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Bank of America Latest Customer Reviews

jjones's Profile Image

Reviewed by jjones

Jul 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Please take my payment for my Credit Card !!!

From October 2012 to March 2013, Bank of America would have many excuses not to process my payment for my credit card bill. I would call customer service to pay part of that bill. I gave them my personal checking account number , (located on the front of my checks.). the next following month, I checked my bank statement and no payment was made to Bank of America. I called Bank of America to find out why the amount was not applied on my account. The customer service rep. told me that i gave them the wrong number on the check. I asked them that they should have call, e-mail, or text me of this problem. (COME ON), I think that I can read numbers on the bottom of a check, (Routing numbers). so I gave them the complete routing numbers again. And again the same thing happened again. This went on for at least 5 months. Finally I was able to pay, (IN FULL), the whole amount. now I have a bad credit mark on my credit score and they will not take them off because they show their records as accurate. Maybe this is a way to make extra money from late fees.

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mandylance's Profile Image

Reviewed by mandylance

Jul 25th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

what a great bank

I have always enjoyed doing business with bank of America. They are always able to give me quick and accurate info regarding my accounts. The ATM is also my favorite thing about this bank. I rarely ever have to go into the bank, the atm can do everything. I have been doing business with them since 2010 and plan on doing business with them for another 10 years.

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SeaShell's Profile Image

Reviewed by SeaShell

Jul 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

No brainers! worst Customer service/respect

I was out of city and used my Credit card once. the day after I received a call with no introduction that said Your Debit card closed Then I couldn't see my credit account online when I came back I called the bank and I was told that was for security Well who's security? mine or the potential thieve? Imagine another person used my card in another city. You Blocked me online, not to be able to see what's happening to my account while the card is still OK to be used by who ever You kidding me?? They could at least call me and check if it was me?? At the end I see a "maintenance fee" charged in my account too ,which I don't know why is that?

More over, when look at my activities on line, any time in this couple of days I used my credit card , it shows the Type as "Cash Advance" not the regular. Cash Advance from a credit card has charges!!!!!! No wonder why they never blocked the card.

I emailed the bank from the contact page within the bank account-online. They responded back to me almost in 1 week that I have to log in my account and send email from the secure page within my account / online.

Didn't I just do that?!?! so pissed off.

Contacted CEO office. no difference ...

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rtgallagher11hotma's Profile Image

Reviewed by rtgallagher11hotma

Jul 22nd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Pretty iffy

-Weird fees

-Customer service will tell you one thibg but other agent will tell something totally different

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WillieBell's Profile Image

Reviewed by WillieBell

Jul 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

*Be Afraid of Refinancing Your Mortgage with Bank of America

Recently I started the process of refinancing my mortgage through BoA to take advantage of the HARP program. The Bank of America mortgage representative mailed a packet to me using normal USPS services. The mail was delivered to the wrong address and sat on my neighbors kitchen counter for a few days. When I finally got the packet and opened it, the top form contained my name, social security number, date of birth, home address... every piece of personal information imaginable to conduct identity theft. I brought this to the attention of the mortgage representative and the Mortgage Sales Manager and all they were concerned with was making the closing date of the refinance and they blamed the Postal Service for the problem. Normal Postal Service is best effort deliver; everyone knows this and BoA should know it as well. At the very least they should have sent my information via certified USPS mail or Fedx that requires my signature and ID for delivery when handing social security informatio and even that is not the safest method. There are many ways to secure customer's personal information these day but for some reason Bank of America is more concerned with profits and commissions and not protecting their customer's personal information.

So if anyone is going to use Bank of America for home refinancing, you should be absolutely ***afraid*** of how they will go about handling your personal information during the process....

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cgator77's Profile Image

Reviewed by cgator77

Jul 18th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank I've ever used

$31 it cost to order new checks. Are you serious??? Customer service is hit or miss and I have had multiple times where the 1-800 customer service has told me something to be told by the branch manager something different. Not worth the time or fees they love to charge at any opportunity! And the interest rates for savings accounts are a complete joke, don't even bother!

