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TD Bank Customer Review

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megadoubleu's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by megadoubleu

Jun 19th 2012

Generally An Excellent Experience, Much Better Than Other Local Competitors.

Having lived in the area now for 14 years or so and having had experience of several banks, either through payroll needs or mortgages or such, i'd have to say td bank is the best of the bunch. I've tried wilmington trust - ok, b of a - really terrible, wachovia - horrible, citizens - pretty bad, first federal - ok, but td has been really great.

First, most of the complaints i read here are about debit charges for being overdrawn, that's the same at every bank. My son went over $800 overdrawn while banking at citizens while at college - for buying a starbucks on his debit card. They then started charging him $37 day for the o/d, even when it was paid off, they came up with retrospective charges that put him overdrawn again and started the whole process over.

You can fix your debit card so it can't go o/d now (thanks to the government) and at least td only charge $15... My branch is very cheery and friendly. The dog loves to visit and there are always little gifts for the kids as well as the free money counter for customers. No bank reminds me of the old, personal face-to-face service you used to get and decisions are now made in a central office many miles away, but at least the staff are friendly, the bank is open and bring and everyone seems very helpful.

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Other TD Bank Reviews

yesikakarin's Profile Image

Reviewed by yesikakarin

May 26th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


I'm a single mother that lives paycheck to paycheck. I do my best in balancing out my account. I have two accounts open, one is for bill pay and the other is for fun and I also have a savings account. I recently made a large purchase so my savings have since been depleted! I thought I had lost one of my debit cards and since it's so convenient to go into a bank and get a new one I didn't bother looking. HUGE MISTAKE... One of the "personal bankers" helped me out and closed BOTH of my debit cards, she then only issued me ONE card. Well this caused me to not have the ability to use my main card. Usually in the middle of the week if I'm low on gas, I'll overdraft my account, it's worth it in the end to pay the $35 rather than taking out a ridiculous payday loan that charges you an extremely high interest rate. Well, not knowing that both of my cards were cancelled I used card A to get my kids dinner for the night, which I had a few bucks in that account so I knew it would cover it. Then on card B, I went to put gas in my car KNOWING that I was going to overdraft. Well card B didn't work because unbeknownst to me, it was cancelled and I didn't use it since getting the new card A, I didn't think twice about it! So now I'm stuck with the dilemma of having to use one card knowing that I'm going to overdraft twice now. It's a Tuesday night and I get paid Friday morning so I was hoping and praying. Well it didn't go over so well... If you don't already know, TD Bank is all about MONEY, they clear your large transactions FIRST and then the little ones come down. So once my account cleared on FRIDAY... This is how it happened. Gas $35 + $35 OD Fee - Wendy's $7.50 + $35.00 OD Fee - Itunes $4.50 + $35.00 OD Fee - Transfer $9.00 + $35.00 OD Fee = $56.00 in transactions ended up costing me an additional $140.00... So altogether I paid $196.00!!!!!!!!! That's not even the worst part, the bank messed up and refused to refund me back my money!!!!!!! Don't do it!!!!!!

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jenniferw1's Profile Image

Reviewed by jenniferw1

May 19th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


"Hello and welcome to TD bank and what can I do to make your day better?" should be more like "Hello and welcome to TD bank, what can I do to make your life a living nightmare?" I have had numerous issues with TD bank and this week has been the final straw.

I traveled to London 4 years ago and informed the bank via phone and in person that I would be traveling to the UK and gave them the exact dates. I was told it was "taken care of" and when I got to London, my account was frozen. I was stranded there with no money.

I moved to the UK 2 years ago and used my account with them for emergencies. I called and also in person informed them of this. It was always "taken care of". My account was frozen numerous times due to "suspicious transactions" (WHICH WERE ME!). Every time I traveled around Europe, I would call and speak to an agent on the phone informing them of where I would be and the exact dates. Again my account was frozen in Paris, Venice, and in Spain.

This past Friday, someone got a hold of my debit card information and purchased a plane ticket TO DUBAI ! I have been constantly on the phone and have gone into the bank IN PERSON to discuss this. When I called TD bank, I was told that my account was frozen and to go to the bank to issue a new card. I went into the bank and MY CARD WAS STILL ACTIVATED ! Thank god nothing else was charged but STILL, that's a bit unnerving. I have been told that "they cannot do anything at the moment for me until the transactions clear". They can't even investigate. I am sorry but with FRAUD, you should be able to do something to put me a bit more at ease.

Once this is settled (and I am sure I will be charged with a bunch of their HIDDEN FEES for something that wasn't my fault), I will be closing my account with TD bank and going elsewhere. I should be comfortable with my bank and not constantly stressed out and worried . I don't trust these people to handle my money.

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