED BLUE DRESS. He was very successful I would say !

              • yoshi

                Everybody seems to forget that or for the most part just low information democrats saying what they have been fed by other low information democrats and the socialist news channels.

            • The Truth

              Another lib ta rd response

            • ghost rider

              hes a liar and a mass criminal of war ! A member of the secret society slowly (illuminati) attempting total world wide control and they both should be hanged !

            • ghost rider

              Our present joke in charge is a closet faggot and also deserves the same !

              • Eduardo Almeyda

                accusing the Presiden of being gay??? that all you got, you must think about gay sex A LOT

                • Marvin Williams

                  Accusing the Presiden of being gay???.. No, however he does resemble a true :SUB-HUMAN” and a “MONKEY”. Someone throw him a banana he`ll settle down soon !

          • Robert Gemerek

            again….are you insane? bush is a scholar !? He nearly failed out of yale, ran his baseball team into the ground, and was an alcoholic cokehead for most of his life before he became a born again Christian…….do you know anything about bush?

            • TruthandConsequence

              Are you sure Obama never nearly failed out of Harvard? He has never released his education records.

              • The Truth

                Obama’s worst problem is Obama

              • ghost rider

                Obummer went to college in indonesia while married to another man in a bromance.Who after countless surgeries we have this mooshal ! He aint nothing but a flaming chicago bath house ocksucker !
                look it up !

                • Tee

                  Could this be that Obama is just plainly not liked by his own people? Obama is doing a better job right now than Bush ever did but you idiots cannot put the bias aside and judge by statistics. We have to be fair in making some judgments and stop talking rubbish. Ghost rider why do you hate Obama so much?

                  • yoshi11

                    Are you for real?

            • TEX


            • ghost rider

              I think he meant bush is a scummier ! scammer, scummer. Doubt the bumbling killer could spell the word !

          • The Truth

            Who is Biden, Even Obozo has distanced himself from clown no 2

            • Tee

              How old are you? I hope you don’t have children because they would be ashamed of you. You are very bias.

              • Marvin Williams

                And your very ignorant !

        • The Truth

          you are high and stupid

          • Robert Gemerek

            this thread is 4 months old, get a life.

      • agnar150

        Just look at the people who voted for him. I could not laugh any harder because I would die. Crystlfire62 you are a joke.

        • Tee

          Where are all these rednecks coming from.

      • Aaron Smith

        This is good stuff. Exactly how many hours of Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh do you listen to in a day? I would say you watch Fox News too, but while Fox News is really just a republican tool to misinform, lie, and incite fear in order to manipulate their viewers in order to control them (you know, really great Nazi Germany style propaganda tactics), but in reality, your comment is so absurd that its level of ignorance and stupidity is even too insane to have come from Fox News.

        I mean, first off, lets get the facts:

        Most presidential vacation days ever taken? That would be George W. Bush. You know, our last president? George W. Bush was on vacation for 1,020 days in his eight year term, or, 32% (one-third) of his time in office. That’s right. George Bush spent one-third of his presidency on vacation. And you are attacking Obama?

        Bush took over 500 days on vacation in his first term. Obama? He took 131 days of vacation in his first term. Seriously, do you see how out of touch you are with actual FACTS.

        Bush was our savior. We not only had to endure the worst attack against the US on its own soil under Bush, but he lowered taxes on the rich, thus lowering government revenue, with the justification being that lower taxes on the rich is good for job creation. Ahh, I am very confused then, how unemployment skyrocketed under Bush.

        When Bush came into office, the unemployment rate was 4.2%. When he left? It was 8.3%. What is it now under Obama despite continued republican attempts to block Obama from making any progress? 7.4%. Interesting.

        So, George Bush, our savior (??) takes 1/3 of his presidency on vacation, unemployment doubles, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow (which is the worst thing for a capitalist nation if you want to believe Adam Smith, the father of capitalism), and Bush took us to war with two different nations that cost this nation about 5.6 trillion under his term, and another 2.8 trillion on Obama’s. Bush, our savior!

        And the fact that your comment got thumbs up despite it being completely backwards and lacking any truth, and rather, being the exact opposite of the truth, should scare all the sane people in the US. These are the uninformed, ignorant, lying hillbilly republicans that just make stuff up, like saying Obama spent 900 hours playing golf and 386 hours on the economy and jobs. I mean, these numbers were completely pulled out of her a$$, yet look, 15 thumbs up. This is why we our nation is in trouble. Too many US citizens know nothing and spend no time educating themselves about the actual facts. They just turn on their favorite republican pundit and just listen to the lies they want to hear rather than actually become informed, and…its pitiful.

        • The Truth

          Now go make my burger and fries. ! Libta rd s

          • Tee

            What an idiot you are. You have been educated but instead of accepting or giving facts against his, you decide to insult. That is very sad. I really hope you are not a parent because your children cannot learn from you.

          • Haskell Nixon

            And we hear from another insane inbred idiot.

        • wtf_u_say

          Camp David does not a vacation make. Moron. Take a look at how many days POTUS has spent on vacations, not on working vacations, it far exceeds Bush.

      • Good Hank

        Crystle Fire, huh? Sounds like YOU are the drug addict. How’s that cloud party working out for you?

        They say the avg life of a heavy meth addict is 6 years. Not sure how long you been at it, but will you be around to see a new president?

      • buttwhatif

        counceling much ?

      • The Truth

        Democrats are America’s Cancer.

        • Tee

          Please do not respond to this guy. He is not willing to be proven wrong and if he is the insults start pouring in…lol

          • The Truth

            You are soooo stupid , did you just get out of jail? This post was 4 months ago. ! hahahahahaha deeeeamn.

      • scumbag

        the funniest post i have ever seen…spread it – the scumbag is all for lunacy. By the way I just came in your moms asshole

      • feduplegalcitizen

        you are indeed have watched wayyyy to much fox (fixed) news…you have been totally brainwashed against reality!…your type is whats wrong with this country

    • Kevin Jackson

      Who is most prevalent in administering and teaching in the American educational system? What about the mainstream media? It’s easy to point out how stupid radical right-wingers are, but take a look in the mirror. Look really closely. Do you truly like what you see from the left? The constant pointing out of obvious problems, the insistence that others fix them immediately and without sparing any expense, and doling out “solutions” that are often counterproductive and worse than the problem they were intended to solve. Is North Korea far left or far right? Be careful what you wish for. Just because A is bad, it doesn’t mean B is good. They differ only slightly in their means to achieve the same end.

    • Steve

      Bless your heart. You really don’t do any of your own research do you? If so, then you’re not very bright.

    • Dave

      Tampon in too tight, dude?

    • ZimZam

      I don’t think Malik Obama’s brother was a better choice. I mean someone who has obvious connections to the Muslim Brotherhood?

    • agnar150

      It really shows the IQ of the American people. They elected George Bush because he was a person who they would rather drink a beer with. LOL not suckers just plain dumb.

      • crystlfire62

        We now see what a lower life form you really are agnar! We now have 90 million people in this country without a job and it is getting worse and worse. Maybe when you see thousands sleeping in the streets starving will you finally wakeup to your stupidity and brain washing!!! Go to Breitbart media to find out that 90,473,000 people have now stopped looking for a job. This is from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. But of course they are liars to since it does not fit the way you think.

        • agnar150

          You didn’t see the shambles that Bush left our economy after the housing fiasco?

        • ghost rider

          You can blame that on the retard called reagan when he started his war on manufacturing and commerce disquised as something else to create a vacuum of which would be filled with cheap undesirable overseas crap. Just a long line of Illuminati robots doing their little part to ensure the plans of this group of retards !
          Basically every predident from the murderer of kennedy. lbj, has been part of that !

        • Tee

          What an idiot.

      • nyodnya

        crystlfire62. you’re the biggest dummy in this gang of dummies.

        • The Truth

          She is the leader of the Li b ta rds

      • nyodnya

        and nobody elected the shitbird. He was anointed by scotus

      • The Truth

        You ignorance does not help your liberal party ….Keep it up !

    • Timoteo Hiroshima

      You forgot the biggest fool of all: Obama.

      • The Truth

        Wrong… HIs obamazombie low educated followers.

        • Tee

          Go suck his dick already. You must be obsessed with him.

      • Tee

        You are not intelligent enough to make a good debate so stfu.

        • AnonDude123

          Who was debating? I was stating a fact.

      • spo101

        Ohhhh, well the Japanese can speak after they stop the radiation from Fukushima, lol

    • PTByrd

      All one needs to do to characterize junior Bush is to merely repeat the absurd lie:
      Only a complete fool would have said that — and from a warship no less, with the battle only beginning. Bush is the poster child for ignorance and incapability.

    • The Truth

      Obama is the weakest president since….um… George Washington.

      • ghost rider

        Obama is a cock sucker and a traitor !

        • Tee

          You are just plain stupid and your parents I know probably regret wasting lots of good time to make you.

      • ghost rider

        Obamas is a malauto faggot !

      • Tee

        You should have been aborted.

    • joe biden


    • lee gary

      That my friend was pathetically non compos mentis. I guess you still haven’t picked up on the fact Bush has been out of office for >5 years.

      • spo101

        oh a Conservative Black law student, wow, U auditioning for the Boy spot on FOX News, lol. I guess You haven’t picked up the fact that Americans will be living the dire consequences of Bush/Cheney for generations.

        Doesn’t Claire Booth Luce teach all you FOX chicks that 32% of Obvama/Biden debt is paying off Bush/.Cheney running up debt like crack Ho’s with credit cards, lol.

        You Black know about THAT right Ollie North, LMAOOOOOOO!

    • big daddy

      @spo101 Calm down and remain in your house

    • notinittowinit

      While you are at it, why dont you blame George Washington, or how about Abraham Lincoln? GW is so like 6 years ago.. What are you? an elephant? How about this guy who got voted on Change.. remember him? Where is your change now?

      • S.Evans

        Where your life savings used to be.

    • Bill W. Thom

      Spo101: it appears you are again not taking your meds… get back on them quickly or you will end up eating your own genitals and sucking up toilet water.. The Bush era was head and shoulders above what we have today and it was someone the world had some respect for and they understood the strength we had or portrayed. In todays world we lack the leadership and the strength of leading any nation or protecting any nation from tyranny.. case in point the Ukraine.. And you belittle the very nature of what gives you the freedoms that someone has created for you and now it will be taken away from you by your own illustrious elected leader… go for it spo.. hope you welcome your new found prison here on earth…

      • spo101

        lo that was funny tool. I thought it was U RWNJs that like the pills. I’ve got to know what pharma you’re taking that make have those Bush was good delusions. I knowww, you’re on the Hillbilly Heroin, aren’t you? Rush Limbaugh was all you Conservative wackos Oxycontin Elvis wasn’t he, LMAO!

