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U.S. Bank Customer Review

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DanielleSMcNamara's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by DanielleSMcNamara

Jan 1st 2013

They Are Thieves!

Us bank closed my account right after collecting my annual fee. They closed it without informing me and without reason - the only thing i can discern is that i didn't use the account often enough and they wanted to rob me of my frequent miles. Their customer service in handling the issue was terrible! Do not use us bank - apparently in their agreement is a clause that they can close the account at any time.

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Other U.S. Bank Reviews

Raganz's Profile Image

Reviewed by Raganz

Jun 24th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible bank!

I had been a U.S. Bank customer for over 5 years and completely happy with them. My account has always been in good standing and have never bounced a check or anything. Last month I get a call from the local branch questioning my deposits and why sometimes I deposit cash and asking why I withdraw cash every once in awhile. REALLY?? Apparently I'm only allowed to deposit my paychecks and everything else is questioned?? So a month later I get a letter stating that they are closing my account in 10 days!! This is just not right or ethical! They made me feel as if I was doing something illegal by putting money in my account and wanting to know where it was coming from! I'm glad to be done with this lousy bank!

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gtoguy's Profile Image

Reviewed by gtoguy

Jun 23rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Careful Using US Bank ATMs, Even at US Bank branch!

If the ATM is not physically built into the wall of the branch or inside the front entrance of the bank, the ATM is not part of/Or serviced by US Bank. I made a $1250.00 deposit at a US Bank branch in Gresham Oregon. The deposit consisted of 3 checks. The machine only counted one of the checks and gave me no option to dispute the amount of the deposit. The only option it gave was to return deposit and cancel transaction. When I tried this, the machine locked up and would not return my deposit. The machine simply stated "An Error Has Occurred, Please Contact Your Financial Institution". To make matters worse, it did not print a receipt for the transaction and it took my ATM card. At this point I have no proof I even tried making a deposit. Now it gets even worse. After going into the branch, I was informed that there was nothing the bank could do to rectify the problem. Its in the hands of the service company that owns the ATMs. I was told if I had used the ATM in the wall, they could have fixed the problem. I had to file a claim with the bank and an investigation would take place. At that point, I was told it would take close to 10 days to process, and that if there was an issue with the claim at could take up to 45 days. Mean while I'm out the $1250. THAT IS UNSATISFACTORY! When this is all rectified, I am moving on. I think its time for a CREDIT UNION Checking Account.

Owner, Advanced Auto. Tech.

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