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Reviewed By bankaman60 Jan 17, 2015

Five stars by any measure

I'm confused about the the three-star rating when most of the reviews give a glowing five-stars - maybe there were a few folks who gave one star and that dragged it down? Anyway, as most people have noted, Ally is clearly the best way to go for online banking; and for those who are put off by the lack of brick-and-mortar locations, try thinking of banking differently. If you own a smartphone and a computer, there is absolutely no reason to "go to the bank"! Everything you might ever need to do can be done online and/or on the phone. Ally's phone reps are terrific - smart and patient, knowledgable about the products, and speak clear English (and possibly Spanish as well - I haven't checked). The no fee ATM feature is for real, and it's so convenient. It's also awfully nice to get nearly 1% interest on your savings account when virtually all the other banks give you next to nothing (like .005% or some nonsense, which is effectively zero). You even earn a bit on your checking account. No minimum balances, great online and mobile banking interfaces, great customer service: a winning formula, to be sure.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Scofam Jul 21, 2015

Warning!!! Do not lease with this company!!! We were stolen from!

I cosigned for my daughter to lease a Jeep. She leased it and let the Jeep dealership know she wanted to purchase it at the end of the lease.
On Father's day someone ran a red light and hit her. She rolled a few times. She is still sore and has some issues but she is alive.
She had about five months left in the lease. The buy-out at the end was $22,000.00.
The insurance company is offering the current value of the Jeep which is well above the buy-out price. Ally is demanding ALL of the money from our insurance company, not just what was owed and the residual.
My insurance company said they have never experienced the problems they are having with Ally, nor have the ever heard of a finance company not giving the payoff amount but demanding all of the insurance money.
I contacted the dealership and spoke with the head of finance. He said in 30 years he's never heard of a company doing this.
Warning...READ THE FIND PRINT! Do not trust Ally...they are in now way your ally.

Never again!

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Latest Ally Bank Reviews

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    Reviewed By aldrich Jul 23, 2016

    Wire transfer episode

    I joined Ally a couple of years ago because of the savings and CD rates (and obviously the reputation and security). On a Thursday evening, I made a wire transfer online to pay for my 16 year-old son's first vehicle I was purchasing from an individual (as a surprise). The next morning, I rec'd a call from Ally to verify the action. I talked to a rep and it was verified. Four hours later I called Ally again to ask if the payment had gone through. I was told by this rep that everything was done and to have a good weekend. Later, I returned home to see on caller ID a call from Ally. It was a message to call them. I called back and spoke with a rep and this rep said that I had missed the deadline to verify the transfer and that instead of going to get my son's vehicle, it would now be three days later before they could wire the transfer because after 3 p.m. on Friday, they don't wire anything until the following Monday.

    I tried not to blow my stack with the rep because I didn't need further problems but they completely left me hanging out to dry. There was nothing I could do at that point. The amount was significant enough that I couldn't transfer to a checking account because that additionally would take two days. The point of my post is that they advertise 24/7 banking and are available anytime to help. That didn't hold true.

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    Reviewed By moralcitizen2016 Jul 22, 2016

    Frustration at your own expense

    I opened a new account with Ally reading reviews and per recommendation from my company in the month of May. In a couple of days somebody from the bank reached out to me asking for identification documentation. I sent all that I had and asked a follow-up question. It's been a couple of months since then and I have called the helpline many times and sent many many emails without resolution of question. Now the great people at bank have revoked my access to my account and my money. (Yes, I was stupid enough to keep my money and salary with them!). They have got me down on to my knees to get me access to my own money. I am at a stage where I don't need the account just my money back.

    Where do I go now?

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    Reviewed By esposito4rb Jun 27, 2016

    Deception and a lack of responsibility

    Ally Bank has incredibly deceptive business practices.

    In one example, they advertise FREE international transfers, only to have their intermediary bank (Chase), assess fees. Since Ally forces customers to internationally transfer THROUGH Chase, Ally is therefore charging fees, but they never warn of this or take any responsibility. Instead of understanding this, Ally pushes me to contact chase directly, who I am not a customer of nor care to be. They blame me and take no responsibility.

    The only course of action after speaking to representatives? I would need to MAIL or FAX a report to their banking team - they claim they have no email or secured messaging (lie) support to do this, despite being an online-only bank.

    Their website is full of deceptive marketing and probably fake reviews and ratings. I wouldn't touch this bank. And this is just one example of many that I have had since opening my account with them 3 months ago.

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    Reviewed By profrod Jun 26, 2016

    Horrendous customer service and website.

    I was in the process of opening an account with this bank because of their high returns on their accounts. I am, now, in the process of closing the accounts. Their customer service reps are terribly undereducated about the processes of the bank and come across as being very "dumb" for lack of a better word. Some of them try to be nice, but they still don't know what they're doing. Some of them clearly don't care at all.
    When I logged in today to see if the transfers had gone through I received a notice to click on a link to verify my SSN. The grammar and composition of the page is so terrible that it's impossible to know whether to answer yes or no to the question.
    I don't know how on earth this bank has received any 5 star ratings from anyone. It's ludicrous.

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    Reviewed By Aeonix Jun 22, 2016

    Find another bank, especially if you need to do foreign transactions

    This bank is completely useless. If I wasn't already moving out of the country, I'd be finding a new bank. They have blocked my card for fraud so many times, for no reason at all. The one time there was a charge that shouldn't have been allowed, they let it go through! They declined a wire transfer I initiated myself, I had to call the fraud department to ask them to send it through.