    • Daffy Duck


    • ahmosis

      One very simple truth I have learned in life: you just simply cannot argue facts,
      truths, or even the existence of unicorns with the liberal leaning brain. They
      refuse to listen, they ignore the facts if those facts refute their Ideology,
      and they will not keep themselves informed beyond what other liberals tell them
      what’s OK to think or do, and if a Conservative tries to educate them they will
      HATE them for it.

    • ER

      Hitler and Tojo watched American movies and seriously under-estimated the United States. So let them watch all the reality shows they want and make political decisions based on what they see on TV. The result will be the same as last time no matter who is president.

  • ivan

    Seriously SPO? 5 years after bush retired and 7 years after the Democrats siezed control of congress y’all are still blaming Bush for the worlds problems? It’s a knee-jerk reactionary response that only the blindest ideologues can’t see through. Here’s a news flash; America is LESS popular under Obama’s administration than it was under Bush.

    If you got your news from a more diverse and ethical source than the lockstep leftist entertainment/news industrial complex.

    Here’s another news flash: NO ONE who has ever met Bush and spent any real time in his presence will ever truthfully claim he’s a moron. The vast preponderance of people who are not politically beholden to Obama admit that he’s a narcissistic meglomaniac who will do anything to advance his agenda. Of course, that doesn’t fit the image that has been sold to the Left, so many folks just accept the spoon-fed drivel that composes the majority of their information.

    • Tee

      America is less popular but there are so many people all over the world still trying to come over here. Obama is not the best but way better than fucken Bush. This country is always going to be hated but will always be great. Don’t blame this on Obama. Blame this on whoever planted Snowden in the NSA to bring Obama headaches.

      • HWB

        Are we witnessing right now the most radically, extremely liberal, ideological president of our entire lifetime right here in the United States of America, or are we witnessing the most incompetent president of the United States of America in the history of our lifetimes? You know, it is a difficult question, “I’ve thought long and hard about it. Here’s the only answer I’ve come up with, and I’m going to quote Secretary Clinton: ‘What difference does it make?'”

        Hillary was asked for an opinion and replied “Who cares? Wet Willie and I are dead broke and don’t know where our next caviar and roast pheasant meal is coming from.”

        Ben Carson is everything Obama would like to be. After 8 years of the porch monkey, Carson would be a welcome relief in the White House.

        The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

        The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

        • HelloKitty

          Stupidity runs amok again…. after Bush’s debacle, dragging US economy down, unfunded and unnecessary war, it is only a miracle that we are were we are now. Any country with a lesser leader, and we too would have been a basket economy. Obama managed the TARP brilliantly, although, TARP was basically a hand out to big business. His healthcare effort, in spite of republican and tea party effort is working for millions…. if we were under a republican president, we would have continued the dreadful war, taxes would have lowered giving the 1% further wealth at the cost of our public schools, healthcare, infrastructure. The country needs to wake up to the self-destructive right wingers and boot them out of any and all office that impacts our lives.

          • HWB

            Talk about stupidity amok and forever.
            1. Obama was picked, trained, primped, pimped and ideologized by mentors and party leaders – to be used as a screw driver, an inanimate tool that has one purpose – get the democrat party their way in the US. It wasn’t because he was in any way presidential, fit for the job of actually governing. No, he keeps calling on numerous advisers to make his decisions. He comes attached with puppet strings and a teleprompter – to animate him. Been that way for a long time.

            2. Now that the glamour has worn off (the initial polish was just water soluble makeup), the campaign has been done and over for a long time. But he keeps campaigning for democrats who love the money but would rather not having him stumping for them – like having arm pits because you need them, but, they smell really foul now. I mean, you can’t rid yourself of arm pits. So, these dems just grit their teeth and take the campaign funds while he stays in perpetual campaign mode – for others.

            3. He’s been lame in many ways since he took office in the senate all the way to ‘now.’ Definitely a lame duck prez, with a pen and a phone mixed with every spewing lies and propaganda, that a larger majority of Americans have decided are “very obvious” lies. They (including many who voted for him) are NOT buying what he says now.

            4. The people who count in all this are in opposition to everything he says and does. He can sign more exec orders all he wants. That just makes the situation much worse. More complainers, more critics – fuel poured onto the opposition fires. Makes him feel good, thinks it props up his base, actually his supposed base for dems, the angry ones opposing him now, who will oppose the dem candidates running in the coming election.

            5. and … he’s surrounded by disgruntled incompetent people whose ideologies make them incompetent for US government, according to the US Constitution. He takes it on the chin when they give stupid advises he follows as the puppet strings tighten or they say dumb things (re Kerry).
            So, it’s easy to see, he does not have a fun job right now and it will get worse. Eventually, more dems will stop him from campaigning on their behalf. Closer to the election, they’ll get uncomfortable and say, “Please stop. Go away.” Obama’s favorite thing to do will be gone – campaigning.
            It’s going to get boring before the election and way more boring just after. Like a teenager who bored to no end, he’ll sign and phone more, stirring up more trouble until the dem party feel the pain of public opposition galore.
            That comfort zone will dissapear leaving him significantly unfulfilled, more depressed, angry – a severe case of mental illness. Heads will roll – the American public should brace themselves for 2 years of h-e-double-hockey-sticks. A muslim-borne hell of mayhem, danger, and foolishness like never before. A recipe for American disaster unlike any seen in movies! We will need to relieve him of this job and its office one way or the other or vanish as a unified nation.

            6. “When they increases taxes on the rich, most of the rich are able to simply increase their income to offset the higher taxes, thus passing those higher taxes off to the poor and middle class through stagnant wages.” This is exactly right! And it goes farther to their suppliers, all the way down the chain. If you know any of them, they will tell you: They have no choice but to work for the survival of themselves and their own families. And they hate to see the suffering of those they lay off, cut, squeeze. All others on the economic rungs below will suffer. Meanwhile, the unthinking/unknowing who vote for people like Obama, never get it. They just keep suffering and voting for more of it. Absolutely amazing!!!

            Yes Obama, corporate America is doing okay, however it is not because of his policies, but ‘in spite’ of them!

            • HelloKitty

              Let me disabuse you of the many rubbish ideas you have said

              1. “Obama was picked, trained.. blah blah”, absolute hogwash. Democratic party was in the pocket of Hillary. I think you have completely forgotten the democratic primary battle. Hillary would have won, except Obama election machine used modern tools to reach younger crowd, and also, his strategy on delegates tipped him over Hillary. Do you know Hillary got MORE VOTES than Obama in the primary, but lost on delegates…. so there goes your
              rabid, lunatic theory that Obama was pushed by party leaders etc. etc.

              2. So Obama is unpopular, yet he can campaign and get money….That’s ridiculous. He is unpopular in mainly repub and rural hillibillie areas, many in the south. And who cares for those. Wyoming is the state that most dislikes Obama. Figures, that is where Cheney is from. And those white hillbillies off-course would hate black Obama, but who cares. West Virginia, Utah, South Dakota, Idaho, Oklahoma are state where Obama is wildly unpopular. BUT he is
              popular in the productive states, California, Washington, New York, Massachusetts etc. That’s the REAL America – productive multicultural, progressive. That is the America that produces wealth which then goes to the moocher states who take in more than they return via taxes. In terms
              of religion, it is mainly the WASP thumpers who oppose Obama, perhaps because of his parentage, though Obama himself grew up Christian.

              3. As for his lame duck presidency, look at the repub
              congress? If they don’t pass bills, then bills don’t become law, and this congress is the WORST congress we ever had. Republicans have gerrymandered districts filled with racists who do not mind opposing the black guy at any
              cost. Look at what they did this term – sue the president? Sue…. if he is so bad, then try and impeach him, and get balls kicked forever, but suing the president is the ONLY bill they passed. All other bills including immigration is designed to fail in Senate. And look at your Crazy Cruz senator, causing enormous economic damage for suggesting that US default on payments. You know
              what that would do to the dollar, would make it worth less than a toilet paper. But that’s what the republicans want under Obama. Repubs that make up majority
              of the party want to destroy America so that they can have their 2-bit satisfaction of seeing Obama’s name besmirched, as the default would happen under Obama’s term. Look at ACA, an idea first implemented by Romney and created in
              large part by Heritage foundation – a CONSERVATIVE think tank. Because Obama created it, the whole gamut of racist repubs are now against it.

              4. Obama is absolutely right in using his executive orders, it is a pity he is not using it for more actions, on immigration, on our infrastructure and the environment – he used
              one to create a safe area in the seas around Hawaii, to preserve marine habitat. He is working against a DO NOTHING congress, who does not want to see any kind of success under Obama.

              5. When did Kerry and other advisers that Obama has become stupid. Kerry has been in the senate since 1984.
              He is a decorated vet, winning medals – not like Bush and Cheney who used influence not to serve in the front. And all his other advisors are very well read with vast experience. His cabinet members are folks like Kerry, Hillary,
              Chuck Hagel are all fairly respected in their field, due to experience and ability.

              6. And as for your economic idea that if we give the rich more money so that they would stop squeezing the
              rest is complete bull. Studies after studies have proved otherwise that trickle-down economics do not work. In the 60s, when there were strong union, a person working as a machinist in FORD plant could afford a middle class life,
              and send kids to school. Now, as workers’ rights have gone down, unions have lost power – the RIGHT TO WORK rules etc – workers are working more, at lower cost. And rich are parking their money overseas. And lack of education has
              resulted in high-paying jobs going overseas where there are more qualified folks available. The repubs have eaten away at Americas greatness, by depriving Americans of quality education and decent salaries. More than 50% of MS and PhD students today are from overseas, because our schooling is so broken that we don’t produce college ready kids. All we are producing is hamburger tossers and
              retail workers. And repubs are proud of these chievements, as they continue to underfund education. All the repubs want is to spend upward of 39% of federal budget on Defence and defence related so that they can fight their dirty wars everywhere. Obama is absolutely right in getting us out of Iraq, in order to preserve our economy, and rebuild our military that Bushes wars had depleted.
              The next president is going to be another democrat anyway, and the repubs better learn to work on creating value for America. If they continue to behave the way they are, the repub party would be kicked under the carpet so quick, no one would ever remember that they were anything of significance in America ever. The KKK met its end in the dust, and if the repub party does not change soon, that’s where it will end up too.

              • ed5466

                Kitty please put down that kool-aid!

                • usvet

                  That all you got? Which statement did he make that is untrue? You must have something to say besides your 4th grade Kool aid thing….

