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Ally Bank Customer Reviews

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Ally Bank Latest Customer Reviews

mpmart's Profile Image

Reviewed by mpmart

Sep 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Ally Bank And It`s Rudeness...

I bought a car and i made a mistake of not checking out this bank before accepting them is my financial institution. Employees are rude, have no knowledge of what they are doing. I can`t wait to get out of it... I will never use them again. I`m thinking in paying off instead of waiting and give them more interest.

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mandymarie1234's Profile Image

Reviewed by mandymarie1234

Sep 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Customer Service

I have a home loan on the line and my home loan officer needs documentation thru Ally indicating my loan has been paid in full on my leased car I turned in over a week ago, the loan has been paid in full over 3 weeks now. I have talked to 15 people and no one seems to care I have a home loan pending and I need documentation indicating my loan at Ally has been honored. They tell me my car inspection needs to happen first, which I was told that was going to happen within 24 to 48 hours but over a week later my car still has not been inspected, but in the same sentence they tell me my loan has been terminated. No one seems to care I have a home loan pending and I need this loan that I paid IN FULL over 3 weeks ago to show a zero balance. I can't believe how these people can screw one someone's life, especially when I have honored a loan in FULL. Very disappointed in Ally and I do NOT recommend anyone use them. I did not have a choice when I leased my vehicle, Ally was picked because I leased a GM car. My mistake and will NEVER do that again!

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MichielOosting's Profile Image

Reviewed by MichielOosting

Aug 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Only permanent US citizens are welcome.

I am a Dutch employee here in the USA during an Expat contract and have a LIB Visa; this visa allows me to work in the USA for the company I was send over as an Expat and gave me the formal paperwork that allowed me to apply for a US SSN number and to open an US bank account.

Ally bank has in his policies that only permanent residents are allowed to open a bank account with them while it is totally legal for people with an L1B visa to do so (like UMPQUA bank will do).

Therefore I would not recommend to open an account with them since they are not aware of the global changes of doing business international.



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flowineddy's Profile Image

Reviewed by flowineddy

Aug 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst auto leasing company ever!!!

We leased a vehicle through Ally and then decided to buy the car at the end of the lease. Instead of being able to buy it for the residual, they tack on $2,500 for absolutely no other reason but to keep you from buying the car in hopes you'll lease another car. I've purchased several vehicles we originally leased over the years and have always purchased them for the residual value which makes sense. They don't even try to justify the $2500 penalty, they just say "sorry." Stay away from this company at all costs, they're simply greedy and they absolutely lack any sense of customer service.

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FarfalleAlfredo's Profile Image

Reviewed by FarfalleAlfredo

Aug 20th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Great bank, but deposits take forever to post

I've used Ally for several years. I love that they do not charge a ton of fees, and they reimburse ATM fees charged by other banks. However, the only way to deposit is by either an eCheck or mailing in a check. Their website advertises next day availability, however I have never had an eCheck deposit post in that time frame. They always take a week. According to them, this is because my account has too many over drafts. I've had two in the past year, while waiting for a deposit to post. They're awesome if you direct deposit everything, but check deposits, try to avoid them if you can.

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bayouandy's Profile Image

Reviewed by bayouandy

Aug 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Left hand does not know what the right hand is doing....

Tried to transfer $250K into Ally. They transferred it TWICE. Overdrew me at my bank. Took DAYS to get straight while my money did not earn interest. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Don't think they'll get any of my business again.

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bstern's Profile Image

Reviewed by bstern

Aug 6th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

What's not to like?

It's only been a couple of weeks, but I'm already impressed with my no fee, interest earning checking account. I already had a Money Market and a 12 month CD with Ally, but always chose to stick with an traditional bank for my checking account.

I thought I needed the convience of a branch and at first I really did, but as my visits became frequently less, yet my fees continued to increase each month, I knew it was time to make the switch.

Overall the package is pretty solid. From earning an interest (from nothing at all) to an actual modern mobile app to 24/7 customer service, I can't really see what's not to like.

