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Thanksgiving day bank hours Thanksgiving Day: Are Banks Open? Hot rewards rates Rewards Checking Makes the Biggest Comeback Since 2008 survey on how far students would go to loose debt Survey: Student Debtors Willing to Give Up Organs, Possessions for Relief retirementtimelineINFO You Thought the Path to Retirement Was Confusing, Think Again [Infographic] student-loan-infograph-thumb How Far Would You Go to Get Rid of Your Student Debt? [Infographic] Small moves can go a long way, even for tiny things such as an ATM visit. 20 Highly Skillful Money Moves You Can Master In Just 60 Seconds What a great feeling it can be to clean up your closet... and your finances. Photo: Flickr Asking How Many Bank Accounts You Need Is Stupid 5531274984_6675a9eb7d_b Living the American Dream Means Being Poor on Purpose shutterstock_155390825 You Won’t Survive In the 10 Most Expensive U.S. Cities, Even With These Great Jobs shutterstock_280125734 College Grads: 3 Tenacious Bank Accounts for the Next Decade of Your Life shutterstock_280611161 You Don’t Have to Switch Banks to Get a Better Checking Account IMG_1216 Ally Bank Fees on the Rise: ATM Access and Overdrafts Cost More chasePrivateClientMain Chase Loosens Up on Rules to Qualify for Checking Accounts shutterstock_285336851 What Happens When You Deposit a Post-Dated Check Early? Independence Day Bank Holiday Schedule 2015 2640997226_cb200ac72e_b Are Banks Open the Friday Before Fourth of July? 17837587743_24e2f71ecd_k Does Radius Bank Offer the New Best Online Checking Account? 15184581056_404e085899_k Credit Card Hack: How to Sell Your Barclaycard Travel Miles shutterstock_203222473 New Startup to Become the Uber of Banks? Abra Turns Everyday People Into ATMs 8625257807_7f88dd4164_k Do You Really Have to Show ID When Using Your Credit Card? shutterstock_162030545 How to Crack the Secret Code of Your Credit Card Numbers shutterstock_7417351 What to Do With an Expensive Credit Card You No Longer Use If You Don’t Want to Close It androidpay Android Pay Is Finally Here: Will It Make Up for Google Wallet’s Failure? 16165619661_26f0a28bd3_b Did You Know CD Rates Are Rising Fast? How to Save Big 16226795287_714a8b5187_h 3 Quick But Aggressive Shortcuts for a Higher Credit Score shutterstock_214085125 Here’s Why You’re Still Not Making an Emergency Fund a Priority ChaseTSbranch Chase to Raise Monthly Fees In Certain States 7546690688_893630954a_b Lesson From Starbucks: Creative Ways That Hackers Can Steal From You shutterstock_278512055 Online Checking Accounts at Ally Bank and Capital One 360 Have a New Rival: MyCBB 17189296688_f5ff3001af_k How to Open an IRA Retirement Account In 10 Minutes 6437349881_f41fa1f922_b How to Prioritize Your Emergency Fund With Other Financial Goals shutterstock_164798936 Insider Secrets from a Chase Banker: How to Complain the Right Way GH9A3553 Has Capital One 360 Lived Up to ING Direct? shutterstock_225708982 MasterCard vs. Visa: Which Has Better Concierge Service? shutterstock_195931577 Don’t Pay for FICO Credit Scores Anymore: They Come Free With These Credit Cards IMG_1042 Here’s How I Increased My Overall Credit Card Limits By 22 Percent IMG_1118 How to Cash In on Chase Checking Account Bonuses chase Hate Chase’s No-Cash Deposit Policy? Chase QuickPay Can Help IMG_1061 Cashier’s Check, Money Order and Personal Check: Which One Clears the Fastest? photo 4 Sending Money Is Getting Easier for U.S. Bank Customers 20150315-widh113800 BMO Harris Bank: Regional Bank Now Lets You Withdraw Cash With Your Smartphone allybankcheck Top 10 U.S. Banks Have Tough Rules on Check Deposits With Multiple Payees Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 2.08.24 PM 4 Apple Watch Apps Can Help You Manage Your Finances Better 4464666197_1fd4e9f690_b Merchant Codes Exposed: Why You Didn’t Get Your Credit Card Rewards Stratos Card 3 Battle of the All-in-one Smart Cards: Is the New Stratos Better Than Coin and Plastc? IMG_1047 Amex Raises APRs on 1 Million Credit Cards: What You Can Do 15247334137_f8382c77f0_k How You’re Affected By the Breakup of Costco and Amex MILES_BLUE_673X430_FLAT Discover it Miles Card Review: Is It the New Best Travel Rewards Credit Card? IMG_1039 Using Citi Price Rewind: How to Get the Most Money Back IMG_1038 The Best Second Chance Checking Accounts Found at Big Banks shutterstock_250039243 The Best EMV Chip Credit Cards for Travel and Shopping acornsapp Are Savings Apps, Like Digit and Acorns, Better Than Savings Accounts? 