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Recent Questions

curious's Profile Image
on Feb 3rd 2015

Is your bank's CEO Richard Davis? Why?

He is using the www.usbnk@hotmail.com for Email to request a document from me for a payment allegedly at your bank. More »
Tonic's Profile Image
on Jun 11th 2014

Totally horrible internet and phone systems

US Bank systems are incapable to provide correct security question on file. The system requires security question as if I logging in for the first time. To make matter worse the system supplies the first question on their list, not the one I choose to answer (which happens to be second on the list). Since there is no answer it take info I provide as a wrong answer. Accordingly makes it impossible to login. More »
Plentiful's Profile Image
on May 14th 2012

Customer service? What customer service?

Lately I've noticed a great decline in customer service at US Bank. They seem to have the least competent people on their payroll. From the branches to phone banking to internet banking. They all have one thing in common: truly incompetent. More »
alex's Profile Image
By alex
on Sep 18th 2011

U.S. Bank says Pullman Park project will create more than 1,000 jobs

With recent announcements of job cuts coming from Bank of America, UBS and the United States Post Office, it is refreshing to see one financial institution introducing projects that will create jobs. More »
Cheese's Profile Image
on Aug 17th 2011

USbank adding minimum deposit checking fees

Was just informed by letter that USbank has instituted a monthly checking fee charge of $8.95 ($6.95 per month if the account is paperless) for customer checking accounts with deposits of less than $1500 per month. Just another way to discriminate against the unemployed and poor -- and circumvent banking fee regulations. More »