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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Britalg4 Mar 28, 2016

My favorite bank by far!

I absolutely love Bank of America! Ive been with Wells Fargo, Chase, Ally...and dont get me wrong all three were pretty good banks but BOFA is THE BEST. The staff and costumer service are awesome! I have been banking with them for 2 years and it has been very easy. I wanted to refinance my truck and unfortunately didnt approve for a smaller rate by BOFA but i am still pleased with how quick they got back to me with the answer. Ive also had an overdraw fee, due to another company's mistake, which BOFA helped me resolve. I love the online banking app as well! Good job Bank Of America, keep it up! I recommend this Bank to everyone :)

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Lisa b. Dec 28, 2012

Very bad

Tried to cash a check made out to me from Bank of America--the bank itself. They wanted to charge me a $5 fee to cash a $130 check even though i have three mortgages at B of A (never paid late). I was in a B of A branch with a B of A check. This mega corporation will nickel and dime regular people any way it can.

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Latest Bank of America Reviews

  • T
    Reviewed By tank987654 May 26, 2016

    Very Poor Customer Service

    I'm a 'Preferred Rewards' customer of BOA and have been treated very poorly by this location. I've called on 5 occasions, each time getting stuck in a phone queue that requires an entry by me every 2 minutes to stay in the queue. Each time I've called, I waited 15 to 20 minutes with no answer. When I finally got through, I asked to speak to the branch manager and was told I would receive a call back after leaving my phone number. I did not receive a call back.

    The following day, I again waited 15+ minutes in the phone queue and finally received an answer. When I explained my thoughts on the way they handled customers via their phone service, the answer I received (from the branch manager) was that they were very busy. Too busy to answer calls from a 'Preferred Customer' on the phone I asked? The response I received was "Do you want to argue or do you want me to assist you with you banking question?"

    I've been a loyal customer for a long time and do not have a small amount on deposit with this bank. To be treated so poorly and not be able to contact them via phone is incomprehensible. Given my present location and condition, I'm unable to conduct my business in person. Not sure where this leaves me other than having to deal with poor service via the phone.

    I have 2 other banks that I bank with and will be giving serious thought as to why I would keep any money on deposit with Bank of America given the way I've been treated and my outlook for contacting them in the future should I need to do so..

    It's sad now that I've had some time to read through other customer feedback. It's hard to comprehend how a bank that receives such poor feedback can remain in business...

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    Reviewed By StuartR May 25, 2016

    Customer Disservice

    If you share a joint account with a significant other be very aware that should anything happen to the individual that controls the on-line identity, the other party will be cut off from all access to that information. All prescheduled payments will be canceled, e-bills will go unrecognized, and all pay to account information will be deleted.

    Just spent almost an hour on the phone with 3 levels of 'customer service' and the best they could offer was a hard copy of the abbreviated information.

    Think two, three, & four times about if & how you want to do business with them.

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    Reviewed By recenthomebuyer May 19, 2016

    Leaving Bank of America Not Looking Back

    I had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting my home loan from Bank of America. It was the WORST customer service EVER. I could write a novel about the agony but I will try to condense it to meet this format. Needless to say I am moving my banking elsewhere and I know they will sell my home loan probably before I make my first payment, so at least I will never have to deal with them again.

    We had a 60 day closing. That is twice as long as a “regular” 30 day closing. We did not close until yesterday, day 69, at 6:30 PM (even though the original time scheduled for the closing appointment was 3 PM – they even hardcore stumbled at the FINISH LINE) following the issuance of TWO closing extensions to our seller.

    Our loan officer was incompetent to say the least. During our 60 day closing, it came to light that he did close to NOTHING. I sent him numerous documents multiple times – via email and posting to the online mortgage portal – that following our closing date he claimed never to have received. Even though I have a thorough email record to document that some items were sent to him four and five times!

    Our case was escalated to a sales manager on Monday 5/9 (our original closing date) as our loan officer called us the Friday before – 5/6 – basically saying “there is no way the loan is going to close on time”, even though he had never given ANY indication that he was even behind up to that point. I called him literally every day that week (again, I have phone records) and he screened my calls, emails, and texts, failing to contact me in any way until approximately 2 PM that Friday afternoon. That weekend we went out of town for a trip and it was basically ruined because we were frantically calling Bank of America trying to get a manager on our case. As mentioned, no one contacted us back until Monday.

    When the sales manager took our case it was revealed that we had never been charged for our appraisal, which I had obviously noticed, even though I provided my BANK OF AMERICA CREDIT CARD information to the loan officer TWICE. I can’t even mention all the things the sales manager had to do that should have been done weeks or months before. One that comes to mind is that they did not have our 2015 tax transcript from the IRS, even though 2013 and 2014 had been successfully obtained. Why didn’t they order them all at the same time, even though we signed the 4506-T for all of them? I don’t know. But I found out about it on Friday afternoon 5/13 and called the IRS myself, waiting on hold for 3 hours, obtaining it myself. The bank told me they had ordered it Friday morning and it takes “24 to 48 hours to get back” and no way was I waiting that long for them to do something they already had 60+ days to do.

    The stumbling block at the closing was that the bank’s closer hadn’t sent the final purchase documents to the title officer. I had to scramble communicating with both parties myself to help get it resolved. I did not have the amount needed for the cashier’s check until literally 4 PM (the time Bank of America closes) the day of my 3 PM closing. AFTER THAT it was revealed at the closing table that Bank of America made the closing documents for the wrong amount. They did not include a $3,000 seller credit that they were supposed to. As we were literally signing documents we had to wait again for Bank of America to resend them and give us our $3,000 back.

