Are Banks Open on Fourth of July?

Theresa Kim

Updated on Wed Jul 30, 2014

Did you know that the Fourth of July is a federal holiday? This means that banks can decide whether or not to close down for the day on these particular holidays. Check out the bank holiday schedule for the 10 largest banks in America.

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This year, Independence Day will fall on a Friday, giving many Americans a three day weekend to enjoy — but will banks open on the Fourth of July?

This year, most of the top 10 banks in America will remain closed on the Fourth of July with the one exception of U.S Bank, which will stay open until 2:00 pm. Although they will be closing earlier than their regular weekday hours, it’s still a huge plus, given that it is a federal holiday and all the other banks be closed for the entire day.

Note that some banks have a presence in retail outlets — which may or may not be affected by the holiday bank hours schedule. For example, SunTrust Bank’s in-store locations will be closed on Independence day, while PNC’s supermarket locations will remain open. Hours may vary by location, so be sure to check before leaving home.

Here is the holiday schedule for Independence Day at the 10 largest banks in America:

BanksIndependence Day 2014Locations
Bank of AmericaClosedFind branches near you
Wells FargoClosedFind branches near you
ChaseClosedFind branches near you
CitibankClosedFind branches near you
U.S. BankClose at 2 p.m.Find branches near you
PNC BankClosed (except supermarket branches)Find branches near you
Capital OneClosedFind branches near you
TD BankClosedFind branches near you
BB&TClosedFind branches near you
SunTrust BankClosed (including in-store locations)Find branches near you

Other closings

Given that the Fourth of July is an official government-mandated federal holiday, federal institutions including the postal services, public schools, courthouses and government offices, as well as the New York Stock Exchange, will be closed on this day. In addition, many private companies and businesses may also be closed or offer reduced hours of services on Independence Day.

Other banking options

Despite the majority of banks being closed on Independence Day, your financial responsibilities won’t be. In order to fulfill those duties seamlessly, it would be wise to plan ahead. If you have any errands to run at the bank, especially the ones that will require the help of a banker or a teller, make an effort to make a visit before this three-day weekend kicks in.

You can also check out your financial institution’s online and mobile banking services. If you need extra cash, rest assured, as you will have full access to ATMs all throughout the holiday. Regardless of whether or not your bank is open, banking transactions will not be processed on federal holidays.

If all else fails or you have any additional questions, you can contact a customer service representative on the phone. Find your bank’s customer service phone number and a branch nearest you by looking up your bank on MyBankTracker’s Bank Profile page.


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  • Theresa Kim

    Some bank choose to stay open on certain federal/national holidays. Although a definite plus for customers, it’s not always fair for the workers. Do you think banks should remain open on holidays or is it unnecessary?