              • war eagle

                to quote George Carlin- BS! BS! BS! another pile of BS!. Obama IS a muslim. His attendance of these alleged christian schools are a cover up. His family was muslim. Right to work means, you don’t have to join a union and give your money to the Mafia bosses. As for the rich parking their money overseas-blame your liberals for the high tax rates! And have you noticed the skyrocketing energy costs and insurance costs? All Obama! And now he has gone from global warming to climate change. Yes, the climate changes-that is called Seasons! But, liberals do not let facts get in the way of their agenda. For it is all rose colored glasses and teleprompters for them

                • alaskanexile

                  we don’t have high tax rates, at least for the wealthy: they are at record lows. Guys like u are on here to do one thing: keep Americans divided by political party and race instead of by class and wage. The real fight is against the elites, you are their stooge or lackey, And George Carlin, an affirmed leftist, would probably rather see you hang than have you quote him

                  • Attm Motob

                    If you tax everything the wealthy have, where would you get a job? Every $30,000 of tax increase on the wealthy (or Corporations) is at least 1 job loss. The poor have never hired anybody, and they don’t pay taxes so there would not even be any government jobs.
                    I agree, the tax system is corrupt and unfair to all. a Flat tax would be better. No loop holes. no social engineering tax credits, just a flat 20%- 35% for everyone. the top brackets pay over 50% Taxes now, plus another 30% or more if they own a company. The poor get paid for having children. The system even if it was not designed to reward failure and punish success, does.

                    • Michael

                      Whaaa? I was on welfare for more than a year. Guess what smarty-pants, they didn’t GIVE me anything. They LOANED me the needed help. I paid them back– every dollar. Why? Becaise I’m such a good citizen? Hell no! It is required!!!!!!!!!! You never hear THAT on talk radio, do you? The government doesn’t GIVE money away.

                      Spit spit.

                    • Peter Smythe

                      If you tax the high earners, the money doesn’t just go away. It goes to government programs. Furthermore, not all wealthy are paying employees and breaking even. Many maintain growth of their fortune throughout their life. As for corporations, they are a different issue entirely, as it entirely makes sense for thousands of people to earn hundreds of millions a year, as opposed to individuals earning that much. Remember, every $30,000 you tax from the wealthy can pay someone’s salary. If the wealthy have that money, it’s unlikely to do anything.

                  • Average Dude

                    And would you rather we be divided by class or wage?

                    I agree with you about the elites, who unfortunately are embedded in both political parties. I have no issue with capitalism, but very much so with crony capitalism among the party elites.

                    I agree that division by party is not productive. However, any division is poison to our Nation. Let’s start relating to each other instead of applying labels of race, wage, class, party, or anything else. “Us and them” has got to stop or we’re doomed. We may disagree on some things, but I’ll bet there’s common ground.

                • HelloKitty

                  Right to work does not mean you pay for unions only, it also implies collective bargaining. Collective bargaining was the biggest achievement of labor movement, that helped drag many working poors into middle class/ lower-middle class existence. And that too, in US, all the steel workers, auto workers etc. in the 70s and 80s, who helped propel America as the greatest nation.
                  As for Obama being a muslim, you seem to be acting more like the Mullahs of Islam who declare fatwas and declare what people can and cannot do, who is or is not a muslim. Are you sure, given your tendencies for fatwas, you are in the right religion. I think you are more of a muslim type than Obama.

                  • Attm Motob

                    0 According to Indonesia law, 0 was a Muslim. He had to be in order to attend Indonesian School. According to Islam, Once you are a Muslim, your are one until death. Apostates are killed.
                    Unions were a good thing 75 years ago. in the 70’s 80’s their costs helped Japan become the major car producer in the world. Today, they render Corporation un competitive, they must move their jobs overseas or, as Hostess just did, die.
                    0 is the one who appointed the head of GM, who took the shares from stockholder and gave them to the Union, who took Chrysler and sold it to Fiat, who decided that you would buy insurance from either him, or state governments. Keep on gulping the Kool-Aid. It will result in ‘Fundamentally Changing the US’ from a Republic to a communist Dictatorship, as 0 promised.

                • gghhbb

                  So what if he is a Muslim. Are u that dumb to think that all Muslims are terrorist? It is sad that u think electing Christian leaders should always work. Problem is gop members are too dumb to see that Bush put us in the dark ages yet the GOP thinks the mess they created should be over in two terms.

                  • fghggg

                    Look at gas prices now. Bush as a president had the highest gas prices in history. Yet u look at gas prices when Obama got in. You dont remember that one summer when prices were Over 4 dollars a gallon

                    • Progressive=Communist

                      Look at food stamp recipients and the increasing number of labor force drop outs who have given up on trying to find a job. There are many other shameful stistics of this communist liar narcissist in the White House.

                    • Attm Motob

                      When 0 took office gas was about $2 per gallon. One of 0’s first acts was to stop all drilling in order to drive up prices. He planned on gas prices being between $8 – $10 per gallon in order to force drivers out of their cars. Fortunately the Bakken oil fields and Fracking drove the prices down in spite of all of 0’s efforts. The wealth generated it generated coupled with the stopping of oil money shipped overseas is fueling the tepid recovery. I do remember last year when I paid over $4 per gallon.

                  • Attm Motob

                    Not all Muslims follow the Koran, just like not all Christians follow Christ.
                    Not all democrats drink the Dem Kool-Aid, but, like in Islam, too many do.

                  • Charles

                    All Muslims are not international terrorists, but all international terrorists seem to be muslim!!!!

                • Michael

                  Stupid stupid stupid! Yet you deliver it right to the gut. I am scared. Of you. Ugh. I’m bent over.
                  Albert Einstein said,”the majority of the stupid is guaranteed for all time. The tyranny of their influence, however, is alleviated somewhat by their lack of consistency. “

                • Peter Smythe

                  Obama is a Muslim? Really?
                  He doesn’t do any of the things Muslims area supposed to do.

                  Also, there is no record of it. We don’t have mosques saying “he was with us!” right and left, now do we.

                  The other thing is that it doesn’t make a shred of difference. You already have to be a religious nutter to get elected in either party. Any Muslim who would be secular enough to present and live as a Christian and commit Haram constantly is going to make a better president than an actual Christian.

                  And the idea that seasons change climate is asinine. Climate is a statistical long term pattern, not a short-term phenomenon like weather. There are clear and obvious long-term trends of warming in most parts of the world, and the mechanism of action is simple enough that any chemistry student should be able to tell you about how much warning will occur. The shift from global warming to climate change is purely terminological, in response to the people who see snow in November once and say “checkmate Al Gore!”

                  And energy costs… Did it ever occur to you that fossil fuels are a limited resource that’s getting more and more inaccessible? Ten years ago, shale oil was considered impractical to use the to the cost. That cost had gone down, but just as importantly, the selling price for oil has more than doubled. Oil will never go down in price over the long term. As we secure increasingly remote and increasingly impure oil, the cost will only go up.

                  As for unions, you don’t have to join. But the fact remains that in a free society, unions will exist because workers want more leverage.

                • Larry Knight

                  Large sums of money has been made on the “global warming” hoax.See Al Gore in his$9,000,000 house in CA.!!

              • Chance Pemberton

                If you would remove the bias against southern states your arguments would be far more convincing. As it is you have matched the right extremists bigotry with your own version. May I also remind you that California has a powerful hard right conservative contegent with 37% voting for Romney in 2012 by contrast the so called red state of Texas is a major Democratic fundraising state in which 41% voted for Obama in 2012. So, what is red or blue is really getting close to a 50:50 split. Look for Texas to remain RED with a vote 55/45 in 2016 but in 2020 Texas will become BLUE with a vote of about 55/45.

                • HelloKitty

                  Sorry, don’t think I have bias against southern states, when most southern states are anti-Obama because of race. Texas may turn blue due to Hispanic population, but you take the rest of the states, they are currently enacting laws to disenfranchise poor folks, who tend to vote democrats. That way, these states would ensure white candidates win, who most likely will be republicans.

                  • Progressive=Communist

                    Race is irrelevant with Obama. If was, he never would have been elected. Americans are fed up with Obama because he is a pathological liar, malignant dangerous narcissist and a communist.

                  • Attm Motob

                    I presume you refer to the require that Voter show an ID? The poor have ID’s to show to get their food stamps Section 8 and all of the rest of their aid, so requiring an ID is not against the Poor. Blacks also have ID’s, only some of the Illegal Invaders don’t yet have Id’s, but 0 is giving them IDs. Keep on Gulping!

                  • Chuck Stanley

                    I’m sure many people in this chat room are getting extremely bored of your empty rants and raves .. Now shoo–please go away and give it a rest !!

              • Progressive=Communist

                Obama is a communist liar and a malignant narcissist.

              • Attm Motob

                0’s popularity is what 40%. 40% are the Dems who would vote for Beezelbub if the Dems ran him. The Cemetery Vote the Illegal Vote combined with the anti – Liberal religious right would rather 0 win than vote for Mitt gave 0 his second win.
                You are right than the Dems will almost always win, With the new Illegal aliens that 0 is inviting in, combined with the cemetery vote will insure the Dem win.
                If, the model of 8 new aliens come with each legalized illegal invader, since there are closer to 30 million than 10, The Dems will always win, until the PRI or PAN runs candidates, then the Dems will be as relevant as the Republicans.

              • Hillbilly Kittie

                what a racist self loathing piece of crap. you should be ashamed of yourself. racism is racism no matter the skin color

                • HelloKitty

                  calling out racists is not racism…. just because a group of whites in south are racist, it is not racism to call those white folks out… your loathsome attitude is what keeps racism alive….

                  • magnolia1966

                    You’re comments prove you are racist, common trash.

                    • HelloKitty

                      And you off course are uncommon but trash nonetheless…..

              • average dude

                Hillbillies, eh?

                What exactly are you trying to accomplish? If you’re trying to convince people to adopt your views, insulting them and calling them names will only repulse them. So then, your goal of isolating, dividing, and shutting down people who disagree with you is now quite evident.

                No, really, what are you trying to accomplish? Are you even honest with yourself about it?

                Why can’t we be civil to fellow human beings? If diversity is really valued, then why isn’t it valued when applied to neighbors who live somewhere else or who have a culture that varies from our own?

                Beware those who seek to divide and isolate. Call them out when you see it.

                • magnolia1966

                  HelloKitty is bigoted, low born trash. You cannot tell?

              • Michael

                Thank you thank you thank you.

              • Larry Knight

                To quote your “man”…”You are terribly misguided”.He is a Muslim apologist,speaks up ONLY when a black,in his opinion, has been treated unfairly and lied through his teeth about the ACA.What planet’s news informs you?

