How to Maximize Your 529 Plan

What is a 529 Savings Plan? 529 savings plans are also known as qualified tuition programs, designed by the government to encourage saving for education costs of a designated beneficiary, typically o... Read »

How to Pick the Right CD

What is a CD? Banks offer common savings products called certificates of deposit, or CDs, which allow you to earn interest on your money. That means in exchange for putting your money in a bank CD, y... Read »

What Is a 529 Plan?

What is a 529? 529 Plans, also known as Qualified Tuition Programs, are tax-advantaged college savings plans, designed to encourage saving for the future higher educations costs of a designated benef... Read »

You're Never Too Old to Start Investing

There is often panic among those who have not been saving enough towards their retirement. Their saving ability has not been at the level they had hoped and they have not been able to invest in their ... Read »

6 Types of Brokerage Firms

Brokerage firms operate to assist investors in the buying and selling of financial products including public stocks, securities, and depending on their level of service may also offer financial advi... Read »

10 Investing Terms You Should Know

When investing your cash, it is important to have a thorough understanding and a clear expectation as to how the investment world works. For those just starting out, there can be tremendous confusio... Read »

Why You Should Invest Your Money

When you were a child, you probably kept your money in a piggy bank or some equivalent container in your bedroom. You dropped coins or stuffed bills in the top and then shook them out of the bottom ... Read »

What Is A Stock?

If you have been putting your extra cash into a savings account at a bank, you have probably noticed that your balance is not growing very quickly. This should not be a surprise; as long as you kee... Read »

Buying Your First Stock

Deciding to invest money in the stock market can be a scary proposition. After all, it can feel like you need to learn an entirely new language to understand what is going on. And then there is the ... Read »

Understanding "Buy" and "Hold" as an Investment Strategy

The “buy and hold” investment strategy is when an investor purchases stocks and holds on to them for many years -- decades or until the investor reaches retirement, or even later. When you buy stock... Read »

How To Invest As A Beginner

Investing makes it possible to earn money through an alternative means to working or owning a business. When you commit money to an investment of some sort, you expect to earn a profit. While most p... Read »

What Are Commodities?

Commodities are present all over our everyday lives. They are products that are found all over the world and including cattle, heating oil, platinum, sugar, silver, and lumber just to name a few. Co... Read »

What Are Bonds?

Money is a necessity people need to live their daily lives, and it is common for people to borrow the money they need for things such as housing. Companies and the government also need money in orde... Read »

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