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U.S. Bank Customer Review

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akale1982's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by akale1982

Feb 22nd 2013

Ravenna Ohio Branch Excellent!

Ravenna Giant Eagle branch excellent service, bqnk handles accounts well. Helpful to those in ChexSystems. Excellent staff. Michelle, Margie, Sarah and George have been so wonderful to me. Do our banking from work with them as well. Can do personal and business banking all in one swoop. Couldn't be more pleased!

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Other U.S. Bank Reviews

gergorio's Profile Image

Reviewed by gergorio

Mar 26th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

I went to open a checking account and the experience was awesome. They were very helpful and met my needs exactly. They have won over all of my banking business and I am very happy with everyone I have dealt with at the branch. JJ has been great as a personal banker.

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Josmonon's Profile Image

Reviewed by Josmonon

Mar 25th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

I was ASSAULTED at the bank premise

I went to that US BANK branch at the addressed mentioned in the form on Feb 15th to get overseas draft in Australian dollars. I went to the branch because earlier that day I called US BANK customer support about this product and they advised that if I go to a branch they will help me issue the overseas draft I was after.

I spoke to the bank manager about what I want and he outrightly denied they don't issue anything in foreign currency. This is not true. I was irritated by the lack of knowledge of the manager of the products they offer and asked him to ask someone who knows. I also told him that their staff at the customer service earlier advised me to go to the branch. But the bank manager (his name is Daniel I think) refused to serve me and told me to go aside and started serving the next customer in line. I moved away from the line but instantly moved back into the line and in front of the manager and demanded I be served first. It was at this point the customer who was standing by my side assaulted me physically my pushing me aside hard using his shoulder with one big push. In my defense I pushed him back and immediately called 911 and lodged a complaint. But the police was not any helpful to me. They did not talk to the right witnesses. The branch manager did not do anything to stop the assault and kept on serving the customer. I called the district officer for that branch and left several voicemails about the incident. They also did not take any action. I have been racially discriminated by the bank manager.

Disciplinary action against the bank manager, action against the district manager who failed to resolve a complaint and Monterey compensation for Cassini me stress and anxiety these past few weeks, which continues to hinder my day to day life. I am still haunted my the assault and do not feel safe in this country. There are cameras in the bank which can be verified to validate my claim. But no none seems to bother. Neither the police nor the bank.

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