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Tofujim's Profile Image

Reviewed by Tofujim

Jul 25th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Poor service

It takes too long to complete transactions. It took too long to credit my checks that I deposited with them and worst of all it is taking too long to get my money back. The customer service is very poor. I asked to close my account and have the check sent right away and I opted for the overnight Fedex. It was three business days later and I called asking where is the check, I was told that it was sent regular mail and it would be 7 to 10 business days before I would receive it. I then insisted on getting my money sooner as I needed it yesterday! Some customer service persons said I could have the original check cancelled and have another one Fedex to me but it still would take approx. 5 business days. I told them why is Ally Bank holding me up? I then asked for a Manager and this after 10 minutes holding on the phone. He stated that he was sorry but Ally Bank could not even cancel my check and that I would have to wait the 7-10 days to get my money. Needless to say this nothing short of robbery and I definitely will recommend everyone not open any account with these people. Oh, I was told by the manager that his superiors made the decision not to cancel the original check and that if there were charges due because of the money not being available they would look into reimbursing me. I told him the money was to buy a home and that if I lose the home due not enough money are they going to buy me a home?

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cgator77's Profile Image

Reviewed by cgator77

Jul 18th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Best Banking Experience I've had

My wife and I have a checking and savings account with Ally Bank and we LOVE It!!! Interest Rates are incredible customer service is top notch and unlike other banks such as Bank of America who we left fees are not an issue for things like needing more checks. I highly recommend Ally and their website and phone app is much better than that of Bank of America as well. People in the past I noticed have had negative reviews but it seems like most of their issues were self-inflicted. They never have done us wrong and they seem to being getting better with time even, so take that for what it's worth.

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tester123's Profile Image

Reviewed by tester123

Jun 23rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Good product but bad execution

Ally has a good, scratch that, great product! No fee ATMs -- any ATM -- including the sketchy ones in bars (not sure you wanna use them anyways, but thats another story - when in desperate times). You don't have to check an app to find whether this ATM is free, like with Capital One 360 or other online banks. Sure those ATMs are abundant and free too, but you still have to consult an app.

But, and a big but, the customer service is horrible for anything out of the ordinary (which by the way is normally the reason why you would contact customer service in the first place - since something that should be working through self service is not working the way you expected). Short service times -- great; actual service quality -- not so great! For example, another reviewer wrote about their issue with the CD being processed erroneously twice -- 5 business days for resolution; or the reviewer with the minor account turning into an independent account -- multiple follow ups. That is horrendous. That's why people like going to branches since you can see someone there and hold that individual accountable.

My own personal experience -- I am new to this country (I think this will answer the question for the british expat who moved to the States as well) with new credit. They won't open an account for me since I don't have a credit score yet -- say what? Like, you need my SSN to verify my identify -- ok, I'll bite. No credit score yet. Hello! I am new here, let's contact customer service and lo and behold, after 30 mins "sorry we cant do anything!"

Anyways, policies are policies, but the customer service is horrendous to say the least.

The way I see it - capital one 360 may not give back all my ATM fees, but i get $50 right up for signing up for it, and that will last me for a while (in lieu of ATM fee paybacks from Ally, which, by the way, have a limit of their own).

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spfaff's Profile Image

Reviewed by spfaff

Jun 18th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Customer Service Friendly But Unhelpful For Complex Issues

Ally Bank. I thought it was the smarter way to bank when I found out about them. They don't have branches and because of this, they are able to hand their tech savvy customers better interest rates and no fees at ATMs nationally. With no monthly maintenance fees on checking and saving accounts who could turn that down, right? Wrong.

I've been with Ally for over a year now and major unresolved issues have lead me to turn my back on the company, and have fueled my decision to take my money and deposit it elsewhere. Primarily, while Ally's customer service team is one of the friendliest I've ever dealt with, they are extremely unorganized and inefficient.

When a dispute came up with a merchant I had done business with, I filed for a stop payment. Ally customer service insured that the stop payment would be processed within several business days. Not only did this stop payment not go through, Ally requested I jump through several hoops of paperwork in order for them to supposedly help me solve my claim. I finally got fed up with being asked to submit more and more paperwork as well as being told I didn't need to submit certain documents and then being thereafter requested to do so. I eventually requested to speak to a supervisor who told me the facts: Ally wasn't going to be able to return my money after months of paperwork, and they could only help me prepare a case that would ultimately need to be settled in court.

