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Barclays Bank Customer Review

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KansasCityMO's Profile Image

3 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by KansasCityMO

Jan 20th 2013

Online Savings Bank. Web Page Interface Needs Improvement.

I have an online savings account with barclays. The all-online bank does not send a paper monthly statement; it is all electronic. As of january 2013, barclays pays a higher interest rate than my capital one 360 account. The barclays web page has a less user friendly web page than the other online saving account. I got lost in my online barclays account and i couldn't find the w2 tax form section.

Other online banks are easier to use, but offer lower interest rates. I have forgotten my barclays password more than three times. I have talked with customer service workers during the us weekday business hours to reset my password. Barclays doesn't have a way to reset your password online when you forget the password. The customer service workers were friendly each time that i called.

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ahmad's Profile Image

Reviewed by ahmad

Nov 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Misleading and uneconomical with the truth

Barclays Bank in Dubai is in shambles to say the least. The whole operation was badly managed and in complete chaeos. Legal and compliance senioe management staff have persistently lied and have twisted the facts in order the clear their personal shortcomings whilst similtaneously damaging the reputation and livelihodds of their clients and their businesses.

It is astonishing to see that such a reputable bank allowing staff to conduct their business in a manner contradicting the code of ethics and compliance let alone in direct conflict and the opposite to the core values and principals of the bank.

It is further of great shame top see their leagal head working in a very unprofessional manner which is against the roots of any UK qualified lawyer who has taken oath to work in a just and professional manner.

What is alarming is that this has taken place under the direct attention of the Chairman and the CEO of Barclays Bank.

Amazing facts which give me concern on trusting this bank in the future let alone recommending this bank for any future business.

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piazink's Profile Image

Reviewed by piazink

Nov 25th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Customer Relations

According to my bill paying log, I did pre-schedule payment of my Barclay's U Promise card on the due date. I'm not sure whether I made an error in posting it...perhaps neglecting to hit "submit"...or the website malfunctioned but, for whatever reason, the payment did not go through. I discovered the error two days later when I did my weekly check of credit card and bank transactions. By then the bank had charged me a twenty-five dollar penalty (actually posted on the exact due date!) and interest on the entire amount. Since we use the card for almost all of our expenses, the interest was substantial.

OK. They were within their rights...late is late. but it left a really bad impression. I was once late on a payment on my USAA Master Card. I received a reminder, paid the card off promptly. No penalty. I have cancelled my Barclay's card and will use my USAA card exclusively. My business is now entrusted to a bank that puts customer relations before the almighty dollar. How good it feels!

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