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Bank of America Customer Review

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HankReed's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by HankReed

Dec 27th 2012


I talked to a bank officer about rolling over my 401K into BOA. The lady I talked to called a number and after a brief conversation handed me the phone, "Here". I asked, "Who am I talking to." She said she didn't know his name. I asked, "Well what is his capacity?" and she wasn't sure. It turned out to be a gentleman from Merrill Lynch in New Jersey. I thought I was going to be dealing with BOA locally and I think I should have been told who was on the phone. I can call Merrill Lynch myself so I am not sure what service BOA is providing.

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Other Bank of America Reviews

Brit's Profile Image

Reviewed by Brit

Dec 1st 2012

5 out of 5 marks

I Had The Best Customer Service Experience Of My Life!

I am 21 and opened 2 credit cards online without reading anything about them. I always pay my bills a week before they're due because i have anxiety about late payments and bad credit. I didn't understand how i paid my bill early but didn't have the full available credit so i called bank of america customer service. Rochelle was beyond amazing and i hold client service very high and she surpassed my standards!

I did not understand the issue whatsoever and she patiently explained it in like 20 different ways until i completely understood, she even offered to transfer me to someone who could help me further if she wasn't capable of doing so. After i got what she was saying i asked her a few more questions and she's not only very intelligent but she's so personable. She's seriously amazing and made my day! She made my baking experience easier and when you understand what's going on with your money your life is easier! Thank you rochelle and bank of america

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jwchung02's Profile Image

Reviewed by jwchung02

Feb 27th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Disrespectful Employee

Today, i walked into Bank of America on johnson av. In riverdale bronx, ny looking for some help and i had the worst experience there with one of their employees. First, i went to the bank right after school therefore, i had my backpack on and there was clear evident of ageism. The lady at the front desk, behind the glass window had a belittling tone of voice and laughed at me when i asked her to have my coins exchanged for dollars bills. Since when was saving up coins and asking for paper money in exchange so funny?

Furthermore, she refused to give me coin wrappers because i didn't have an account with them. Apparently, that's the bank's policy. They can't help you unless you have an account with them. Well, country bank had no problem with giving me coin wrappers for free and they treated me with respect. I understand if the employees can't do certain things for people that do not have an account with the bank, however, i cannot stand disrespectful people. I make sure to always treat people helping me with respect, and i expect the same in return. Ironically, i was going to open up an account with bank of america, however there are plenty of banks out there that treat people, not just their "customers," with respect and courtesy!

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