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abqcar's Profile Image

Reviewed by abqcar

Jul 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

BofA Intransigence regarding credit card dispute

I have since January been fighting with BofA over a charge posted by a vendor with which I disagree. BofA has been anything but helpful. I asked the vendor both in writing and orally for an explanation of its charge and never received a response. I asked BofA to delete the charge on account of the merchant's lack of cooperation but have encountered nothing but snotty letters from its customer "service" department. I asked BofA to provide me with any information it itself received from the vendor and have received nothing. In its last dollop of snot, it informed me it had exhausted its efforts to resolve the issue and that it would not reply to any further communications from me. I am filing a complaint against BofA and have intentionally avoided using my BofA credit card for the last six months, a time period in which I entered into a lot of credit transactions, because I don't want to give that company any further money in the way of merchant fees.

I have never encountered such a lack of cooperation from a credit card issuer. I never asked to have a BofA credit card (BofA gobbled up the original issuer) and will never, ever, utilize Bank of America for anything, even if it's the last financial entity on the planet. What a miserable, consumer-unfriendly company. I hope it follows the route of other financial institutions in the last few years and goes under. Good riddance!

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KellyNguyen's Profile Image

Reviewed by KellyNguyen

Jul 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever - 2 tries, no more

Worst bank experience EVER! Bait and SWITCH.

Bank of America promotion to get 10,000 Alaska miles NOT honored nor any other promotions. Waste of my time! Customer service at this location VERY inadequate. I did everything I was supposed to as a customer and Bank of America decided they would add a few new rules after I complied, including switching my direct deposits (and you know how much of a hassle that is) to their bank. This will be a number of reviews that I will be writing including doing a number of other "promotions" for them on my Facebook and elsewhere, including word of mouth. I will NEVER and let me repeat NEVER do any additional new business with Bank of America. My 10,000 points "promotion" for them is beginning .. NOW. USBank has been my bank for 20 years. Now I know why. This location just needs to be closed down. Again, repeat: Bait and Switch. That's all you need to know. Bad business to a good (and I mean GOOD) customer.

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AnthonyMBT's Profile Image

Reviewed by AnthonyMBT

Jul 16th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Not Enough ATMs

I'm constantly getting hit with ATM fees every month because I can't ever seem to find a Bank of America ATM in my neighborhood. This bank was great when I was in college in Boston, but in NYC it's a different story.

What's the point of using this bank if their rates are so low & it constantly costs me money to withdraw my own cash? I recommend making sure they have ATMs in your area before you open an account with Bank of America.

Their customer service has always been helpful. And their online banking / transferring money to friends is pretty straightforward. But it doesn't make up for the other issues.

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tricis's Profile Image

Reviewed by tricis

Jun 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Don't expect any help here!

Rude tellers -- managers who just want to offer you more bank services. This place is bad! Go to the one on 10th Street West and Ave K -- they excel at customer service!

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Fredfly's Profile Image

Reviewed by Fredfly

Jun 9th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Must have the only good branch here!

I am surprised to see such bad reviews. I have had only great service from Bank of America. I switch 4 years back from another bank and haven't looked back. Since then I have added a savings account and a credit card from them. It's always fast and friendly service when I go to the offices and very personable (which is important for me). I have had no surprise charges or fees (of course I am very OCD on my accounts so I don't overdraw too often or have late payments), which was why I switched to Bank of America in the first place. The online page is simple and has tons of tools for budgeting and if I ever need help, I know its only a phone call away.

Speaking of helping, I went to talk to one of the accountants about rebuilding my credit and she helped me tremendously. She did not push any cards on me and was very good about explaining everything to me. I have her to thank for the credit score I have now! I am very sorry to hear the bad stories coming from other customers, the local branch where I live must be the only good one!

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harikris's Profile Image

Reviewed by harikris

Jun 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Confusing and unethical terms and conditions

Worst bank ever.

After being a customer of credit card service for 10 years, I am finally calling it quits. I used to be a card holder of MBNA back in 2004 and they were bought by Bank of America. Ever since, it's just a constant battle understanding what they say and what they do. The details are not fully disclosed or clearly laid out.

