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Recent Questions

AnnieK's Profile Image
1 week ago

Ally any good for retirement savings?

I know and heard numerous times that Ally is great for savings, overall. Would any of you recommend them for retirement savings, specifically? More »
Dormouse3's Profile Image
3 weeks ago

Does your ATM card work in the Philippines?

I presently live in Cebu, second city in the Philippines. I have accounts into bricks and mortar banks in the United States but use only the ATM services thereof. Can I withdraw money from an Ally account here? More »
HelloDolly's Profile Image
3 weeks ago

Should I do checking with Ally?

I’m currently banking with Bank of America but not too happy with the checking account I have with them. I did my research and I narrowed it down to Ally and Capital One 360. More »
MJMom56's Profile Image
on Sep 23rd 2014

Am I the only one having technical issues?

Ally Bank announced that they launched their app for iPad users. I can't seem to access my activity calendar from my iPad. More »
GMon68's Profile Image
on Sep 10th 2014

Raised rates for savings accounts & 5-year CDs?

This past Friday I saw a news alert saying that Ally Bank would be raising their savings account and 5-year CD rates. Does anyone know about this? Is this true? More »
ZeeMorgan's Profile Image
on Aug 25th 2014

How does Ally compare to Bank of America's savings accounts?

I want to open an interest checking account. Currently have a savings account with Ally and I know they offer interest checking but so does Bank of America. What would you suggest? More »