    They also keep allowing transactions to post to an account we no longer use, making it overdrawn, even though we have turned off overdrafts for that account.

    Today I was trying to pay for visas so I can move to the UK. My card was blocked, and it took over an hour on hold to talk to anyone in the 'card services' department, then the call got disconnected after a horrible screeching noise came through the line.

    Now they are telling me I've hit my $5,000/day spending limit. It's MY money, who are they to tell me how much I can/cannot spend in one day?

    I'd save my time and go elsewhere, especially if you do any type of foreign transactions, or even transactions in other states, or for any large purchases, unless you like having a migraine and waiting on hold for hours on end.

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    Reviewed By ishtar Jun 16, 2016

    Long term customer of Ally Bank

    We have always been pleased with interest rates and customer service with Ally, However,
    recently we transferred IRA funds from two different entities to Ally, The IRA accounts were set up prior to the transfers with a 2% interest rate. When the funds arrived Ally switched the accounts to 1.75% interest! Customers, if you snooze you lose with Ally. Be on your feet and follow every track of your money. Our impression is Ally is not up on IRA's and how to do business. We lost over $1000. because of their lack of knowledge of how to do things.

    Ally did step up and change the interest rate to 2% only after speaking to a representative who said she could not promise anything!!

    We will be transferring funds to Synchrony Bank unless we see improvement from Ally.

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    Reviewed By Done Jun 14, 2016

    Lacking in Customer Service

    We are dealing with a repeat issue -- and getting the same lack of customer service this time around. On the phone, I was transferred to three different departments and on the last transfer, the call hung up. I had to go through the same lengthy process of calling in again, being put on endless holds, and then multiple call transfers in order to speak with a supervisor. I never did get my problem adequately solved. Just a very frustrating experience overall.

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  • B
    Reviewed By bankerbern Jun 8, 2016

    The most unethical company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with

    Let preface this by stating that they only get one star because I'm am unable to give them zero and also that I work in the banking industry so I have some insight into how unethical, and borderline illegal everything they do is. The first bad taste that Ally left in my mouth was the day I found out my car loan was approved. I had been waiting nearly an entire month to hear from them to see if my loan was approved when I got a call from them one day stating that I was 3 days late on my first payment. When I ask them when the loan had been approved they told me they had approved it the day I applied for it. I know this to be a lie because I had communicated with the car company 5 days before this and they were still shopping around trying to find someone to finance the vehicle. As it turns out they had approved it 3 days before, the day payment was due. They still refuse to admit this, however I have all the paperwork they sent on that day to confirm it. The problem with this is that they charged me interest for that entire month when the loan had not been funded. The most recent problem I had came today, I made a payment through their mobile app 5 days ago which "returned" on the account today. They never drafted the payment from my checking account. When I called them to find out why this happened they told me they that there were insufficient funds in the checking account. As it turns out, they had attempted to draft the money from an account I used 1 time to make a payment and has been closed out for months. This account is not saved to my Ally app nor has it ever been. I asked them why they did this they simply told me that it was the account number I provided them with for the payment. Once again I know this to be false information. I have only one account saved to Ally bank and it's the one I use everything. From now on I will have to screen shot every payment as proof. If you enjoy being lied to and stolen from by the most unethical company I've ever seen (remember I'm in banking, I've seen some terrible stuff) then Allybis the company for you. If not you'd probably have a better experience with a loan shark, at least he/she will be honest that they're going to break you leg.

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    Reviewed By Erinelizacotter May 31, 2016

    Do not bank with Ally

    Ally is a horrible bank. They claim to offer good service and to be run with integrity, but in fact this is false. Every time I have called customer serivce I have been nothing but frustrated. Their employees are rude, they've lied to me about basic things, and aren't able to give good customer serivce. The bank says they have customer support to assist with customer needs since they are an online company and not once that I have ever called them have they adequately addressed a single issue I have had. They say they follow polices and procedures and use this as a reason to be unable to resolve any issues a customer may have. I've been waiting on a check to be delivered for over 7 days, and they refuse to do anything about the issue to make it ok with me. They told me exactly what their polices and procedures were and refused to find a adequate solution all while being rude in the process. They told me to resolve the issue I would have to wait until it reached the 10 day mark for US ground shipping, which if you look on the USPS site it no where mentions standard delivery being 7-10 days it says 1-5 days right on their website. The company used this lie about the average post office time in addition to their rules as an excuse to not fix my problem. I've called two other times, once to open a checking out when they claimed they would send me a letter in the mail, then I was beyond frustrated because they again did nothing to resolve my issue, and then all the sudden a checking account was opened in my name without my verbal consent. The other time I called to try to get something done with the exact same funds that I'm having an issue doing anything with currently, the only money I've put in their bank, they weren't able to transfer the money to me in an adequate time frame between my banks or figure out a solution for me. I wanted to withdrawal or move these funds around, probably 3 months ago, and they couldn't come up with a solution then either. It's rediculous that an online bank operates so poorly while claiming on their website to be good with customer service. They simply are not. They have never sent me one email asking if any of my calls resolved my issue not have they made any efforts on any of these calls to find a problem resolution. They'll explain banking and postal service to you, and claim that is customer service all while insulting you in the process. Don't ever use this bank.

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  • M
    Reviewed By michael_476 May 13, 2016

    Moved money without my permission.

    I was the first person to tote how amazing Ally Bank is until they started moving money from my savings to my checking without my permission and when I confronted them on this, they said they "sometimes make a decision on whether or not to send money". Um, I don't know about you, but I don't like my bank playing financial advisor with my accounts without my permission. Steer clear.

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