sinbody wrote a review of Simple on Feb 4th 2013

Used The BanCorp Bank---a card spin off only

Upon waiting months for a invite only, I finally receive the email and apply.

To my surprise; my account is denied and NOT A SINGLE person at Simple can tell me why.

I have a great credit score and no problems but was deni...

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TC_Talks started a question in Hot Deals on Oct 31st 2012

TIAA Direct Contact Info

sinbody commented...

Too late; already switched to Chase! Three calls to set up remote deposit?? Then I had a rep call and scream at me because I linked my wife's account t... Continue reading

sinbody wrote a review of TIAA Direct on Oct 30th 2012


This bank is very unreliable. The remote deposits are delayed; even my direct deposit from Methodist Hospital Systems is delayed for two days!?

Going back to my retail bank as I do not have time to worry about the security of my...

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