My thoughts on that were simple: Ally Bank is not a team of lawyers, so why should I waste my time with them when I really just need to be talking to a lawyer. That's where I'm at now nearly a year later.

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Sharon H's Profile Image

Reviewed by Sharon H

Jun 10th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Ally Bank is Right on the Mark!

For the past few years I have banked online with Ally Bank and I am very pleased with having found them. I was searching CD rates several years ago and stumbled upon Ally Bank on the internet. I had never heard of them before. After doing a lot of research and reading about them, I decided to open an account with Ally Bank.

So far I have been very happy with Ally Bank. One of the greatest features is the fact that an actual human being answers the phone, and they can speak English! The phone only rings once or twice usually. I do not get an annoying and time-wasting recorded message. The Ally rep can usually solve my issues in just a few minutes. They are knowledgeable and intelligent, explaining my options.

Also their interest rates are usually higher than any other local bank with any security.

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XodoX's Profile Image

Reviewed by XodoX

Jun 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank ever. Disrespect customers!

Long story short. I wanted to change my address to a P.O. Box address. I made some mistake and the mail was returned. My account was then restricted. I called them to get it open again. They asked me a bunch of odd questions. They just thought I was a fraud. I told them it's my account and it's my money. Talked to countless people but nothing. I even obtained another SSN card because I couldn't find mine. All for nothing! Those morons just closed my account and I am currently banned from opening another count. You got to be kidding. Asking moronic questions such as where are you and how old are you today (like in years and days!).

Not enough they had to be bailed out but they treat you like crap. Horrible bank! When I first called, I didn't even know what happened. The guy kept on talking about home depot. Home depot this, home depot that. Told him I have no clue what he's talking about. Still kept going.

Finally I found out that they sent it to a home depot and HD called them (not true, I even called the store) that they received something for me. Not a big deal. So I mistyped the P.O. Box address.

And they wanted me to send the copy of my SSN card and driver's license by email. Enough said! Must admit I am not a native English speaker and I am pretty sure that set them off. Will file a complaint with the SEC. And I read similar complaints online. Either they are racist or they think anybody who is not a native speaker will defraud them! Who even asks for your SSN card? Couldn't find it right away and started to get mad cause they just kept on asking and asking for all kinds of things. Blood sample must have been the next thing!

Forgot the first guy's name. The other guy was David. Worst of them all was Cathy. Asking me how old I am in years and days. They must be hiring high school drop-outs. Worst things is the whole department is only 3 people, including the "supervisor" Cathy.

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pseykora11's Profile Image

Reviewed by pseykora11

Jun 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

World's Worst Auto finance

Do not do business with National Auto Finance/Ally Auto. I attempted to obtain a certificate of title when relocating to a new state and this business spent 3 days jerking me around. I finally attempted to pay off the vehicle and they spent another 2 days jerking me around before providing a payoff amount. This business is so disjointed that one department doesn't know what the other department has told you. I totally recommend using any other business available to you.

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dsflynn2000's Profile Image

Reviewed by dsflynn2000

Jun 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Harrassment, sending american jobs overseas?

First of all, Ally out sources jobs to the Philippines. These are American jobs that they are paying third world people a fraction of the pay to perform. Ally could be employing Americans. To top it off these people that are receiving money that could be going into Americans pockets are the most infuriating souls to ever pick up a phone. They harass account holders and they are mostly Americans. Boycott Ally!

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rjakjr's Profile Image

Reviewed by rjakjr

Jun 6th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Their heads are up their collective backside.

I called to open a new account based on the good reviews I've seen online, this was last Wednesday. I called back Thursday, I was told to call back Tuesday because it needed time to be set up. I call back Tuesday and (after having to tell the clueless customer service employee that I was not calling for an auto loan). I get the scripted (yes, scripted, I've worked at call centers and know how it goes) statement about unable to to be set up and I'll get a letter in 5-7 business days stating the reason.

