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Recent Questions

McNally01's Profile Image
1 week ago

Can I pay my bills online?

Not only new to Ally bank but to online banking overall. Not the most tech savvy person either but willing to learn if it makes life easier! Is there a way I can pay my bills online? If so, how does it work? Help! More »
TracyMill's Profile Image
2 weeks ago

I'm a bit confused about the difference between a Savings Account & a CD. Help?

Ok, so I know Ally Bank has some of the best rates for savings accounts and I'm definitely interested in opening an account here. BUT I'm not clear on what the difference between a savings account and a CD is. More »
RosaTheG's Profile Image
on Oct 28th 2014


Would like to know more about Ally’s retirement accounts, considering they have some of the best rates for savings. I know they offer a few CD accounts but I don’t know the difference between say, a “High Yield CD” and their “Raise Your Rate CD.” More »
AnnieK's Profile Image
on Oct 15th 2014

Ally any good for retirement savings?

I know and heard numerous times that Ally is great for savings, overall. Would any of you recommend them for retirement savings, specifically? More »
HelloDolly's Profile Image
on Sep 30th 2014

Should I do checking with Ally?

I’m currently banking with Bank of America but not too happy with the checking account I have with them. I did my research and I narrowed it down to Ally and Capital One 360. More »
MJMom56's Profile Image
on Sep 23rd 2014

Am I the only one having technical issues?

Ally Bank announced that they launched their app for iPad users. I can't seem to access my activity calendar from my iPad. More »