I am pretty sure they will be hit by a class action suit any time now since they are doing a lot of "financial engineering" to charge customers unethical fees and penalties. I just don't understand what they say and each representative says different terms. Even their own customer service folks do not understand how their financial products work.

On top of all this, the customer service is horrible. Hopeless. I am out.

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MB8888's Profile Image

Reviewed by MB8888

Jun 7th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

14 year customer: Bank of America is just not for me anymore.

I was a few months from getting 200K mortgage and customer service on 6/6/2014 was just terrible.

I over drafted $4.76 and they couldn't refund my fee due to giving a few back more than a year ago.

I am fed up with Bank of America and I tried in a very very nice manner to tell them that if I couldn't get my fee back that I would go elsewhere after 14 years and the customer service manager literally said he didn't care at all.

I have never wrote a review for any company at any time in my life and I was so disappointed that I refuse to bank there anymore. there are several banks that will give me $100 just to sign up and they couldn't give me my $35 back. Unreal!

Good Luck to all you Bank of America customers, I will never again.

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tryingmybest's Profile Image

Reviewed by tryingmybest

Jun 5th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Happy Ending

I recently realized that I was being charged a $12 per month maintenance fee even though I had been told I qualified for maintenance free checking since I get more than $250 in direct deposit to my account each month. When I went to Bank of America to find out why this was happening I was told that it only counts if there is one single direct deposit of at least $250 made to my account each month. Because I am working multiple jobs and receive four separate direct deposits per month of about $200 I do not qualify. When I asked what the bank could do to help me they continued to tell me the only other option was to keep a balance of $1500 in my checking account at all times.

After all of this I sent a complaint via their online messaging tool for my account. In less than 24 hours I received a call from a customer service representative who had taken the time to research my account and understand where I was coming from she then refunded me for the past six months of maintenance fees and also put a one year waiver on my account to prevent me from continuing to be charged the maintenance fee. I am incredibly happy with how they responded. My only complaint is that I didn't receive the same excellent service when I went into the local branch.

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welcometothemachin's Profile Image

Reviewed by welcometothemachin

Jun 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

This bank makes me want to bang my head against a wall

If you want to talk to somebody at Bank of America, try talking to a computerized message that says the same thing over and over and over. I never knew I had phone rage until I dealt with Bank of America.

Customer service -- not to worry because they have none. You are not treated as a human being at Bank of America.

If you can contact a representative by chat messaging, don't expect results. They have canned answers, typed by people overseas. One of my favorites is "I completely understand your frustration, but there is nothing I can do". Really? Why do I care if you understand my frustration!

Bottom line is they don't give a flip about you or your problems with them. All you are is a dollar bill in a rich banker's pocket.

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kap1906's Profile Image

Reviewed by kap1906

May 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Lots of Unexpected Fees While Traveling Internationally

So before I left for a month long trip to France from the US, I called the bank for two reasons, one to see if they could offer me a debit card with a Smart Chip and the man I spoke to had no clue what I was talking about he thought I needed technical service and transferred me to them, technical service also had no clue what I wanted an referred me to my local branch, honestly at this point I gave up on the smart chip as my boyfriend's card from a credit union had one so I figure we would be ok.

The second question I had required a second call since the first issue was too confusing for those representatives. I wanted to know if I would incur any fees while traveling the only information I was told was that as long as I used the BNP Paribas ATMs I would avoid a $5 dollar fee. So I figured other than the exchange rate difference I was good. Was I totally wrong, upon my first day I went to the ATM got my money out and I was good, but when I looked at my online account several days later I noticed a fee for about 3% of the amount I withdrew from my account.

I immediately got online and used the chat feature since international calling is expensive, the woman on the other end of the chat then explained to me that every international transaction I made would incur this 3% service fee, I was not happy since I was not advised about this the first time I spoke with them but since this is a company policy nothing could be done about those additional fees.

