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Fifth Third Bank Customer Review

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AmericanMade481's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by AmericanMade481

Feb 11th 2013

This Bank Should Be Investigated By The Banking Commision .

The only thing the mortgage dept. Is good at, is making up excuses and passing the buck. 2 1/2 months after applying for a mortgage, 3 passed closing dates , 2 contract extensions and they still keep coming up with lines like we are missing paperwork! Greg hays the mortgage manager is just plain clueless , justin [Redacted] is to busy doing whatever he does to contact you back, ( unless you make a call to the presidents office mike [Redacted] in cincinatti ) then he is real fast to call back. Alicia [Redacted] the loan origionators assistant or poster child airhead, you decide. The only thing this bank is efficient at is charging an application fee. Do yourselves a favor, steer clear of this bank and do alittle more research. You'll be glad you did.

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deejaa's Profile Image

Reviewed by deejaa

Apr 18th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Can't calculate a loan to save their lives...

I have an auto loan with them. I started making extra payments and was assured by customer service rep. that all extra payments are posted directly to the principle of the loan. After making three extra payments, i checked my account status on-line. They were taking interest out of the extra payments instead of posting it all to the principle. When I phoned them, I was told that's how they apply extra payments unless you call after each payment and tell them to post the whole amount to the principle. They agreed to go back and repost the extra payments w/o the interest charges stating this will have to be done manually; however, when I went back and looked, they did not go back and adjust the interest on the regular monthly payments which should be less after each extra payment. I'm re-financing this loan so I don't have to deal with incompetence any longer. Who wants to do business with a bank who can't accurately calculate interest? I'm sure I'll still be dealing w/this issue for months to come.

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RMDetailing's Profile Image

Reviewed by RMDetailing

Apr 4th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Top Secret Back Office

I have had a business account with 5/3 for about 8 months. I have had issues from the beginning. When you make a deposit they will say you have a portion of it available immediately but if you use it you are charged a fee of 29.95. That is not disclosed to you till you are hit with fee at monthly statement.

Several times due to glitches in their system our money has disappeared we would have to go in to talk with manager who would then replace the money. My money is never correct due to floats on deposits that they claim a back office is doing without any notice to me or branch. I will be told funds will be available at midnight but never are. When I call it is due to this mysterious back office that neither they or I can contact! Even my cash deposits are floated!! they are supposed to be able immediately!!!

The Mysterious Back office has no contact # Or No contact for corporate office! I have never dealt with a company that is ran by a top secret office so secret that their employee's cant even contact them!!!!

They play a three card monty with your money now you see it now you don't and release funds when they want to. No explanation except the Back Office!!

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