Comparative bank account & rate information, with “real time” rate updates and “real consumer” reviews.

My Bank Tracker, announced the launch of – a new innovation in personalized banking information, combining user generated content and detailed banking services on America’s top financial firms. My Bank Tracker is a one stop location for comparative bank account and rate information supported with “real time” rate updates. A site that will allow visitors to compare the numerous features and offerings of banking services while providing both an educational commentary explaining the true meaning of various investment terminologies in “basic English” and not legal jargon. A key feature of will be the ability of registered users to post their experiences, reviews and recommendations on the banking industry through the use of a social networking interface.

The “My Bank Tracker” site is designed to present sophisticated information through a visually uncluttered and an intuitive user interface where consumers can interact with each other and where local and national financial institutions (virtual or physical) can present their many product offerings. “ realized that there was a need for an online banking services information destination that allowed users to comparative shop for a service that was best for them while leveraging the knowledge and experience of the millions of existing banking customers,” said Alex Matjanec, Media & Communications – My Bank Tracker.

“With the launch of My Bank Tracker, we’re taking the personalization and social networking movement a step further by leveraging the power of the internet and of consumers, to inform and educate in ways that were up until today lacking for traditional institutions such as banks,” added Matjanec.”

Information personalization continues to grow, with “make it yourself” content being named one of the most significant consumer trends of 2008 according to My Bank Tracker looks to lead the way for financial personalization.

In the upcoming months My Bank Tracker will be adding Mortgages, Credit Cards, and Rate alert systems.

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