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Recent Questions

Simon's Profile Image
on Jun 20th 2011

BB&T Charges $4 Easy Image Statement Fee for Canceled Check Images

A commenter pointed out that there was a $4 fee to receive canceled check images in online statements. More »
Marina's Profile Image
on Apr 28th 2011

BB&T, PNC want to bid for RBC: The Alphabet Soup of Major Mergers

Bloomberg has reports from anonymous sources and people who are close to the issue so its all rumors now. More »
alex's Profile Image
By alex
on Apr 27th 2011

New BB&T Checking Account $10 Monthly Fee Starting June 3, 2011

Earlier this month, we notified our readers that BB&T had decided to make the leap and kill their free checking account in favor of the new Bright Banking Checking account. More »
bas s's Profile Image
on Jul 15th 2010

Best Bank in NC / SC area

I am planning to stay in Charlotte, NC but would work in Lancaster, SC. I am looking for a good bank to open an account. Help and advice would be greatly appreciated. More »
Maria L's Profile Image
on Jun 23rd 2010

No money to finish school due to other expenses, suggestions?

I have 3 classes left to take before I graduate. My student loans are maxed, and I am unable to get private student loans without a cosigner which I don't have. More »