My recommendation to any one traveling with at Bank Of America Account is don't do it, look into a credit union, my boyfriend who is traveling with me has only received about $5 in fees compared to my $50 and his card has a smart chip so it actually works everywhere and my BofA card does not so lots of places do not even accept it, to be honest after this experience I am considering ending my almost 10 year long relationship with this bank.

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HankFisher's Profile Image

Reviewed by HankFisher

May 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Customer Service Fee!

I financed a new vehicle with Bank of America and was trying to make my payment over the phone with a check. Everything was automated, which went great until I entered the wrong amount. It would nor could recognize the word "no", but it hadn't been a problem with the 20 previous"yes" answers that I had given. Anyway, it finally put me through to a live person after a 10 minute wait. I couldn't hardly understand him, English was obviously a second language for him. He did say that he could help me get the information submitted and would be glad to help, but there was a one time fee of $15.00 for you to be able to utilize their "live agents". I have never been so upset or surprised at any type of business charging for customer service! He said that I only had to pay it once and then I could use their live agents all that I needed, without any additional fees.

To say that I gave him a piece of my mind is an understatement! I asked him why would I pay them so that I could pay them! He didn't have an answer, but did ask if he could help me in any other way. I told him that he absolutely could not, I wasn't sure how much it would cost! I told him to transfer me back to the animated system, if I wouldn't be charged, if so, I could call back free. He did transfer me, but I will be looking and checking to see if there was any type of charge. It honestly wouldn't surprise me!

I don't know what happened to helping your customers, to keep them happy and returning. I guess that I was wrong when I assumed that the interest that we pay against our loans compensates them for that! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up of what to expect from Bank of America if you need help! I know that I will verbally tell everyone that will listen about this experience!

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mprothero's Profile Image

Reviewed by mprothero

May 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Credit Card Pressure

For months now the bank tellers at this branch have been hounding me every visit to apply for a Bank of America credit card. I told them that I had one but they kept insisting that it was not truly one of theirs since it was through a subsidiary and had a college logo on it. They kept pressuring me to get their card stating the points were better and such. I did not and do not need another card and was happy with the one I have and kept telling them so. I needed to look in to a bank loan for $7000 dollars of closing cost on a home I was selling.

I approached Bank of America and they sent me to the loan officer. He stated that they no longer do personal loans and that I needed to apply for a credit card. I explained that I had one through Bank of America and that all I needed was a credit extension, since my current credit limit was $5,000. He said that I could not get a credit extension but the new card should cover it and have 15 months interest free. He also stated that he could not evaluate my credit or approximate credit limit until after I applied for the card but we did not have to complete the processes so no card would be issued and it would not effect my credit.

After completing the application was approved for another card at $2000 which I did not accept. He stated I needed to sign a form that authorized him to do the credit check but the form said that I accepted the card. I disagreed and scratch that portion of the form off and only approved the credit check. Two days later I called the card co and they said that I was approved. I told them to cancel and they said they could not. I called the bank manager to cancel the card and she said they would and would call me back. A few days later, no call, and a credit card arrives. I am on my way back to the bank to talk to the manager.

Why must I apply for a credit card to request a loan? Why do they have to lie and pressure people to get their cards?

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disgruntal's Profile Image

Reviewed by disgruntal

May 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Not good at all

You can never a get a hold of anyone at this bank. No one ever picks up a phone. Phone system stinks too. No at all satisfied with this bank.

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klever's Profile Image

Reviewed by klever

May 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Transferred to China?

Bank of America gave notice of a new Blackberry mobile app and the subsequent withdrawal of the current app - making it impossible for those of us with older Blackberry models to have any mobile app. I complained via the message board in my account and after receiving a milksap response "valued customer blah blah blah" I let them know I wasn't happy at not having my specific questions answered and requested escalation. On May 8 I received a response that it was being escalated - case ID provided - but if I didn't hear by May 15 to contact them - which I did today (giving them an additional 10 days to work on this). First agent simply didn't understand the issue after multiple attempts to engage him so I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. This was done without any handing off - i.e.the supervisor didn't have any insight into the issue at all. When I suggested this was inappropriate and I wished this to be escalated the supervisor in return suggested I was upset and I should not be taking it out on him (which I was not). At this point I asked to be transferred to an agent in the US. So Saul from Guadalajara said "good luck" and transferred me to a line which spoke repeatedly in what I assume is Chinese (or Korean, or Japanese perhaps?) and then lapsed into dialing tone after 90 seconds. Of course he needs to be fired for this but as it is absolutely impossible to speak to anybody at Bank of America, or have them take any customer complaint seriously he will probably get away with it. What does it take to speak to a real human being at BoA?