    If you are getting a home loan, go literally ANYWHERE ELSE. DO NOT USE BANK OF AMERICA. THEY ARE TERRIBLE. Buying a home is supposed to be at least a little bit enjoyable and I am really just glad it is over.

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  • E
    Reviewed By Erickal100 May 18, 2016

    Bank of mierda (shit)

    The sistem is a pice of shit , fucking jerks the risk department those muder fuckers do don't help the costumers , don't transfer any paper or any money Bank to bank this bank is so fucking lasy and take to longer fucking stupid retarded workers in the sistem they just fucking whit our money , they fucking whit the small banks cause they super greedy ,this bank is so fucking rat!.

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    Reviewed By Rikia561 May 18, 2016

    Bank Of America are Fraud

    I recently was in a car accident and the wrongful party had Progressive insurance. Progressive agreed to cover rental car expenses while my car was being repaired. After returning the rental vehicle back to Hertz I see a enourmously large charge come thru my bank account. I immediately contact Hertz who states they were unable to get Progressive to cover rental insurance so therefore they had to bill me. Without notifying me. For days on confrenece calls with Hertz and Progressive and getting no resolve, I decide to contact my bank's ( bank of america) claim Dept. Who did absolutely nothing. They tell me its a billing issue between myself and Hertz. It's nothing to do with my bank when I did not authorize these fraudulent charges that they allowed my funds to be released to. I will never put another shiny penny into this bank. I won't stop posting reviews until the world knows how worthless this bank is. As I am going to small claims court to file a sue against Hertz, I will be doing the same for Bank Of America. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

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  • Reviewed By mmitchell8615 May 16, 2016

    Taking consumer Funds with FEES!!

    Bank Of America is the FEE Capital of Banks!! Fees ...Fees...Fees... What is called a 5 day extended overdraft $35.00 FEE ? ... Even with direct deposit the same day of the this so called 5 day extended $35.00 overdraft fee. My account was only in the negative 28.00, accessed the 1st 35.00 overdraft fee, then another 5 days later on my payroll gave me another 35.00 fee which is $70.00 in fees off a 25.00 principle... REally.. Your not a pay day loan" consumer YOur a bank! Taking consumer funds with Fees! Im contacting the FCRA!! Their are several consumers out their Im not the only one, this needs to be addressed. Working class consumers!!

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    Reviewed By scott33n May 12, 2016

    Customer Service??? oxymoron

    I recently transferred my rewards points to my Bank of America credit card. Never saw them go through. So I called customer service. She transferred me to business accounts, which it was. Fine. That person tells me I need to speak to the processing dept. What? Really. Ok fine. On hold again another 10 minutes as I'm trying to run my business. That person gets on and asks me for my password. I gave them it. They said it's incorrect. I said, it's the only one I EVER had and use it every day on their website to do business. She says I need to speak to the fraud dept. Transferred and put on hold another 10 minutes. He said I need to verify you sir. Fine. Ask me anything. Ok, let me see what I can ask you. Please hold. 5 minutes later. "Sir, what are the last 4 digits of your business checking?" I give them to him. He says ok, let me see what else I can ask you. Waiting Waiting Waiting HELLO??? He says I am still looking for a question to ask you sir. Waiting Waiting and Waiting. Ask me a dam question. I don't know what to ask you sir. Bare with me while I look for a question. Back on hold. I hung up. They can keep the dam $50 rewards points!

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    Reviewed By TinaK50 May 4, 2016

    Bank of America

    I had opened a business account at BOA on 03-25-2016 and a month later they closed the account and gave me no explanation of why? I called them and spent over a hour on the phone taking to three to five different representatives, and got no where or anything resolved. It is so frustration of how they treat their customers. I would not recommend this bank to anyone, because this is a horrible bank. I try to get them to reissue the checks and they cannot do that and its frustrating and they need to improve on how they treat their members and how they conduct business. The worst bank ever.


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    Reviewed By mruscher May 3, 2016

    Not good

    I’m not the person who normal writes in but I want to say that you have made a bad experience worst then it was I found out that you bad trained customer service and worst management. On Thursday 4/28/16 my wife was at the park with our 9 month old son when someone broke out the window in the car and stole her purse with the cheek book, debit cards, driver license. So I took off work on Friday 4/29/16 so we could go to the bank and close the account and open a new one the laid at the bank told me she would be able to attach my debit card to the new accounts she did not do that as my card was denied and then on Monday 5/2/16 I called BOA and was on the phone for 56 minutes to find out my card cannot be switch to the new account and that the laid at the bank should have told me that because a error box poops up when you try and she didn’t close the saving account so I’m getting charge a fee for a new debit card and was given bad information. So on Tuesday 5/3/16 I called BOA to do the fraudulent charges claim I’m on the phone for 43 minutes the gentleman said all was good and done then transfers me to customer service to close the account now 57 minutes on the phone the customer service guy said he needs to transfer to the claims side it does not look like it was put in I had to hang up after been on hold once more to get back to work 72 minutes on the phone and will have to call tomorrow over $70 in fees and still not fixed fill like BOA doesn’t care.

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  • V
    Reviewed By Vhurst May 3, 2016

    BOA, The Colony Texas

    This bank has all the equipment for drive thru service but doesn't utilize it. This is where my business has it's account. I walk in 9:30 in the morning to have two guys in suits greet me yet there is only one teller on staff and a line to the door. This is infuriating! It's the first of the month, lots of financial things happening and they can't have more than one teller to help people out, yet they have plenty of employees standing around doing nothing. Way to go BOA !!

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