                • HelloKitty

                  Obama is a muslim?????? And you are Jesus.

              • Bulger W

                Kitty is obviously a catlin jenner type.

                • HelloKitty

                  You got a trip with Catlin Jenner??? maybe a bit of envy perhaps….????

          • ed5466

            Too much kool-aid Kitty!

            • HelloKitty

              All I gotta say is that you need to clear your mind of the dribble you hear on Fox or Talk radio.

              • HWB

                We are guessing that you get your information from the dykes at

              • Progressive=Communist

                Unlike Communist MSNBC, FOX is balanced in its reporting. The viewership is evidence of that fact.

                • the_newf

                  Lol – Fox is balanced to the right and far right.

                  • Jeremy Topaz

                    Whats wrong with that?

                • Peter Smythe

                  Yes, “balanced,” that’s why every single mainline commentator is an economic conservative, a highly religious Christian, a social conservative and an American exceptionalist.

                  Balanced would be having employees who are of an even religious background. Balanced would be presenting the views of communists, socialists, capitalists, individualists, collectivists, etc without choosing a protagonist.

                  Even if Fox news is correct in cases, it isn’t “balanced.” It exists to promote or present an ideology.

                  • Charles

                    Apparently you’ve never heard of Juan Williams, no friend of conservatives is he.

                • HelloKitty

                  Average age of viewers of FOX is no secret, +60…. predominantly male, white WASPS. That is not America is anymore. What is funny is, that it is this same generation, that created the hippy culture, and stopped the Vietnam wars, practiced free-love in the 60s, and created modern America through the new-deal. But 40 years later, these now old-far#s are the most-rigid, anti-progress, anti-women, anti-education, stuck-in-the-past group…..

                  • Larry Knight

                    Anti-women? Anti-stupidity for sure.You qualify easily with your remarks.Do you work for a living?

                  • Progressive=Communist

                    Spoken like the hard core communist who adheres to an ideology that has failed miserably wherever it has taken hold. A mental disorder symptomatic of the Democrat Communist Party.

                    • HelloKitty

                      You of the Republican Fascist Party then?

                • Richard

                  Foxed is as unbalanced as they come.

              • Average dude

                Or listen to diverse opinions instead of trying to single out those opinions with whom we disagree? Pick a media outlet: they’re all horribly biased.

                Trying to isolate and denigrate opposing views just illustrates a lack of substance in real arguments. It’s playing dirty to avoid intellectual honesty.

                These are truths most people don’t like to hear, regardless of partisanship.

              • yetanotheridea

                Actually, it’s Kitty that needs to clear their mind…stop blaming the media for people’s distrust and disgust with Obama…. He brought that on himself, with absolutely no help from the left wing-nut mainstream media….try not to have it all in your “comments”

              • magnolia1966

                It’s not “dribble”, It’s “drivel”. Education is key.

              • Bud

                How do you know what Fox reports? How much time do you give to research their dribble?

            • Progressive=Communist

              Kitty, I was thriving under Bush and so was most of the country including his deficits which were going down. Then, the Democrat Communist Party won the 2006 congressional elections and instituted an accelerated mandate of the CRA Community Reinvestment Act. Our economy tanked, they blamed it and their socialist failures on Bush and our economy has never recovered. Obama has even made it worse.

              • HelloKitty

                What! you planning to re-write History, and say, Hillary started the Iraq war as she voted for it, and Bush and repubs were bystanders? CRA was to blame, sorry, then you don’t understand economics… what Banks did was repackage those using instruments as CDS, and repackaging mortgage backed securities with uncertain risks as A++ bonds. The CRA never asked anyone to allow for forged income statements or mortgage with 1% down-payments. So, get your facts before you blame everything on Obama, and believe the Repubs are your god-sent….

                • Larry Knight

                  Banks, as James Madison,Jefferson and others warned, were THE cause of the economic meltdown Miss Kitty

                  • HelloKitty

                    Banks, and deregulation, started by Reagan and continued by Bush….. Banks are not evil, but they do need to be regulated…

            • Jeremy Topaz

              I think you meant the milk is spiked with Kool-Aid!

          • ben

            Kitty… You obviously haven’t looked at any real data about what bush or Obama have done. You read biased articles and watch major news network and pretend you understand politics, economics and foreign policy…. You are what’s wrong with america, and even this message is your, and other unintelligent people way more than you deserve

          • Attm Motob

            Tarp has been blamed on President Bush. . . The recovery is in spite of 0. His goal was to bankrupt the US. He spent more money in his first year than President Bush 43 did in 8, in fact so much more that he spent more money than all previous presidents combined. If the Kool-Aid had been pink instead of purple, you have drank so much that you could replace Rudolph, except it would be your eyes that glowed. Note to Self, Send Email to 0 to suggest that if he switches to pink Kool-Aid, it will cut down on the nations lighting requirements.

            • who said there is some cares

              Your daddy Bush spent more money and your uncle Obama pay his bill that’s is the right thing to you two is the likeness of the dem and republicans just being decided and they always gonna be there way cuz no one is gonna stop them if every one of us won’t say enough is enough you don’t have to look to far just look around you and your self at the for the mormond they hang you alive

          • pologuy

            You live in a dream of sound bites. Obamacare is a complete
            disaster. If you do not qualify for free money you pay through the nose for healthcare. My insurance now costs $14,220/year.
            This is an increase from $4400 three years ago. That is with
            a $10,000 deductable. How many people have lost their healthcare and how many now work only part time? Tarp
            was not needed. After the treasury made it clear they would
            backstop the problem, the credit markets unfroze. The wealth
            of the 1% you ridicule has increased under obozo. The middle
            class has shrunk. Get your facts straight before you blame
            tea baggers. You left wing nutjobs are just as dangerous
            as any tea bagger.

          • Average dude

            How exactly did we not continue the “dreadful wars” under this administration? We’ve all been hung up on the dogma of party affiliation for decades. It would serve us well to take note of how the political establishment, regardless of party, is dragging us into oblivion. We should try harder to relate to each other instead of repeating the same old tired lines akin to the 90s “Mac vs PC” debate. The real problem is far bigger than “Bush vs Obama,” though admittedly I have my own strong opinions based on what I’ve observed both parties do. Both parties are rotten to the core with the most self entitled political elites.

          • overitjs

            What a moron grow up get a job and off your mother’s teat

            • HelloKitty

              let me know where your mother’s teat’s are then… you Waco, deadbeat….

              • overitjs

                You really are stupid! Get your head out of Obama ‘ rectum as well as Hillarys and you’re still a moron!!

          • Larry Knight

            Presenting opinion as fact is not kosher MsKitty.FYI, public schools in Chicago have gotten over $150,000,000 and peed it away. No improvement in performance.The “dreadful war” has renewed because your Messiah took our all soldiers out entirely.Thousand of Christians and Shia have been murdered as a result.One Jordanian pilot burned alive and posted on YouTube.Millions have healthcare while 15,000,000 lost their healthcare.My son, age 27,has no health insurance because your deceitful “man” raised his premiums 400% to make sure he has pre-natal care and obstetrics.He just paid the unconstitutional “fines” the past two years.I hope your taxes go up as much as projected next year, unless you are one of the millions living on the federal charity we working people pay into without choice.Your man is a narcissistic pathological liar to all Americans with no compunction to stop doing it.

            • HelloKitty

              ACA raised the age for children to be on their parents healthcare, unfortunate your son aged out at 27, but then, he needs to get a job that has healthcare attached. Also, this notion of 15 million loosing due to ACA is a falsehood created by GOP and perpetuated by Fox and similar right-winged organization. Check, and it shows why this line is a falsehood.

              • Larry Knight

                He will make 6 figures this year. A very good job. A 400% premium increase is stupid. His protest is in paying the un-American fine.Better that paying for someone else’s health He will marry a girl with a health plan from her job. ACA is just an income redistribution scheme.Everyone knows that at this point, especially after Professor Gruber got nailed in the video.Video does not lie.

          • Bulger W

            Kitty, kitty. You are a dried up dirty, slop mop. You and the rest of your catlin jenner types need to get on trip out this country

          • Joseph H Guerrero

            Who started the Viet Nam war? And WHO ended it?

            • HelloKitty

              Nixon ended it as he saw US was going to lose anyway. But Vietnam war had a very different objective – stop the spread of communism, during the cold war period. Vietnam war was not a revenge war for 9/11, unlike Iraq. Both wars proved to be a mistake though as the North Vietnam won. But it did meet its objective of slowing spread of communism to other countries like India, Burma, and rest of SE Asia.

          • Ken3580

            And now that incompetent Obama (without transcripts and five years without a birth certificate – FACT) has given it all back to worse thugs than Sadam Hussein, and is single handedly responsible for causing the collapse of Syria and Iraq and the consequential over running of Europe with Muslims, who will forever change the demographics and turn Europe into another North Africa, thereby sending it into 1,000 years of darkness. But Obama won’t allow any of those mid east immigrants to the USA. Why? Because they think homosexuality is wrong and won’t vote Democrat. You see, Obama is incompetent in just about everything but getting his way for Obama by hook or by crook. And who is ultimately responsible for this mess? People like YOU, who vote for this monstrosity!! So don’t give me your ultra-lame excuses about Bush. Anything Bush did by mistake, Obama did by design, only 1,000 times worse.

        • Oligorkney

          There is a majority of fools in your opinion? How is that possible? The fact that a racist, biased and secretly hateful America could vote America it’s president only further negates you claim, theory, or any othe pretension. You hate the guy because he is black? Ok. But no one knows what he is up against because nobody lets him do anything!

          • HWB

            Barack Obama appears to be a tormented man filled with resentment, anger, and disdain for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He acts in the most hateful, spiteful, malevolent, vindictive ways in order to manipulate and maintain power and control over others. Perhaps, because, as a child, he grew up harboring an abiding bitterness toward the U.S. that was instilled in him by his family and mentors…it seems to have never left him.

            It is not the color of his skin that is a problem in America .. Rather it is the blackness that fills his soul and the hollowness in his heart where there should be abiding pride and love for this country.

            Think: Have we ever heard Obama speak lovingly of the U.S. or its people, with deep appreciation and genuine respect for our history, our customs, our sufferings and our blessings? Has he ever revealed that, like most patriotic Americans, he gets “goose bumps” when a band plays “The Star Spangled Banner,” or sheds a tear when he hears a beautiful rendition of ” America the Beautiful?” Does his heart burst with pride when millions of American flags wave on a National holiday or someone plays “taps” on a trumpet?

