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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By ministryroh Jun 4, 2016

The best Bank on our planet with super Awesome Managers and tellers

I am 100% happy with Bank of America service. I am absolutely enthralled at their genuine and outstandingly personal customer service. . I will bring all my banking needs to the Fourth Plain Branch of BoA from now on. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about ROBIN (Operations Manager). She is helpful, friendly, nice,professional, has GREAT communication. Tracy is great Bank Manager. Tracy, you and your staff are absolutely GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Lisa b. Dec 28, 2012

Very bad

Tried to cash a check made out to me from Bank of America--the bank itself. They wanted to charge me a $5 fee to cash a $130 check even though i have three mortgages at B of A (never paid late). I was in a B of A branch with a B of A check. This mega corporation will nickel and dime regular people any way it can.

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Latest Bank of America Reviews

  • V
    Reviewed By Vediacjim Aug 27, 2016

    Worst Bank in the World

    Where is the Negative STAR. Bank of America doesn't deserve a STAR. They are Spending more money paying Security Guard then hiring extra Telling. Worst customer service. Even in a third World country you have an efficient customers service and Less Wait time than Bank of America

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  • S
    Reviewed By shahidnawaz Aug 22, 2016

    Terrible Staff of the branch

    I recently moved out from MA to Tx but was there in MA to transfer my lease, went to the branch to deposit check just to avoid any ATM problem as I was flying the same day, but in branch there was a lady called Laura, horrible for customers, either she is not trained for dealing customers or bank don't want anyone to come to branch, she refused to allow me deposit check in the branch giving suggestion to go and do it in ATM and she was not ready to listen anything, very very poor service. I am from 3rd world country but believe me their customer service is far better.

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  • R
    Reviewed By rosa Aug 15, 2016

    Inefficient branch

    Doesn't matter how long the line is, the branch manager is NOT going to help relieve the 1 teller (maybe 2 on a good day), that is working. His response is "I'm not a teller." He walks around and does very little. During peak times such as Lunch on Mondays, and closing on Fridays, the branch should be properly staffed, but never is. And even thought the manager is doing NOTHING, he refuses/doesn't know how to assist the teller (s). Everyone in the line is always complaining because its usually 10 people deep waiting.

    Also, what bank is ONLY open 7 hrs a day?? That's not even a full working day!

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  • S
    Reviewed By slalampoo Aug 13, 2016

    terrible manager and terrible service

    the ATM machine didnt give back my husbands card when we tried to make a withdrawal, disappointingly no one cared and no one wanted to help from any of the bank personnel. he went inside the bank to ask for help But the manager, ms sepulvida, screamed at him to get out of the bank because they are closed, no one even offered him for a help! horrible.
    the manager who shouldve showed a good example to her staff just kicked a customer out just because it was 5 mins after 1 pm.
    please do not go to this branch! you will waste your time they dont care! this is the worst my bank experience and mind you i came from a 3rd world country. but this people are the worst!

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  • L
    Reviewed By Lionlove29 Aug 12, 2016

    It would be negative stars if I could

    Someone fraudulently set up a direct debit at my dads account. The people on the phone tell me to go to the Brach to get it sorted out. Mind you I didn't that in July when I put a block on the payment from the company but apparently the company didn't leave a space between the names of the company (for example Julys payment was made by company Abc 123 and August was abc123) I mean seriously? so they didn't block it and low and behold another debit taken out in August. I go to the Branch...they can't help me because I don't have an appointment. She makes me call on the phone. After two hours I find out that it's not fraud, I need to call claims so that they can investigate the charges and find out whether I'm lying or not. Since my dad is in a nursing home in the US and hasn't drive for years I'm pretty sure he doesn't need cat insurance in the UK. The compmay on the UK even told me they can't debit from a US account. So someone is mirroring the company to commit fraud. So since they can't block the charge I will not have to take time off from my job to go hassle with social security to change the direct deposit on his social security and also with his union for his pension because o have no choice but to close his account. Bank of America is not very customer oriented and they really are horrible. I am glad I don't bank with them and soon neither will by dad...a customer for the last 15 plus years.

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  • K
    Reviewed By kruemcke Aug 6, 2016

    This bank does not diserve evan a 1 star

    Terrible customer interaction. When you walk in, you are not acknowledged. They view you as interference with them. The local branches are completely ruled by headquarters, who must think that they want to get rid of retail customers.

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  • B
    Reviewed By bknabe Aug 4, 2016

    Terrible maitenance fees- Don't Bank Here!