Here's my one question, Ally Bank, do you consider yourself so great that you have some platinum credit card requirements just to open a checking account?

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MACUSER100's Profile Image

Reviewed by MACUSER100

Jun 5th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Don't Understand the Complaints

I really can't understand the complaints about Ally Bank; other then when I added my wife to my accounts (it took them awhile) I've had nothing but praise for this bank. Customer Service is excellent - I've never waited longer then maybe a couple minutes and I can get help 24 / 7 (once I called at 3AM New Year's Eve -- yea, a little drunk-- but still got the help and job accomplished).

I'm drawing a higher interest rate with both my Saving Account and Money Market Account then I did with a 19 month CD at US Bank. I had and have a few CDs with Ally and one time needed to cash one in before the maturity date -- only lost the interest; other banks you lose the interest plus penalty. I use any ATM machine and they reimburse the charges, Bill Pay and all the extras - all free. Love this bank!

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BlueberryPie's Profile Image

Reviewed by BlueberryPie

May 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Unprofessional and Inexperienced

I had horrendous experience with Ally bank last week 5/23/2014. They are very unprofessional and outdated. I am a (legal) Immigrant with DHS Approved EAD card to work anywhere I want in US but this idiots won't open a checking account for non-citizens or non-Green Card holders, period. This is direct violation of Department of Homeland Security who issues the approval; but Ally bank clearly mentioned it that they can't open a checking account based on my legal status; which is complete BS.

After applying I had to call them every day to get the status of the application. There is not even a confirmation of application from them to the registered email; which really made me to think about their procedure in first place. Nevertheless I had to call them 4 times in 3 days to get the status and finally they reject my application based on being an Immigrant; which is so inconceivable. First of all this bank is a state-less bank and cannot be reached physically and only you can call them. Even with this big deficiency in their part we (Immigrants who are over 40 Million) live in US try to give them business but this idiots kick us out ruthlessly. Please do not get trap into this shit and keep you money safe in some other bank which has good reputation, professional and is reachable.

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rafaelmagura's Profile Image

Reviewed by rafaelmagura

May 27th 2014

3 out of 5 marks


Ally Bank is user friendly!

Rude customer service. If you have a issues better google it you'll have better chances in getting answers.

I'd rather go to a local bank and have zero interest rates. Online experience was better in the 1990's.

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scottmiami's Profile Image

Reviewed by scottmiami

May 22nd 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Mail deposits are very slow

Overall, I like the concept and the level of service. The one issue, which is a big issue, is how long it takes for my checks to be deposited. I mail checks to them once in a while. I live in Miami, FL and I send them to PA. I have also sent checks to a brokerage account in NYC the same day, same way. I did a "test" a few times. The checks going to NYC get there always 2 to 3 days faster than to my Ally account in PA! My honest opinion is that they are getting to PA at the same time and sitting around in someone's batch of work. I know that someone will say "send the check via email" (smart phone deposit), but I receive postal money orders sometimes and you cannot deposit that way, Ally tells me. So, they always blame the post office. I don't think so, it is not them, although we always think it is. My opinion is they need to light a fire under the people's butts at Ally, who make the physical, mail deposits. This part about dealing with them irks me. I have to wait 7 business days to see my deposits in my account. Just a word of advice to anyone thinking of opening a new account with Ally: if you are going to be mailing your checks to the bank, don't hold your breath waiting - you will be dead!

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simcic's Profile Image

Reviewed by simcic

May 19th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Car Dealer Who Uses Ally

I have been a Ally car dealer from before its bankruptcy when it was called GMAC. Then I knew who my business contacts were. But now I have a Branch/ District Manager and he has a Boss, and He or She has a Boss. But I have no idea who they are. If I have a business related request, it is like talking to a big black hole -- I get no response.

In fact I have been told " we only help the big boys" and "the interest rate we charge the dealership will only go down if you have over $20 million of car inventory". My dealership of approximately 300 car inventory at $8 million dollars make me by their standards a little guy and therefore my cost of money should be higher.

There is no relationship banking with this organization.