            Has he ever shared the admiration of the military, as we as lovers of those who keep us free, feel when soldiers march by? It is doubtful because Obama did not grow up sharing our experiences or our values. He did not sit at the knee of a Grandfather or Uncle who showed us his medals and told us about the bravery of his fellow troops as they tramped through foreign lands to keep us free. He didn’t have grandparents who told stories of suffering and then coming to America , penniless, and the opportunities they had for building a business and life for their children.

            Away from this country as a young child, Obama didn’t delight in being part of America and its greatness. He wasn’t singing our patriotic songs in kindergarten, or standing on the roadside for a holiday parade and eating a hot dog, or lighting sparklers around a campfire on July 4th as fireworks exploded over head, or placing flags on the grave sites of fallen and beloved American heroes.

            Rather he was separated from all of these experiences and doesn’t really understand us and what it means to be an American. He is void of the basic emotions that most feel regarding this country and insensitive to the instinctive pride we have in our national heritage. His opinions were formed by those who either envied us or wanted him to devalue the United States and the traditions and patriotism that unites us.

            He has never given a speech that is filled with calm, reassuring, complimentary, heartfelt statements about all the people in the U.S. Or one that inspires us to be better and grateful and proud that in a short time our country became a leader, and a protector of many.

            Quite the contrary, his speeches always degenerate into mocking, ridiculing tirades as he faults our achievements as well as any critics or opposition for the sake of a laugh, or to bolster his ego.

            He uses his Office to threaten and create fear while demeaning and degrading any American who opposes his policies and actions. A secure leader, who has noble self-esteem and not false confidence, refrains from showing such dread of critics and displaying a cocky, haughty attitude.

            Mostly, his time seems to be spent causing dissension, unrest, and anxiety among the people of America , rather than uniting us (even though he was presented to us as the “Great Uniter”).

            He creates chaos for the sake of keeping people separated, envious, aggrieved and ready to argue. Under his leadership Americans have been kept on edge, rather than in a state of comfort and security. He incites people to be aggressive toward, and disrespectful of, those of differing opinions.

            And through such behavior, Obama has lowered the standards for self-control and mature restraint to the level of street-fighting gangs, when he should be raising the bar for people to strive toward becoming more considerate, tolerant, self-disciplined, self-sustaining, and self-assured.

            Not a day goes by that he is not attempting to defy our laws, remove our rights, over-ride established procedures, install controversial appointees, enact divisive mandates, and assert a dictatorial form of power.

            · Never has there been a leader of this great land who used such tactics to harm and hurt the people and this country.

            · Never have we had a President who spoke with a caustic, evil tongue against the citizenry rather than present himself as a soothing, calming and trustworthy force.

            · Never, in this country, have we experienced how much stress one man can cause a nation of people – on a daily basis!

            Obama has promoted the degeneration of peace, civility, and quality of cooperation between us. He thrives on tearing us down, rather than building us up. He is the Architect of the decline of America , and the epitome of a Demagogue. And you are one of the many fools that follow such a shallow soul. Live with it and let us rebuild America in 2016.

            • alaskanexile

              ah you want a fantasy president who makes you feel good while his party makes you poorer, aka Ronald Reagan?

              • HWB

                Ah, the median income of Americans have declined by $5,400 under Obama. Apparently Obama makes you poor and feel like crap at the same time. I take that to be up your line of living?

                • alaskanexile

                  HWB have you somehow lost track of the fact that median income has declined for the last 30+ years? Why focus narrowly on the six years of Obama, who no matter how you cut it, worked after the Bush debacle. Once again you divide people with your partisan rhetoric, when its clear both parties are criminal.

                  • HWB

                    You are God given stupid and a hack. My six year old can google that stat from the government website. Median income in the USA has not declined until Obama took office. Redistribution of wealth does not and has not ever worked. Even an old school communist would tell you that. We know now that the slogans ‘change you can believe in’ and ‘change we need’ are code words for Barack Obama’s ultimate goal: ‘redistributive change’. For stupid people like you history begins yesterday and dementia begins at birth.

                    • alaskanexile

                      ah good ol red herrings. Well here is a great article on it.

                      Median household income and the US economy:

                      Since 1980, U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) per capita has increased 67%,[4] while median household income has only increased by 15%. An economic recession will normally cause household incomes to decrease, often by as much as 10% (Figure 1).

                      Median household income is a politically sensitive indicator. Voters can be critical of their government if they perceive that their cost of living is rising faster than their income. Figure 1 shows how American incomes have changed since 1970. The last recession was the early 2000s recession and was started with the bursting of the dot-com bubble. It affected most advanced economies including the European Union, Japan and the United States.

                      The current crisis began with the bursting of the U.S. housing bubble, which caused a problem in the dangerously exposed sub prime-mortgage market. This in turn has triggered a global financial crisis. In constant price, 2011 American median household income is 1.13% lower than what it was in 1989. This corresponds to a 0.05% annual decrease over a 22-year period.[5] In the mean time, GDP per capita has increased by 33.8% or 1.33% annually.[6
                      ]Actually the Father of Capitalism Adam Smith says quite clearly in The Wealth of Nations that wealth needs to be shared or a country will fail.
                      As for Hacks, you have that covered…no facts, all bluster and idiocy.

                    • HWB

                      You are so stupid you do not even know what a red herring is. Your comment above are words and one man’s opinion. Try getting your numbers from your loving government you hack.

                      Historical Real Median Household Income for the United States

                      Date US

                      2013 $52,250

                      2012 $52,117

                      2011 $52,306

                      2010 $53,469
                      2009 $54,541

                      2008 $56,290

                      2007 $57,006

                      2006 $55,978

                      2005 $55,178

                      Most educated people understand numbers better than they understand smoke. Your Obama keeps saying the deficit has gone down faster in his administration than any other. And fools like you say wow that is great, but the deficit is growing and continues to grow. When your Obama says we are running a SURPLUS, then you fools can boast knowing the deficit will go down, median income grows and the underemployed and those that have left the labor market will come back, only then you fools will grow some brains and can boast. Liberals live in a parallel universe where facts, hard data, history, logic and reason don’t
                      matter, all that matters is how they feel.

                    • alaskanexile

                      Haha HWB people laugh at you with your metrics that show the downslide started with BUSH. More dumbassery. As the senility takes hold, I suggest a long walk into the mountains…cause surely no-one wants r needs you in this world. Bye

                    • HWB

                      Again you are the stupid fool. It is not a question of starting, it is a question of your porch monkey inability to correct the slide and making it worse. Only idiot would look at that and say gee I wonder why it does not improve under our current regime? If anyone needs the perfect example of how far Obama has drug America into the sewer, look no farther than this. Al Sharpton is one of Obama’s adviser and buddy. Sharpton is not qualified to be a garbage collector. However coke tends to bring bird of same feather together.

                      Are we witnessing right now the most radically, extremely liberal, ideological president of our entire lifetime right here in the United States of America, or are we witnessing the most incompetent president of the United States of America in the history of our lifetimes? You know, it is a difficult question, “I’ve thought long and hard about it. Here’s the only answer I’ve come up with, and I’m going to quote Secretary Clinton: ‘What difference does it make?'”
                      Hillary was asked for an opinion and replied “Who cares? Wet Willie and I are dead broke and don’t know where our next caviar and roast pheasant meal is coming from.”
                      The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president. You sir are the biggest fool of them all.

                    • alaskanexile

                      You are the most entertaining troll yet. Of course your cowardice in not writing under your own name is the only thing that outpaces your dumbassery.

                    • HWB

                      Talk about dumbassery. is anybody including you writing under their own name?????????????????????

              • Progressive=Communist

                Carter took my wealth. Reagan gave it back to me with hard work.

                • alaskanexile

                  Reagan put the country on the path it is now: low incomes, no vacation time, no pensions except for government workers, unaffordable college, unaffordable healthcare, behind EVERY Socialist Democracy in western Europe, Canada, and Australia in quality of life. Oh—and started us towards our current 20 Trillion in debt…there is our wealth

                  • Attm Motob

                    Reagans policies ended the cold war. Carter started the Banking problems, Clinton put teeth in the anti-redlining laws (forcing banks to make loans to those who could not pay them back). The Banks could no longer sell the loan portfolios because to many bad loans were in them, and, the crash came in the fall of 2008. It was not a presidential thing. If Kerry, or Gore was in office, it still would have happened. If President Bush had a Republican congress and could have audited(Bush tried 34 time to get an audit) Fannie Freddie we would have known it would happen, but, it would was probably to late. One of Reagans big mistakes was a compromise with the Dems, He allowed a tax increase before the Dems cut spending. They, of course, never cut it. 0 spent most of the (12 trillion?) trillions in Debt.

                  • Progressive=Communist

                    No, our debt started long before Reagan. Obama has added 2/3 of it. More than all presidents before him combined. Not to mention also his achievement of ballooning food stamp recipients to 47 million. Bush deficits were dropping until the Demcommunists took Congress in the 2006 elections…….and don’t forget, ‘you can keep your doctor and your health insurance premiums will go down’! Har HAR har…….communism surely relies on lies.

                    • bimbo

                      Your high dude

          • Progressive=Communist

            Nobody lets him do anything because he never tells the truth including the fact that he is Advocating anti-constitutional communist policies which even the Democrat Communist Party questions.

          • Attm Motob

            For 2 years he had no opposition, every thing he wanted the Dems gave him. they even removed the filibuster. The Republicans, who always cave anyway, could do nothing.
            0 is not black, he is a mulatto. He is half white.

      • Jack

        if you moron liberals blame Bush for this country and the problems of today, then Blame the Idiot leader in the white house for NOT fixing it. You brainless liberals have NO clue what so ever and continue like little kids to blame someone who is not at fault. Bush left office Oil $32.02 a barrel Gal at $1.86 per gallon unemployment 7.6%
        Now Obama the Plant comes along. Unemployment 30 straight months over 9% 5 Years over 8% with 23 million people out of work, Oil $100 a barrel, Gas around $4.00 per gallon and has continued to get worst under Obama. Yepper thats all Bushes fault to you sicko liberals. So in 5 years Obama has NOT been able to fix 1 thing and also threw the ridiculous ACA at everyone.

        • mpristave

          Moron liberals? Sorry but your kind have a less educated base and and need to stop denying science. You really don’t have a leg to stand on as far as who is “more dumb”.

          Also guess who controls congress? Republicans. They legislate, but then again like I said less educated so you don’t know how government works so I can’t blame you.

          • war eagle

            ummm-have you liberally forgotten that until recently, the libs with Nancy “Pass it and sign it, don’t read it” controlled the congress and Harry “do nothing” Reed controls the Senate. So nothing gets done. The BOY Obama is a fake. He hires all blacks and then the country goes to pot. Yes we HATE the black, muslim President, only b/c he is a liar, an anti american Muslim divider, and under qualified for this job.