    Bank of America has been terrible. I had a student account with them and they said it would last while I was in college, except they forgot they didn't tell me that they would start charging maintenance fees after I turned 23. Real classy guys. I am barely making enough money to afford rent and you are sucking off me like a leech. Closed my bank account there and am never taking my business there again. I am also trying to spread the word through as many online reviews as possible about how slimy this Bank is, preying on people's hard earned money. DO NOT use this Bank!

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  • J
    Reviewed By jeanhibino Aug 4, 2016

    BofA does not seem to care about its customers

    I have been a BofA customer for decades. But it irritates me so much when I have to take my lunch hour to stand in a long line waiting to be helped! (and no, these are not transactions I can do at the ATM.) How many times do I have to go into my local BofA branch and see a long line of customers and ONLY ONE TELLER! This is not an anomaly, this happens REGULARLY. Yesterday, August 3, 2016 I went to the bank at 1pm, 7 people in line, I left and came back at 2pm, 6 people in line (hope they weren't the same people I saw at 1pm!), I gave up because I had to go back to work. I had to leave work early to go back to the bank at before 5pm when it closed and sure enough, 7 people waiting in line!!! AND THE SAME ONE TELLER!!! (a young man). I found a woman sitting behind a desk and asked her why there was only one teller and so many people and she said, "sometimes people all come at the same time" and I said, "No way, this is the THIRD time I've been here today and the line is equally long and it's still the SAME ONE TELLER." I asked, "why can't you or that other gentleman also just sitting at his desk, jump in and help move the line along?" She said, "WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT." What??! Not "allowed?" Are you kidding me? HEY BANK OF AMERICA, IT WOULD GO A LONG LONG WAY IF YOU "ALLOWED" YOUR PEOPLE SITTING AT THEIR DESKS JUST LOOKING AT A LONG LINE OF CUSTOMERS TO JUMP IN AND HELP! And while I'm at it, if BofA knows that people have to give up their lunch time to do their banking business, why can't it stagger their employees' lunch times like take them early and late but cover the noon to 2pm with more than ONE TELLER! Oh yeah, and when I asked if that woman sitting at her desk could please just deposit this check for (again, not something I could do at the ATM) and mail the deposit receipt to the address on the receipt she said, "OH WE CAN'T DO THAT, WE DO NOT MAIL ANYTHING FROM HERE." Me: "I have done this before because I got tired of waiting in line and a receipt was mailed." She: "I have worked here for seven years and have never seen that happen." C'mon BofA, get it together! A little help and customer service goes a long way! Have a heart!

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  • C
    Reviewed By clientelle Aug 2, 2016

    Lost 80$ waiting on line inside a bank for a simple exchange

    I used my bank card to withdraw 500$ from their ATM. I have done this before without a problem. The problem with withdrawing so much is that the banks give you lots of 20 dollar bills.

    I usually go into the bank and exchange the multiple 20 dollar bills for 100s. I was not being mindful with my money while counting it, putting it back into my pockets, and some bills into my money clip, while inside the bank, I will admit. There were also other people waiting on line for the one available teller.

    When I got to the teller, I thought that I had 400$ dollars in twenties to exchange into 100 dollar bills. I was mistaken and had to get more money from my money clip. Once I exchanged the 400$, I returned to my vehicle, checked my money clip, and I realized that I was missing about 80$ in twenties from my last 100$. What happened to it? I went inside the bank, but the teller was busy.

    I returned to my vehicle, then checked around the vehicle and couldn't find the money. I visited the bank again and spoke with the teller, a guy with a flat top and goatee. The teller gave me a look and seemed miffed that I would bother him about this. He said that he didn't see any loose bills. Did some one on line inside the bank put his foot on some loose bills on the floor, and slyly pocket them? Who knows.

    But this loss is now a terrible lesson. I could have drove to Colorado on that money. From now on, I will avoid paying in cash as much as possible, only for things like gas or visiting a small cafe, and only withdraw at most 200$.

    My bank reimburses me for bank ATM fees and I can withdraw money as much as I would like without any penalties. Most importantly, I will stay away from Bank of America ATMs forever.

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  • P
    Reviewed By peaches34 Jul 31, 2016

    steal my money

    Somebody use my debit card at the atm machine and withdraw opp dollar's out my account then I call them and told them it was not me that's did but they didn't belive me they took the 700 hundred dollar out of my account when I had my money direct deposit in my account on the first if the month I am getting a lawyer

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