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JE0528's Profile Image

Reviewed by JE0528

May 17th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Worst Customer Service

I have been an Ally customer for a couple years. There is a lot I like about Ally. Dealing with Customer Service is not one of them. I have been trying to resolve an issue with them now for almost 6 weeks. I first called them because there was a deposit from a bank I did not recognize. They could give me any information such as branch location that could have resolved the issue. When I figured out what was going on, I called Customer Service with the information. I was told it might take a few business days.

That was a month ago. I got a call from someone in their fraud division. Called the person back on the number they gave me -- they were not available. I left a message and explained the situation and gave a call back number. That was three weeks ago -- still no answer. Still no credit back to the account. I chatted Customer Service tonight -- after 45 minutes, I was told to call the same person back who lacked the courtesy to return my initial call. Completely inexcusable--especially for an online bank. This needs to be fixed -- fast.

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tippy10dill's Profile Image

Reviewed by tippy10dill

May 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Why would anyone bank with these guys?

I made a big mistake when I bought my last car and used Ally because the dealer recommended them over my bank. I just paid my loan off with them and even though I have a Fl electronic title that should be released when payment is made and received. I waited 24 hrs to go to the fl motor vehicle site to print my title I was surprised that they had not released it. If I had used my bank I would have had it when payment was received. Now you know they have no branches so you have to deal with their poor excuse of Bank employees. I then was told by a Indian lady who gave me a American name that she would help me, OK she said just wait 10 days and we will release it. HUMMMM? Why 10 days for an electronic title they had my money and it would only take a few key strokes to release it. She then tells me I could have MAILED it and they would have released it sooner. Am I missing something here? Isn't this the latest style of banking all internet and I get advice to Mail something if I want it sooner. It would take way longer to mail the payoff anyway. Now my buyer is waiting for a title! When I asked for a supervisor I got put on hold for 10 seconds and she returned and said it would be 10 days, I asked why, no reply. So if you think a customer service person over seas is better than a teller in person who is trained in Banking go for it. My business and my family's business will steer clear of this poor excuse of a wanna be bank.

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Georgiaonmymind's Profile Image

Reviewed by Georgiaonmymind

May 9th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Ally drops the ball yet again.

First of all Ally Bank routes their calls to the Philippines. After multiple calls to people I cannot understand I finally asked for the American office 877-498-4622 (for anyone who needs it). The lady in the Philippines gave me the wrong payoff info so I paid the wrong amount and had to make another payment and wait another few days before it was processed.

Two certified checks later (because the US rep said that will shorten the time to receive the car title by 8-9 days down to 1-2 days) the rep makes a note to overnight the title because of all the hassle and waiting. Called again today because still no car title. They dropped the ball and sent my title via snail mail. Good job Ally! Save yourself the trouble and go somewhere else! I will never do business with Ally Bank again and I would advise anyone else against using them.

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BobJohnson's Profile Image

Reviewed by BobJohnson

May 9th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

This bank is no "Ally" of mine

Tried to open a checking account with these people because I hate Wells Fargo and its like pulling teeth. I filled out an application and at the end of the application I was told that I need to be verified or something. Ok, whatever. I was told that I should either call them or wait for a call in 3-5 business days.

Well I called them. First, I got an Indian woman and we just couldnt understand each other. She thought I was trying to apply for some loan, and I could barely understand her over her accent. I called again and some lady thought I was trying to get an auto-loan -- again. She transferred me to the right people. This lady had a slow computer, then told me the same thing, "I have to wait 3-5 days for a call". Well why was calling you given to me as an option if youre just going to tell me the same thing? I called again a couple of days later (after still not getting a call) and the guy tells me their computer systems are down and he cant answer any account-related questions at the time. Really? I have given up on Ally bank. I think they just might be worse than Wells Fargo and I hate Wells Fargo.

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JustSayNo's Profile Image

Reviewed by JustSayNo

May 8th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Mixed Bag I'd Avoid

Ally has worked well for me. For my son, it has been awful. He split off from my account at age 19 - all ok. Then he had to pay me for a car, and even though the acct had been verified & we had done the test transfers - and it was to a fellow Ally account, w/the same very unusual last name - Ally decided the transfer was fraudulent and froze the account. This started our 6 week odyssey to get him his money.