            • alaskanexile

              always crying about the Democrats when they owned the house and what they did…well now Republicans have it and its worse. Sound familiar?

              • Attm Motob

                Not worse, but the Republican cowards have not stopped the communist like they could have.

          • Attm Motob

            Congress is not controlled by Republicans until January. Look for many poor far left political appointees to be approved before January.

        • HelloKitty

          Its not just moron Bush, it is the ‘let’s default’ Cruz, and the ‘Sue the president’ Boehner, the ‘dear leader of the most unproductive congress’, and the ‘asparagus’ Golmert and a host of crazy lunatic repubs, who are ruining our country all in the name of returning USA to ‘real americans’, but basically driven by their racist hatred of a black president. The sooner we get rid of these worthless repubs, the better it will be for America.

          • Jack

            You are an Idiot, What the hell do you think, every time the President or someone sends a bill to congress they are suppose to say ok???????? Congress represents their people, Each congressman is suppose to vote according to whom he represents. There is no OPEN book on what you get. And listen to you, talking about driven hatred for a black president. That’s BS. Obama is a moron, He doesn’t believe in the constitution., HE wants everything his way or the highway. You as a liberal are like the rest of them, You have NO clue about politics or how it works. Who the hell died and said anything the democrats want they should get??

            And btw, that goes both ways. You idiots who wanted the ACA got it, Now suffer because you screwed yourself BIG time. How the hell you get up in the morning must be a mystery,.

            • HelloKitty

              “The president sends a bill to congress……” which country you from, idiot? It is the congress that has to introduce the bill, before it can even be considered for signature or anything. And the repub congress HAS NOT INTRODUCED any bills. Has REPUBS sent their version of bills on the most pressing matter to public – Immigration and Border – NO, Healthcare – BoenerNO, crumbling bridges and infrastructure – CRUZNO, the REPUBS are clueless on what to do except oppose the president because of his race. The ACA is working just fine, ask the millions who have benefitted. As for GERIMNDERED repubs who claim to represent people it is only a matter of time, before their gerrymandered districts will boot them out. No wonder repubs congressmen have to believe most of the time that earth is 6000 years old….

              • ed5466

                The Republican Congress HAS produced many bills but Harry Reid wont let Senate even vote on them!

              • HWB

                Kitty get a rectal exam, you buffoon. The Congress has sent over 300 bills to the Senate and your buttfoon friend “forgot my medication” Reid does not allow any of them for a vote. So the real buttplug in our government is the do nothing Senate.

              • Attm Motob

                The house has introduce passed many bills. True Harry has not allowed them in the Senate, but the Republicans have introduced 100’s of them

          • Elishia Penniman

            Thank you, Kitty. I love cats. Helloooooo? I have 5 but always room for more. You made me laugh. Gomert – with a name like that. The right doesn’t even realize how far they are to the right. Any further and they will fall off the graph. But they are stumbling over each other to do just that. Which is good for those of us on the sane side. They can’t possibly weld support with the independents which is why it will be a good idea to have one of those right wing nuts win the nomination for president next years. Just remember the game changer — Sarah Palin, oh, thank The Lord for Sarah and her political daddy for 2008. After all, how the heck could a black guy with a name that rhymes with Osama with a middle Muslim name win if not for a senile old goose like McCain being his opponent. Let’s hope for a repeat performance. President Hillary Clinton. I like they way that sounds.

            • Attm Motob

              In JFK’s Time, the republicans would have been to the left of the liberals. Today JFK would be more conservative than the Tparty

          • HWB

            Let us count the ways of the dumber democrats. “If you like your health plan or your doctor you can keep them” by the porch monkey Obama. “We have to pass it to find out what is in it” health care law by “Edith Bunker” Pelosi. Damaged by the “shylocks” by “foot in the mouth” Biden. “Obama does not speak like a black person” by forgot my medication Reid. Space is limited here, but we can match any stupidity you bring forth.

        • alaskanexile

          ummm, everything you describe is a result of the Bush presidency. The dumbassery astounds.

        • Attm Motob

          The Credit bust was not either President Bush nor 0’s fault. Pr4esident Bush did try to audit the agencies who were to prevent it, and failed, but he could have tried harder. The real Culprit beside the Dems, were Carter, who instigated the anti-redlining laws (to allow the poor to buy houses) and Clinton who put teeth in the laws. The banks should have refused to make any loans as it was obvious that loaning to people who could not afford to pay the money back would be disastrous. The banks figured they could package a bunch of loans into a portfolio and sell them to investors. As time went on the percentage of bad loans increased until the portfolio was unprofitable and they stopped buying them. The banks ran out of money and the credit system collapsed. 0 has done everything right to prolong the recession and nothing to relieve it. The Oil – Fracking and the Bakken oil fields are fueling the tepid recovery.

    • Oli

      What agenda? Undoing the bush legacy will take many years….more than any of us might live. Could you and those like you back off for a moment, and realize that the US is in grave danger because of the huge reaction to American Imperialism, regardless of who you consider the puppet president. The president has little power at all. And our congress can’t agree on the color of grass. It is ALL, and I mean ALL about who makes money or looses money. That is it and that is all. Figure that out and you will get the Nobel Peace Prize!

      • Attm Motob

        Just what legislation did President Bush get passed? The patriot act? 0 strengthened and renewed that horrible law. President did allow some oil drilling sometimes in a few places, but 0 stopped it everywhere(except on private land) all the time. What conservative laws has 0 failed to repeal? 0 left Iraq, he is leaving Afghanistan and he has given the Taliban plenty of time to prepare to take over. He funded ISIS calling them Syrian rebels so they could retake Iraq. Just what of President Bush’s acts has he failed to nullify?

    • aztec69

      Ivan: I hope you have a copyright on the word “drivel.” You’re certainly a master of it. I didn’t see one fact in your statement to back up your remarks. Maybe you need to find some new information sources on the Right. I’m sure Fox and Russ can find a place for you in their pantheon.

    • croat

      Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. Might as well have had four straight dictators.

    • Joey Leahy

      news flash- who gives a shit.

    • Richard

      Some of us actually travel to foreign lands regularly and talk to everyday foreign people (in their own languages) living in these foreign countries. I can assure you that during recent years, foreigners respect Obama’s less-agressive America far more than they respected Bush’s trigger-happy version of America. Your assertion (above) is simply wrong.

    • BushCheney2016forMerica

      Yep. Bush almost destroyed America. He may be the stupidist President of all time! Where are those WMDs that our Brave Soldiers died trying to find. Bush – `oops` my bad!

  • Bush was respected far more than that joke obama. Obama is nothing but an opportunist who is not much different than Yong-un. While people in this country are going down down down with no jobs and a lousy economy, Obama is spending thousands of tax payers dollars on his golf games and just bought himself an $8,000 golf bag! He just had himself a big joke party payed for again by tax payers and is living high of the hog!! Obama couldn’t care less about the people of this nation, even his own race hate him now! Obama and his wife are nothing but takers and work as little as possible! Both had their lawyer degrees taken away from them. As a junior senator, obama was there only 1/3 of the time. He would sign off some paperwork than disappear. After role call he was nowhere to be found. He is doing exactly the same thing now except we know were to find him, on the golf course while the country is laying stagnant!!!!!!!

    • agnar150

      You are just a blind racist bro

      • The Truth

        Bro… you are not my bro..

    • The Truth

      D am n you are long winded. Go get a job and be a productive citizen. Thank you

    • Tee

      I respected Bush but not more than Obama. You cannot speak for everyone you know. You really are that stupid. You sound like a fucken communist.

    • HelloKitty

      Bush respected…… wow…… you mean just because he was white, he demanded respect. Everyone in the world knew what moron Bush was, As for white people going down, that’s actually a leveler, having looted Americans, blacks and indigenous people for so long…. with more equal opportunity, white people are becoming averages….. ya offcourse, since they were the top 10% economically, and now they are becoming 50% er, it feels like going down. And rightly so. Have you looked at Hispanic or Black or Native Indian unemployment figures as a % of their population????
      And Obama’s $8000 golf bag…. where were you with Cheyne’s $5000 hammer, or $10000 toilet…..
      And if you compare vacationing presidents, your Bush and Reagan take the cake….

      • HelloKitty_Hater

        HelloKitty, It is sad that every time you do not get your way you have to make it about Race. That is the problem with our country today, everybody wants an excuse for why something is or is not happening and when it does not go your way you throw the race card. If Obama was white his same idiotic policies would be just as stupid. Oh wait, lets go play golf again while the country spirals down the tube. As for Hillary, Please run her in the next election so we can have an easier chance of winning.

        • HelloKitty

          Obama is half-white by the way. His mom was white, dad was black. Also, do you know what Bush did in the golf-course during his time? And how many times. As for Hillary, she will win, the question is, will the republican gerrymandered house let her govern?

          • Attm Motob

            Let’s hope not, but Hillary will win, in 2 years only the Dems with the powerful coalitions of the cemeteries and illegal invaders will be able to win.

      • Attm Motob

        the Hammers and toilets were before Clinton’s time. The toilet had to work in 0 gravity. Both were for the space program. Neither political party was directly responsible, although at the time, the Dems took undo heat.
        The unemployment of all but the Asian minorities has increased under 0. The Mexicans have had the most increase in jobs, most of those created under 0 has gone to the Hispanics, but their numbers have increased even faster. Only the most avid Kool-Aid drinkers still believe that President Bush, who bested the Most intelligent Kerry I in college grades believe president Bush is stupid. President Bush is respected throughout the world. He was not liked when he was President, but the world respected him. 0 is neither liked nor respected. the world thinks he is a spineless clown, because of his actions.

  • will1946

    Why do you state this as if he earned it? This is all stolen wealth from the poor poor people of North Korea. Why don’t we just wait until dear leader is having one of his congress meeting in the great hall and send in a 10-megaton cruise missile. Problem solved.

  • ballsnow

    Doesn’t matter that Bush has been gone for 5 years, the damage he did to this country, will forever bring this country down. Bush killed hundred of thousands of innocent Muslims in Iraq, and can’t go to certain countries, because he’ll be arrested as a war criminal, he wasted 6 trillion taxpayer dollars in 8 years, while cutting taxes for this country’s richest, and he gave Wall Street 700 billion taxpayer dollars. Why do you think Wall Street spent 500 hundred million dollars, on Bush’s Lie-bary? Bush took more vacations, than any other President in US history. You can’t blame Obama for everything. Obama is a proven liar, but he didn’t do this all by himself, he had a lot of help, with the hypocrite Republicans and Democrats. Our government is owned by Big Business, and our politicians are owned by Lobbyists. Jesse Jackson Jr. is going to prison for 2 and a half years for stealing campaign money, Bush has never had any charges brought against him, for the deaths of 45 hundred US Soldiers, in Iraq.

