Average joe living paycheck to paycheck.

yamafx4dude wrote a review of Ally Bank on Jan 7th 2013

So far I am Impressed

Here is what I like about Ally Bank so far:

1. They inform you when your paper check bill payment is going to post. I have never seen a bank do this. Other banks will either post the check before the deliver by date or a week or...

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yamafx4dude commented...

Ive seen this message before and also I have not been able to deposit before to.  Continue reading

yamafx4dude wrote a review of Capital One on Nov 25th 2012

NSF Fees and Rewards

After about a year watching bill pay checks post a week after the "deliver by" date, Capital One hits me with 3 NSF fees @ $35 each the first time my account is low before pay day.

You can't link a rewards savings to ...

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