8275287407_661d84768d_k Credit Card Perks That Help Save Money for Valentine’s Day 6000290350_9943f95b48_b Coin-Counting Machines Still Exist: Which Banks Have Them? 6837539245_61ef7069cf_b Winning Your Super Bowl Bet Means You’ll Pay Taxes 14315096229_581f904073_k1-314x208 What You Need to Know to Max Out Your Retirement Savings In 2015 IMG_1018 Are Banks Open After Inclement Weather From Winter Storm Juno? shutterstock_181109561 Student Checking May Get Pricey After Graduation and How to Avoid It shutterstock_25797355 Bank of America Credit Card Customers Are Getting Free FICO Credit Scores IMG_1002 Chase to Start Giving Out Free FICO Credit Scores Discover it 2015 categories 4 Tips to Get the Most Cash Back From Your Discover it Card IMG_0993-2 5 Banking Predictions for 2015: Card Security, Savings Rates and More 14338333599_c1a121c96f_k 4 Best Credit Cards for People With Excellent Credit 9458762685_baf5fc5644_k 5 Best Travel Credit Cards With Rewards and Perks shutterstock_163164389 5 Best Cash Back Credit Cards for Your Purchases American_Cash Tips to Maximize Your Citi Dividend Cash Back In 2015 mybanktracker_logo_news Reflecting on MyBankTracker’s 2014 Banking Predictions 8531725140_89f2a6c70a_k 4 Best Student Credit Cards for College Student Spending faircreditcards 4 Best Credit Cards if You Have Fair Credit Score shutterstock_77618731 Chase Freedom Strategies to Maximize Cash Back In 2015 photo-47 5 Best Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers for Debt Consolidation shutterstock_94297795 Best Low Interest Credit Cards to Help You Eliminate Debt 8370736057_f9dcfeb0ba_k The Best Credit Cards to Save Money on Family Travel shutterstock_232320919 The Right Way to React When Your Chase Credit Card Gets Canceled 15955598901_9a120d3fb1_k 5 Best Prepaid Debit Cards With Low Fees IMG_1955 Why Chase’s Basic Checking Account Struggles to Beat Online Checking Accounts 14630203914_110b729434_k Lessons Learned When Wells Fargo Didn’t Honor Widow’s CD 3239485001_7460b2e328_o Why a $95 Credit Card Annual Fee Can Be Worth It shutterstock_161195729 Is TD Bank Closing on More Holidays Than Usual? IMG_0766 EMV Chip Security Explained and Which Credit Cards Have It American Express Free FICO Credit Score American Express Offers Free FICO Credit Scores to Some Customers IMG_0902 Paying Too Much in Credit Card Fees? See Which Cards Help You Avoid Them 2500097744_c4f8196685_o What to Consider When Your Child Asks, ‘Can I Get a Credit Card?’ 247638204_e18c4a7dbc_b Drop that Call: The Best Ways to Contact Your Bank Without a Phone 6239644732_8b47598080_b Here’s How to Prepare Yourself for Rising Savings Rates photo-58 Apple Pay Just Added More Cards, Is Yours One of Them? photo-57 Citi to Begin Offering Free FICO Credit Scores to Credit Card Customers shutterstock_147365150 What You Can Do About the Rising Citibank Checking Account Fees gas pump credit card 4 Best Gas Credit Cards to Help You Save at the Pump Priceline Rewards Visa Find the Better Travel Card: Priceline Rewards Visa vs. Barclaycard Arrival Plus 14500909268_7cd7163364_k Choosing a New Checking Account: Ally Bank vs. Capital One 360 8301527813_8630f50725_b Comparing Expedia to Other Online Travel-Site Credit Cards shutterstock_161194580 Wells Fargo Free Credit Score Promotion Not a Big Deal When There Are Free Alternatives photo-51 Cash Back Credit Cards Offer Major Cash Back This Holiday Season iphone 6 apple pay amex How to Use Apple Pay: What Debit and Credit Cards Are Supported? shutterstock_161193728 Citibank Challenges Online Banks With New Checking Account photo-50 How to Max Out Your Rotating Rewards Credit Card Before Q3 2014 Ends shutterstock_55948366 Maximize Your Savings With a Rising Interest-Rate Strategy citi double cash vs discover it Citi Double Cash Card vs. Discover it: Which One is Better? Chase Freedom vs. Discover it®: Finding the Better Cash Back Credit Card