    • crystlfire62

      The damage Obama has done to this country so far will be the death of this country. By the time 2016 gets here there will be no more USA and you can thank the stupidity of the younger liberals who will have to deal with their own stupidity for life and perhaps even their children’s life’s! The unions did a great job dumbing down the kids in this nation by hiring majority of liberal teachers who have absolutely no common sense!!

      • agnar150

        I am going to take a snapshot of this page to laugh in 2016 at your expense.

        • The Truth

          The world laughs at Obama and his clown approach. Obama sucks and will go down as the worst president in history. Time magazine named him one of the “least” influential people of 2013. hahahahahahahahaha Rodeo Clown

          • Tee

            You must be a redneck and a racist. You are just after Obama without giving facts but throwing insults. Hillbilly idiot.

      • agnar150

        For your information crystlfire62 since you fail to see it yourself. Both Democrats and Republicans are the same people. There is no opposite party. You have been fooled.

    • The Truth

      Put your crack pipe down now and get back to making my burger and fries.

  • Lou Hearns

    So when will the french ask why?

    • M75462

      Once Madame Albright raises a glass and toasts him.


    • YuppieRepublic

      The French are a strange tight-lipped breed. They say nothing, but the dawning off the French revolution way back when was the day the elite had no say and the citoyens ran the streets spreading the casks of wine gotten from the palace in the streets to all.. However I doubt the French are as unhappy with the government they have in place now in place of the Monarchy they overthrew so many centuries ago.. Wasn’t it the 1700s?

  • Cyn Nickel

    See, here’s the thing: If I had $100 Billion – but lived in Hell, what good does it do me? Satan has a very special place for this scumbag.

    • YuppieRepublic

      Yes and a President with homeless family members whose sole existence according to his own brother is to benefit his offspring just so they can witness poverty is how much better? Or is it just the other extreme we are talking here that you like best? How about a balance? A middle ground? An end to radicalism and oppression anyone?
      How else does that play out in society? 8 million dollars for Obama, 2 dollars in food stamps for you! 8 turned sideways is the infinity symbol. Its also the symbol of a racetrack that doesn’t get you anywhere and never ends, a game with a bunch of crashed cars and a single winner who gets a trophy and barely enough money to make it to the next rat race!
      Abundance doesn’t exist for Obama but sequesters and pinching taxpayers does. Infinite hell and poverty is Obama’s legacy for his brother and anyone else who he does not like. A man who lets his own brother live in a hut with .0000000008 of his income per day is a threat to the entire nations future so go ahead and bash bush! At least we had money under Bush!!!

      • Guest

        You’re literally retarded. That isn’t a metaphor — you’re a literal retard.

  • YuppieRepublic

    I don’t think Pyongang is a threat anymore, apparently US soldiers making mistakes and implosions done wrong by ignorant unskilled workers are causing far more damage than his farce of moving a rocket and not deploying anything at all.. Its not like that happened at all when bush was in office, ya know?
    Holder is allowing cartel criminal scums a free pass while he announces the pot laws won’t change and giving the guys peddling Kilos across international borders a better deal than someone providing pot to a grandma with glaucoma and cancer patients who deserve comfort because they’re sick from Chemo. What’s wrong with that picture? Its almost like he wants to team up with Obama and push them up the Canadian border to piss off our only real tight ally right when we need them, the UN by doing so.. Why are people still pandering on about Bush? I guess Roswell is responsible for the Watergate scandal or something to you all… Its ok. If we lose power and the economy crashes a second time due to stock implosion and no one in the real world besides investors and elites seeing a better bottom line unless the government contracts them all for medical or health care for us all while we starve that we won’t be thankful for socialism and dem power grabs or coercive techniques needed to implement socialistic, fascist regimes which are the exact radical opposite of Communist extremism and no better at all.

  • Zugga nazza

    So what, in america we have over 140 FEMA Camps that can be activated at a moments notice, now who’s tha Superpower ๐Ÿ™‚

    • crystlfire62

      Worthless Fema camps who stay in $200 a night hotels while the rest suffer!!!

  • crystlfire62

    Under Bush most still had their jobs and owned their homes. Unemployment was at 4.8% in REAL terms and gas was at $1.60 a gallon. Food was abundant and very affordable!
    Under Obama at least 18% of the population is without a job or only a part time job. Gas prices are at $4 per gallon. Many have lost their homes beside their jobs! We are now 17 trillion in debt with absolutely nothing to show for it not even a war! Food prices are thru the roof and even welfare pays more than the jobs they have out there! This country is on the verge of a completely collapse and the liberals still think Obama is doing a great job. The stupidity of liberals is unbelievable. Either they are so high on drugs all day long and do not see what is going on around them or they really are that stupid and just plain dumb not to see what Obama is doing to this country!!

    • agnar150

      I can see you are a Fox New watcher.

  • agnar150

    Just look at what happened. He has threatened us with a nuclear attack yet our government did nothing. Syria has done nothing to us yet we are ready to attack them. Go figure. It is all about the money not us.

  • MQ

    I want to party with Kim.

    • Dajibaski Jr

      Not sure you can make it.

  • okusa

    I see the heated debate over who’s better Bush or Obama…..neither have been really great…we can all agree on that? My question is when can we as a country/people start holding Obama accountable for his mistakes during his time in office without the Bush comparison? or continuing to pass the blame? Is the country really better now since Obama has taken the office?
    I’m neither for or against Obama or Bush. The whole comparison thing it’s somewhat boring and it’s the same bullshit day in day out when trying to talk about the current affairs in the country and the downward slide we’re riding right now.
    When can we discuss this without having to always look backwards and find blame?
    Fact is “we” as a country are not any stronger or have improved since Obama has taken office. And seems like we are still on a negative trend, look around, things are not better and don’t appear to be changing direction anytime soon. I’d like to see improvement and positive results versus bullshit promises and could careless under who’s administration it happens to fall under.
    Like the old saying, do the best with what you have to work with…and that goes for both past and present Presidents-Both are pretty disappointing.
    I’m just ready to focus on the here and now. Obama agreed to take on the job as President which also meant taking on all the responsibility for all that comes with the Job-a.k.a all the problems from the past and everything from that point moving forward. That was the main point of selecting this guy right? He was going to “change” things and get them back on track right? And yet we still have to hear the whole Bush did it better when he didn’t and Obama’s not responsible when he is and actually told the nation he would and could fix things…and he hasn’t plan and simple.
    So, here were are again with the argument of as soon as things don’t go as well as planned it’s back to the blame game. Blame all you want, the fact is the country is not trending in the right direction and the guy in office is to blame….that’s how the job as President…In the end his whole reason for getting into office was to turn things around……not so much….but it also means that He/we shouldn’t stop trying to get things back in order either.

  • Fronk

    Ah. Much sadness come and gone since passing of mysterious yet elusive horse faced girl. Friend Dennis say brighter day just around corner.

  • crystlfire62

    Agnar–Your pathetic blathering is making you sound like the fool you really are. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics on 09-07-2013 have now shown that 90,473,000 people are out of jobs from the 313,000,000 people in the USA! That is ONE THIRD of this once great nation. Obama has surpassed Carter in stupidity and is most likely on the golf course right now! He will go down as the laziest most worthless president ANY country has ever had!! When a serious problem arises Obama goes golfing and when scandals start popping up all over Obama goes on numerous vacations. WE HAVE NO PRESIDENT OR LEADER!!!!!

  • Duke Justice

    Wow, no wonder Rodman is chumming up to that pudgy little Korean. Dude could bankroll a new NBA franchise!

  • herman sners

    This tin horn dictator is not worth a pint of cold wiss but he, like our politicians, has stole a tub full from the people

  • John Doe

    Oh he is worth about .50 cent Bullet to the frontal lobe.

  • jamessavik

    about 50 cents

  • vishnubrakmamaheswar

    The global North and the UN security council talking about criminals and dictators .
    They should get this guy and other kings and queens, Sheiks and Sultans .
    Their game is plain B.S . Rules change at their will .
    I dare UN security council to go pluck him out.
    He is the worlds worst dictator – majority of humanity will agree .
    No oil in North Korea.
    Western hearts or Ban Ki Moon’s heart won’t bleed for poor North Koreans.

  • beach091234

    What other working American gets 130 days of vacation? Regardless your politics or opinions, something is wring when the country is a mess and the “leaders” are all on vacation!

  • Bruce Whittecar

    this loony tune isn’t worth the sweat off a boars nut sack!

  • CharlieSeattle


    The Walking Dead are in North Korea and hopefully attack the leadership and eat them too.

  • Scott Oskay

    This is modern leftism on display for a world that won’t call a leftist out for what he is. This is wealth redistribution(except for the ruling elite, as always) on display for a world that can only see the incorrect short term benefit. This is going to be the rule in a few decades, and not the exception, because we won’t call regimes like this out.

  • Jake Witmer

    I’m amazed at the number of people here who don’t understand that the Ds and Rs have nothing to do with making policy decisions. They both agree on all of the government overstep and tyranny that we’ve seen for the last 100 years. Why 100 years? Because the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, and ever since then, we’ve had a government of the central bankers, by the central bankers, for the central bankers.

    Am I the only one here who notices that each president is the same as the prior when it comes to policy? Am I the only one here who notices that they only differ in rhetoric, but that each one inherits a slightly more degraded system? (This is because prior degradations are permanent, but “fixes” are always a temporary band-aid stretched over the underlying problem).

    Notice: The D and R puppets agree on: the IRS, voir dire at the local level (to control independent jurors), the continued supremacy and autonomy of the Federal Reserve (to print as much “legal tender” as it likes), foreign bailouts, domestic bailouts, the drug war, the prison industrial complex, gun control, and all other forms of abject government tyranny.

    Every policy that steals wealth from the average man, the power-seeking elected sociopaths agree on. It’s not surprising. They use your bigotry and servility to win power, and they have both realized there is an endless supply of bigotry and servility to keep you fighting amongst yourselves, so you don’t notice that they’ve made off with the entire pie.

    So, keep arguing over gay rights, illegal immigration, minor changes to welfare, minor changes to taxation, etc. THEY LOVE THAT! That’s precisely what slaves are supposed to do: Concern themselves with minutiae, and ignore “the big picture” (the highest hierarchical level of importance). Slaves are supposed to concern themselves with sweeping and cleaning and picking cotton. They are not supposed to worry about how the plantation is run …except to love and support the plantation owner (the Federal Reserve) and his overseers (Bush, Obama, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Biden, etc.) Ideally, the slaves will argue about which of the two overseers they like best —because that action is completely harmless to the unconstitutional operation of the U.S. government, and it is completely harmless to the looters who have taken over the U.S. government for their own personal gain.