First they said e-mail a driver's license and Social Security card. I was incredulous! E-mail is unsecured. They are worried about fraud yet they ask for someone's complete ID to be sent unsecured! Then they said fax it. Ok, but they said they couldn't read it. We mailed it. 2 weeks later they said they didn't have it, even though it was mailed direct to a specific person. They said send it over their secured e-mail - but you can't insert pics and you can't send attachments.

Mind you, through all this, he was using the cell phone on record on the account, and answered the security question correctly. They refused to just close the account and mail the balance ($18k) to the address on record.

We finally reneged and stupidly e-mailed his lic and soc sec card. Stupid, I know, but we were at wits end w/no resolution in sight. A week later they said they'd close the acct and mail a check. A week after that, we are still waiting for the check.

I moved most of my money - $250k - to GE Capital Bank. Bit higher rate. They also don't sit on your money for 3 days when you transfer in or out. In my two transfers so far, funds are where they should be the next day.

Ally customer service is terrible. Hopefully I never have to use GE's customer service, but, if so, I'm hoping it is much better than Ally's. No common sense at Ally.

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lrci2012's Profile Image

Reviewed by lrci2012

May 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Outright deception - taking advantage of a death!

My father passed away in 2012. He had a joint account with my mother and had the car payments autowithdrawn monthly. Although my 70 year old mother can not drive and the transmission was bad, she insisted to continue making the payments to honor a debt. About 13 months later, her health got worse and had to be admitted to a full time nursing home.

Her bank account had to be closed.

My sister and I faxed the required documents 4 times. Once while on the line, the lady stated she has the fax in her hand. We requested the payoff amount each time. But the reply was always the same - "We never received any fax, please fax again"

On April 30th 2014 they sent me the information showing the amount due and number of payments. This letter came addressed in my name. This was proof they received the fax, as there was no other way for them to have my name and address. Also, the information was showing my father's account number and the information just stated.

I received the letter on May 4th 2014 They repo-ed the car on May 3rd. They knew I would not receive the letter before they repo-ed the car.

As car was almost paid off, it was easy profit for them.

Shame on Ally. I inform customers and auto dealers to beware of them. All say "Thank you, for the heads up"

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scjjdscjjdyahoocom's Profile Image

Reviewed by scjjdscjjdyahoocom

May 4th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Terrible Customer Service for Past 2 Years

Don't be fooled by the "we are here 24 hours a day for you" ad message. What this means is they answer the phone 24 hours a day -- but being there for you or helping you takes days or weeks. Multiple accounts and problem after problem. Took 3 weeks to get account opened, checks they sent were wrong so they corrected then and charged me, took 3 weeks for them to resolve an issue to my accounts linked to an outside account. Nothing works at this bank and it is consistent. The poor employees who answer the phone apologize more than anything as they cannot help the customer and have to make request to another area of the bank. This is consistently the worst bank around.

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ceecee's Profile Image

Reviewed by ceecee

May 4th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

What a horrible bank

I could go through all the horrible things about this bank but I'll just go with 3:

1) It took 2 weeks to open my checking account because they kept asking form different documents to verify my identity. Why they didn't ask for them all at once I don't know.

2) I had to mail in my paycheck and they lost it. It took 3 weeks for them to accept that fact, and I had to get a replacement check from my company.

3) Customer Services Reps aren't the brightest in the bunch.

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johnw3h's Profile Image

Reviewed by johnw3h

May 1st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Very poor first impression

After reading some positive reviews, I decided to open an online savings account. I downloaded the Trust application and filled it out completely, checking off their checklist of documents needed. Over a week later I got a message to call them. I returned the call and it took about 10 minutes to find out what the called about. They wanted a Fax of my drivers license. I asked the rep. why this wasn't included on the application and she had no answer. I then tried twice to Fax to the number she gave me. Both times there was no answer.

I decided that a Bank this disorganized in processing a new customer was probably not someone I wanted to do business with and called back to cancel the application and mail it back to me. I must say, I am concerned about getting it back, since there was a large check enclosed.

John Hannigan

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