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U.S. Bank Customer Review

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Lora's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Lora

Dec 28th 2012

They are thieves

I had a very small savings account with this bank. While I was in another state working, they were taking $5 a month from my account for inactivity. Yet, they were using MY money to help make loans to other customers. The bank manager Wendy Braun refused to reverse these charges and just basically said "tuff luck on you."

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Other U.S. Bank Reviews

Smiley1's Profile Image

Reviewed by Smiley1

Aug 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Customer Service and Communication from two ladies!

I had a terrible experience at the US bank on Barry Road on Saturday, August 23 inside the main lobby. I was treated like I was a terrible person from Krystle Loveall and also the Branch Manger inside the bank. I was made to feel as if I was not worth anything, and they spoke down to me. I have a Master's degree and make a great salary. Instead...I was treated as if they could have cared less about me, and I was inept. Now I am not going to be a customer of theirs because of the poor treatment placed upon me. Honestly...there was not an ...I am sorry....no communication....or any niceness from Krystle. Instead there were gazing eyes from her....as if I was not even worth her time of day. Unfortunately...... this was one branch of the U.S. Bank of terrible treatment from two ladies. It is sad how just one person can turn you against a place.

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tsage13's Profile Image

Reviewed by tsage13

Aug 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Deposit at your own risk-Horrible Customer Service

The customer service and employees at this bank are horrible!! I went to the ATM attached to the bank yesterday (Sunday so bank was closed) and tried to deposit cash. The ATM machine proceeded to tell me that an error had occurred and that my transaction couldn't be completed and a claim would be filed. Didn't spit the money back out, just took it and told me that I would now have to call a certain number. I called the number and they said I would now have to file a claim and it could take anywhere from 10 to 45 days to get corrected. I wasn't please with this response and I asked why do I need to do jump through all of these hoops since it was an error from their machine that cause this.....but now I'm being penalized. The person on the phone said I could try going to the branch when it opened. So that's exactly what I did. At first they told me the same thing, that I would have to file a claim but after complaining a bit, another teller/manager said they would count the machine and call me once it had been completed. So an hour or so goes by and I get a call saying they have found the money but it can't be credited back to me because these types of "disputes" are called Reg claims. Wait so then why did you even check the machine if the result was going to be the same?? So they found the exact amount I'm missing but will not give it to me. My MONEY!!! This is absolutely terrible customer service!!! The employees I spoke with had attitude and came across as O well....especially one named Carrie. I bet if I was a big investor this would've been handled differently. All I can say is deposit at your own risk and if a error does occur with the banks equipment you'll be the one that has to fix it. If anyone knows how to contact US Banks corporate offices that would be great.

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