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CIT Bank Customer Review

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jameslmorrison's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by jameslmorrison

Jan 18th 2013

CIT Banking is Frustrating

I have eight CDs with this bank. Today I told a customer rep to send me the checks when they matured. Why? When I attempted to open a new CD yesterday I got near the end and bang, I was logged off. Today I tried again. When I was near the end of completing the forms, I was asked to place a value on three kinds of CDs, only one of which I wanted. I placed my value in that CD and zeros in the other blanks. The form would not accept a zero as a value. I went to the other side of my office to get my cell to call a rep to find out how to address this hurtle and bang, I was logged off. I called CIT, the rep saw the information that I had inserted, but after answering security questions, he said I had to send him a copy of my driver's license, my social security card, and a statement showing my home address (like a utility bill). I told him I had scanned my passport (I do a lot of international travel.) He said that that could be taken in lieu of a driver's license but I still had to scan and send a copy of my utility bill. I responded by saying my address was on my passport (and on the CDs that I already had at the bank). No go. I then asked him to make a notation that when my current CDs matured to mail checks to the address they have on record. This bank is beyond belief.

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Jenny L's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jenny L

Jun 8th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Horrendous savings account experience!

These folks may pay a high interest rate, however you dearly "pay" the price. They are not open weekends or extended hours during the day. They won't send you paper statements no matter what. I have a serious illness and my husband doesn't use the computer. Sure, he could call if something happened, but shouldn't have to. I realize that many online banks just send offer - - these guys don't even do that - you have to log in to see your statements. The CSRs are pleasant enough, but their whole way of doing business just plain stinks. I'm changing to a more responsive bank VERY soon. Buyer beware!

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bankshopper's Profile Image

Reviewed by bankshopper

Jul 13th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Very Bad Customer Service

Opened saving account because of above average interest rates but rates quickly dropped below that offered by top 5 banks.

My CIT Saving account suddenly lost ability to transfer funds.

Contacted support to investigate and restore transfer option.

Nothing was done! I called to check status every few days and was told department handling this cannot be reached directly. I gave up after 2 months and closed my account.

I took my business to another online bank. About the only positive thing I can say about CIT Bank is that they are opened on Saturday. But, the bad customer service and so-so interest rates makes CIT Bank a poor choice.

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