1. You have to constantly explain to people that you’re not homeless — you choose to look this way.


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2. Waiting for the restroom is an everyday occurrence because you live in a tiny apartment with roommates.


3. You don’t eat out often, but when you do, it’s from the dollar menu.


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4. You have an extensive condiment and napkin collection from fast food chains.


5. You don’t drink anything smaller than a 40 — it’s the most cost efficient.


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6. You scoff at people who drink filtered water — tap is just fine, and free.


7. You know exactly how much you have, but not how much you owe.


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8. You only buy generic versions of packaged foods. Who wants a Kic Ker?


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9. You often pay for things with loose change. It’s still money, right?


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10. You don’t own a smartphone and complain that payphone prices are too high.


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11. Who needs expensive heat in the winter when you’ve got sweaters?


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12. You have participated in questionable medical experiments for extra cash.


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13. Duct tape is the answer to all of your problems.

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  • Theresa Kim

    Do you know any other signs that prove that you are still broke? Share your answers here!

  • Tara

    lol who uses pay phones? broke ppl always ask to “borrow” a stranger’s cell-it’s always so awkward and makes you suspicious haha. how about walking in circles around your neighborhood because a gym membership is only for “rich people”

    • Theresa Kim

      Thanks for the comment Tara! Gif #10 is actually an homage to myself — as I don’t own a cell-phone. Although quite rare, we still exist! But with NYC getting rid of many pay phones, it’ll become harder to resist conforming to today’s technological society.