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Reviewed By Seamus Nov 14, 2013

Business Line Of Credit

We've been a customer since 1993. We had a $50,000 business line of credit with bofa with a $0 balance for at least 2 years. When i came back from vacation out of the country, i noticed that there was a draw of $10,000 against our loc. I immediately called bofa and asked who withdrew the money and asked where the money; it didn't show in our bank account. Bofa couldn't answer me so i asked that the loc be frozen until i got an answer. All they could tell me 3 days later was that it was a teller error (they entered the wrong account number). Two years later i needed to access our loc. They said it was frozen. I said yes, i know, i froze it. They told me hat if i wanted to access the line i have to go through an approval process all over again. I told them to shove it and got a $120,000 loc elsewhere. They had the nerve to send a rep to get my business back.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Lisa b. Dec 28, 2012

Very bad

Tried to cash a check made out to me from Bank of America--the bank itself. They wanted to charge me a $5 fee to cash a $130 check even though i have three mortgages at B of A (never paid late). I was in a B of A branch with a B of A check. This mega corporation will nickel and dime regular people any way it can.

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  • N
    Reviewed By newergrounds22 Feb 7, 2016


    This is the WORST BANK IN AMERICA! I was robbed at one of the Bank of America ATM machines by a person with a weapon, while I was making a withdrawal transaction. I called Bank of America and reported my claim. Bank of America did their investigation and falsely accused me for participated in the act. So Im like "really" you just accused me for robbing myself, because I cooperated during the robbery. What am I supposed to do? react to the robbery then find out later I'm no longer alive? Basically, Bank of America wanted me to risk my life over a $500 dollar fake check that the robber put into my account during my personal transaction and then BOA end up charging me to pay them back for that transaction when they're the ones who authorized it into my account. The robbery was clearly on camera and it was pervasive.

    On top of that, they refused to give me a report to send to the police and has given me the runaround. I wanted the person name who was on that check and where it came from to give to the police in order for them to find the suspect. Bank of America refused to do so. Not to mention this bank have poor customer service. They are trained to transfer you to the wrong department's which takes up to an hour or two just to speak with someone. This has got to be the worst bank ever, they run their business like a dictatorship all they do is charge and take! and they are trained to waste your time.

    They authorize false checks to make their customers vulnerable to get robbed, so they can turn around and charge you to pay them back. They are the ones who are participating in the robbery "if you ask me" because now they are robbing me.


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  • S
    Reviewed By swanking28 Feb 6, 2016

    Bank Fee Gouging

    I have been with Bank of America for approx 2-3 years. I had an account with them once before but left because of the lack of customer service and the failure to resolve issues. A recent incident occurred where my account had went under at -$2+ and I was charged a $35 insufficient funds fee for such a minimal amount. I contacted the bank and requested the $35 to be credited back to my account only to be told that it did not involve a fraudulent occurrence so there is nothing they can do. The amount is excessive in comparison. I know that I am not one of their customers that has an account that is beneficial to the bank so they get money out of the little people any way that they can. There are times when I have gotten up in the morning, my account was in the negative but I had an opportunity to cover it before noon and was not charged a fee. I have a habit of checking my account 2-3 times per day. The amount that came through, which put my acct in -2+, must have came through the night prior/early morning of, but the $35 charge was already assessed so I never had an opportunity to cover that amount but others. This is the worst experience that i have ever had at any bank. They are money hungry and greedy, absolutely no concern for customer satisfaction nor into resolving issues

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    Reviewed By ouch Feb 1, 2016

    They are ridiculous clerks who dismiss long time customers

    I went with my parents on 3 occasions to their local branch in Sun City Florida. Every time was excruciatingly painful.

    Even though they have been customers there for 25 years, the desk folks require ID for every transaction, and when elderly people don't understand the need for state issued ID, they get turned away. The good news is that there are other banks, just across the parking lot. Sayonara.

    These people are imbeciles and deserve whatever comes their way.

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  • R
    Reviewed By RoxieBme Jan 30, 2016

    Find another bank!

    Bank of America does not care about their customers at all!! Find another bank! Make a mistake and they will nail you for every charge they can. Wish I could leave 0 stars!!

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    Reviewed By Bhoti109 Jan 26, 2016

    Teller nasty to elderly

    My mom has been banking at building for over 22 years. She loves going to this bank until recently, now this teller Ann keeps harassing her to use the atm. Ann should be sent to customer service training again. I tried to talk to her that my mom needs assistance when comes to the bank but this crazy lady start to yell back to me like I am her child. This is not boa standard by no means. Everyone else at this bank is professional but this lady needs to go.

