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Recent Questions

JWall84's Profile Image
4 weeks ago

EMV Chips for BoA cards?

My Twitter feed is filled with people Tweeting about "EMV Chips." Apparently a lot of banks are incorporating this into their cards? What's the deal with this? Is BoA following suit? More »
carolina's Profile Image
on Nov 4th 2014

what do i need to open account

it would be direct deposit what is available for seniors. More »
xkathyfyahoocom's Profile Image
on Oct 22nd 2014

how do I apply for a home equity loan?

My husband and I are moving out of state and own a home in Fla. I want to know how to apply for a home equity loan on that home. what are the rates for a short term loan. More »
xkathyfyahoocom's Profile Image
on Oct 22nd 2014

how do I apply for a home equity loan?

my tax advisor suggested we apply for a home equity loan to pay for our moving out of state. we do not want to draw anymore out of our retirement acct's as it would put us in a much higher tax bracket. He told us this would be the best way to do this. it would be a short term loan. My E-mail is xkathyf@yahoo.com Thank You.

More »
averytanner33's Profile Image
on Jul 2nd 2014

Small business checking account w/ Bank of America?

I am located in Massachusetts and already have a personal checking account w/ BofA. Do any of u have experience w/ opening up a small business checking account w/ them as well? If so - what kind of services or offers do they have for small biz owners? More »
2013Rossi's Profile Image
on Dec 9th 2013

What is the law to protect customers who trusted their money with this bank?

Nightmare!!!! I opened my first account in this branch. The personel are very nice, but the Bank policies are absolutely one sided and unfair. They are dictating their interest and robbing their customers clean. They have restricted all my accounts and safety box while I was abroad!!! With no clear explanation!!!? All my auto payments have been returned in spite of sufficient funds in my account. They have destroyed my 40 years credit history, their phone redirects to Geneal customer service or a recording about being on vacation!!??? Learn from all these shocking stories before it is too late and it happens to you too. I am looking for a good lawyer to sue who ever is responsible and have done this to me.

More »