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User Profile Image

Reviewed by

May 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

This Bank Sucks!

My son studied over seas so we opened an account with Bank of America, shortly upon his return the branch was taken over by Chemung bank. Apparently Bank of America closed my sons account. After he graduated college my son moved to NYC. He called to re open an account and was successful over the phone. His new boss gave him a much needed advance check and my son deposited it into his "new" account. The next day when he went to withdrawal that much needed money they told him they were closing his account due to the fact that his account was closed by Bank of America.

Who does that? They kept his money that he needed right away! and told him they were going to mail him a check that could take 10 days! When I called to find out more info on the matter I go absolutely no answers! They could care less! What kind of bank is this! I will tell everyone I ever come across to never ever open an account with Bank of America! They suck and do not care about they're customers! Zero customer satisfaction! Big banks are no good! If there was a Rating of zero or minus, I would rate customer Service as low as possible!

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nutrition_man2's Profile Image

Reviewed by nutrition_man2

May 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Cannot reverse automatic debits!

Shame on you, Bank of America. You continue to take money from customers when customers set up something incorrectly and then it's like pulling teeth to get it corrected. Example -- I accidentally set up my parent's monthly mortgage to come out twice per month on the same day. Obviously it should only come out once per month. There is no way of changing this on-line and instead you must call and wait 45 minutes to talk to someone and even then, they can't look up your account to properly fix it. After a few more transfers, they finally said they fixed it, but the following month, they were still taking out my mortage twice. Furthermore, someone at Bank of America changed my online ID, and now they won't recognize me when I go on-line. Since I have power of attorney over my parent's account, they won't acknoledge that either.

I hate working with your company and wish none of the smaller mortgage companies would sell their mortgages to your bureaucracy.

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adbpp7's Profile Image

Reviewed by adbpp7

May 15th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

55 Mins Waiting in Line for Business. No Help! Wow! Close this bank!

Business line in this bank doesn't make any sense waited over 55 mins in line and lost my appointment. Regular line was quicker than business line and no teller try to help me even though they saw me standing there for 55 mins. Manager are a joke! I see no purpose, they don't do anything just walk around. Honestly this bank needs to fire the whole staff. This is a Bank? What a joke.

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xman7777's Profile Image

Reviewed by xman7777

May 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Fees, fees and fees!

Fees, fees and fees! I wanted to charge me to cash a check from their own bank. I had a check from a customer that was odd, decided to stop and cash it instead of risking having it returned/fees from my bank. They were so rude about it, refused to cash a check from their own customer without charging me a fee, told them that they charge their customer bank fees and now you want to charge me fees too? Manager was no help. I know I will never have an account with them.

Do not recommend.

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AnnoyedCustomer01's Profile Image

Reviewed by AnnoyedCustomer01

May 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Online Account Never Reflects Actual Balance

Here's another reason not to use your (Bank of America) credit card. The other day I decided to pay off my balance of nearly $4k on my Bank of America card. I went online and looked at my balance, and then paid a bit over that amount to the company. I paid that amount about two weeks before the end of the billing cycle. About two weeks after paying my balance off, and seeing that there was about a $60 credit to my card (meaning that I had overpaid by $60), I receive a notice from MInt (which keeps track of my spending), saying that I had been charged a fee of about $15 from Bank of America.

I went to my account and noticed that B of A took my payment and sat on it until the end of the month, rather than immediately crediting to my account, just so that they could charge me more interest on that large bill that I had already paid.

