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U.S. Bank Customer Review

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Plentiful's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Plentiful

May 14th 2012

Run Away!

My wife and i opened a checking account with US Bank about a year ago. It started out ok but in the past several months we started noticing errors in our statement that involved fees that we neither agreed to nor were properly informed of. After bringing to their attention, they admitted it's a "bank error". But despite many painful phone and in-person contacts with many different "representatives" and "managers", nothing were corrected. We finally had to get our attorney involved.

Only then things were put back in order. Under the advice our attorney, we closed all our accounts with us bank. Apparently, our attorney had bad banking experience with us bank herself! When we tried to communicate with corporate headquarters in mn, our calls were filtered and we only got to speak with a useless 'executive assistant', who never follow-up with what he promised. But this seems to be consistent with the rest of the people at us bank: very poor customer service quality. We would not, in any good conscience, be able to recommend us bank to any of our friends and family.

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Littlebrittanyalle's Profile Image

Reviewed by Littlebrittanyalle

May 18th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Poor Customer Service

They have the worst customer service! The older lady with the gray hair is the nicest one. Everyone else is just there to get paid. They don't seem to like their jobs or want to do any work, especially the girl in her early 20's and the heavier woman, who seems she is supposed to be managing the place. They need to learn a thing or 2 about customer service. BEWARE!

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andee9609's Profile Image

Reviewed by andee9609

May 17th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Service

We have banked with US Bank for 25 years. My husband ordered statements on his business account and misunderstood the fees for ordering them. Which the fees did not post until a month later. The fees were not being accounted for in our ledger and our account became overdrawn. The charges that were going to overdraft the account were still pending so we rushed to the bank to deposit funds. As a curiosity we requested that the senior banker Steve reverse the statement fees since we were not aware of them. We are in the end process of getting a home loan and this doesn't look good at all. I explained that to Steve and he still refused to help us. He over talked us and treated us like we were trying to con money out of the bank. For customers that have used the bank for such a long time, that have not had issues in the past, you think he would be more than happy to reverse the statement fees. I am so disappointed that US Bank treats their customers this way. Our dreams of being home owners could be over. We will be closing our accounts. I hope that our families will hear this unfortunate mishap and take their business to a new back as well.

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