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Bank of America Customer Review

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Cunn's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Cunn

Jun 1st 2012


This bank's customer service is the WORST! They with hold deposits to charge a withdraw so that they can get the over draft charges. I have sat down with them several times to discuss that WITH my receipts in hand just to prove that I knew what they were doing! They are very rude on the phone and they charge far too much for anything and everything. I definitely would not recommend this bank to anyone!

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Other Bank of America Reviews

isidrohggmailcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by isidrohggmailcom

Oct 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Never got my debit card in my mail


I just want to express the frustrating experience I had with Bank of America, I opened my account on July and now (Oct 18, 2014) still dont have my permanent card, a total of 4 times I requested the card to be re-issued since I never got it in my mail, and now, I decided to close my business with this bank since they keep saying they will re-issue again the card, that is bad service for me. Service at the branch is OK though, but this issue with the card was very frustrating and so I will stop doing business with bank of america.

At the same time in July, opened another checkings account with First Tech and I got my card immediately at the branch, that was super fast and very practical.

Isidro Hernandez

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timothy B's Profile Image

Reviewed by timothy B

Mar 22nd 2009

3 out of 5 marks

Thieves with a Liscense

That sums it all up!

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