What this meansâ?¦ Let's say that you have a balance of -$45 in your Bank of America account, and you buy something that costs $45. They won't simply just apply the $45 extra that you already have credited to your account towards the purchase that you made; they will charge you the initial $45 and then add on a interest amount - regardless of the fact that you already have that amount in your account. It is as though you made no effort at all to address your credit bill until the very end end of the month. They will sit on that $45 that you have in your account, until the end of they billing cycle, and then send you a bill for the original purchase plus interest (again - as though you made no effort to pay off your bill). Paying your bill early essentially means nothing.

At least your bank will update your account activity and your balance more than once every month. Even Sallie Mae gives you your one time payoff amount online, should you decide to pay your entire balance at once. Bank of America would rather keep this information from you, So that they can charge you more interest and fees. Time for a new credit card company.

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nati22's Profile Image

Reviewed by nati22

May 12th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Customer Service Experience

Using Bank of America's customer service is always really simple and pleasant and the representatives are always willing to make sure to help. Thanks! Much appreciated.

Time and time again, they're really flexible and it's never a stressful experience to have to call in.

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dwlorimer's Profile Image

Reviewed by dwlorimer

May 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Unethical. Will try anything to slap fees on you.

I enjoyed the BOA rewards credit card for some time.

1) Recently, however, my checking account with them disappeared without warning. I contacted them about it, and after being routed through 3 or 4 departments (3 of which required me to hang up and call a different number), I was informed my account had gone into dormancy. I challenged the representative, because my most recent transactions were well within the dormancy period. I was informed that those types of transactions "don't count". When I pushed them further with clarifying questions, I was told that the only transactions that count are going to a branch in person or using my debit card. All of my electronic transfers, payments, and direct deposits "don't count".

Further, when I checked bank policy, it turns out that they had made my account dormant before the dormancy period was actually up. They restored my account. But if I hadn't noticed, they would have started taking dormancy fees from it and taken my money.

2) Then, today I found out that I was no longer enrolled in automatic credit card payment. I've been signed up with their bill pay for years, and they dis-enrolled me without informing me.

Had I not caught this one, they would have started slapping me with late fees on my credit card.

In short, they will try anything to hit you with fees. Don't ever expect to be informed when your account is in danger, or when you are unenrolled from protection services.

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desi's Profile Image

Reviewed by desi

May 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank in the world!

This bank is the worst bank. There is no sense to put your money there. I lost $1500

and I had to endure 10 days without money. I cannot even pay my rent. They were also rude and impolite!

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ThomasC's Profile Image

Reviewed by ThomasC

May 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Refuse to Go Into the Branch

I have been using this location from the time it was known as United Jersey Bank through all the acquisitions. My experiences over the past 4 years has been nothing short of awful. Being questioned on deposits, rude tellers, incompetent management and a couple letters to the BOA Board of Directors to notify them of such. At least the Board of Directors letters got apologies and results. It's to the point I refuse to even step foot in the bank. I will only use the ATM's. I've also opened new accounts at the local Affinity Credit Union and removed most of my deposits from BOA. The only reason I keep an account active is for the ATM's. Since I travel a lot, the BOA ATM's are the easiest to find in north America. If you want to see an example of a business that doesn't care about their customers, make a visit to this BOA branch location.

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grannycamp52gmailc's Profile Image

Reviewed by grannycamp52gmailc

May 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Money order charges - does it truly cost the bank more to do it after I retired than before I retired?

I asked for a money order and was told I would have to pay $5 for it - I explained having had an account with them. I had never paid for a money order before. The Teller suggested I go to Dillons. I moved over to discuss this with an employee at a desk. I stated nothing had changed on my account except that I had recently retired and asked if that was the cause - I was promptly told "no". Investigating brought up who I had worked for and I was told it was because they had a working relationship with that company. I truly take offense to this - this is my account and my money - but they had a "relationship" with my employer? So in essence, it is because I have reached retirement age. I call this discrimination and will be shopping around. Before entering a "relationship" with this bank, I would suggest you think about a long-term relationship where you might be in the same predicament or one of your family members - think twice.

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