    You, the American sheeple, will get what you always get: a plate of re-fried $#!+, covered in crumbs.

    That is, until you’re smart enough to become libertarian jury rights activists. If this was written in the 1850s, I would have suggested you become abolitionists. Every age has people who stand for true, undiluted liberty. 99% of the people on this board aren’t those people.

    Most of the idiots here are championing some false conception of “left” or “right,” are nothing more than boot-licking farm animals that love the farmer that intends to slaughter them.

    Take the red pill. Wake up:
    “Jury Nullification: The Evolution of a Doctrine” by Clay Conrad
    “Let’s Get Free” Paul Butler
    “The Constitution of Liberty” by Friedrich Hayek
    “How to Create A Mind” by Ray Kurzweil
    “On Intelligence” by Jeff Hawkins

  • Bob Owens

    Kim Jon-Un is not worth S$$T.

  • rightthink

    He is worth 1 45 caliber shell casing. He is supposed to be ruler and care taker of the people of north Korea. He is only a murderous bully not worthy of the ststion he was handed instead of earning (NEPOTISM) Just plain stupid, people and esp. leaders have called themselves gods for millenia he is no better he is just worse because of the media he uses to suppress and oppress.

    • Forrealz

      You are ignorant.

  • william crisler

    cut off all trade routes to n. korea and watch the implosion….

  • william crisler

    you can change the demograghics, but you can’t change the oppinion polls….

  • william crisler

    try changing the outlook of a nation unwilling to stand up for itself…..

  • william crisler

    all i need is good argument for breakfast…

  • ghost rider

    kim jackoff is what ? Worth what ever his daddy had on the bottom of his shoes when he raped his momma is how much he might be worth

  • ghost rider

    this kim jackoff is only worth as much as his momma can hold in her mouth !

  • The Mad Triker

    I just read all the comments of the thread to the bottom of the page. Man there’s a lot of pent-up anger out there. The story folks, is about that big-mouthed, dickless fat boy in North Korea, and an explanation for the darkness of North Korea in night time satellite pictures. You can’t build a power grid or feed your people, if all the money is in the hands of a spoiled little Hitler like Kim nodong dumb. Tell me you’re not afraid just knowing a tyrant like him has so much money and power, and is just stupid enough to use it?

  • Wizard of Oz

    Kim Jong-un Is worth at least meat for the dogs.

  • Badly-Bent

    King Un is a monarchy and its obvious he has nothing but contempt for his subjects.

    • Carl Robbins

      Hmmm change the name to Oboma and monarchy to pathological populist, supported blindly by a majority and whats the difference? Except that “The One” will ultimately cause the suffering of exponentially more souls, than this little tinpot potentate could ever dream of.

  • disqus_tmvkwX9LhA

    Kim Jung and his father knew more about counterfeit American currency than we even knew.

  • samuel jackson lager

    Maybe he has syphilis. I heard that causes insanity.

    • david5300

      He would have got it from his father

  • feduplegalcitizen

    what this phycho needs is gun control, a proper shot placement right between the
    eyes….this little prick is pure evil…..come on china send him to one of yalls prison camps then practice gun control on him!

  • sma

    fat bastard

  • Carl Robbins

    Doesn’t anyone feel like we are being manipulated, once again by the slobbering media and usually lying government agencies? How many “Billionaire Drug Lords” do we see living in dirt floor huts….when killed or apprehended….by our “Heroes”? The POTUS lies with almost every exhalation….and we are supposed to get “incensed” upon these fabricated stories? Far as I can see the occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave lead a far more lavish lifestyle on the backs of the poor taxpayer, than this North Korean leader does.

    • George Hankerman

      I know many that fled NK and after what you said I wish I could make you live there. Then you would refrain from posting your tinfoil hat nonsense.

  • SpaceDonkey

    That sonofa***** Dennis Rodman should be put in Guantanamo for his fraternization with this bastard.

  • Jack Frost

    That haircut must be at least worth 5 cents!

  • david5300

    Seeing how the DPRK prints counterfeit US dollars, he is probably worth quite a bit.

  • Marvin Williams

    The peoples of every nation on the planet now despise us for being so stupid to elect a fool like the “sub-human” Obama, or con artist, anti-christs such as Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Panetta, Feinstien, etc…

  • Maserati

    Cannabalism? Seriously? You expect anybody to believe that? It’s possible with how dumb and gullible my fellow countrymen have become. It’s obvious, because the US’s intelligent wanted to hang this entire government on 9-12-2001, just didn’t have the balls to match the brains.

    • George Hankerman

      Take your meds and log off, stupid is not welcome here.

      • Maserati

        Then what are you reading?

  • ER

    The country reportedly has labor camps…..

    Reportedly? I think it is CONFIRMED

  • Robert1111111

    Um. if the title asks a question how about an answer?

  • gofastgo

    And we send food and supplies to these bastards? They build their military and we send food, what fools Americans are.

  • Phil A Mignon

    Hello. This is Phil A. Mignon here. Thank you.

  • Elishia Penniman

    Ivan: what does your foolish little troll- like diatribe have in common with the article? Perhaps after reading of Kim Jong-un you were reminded of W-bush? Subconsciously plausible.

  • AlFranken

    I’m not sure how relevant Mr. Kim’s net worth is in regards to his ultimate gross worth; essentially, he is by far the wealthiest man in the world as he owns North Korea and all who reside there.

  • sandy222

    Rodman said he would not return ????? North Korea.

    Can one typist type ONE frigging article typo free just once???

  • Ghost

    Come on Amy He, how can we take you seriously when your article is nothing but sensationalistic and clearly designed to portray Kim Jong-un in a bad light. This is not journalism, this is just gossip. I’m not Korean, have no opinion about Kim Jong-un and I agree he’s probably not a good leader, but when reading your article I could not help but to roll my eyes.
    Phrases like ” North Korean citizens were reportedly resorting to cannibalism”, “The god-like leader”, “millions of North Koreans died in a famine” thrown out there without any research to support your statements just hurt your cause.

    You want to convince us, the rest of the world how bad Kim Jong-un really is? You want us to support your fight? Ok, leave emotions aside and write a well researched, well structured article. You know exactly what I mean. Good luck.

  • jay

    In noRth KoRea he’s worth billions, but the second he walks over the border he ranks slightly below a homeless person.

  • alex

    The rich elite are laughing all the way to the bank. They contribute to both sides of the floor (Demo/Rep), having control of whomever is elected. While the public argues about whose fault it is, THEY continue controlling the President and ALL of our politicians. We need stronger limits on campaign contributions, end them completely.They are nothing more than bribes to the highest bidder.

  • John E

    “Kim Jong-un Is Worth How Much?”

    He ain’t worth a plugged nickel in my book, and my [South] Korean daughter-in-law probably thinks even less of him than I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • TheJawster777

    Sounds like Obama and his endless vacations, golf games, his jet-setting family taking multiple planes and convoys to the same places, sending dogs on jets, flying family members like grandparents and others on their flights, getting the best food at their kids private school while they dictate ‘starvation mini-meals’ homeless people would frown on in public schools, and while Moochelle “Wide Shoulders” Obama wears custom dresses made by the top designers. I somehow doubt King Obama and his tranny “wife” look down on Kim Jong Un or even think of begrudging him his wealth. It’s what they do best: Siphoning tax payer funds to furnish themselves a lavish lifestyle. Obama and Kim are basically the same dude. Just one is a lanky, gay-tendency, tranny lover who rides girl bikes, and the other is an insecure little Asian dude with daddy issues and a strange haircut…and a penchant for death. Oh, I guess Obama has that issue too, since he likely feeds on aborted children at night to feed his thirst for infant flesh just like that hell-bound, possessed, Nancy Pelosi.

  • AlexanderMaunu

    Obama has to be black. If he wasn’t then the communists couldn’t call real americans racists for not smiling while Obama and company shove socialism down our throats. America is a super power because of its anti socialist history. America’s decline can be directly linked to increase in communist/socialist policies and programs in the US government.

  • Angelo Solis

    U can blame everything on obama but it its all the result of more than one political member that we Americans had elected in office trying to keep their pockets fed at any cost

  • Really?

    The bigger question here is if a tree falls in the woods and Fox News isn’t around to cover it, is it still Obamas fault?

  • JWK

    My Take: As a Conservative with some liberal views. Fox is Right–slightly far right, CNN is left but not far left, MSNBC is just a commercial for the Hillary/Obama/Holder/Jarrett/Sharpton gang its sickening. Don Lemon from CNN is the worse on CNN: He’s gay and that’s fine but he reports on white hate so much: His interviews in Ferguson was sickening: He commented: “A older White Police man is pushing me back because I’m black” ??? NO he was pushing an entire group back off the streets. This type of reporting sickens me and he goes unpunished. His N word episode was horrid and CNN has no balls to pull him off the air. I hate to say it Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper are pretty Fair. AC is gay and that’s fine but at least he challenges the far left loons. Riley is King-not exactly fair and balanced but spot on with a lot topics. I actually like MadCow when she does reporting on “New Yorks Big Dig” but her political BS is nuts. See folks I’m fair and balanced.

  • JWK

    FYI: I have several gay friends through school and business. If it weren’t for the “Anti-Gay” stance from the GOP, they would vote GOP. Most are conservative, and two of the three believe in God and pray. While I don’t approve on all the levels: People are People.. The Sierra Club/PETA/Planned Parent loons are the scary people that need correction. They rather kill people than a egg from a white owl nest. Sickens me!


    My job was shipped to China, during the Bush recession and wal street took my house, but am I one of those sissy liberals that vote FOR what’s best for MY social and economical class?! Heck no I ain’t.

    I voted REPUBLICAN, so they would repeal the estate tax for billionaires. See I’m thinking bout the future and one day when I start my own bird house makin business, and go on shark tank and partner up with Lori, I don’t want no socialist stealing my money!

    And make sure ya’ll turn on Fox News tonight. Theyre going to release the truth about the democrats that are running for office ILLEGALY. See what most people don’t know is that to be in office you have to be born in the great state of Texas. Now not only are these so called democrats not from the best state in the world, but they’re not even from this planet. Fox News (the only news that tells the truth) as proof that they’re actually from planet Keplar 85 (the smurfs kicked them out for supporting the gays and they flew to earth to spred their liberal BS) AND BE A REAL MERICAN, GO SUPPORT WAL MART!

  • The Scheister of Shrooms

    I’m sure Obama will build an embassy there now.