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    Reviewed By RCS Jan 26, 2016

    No sense professionalism

    I asked to increase the credit limit in BOA credit card only if they don't put any credit inquiries. I remind them at least twice not to proceed if there will be the inquiry. They increased the credit limit but there was a hard inquiry.
    The worst part is, I talked to the so called "Credit Analyst" and they replied me that I should know there would be the credit inquiry when I request the increase in credit limit but how is it cool for the so called BOA professional not to know. Things got even worse; the credit analyst told me the the inquiry will be removed from my credit report if I revert to the previous credit line, so I did. A week later, I got an email reporting the credit inquiry remains but is changed to soft inquiry, which doesn't make any sense.

    I was not asking them to do something I didn't say or they couldn't. They should have eyes good enough to read and ears to listen and if sth is not clear, they should have a mouth that F***ing speaks. Even if there's still something unclear, they should ask and be clear before they proceed. Where is the sense of professionalism! Is a word simply sorry good enough to hurt people credit score for nothing!
    I feel so bad and mad at those people. Because this is not the first time they mistreated me. I am gonna close all my BOA credit cards.

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  • I
    Reviewed By igtbruce Jan 20, 2016

    Credit Card rewards are damn near impossible to use

    If you are looking for a credit card company that rewards their users, look elsewhere. I have two primary complaints. 1. I have been a customer for over 20 years. When I received my card the interest rate was 6.9%. I have never missed a payment. After being a good customer for over 20 years my last statement indicates my rate was raised to 20.24%. This is the thank you we get for being a loyal customer. 2. I tried to redeem my rewards point so that I can fire Bank of America and close my account. Good luck. I've spoken to five different people via phone and online. Of course the calls are recorded for "quality assistance." They must have more call monitors than service representatives. I have two new ID numbers and four new passwords and I still can not log in. Now, I was passed from the car loan vendor to the checking account office and everywhere but the credit card office. They can keep the rewards points and close the account. No more!

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  • M
    Reviewed By mymailboxhouse Jan 20, 2016

    Bank Of America Vs Td Bank

    I don't like to write any reviews about anything but this one i should do bcoz this is very important,i am the most valued preffered customer of boa last 8 years!!!!! I went to boa and asked to help to notorize some documents the banker immediately , asked my debit card account and driving licence then said per the policy changes they are not able to do this and asked me to go to ups and getitd done, immediately they are started marketing their products almost 15-20 minutes. I spoke to one friend he said why you want to spend 5 dollar for each copy , go directly to td bank and they will help. I went to td bank and they haven't asked me about the whether i am a account holder or not. They started notorising all document with in 5 minutes!!!!!! I saved 100 dollar almost witht their help.. I love the way they did this and the way easily they handled the case... I suggest all the boa customers please move out and go with any other bank they help their customer.

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jaydee Jan 16, 2016

    Heartless Company

    My Business Partner and I have run a small business for more than 25 years. My partner was our bookkeeper and handled our payments, paid all accounts on time. There was a credit card (BOA) with a small limit of $500.00 that was opened. I was not aware of the card, it looks like it was used to pay our AOL account. When I looked at my partners files it was always paid on time until his unfortunate demise.

    He was admitted to a hospital for minor surgery last year, and tragically never woke up due to an infection to his brain. He is in a coma and chances are he will not recover. (say a prayer for S.M.S if you pray)

    Many of our company bills came to his address, one being a Bank Of America credit card. Unfortunately the BOA card fell through when a new bookkeeper took over. When we discovered this, we paid the $140.00 that was past due ASAP.

    Bank Of America reported the late payments to all 3 credit burro's. I spent hours speaking with heartless BOA employees to no avail. I tried calling the corporate office for help and again was treated like a dog.

    Not one person at Bank of America would offer any help to guide me within this heartless company. When I asked for the corporate number, one employee said "look it up yourself, you have a computer".

    Even if they could not help, they didn't need to be condescending to me. At the very least they could have had compassion in their voice.

    All I asked of BOA was, please remove the negative. I begged due to the fact we are a small business and bad credit can hurt our bottom-line. . Our business was hit hard by my partners medical problems.
    In My opinion is, stay away / run from BOA if your a small business. If a late payment for $140.00 trashes you, imagine if you were all in for a business loan or mortgage. I will NEVER due business with them again.

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  • L
    Reviewed By Lisa4401 Jan 15, 2016

    Monthy fees and now your required to show ID for cash Deposits for an acct. that was previously free

    I am extremely disappointed with bank of america. When I first opened my free checking account things were going well and all of a sudden there was a monthly bank fee charge of $14.00 for any accounts that fall below $1500.00. Cash deposits also now require an Identification card. When I disputed this with the teller, she said that all banks were doing the same and that was a straight out lie. I will no longer do business with this banking institution!!

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