Coin Counting Machine in the store
Coin Counting Machine at the store

Remember the days you could take your piggy bank full of coins to the local savings institution and have them counted out for crisp bills or deposit. Fortunately, those days aren’t entirely gone. MyBankTracker has identified a handful of banks still offering this service, although there may be a small fee. In that case, we also show you other ways to convert your coins for free.

Which Banks Have Coin Counters?
Banks Accept Coins Deposits in Coin Wrappers
Exchange Coins For Free At Banks
Coin Counting Alternative With Coinstar and Other Stores
Stores with Coin Counter Machines

Which Banks Have Coin Counters?

Some top national banks continue to provide coin-counting machines to customers and to non-customers. Many of them have stopped offering this service because they claim that these machines cost more to maintain than the value that is delivered to customers.

The financial institutions that are most likely to operate coin-counting machines for the public are local community banks and credit unions (often known for providing better personal customer service). Additionally, you might need to be a customer in order to use these machines. Otherwise, expect to pay a small fee for using the service as a non-customer.

Coin counting machine fees

BB&TFree for $25 or less, 5% fee for more than $2510% fee
JBTFree5% fee
Manasquan BankFree-
Home State BankFree10% fee
First County BankFree-
Shelby Savings BankFree-
Cape BankFreeFree
Hancock County Savings BankFree-
Republic Bank (NJ/PA)FreeFree
People's United BankFree-
American Eagle Federal Credit UnionFreeFree
Westerra Credit UnionFree-
ChaseNo Counters
CitibankNo Counters
Bank of AmericaNo Counters
Capital OneNo Counters
TD BankNo Counters
PNC BankNo Counters

BB&T Bank still has these machines in many of their branches, but not all. For customers, it should be no surprise that the service is free, with the exception of BB&T. For non-customers, however, there is a definitely going to be a fee that’s equal to a percentage of the coins counted.

Banks Accept Coins Deposits in Coin Wrappers

coin wrappers
Coin wrappers

After reaching out to all the banks, we found that every single one of them will provide coin wrappers for free, regardless of whether or not you are a customer.

Coin wrappers are paper wrappers that come color-coded for different coin denominations. Each wrapper is used to roll 40 to 50 coins in denominations of 25 cents or less. Wrappers do exist for 50-cent and one-dollar coins.

If you’ve got a lot of coins, it could be a time-consuming task to stuff them into the wrappers. Once you’ve rolled the coins, just bring them to the bank for deposit or exchange. For customers of the bank, it is free. For non-customers, it’s not as simple — read below.

Exchange Coins For Free At Banks

Although every bank will give out free coin wrappers, not every bank will accept your rolled coins if you are a non-customer.

Chase Bank happens to have rather generous policies for non-customers, who can exchange up to $200 in coins as long as they’re in coin wrappers. If you’ve got more than $200 in coins, there’s a simple trick: just visit multiple Chase branches.

Did you know? It costs more than a penny to produce a penny. In 2014, it cost $0.166 to produce one $0.01 coin, according to a report by the U.S. Mint. The high cost of penny production has led many people to advocate phasing out the coin denomination.

While Chase will happily accept your coins, other banks I contacted will not. Most of them have a policy of not converting coins to bills for non-customers. In actuality, however, tellers would perform the coin exchange if the coins were wrapped and for a small amount between $10 to $20.

Again, you can use the same trick here by going to multiple bank branches. If you have hundreds of dollars in coins, be prepared to make trips to many different banks.

Otherwise, your other option would be to just open an account with a bank that has a coin counting machine — not exactly the best option I must say.

Coin Counting Alternative With Coinstar & Other Stores

Coinstar is a company that offers kiosks for counting coins. You can turn the coins into cash, electronic gift codes, or charitable donations. Coinstar kiosks can be found most often in major U.S. supermarkets.

Coinstar charges a fee of 11.9% if you want the coins converted to bills. If you just want cash from your coins, banks are the cheaper option. But, as mentioned above, if you convert those coins into branded gift cards through Coinstar, it is completely free (see other ways to avoid Coinstar’s fee).

How it works

  1. You can bring your coins without having to have them sorted or wrapped. They simply have to be free of dirt, debris, and other obstructions that could block the machine from accepting the coins.
  2. Select the exchange option that you prefer.
  3. For cash, you’ll get a paper voucher that you bring to the cashier. For the electronic gift code, it will be printed on your receipt. For donations, you’ll receive a receipt of your donation for tax purposes.

Gift Cards & Participating Charities Through Coinstar

Branded eGift cardsParticipating charities
AmazonAmerican Red Cross
AMC TheatresChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Applebee’sFeeding America
Apple iTunesThe Humane Society of the United States
Best BuyLeukemia & Lymphona Society
Build-a-Bear WorkshopUNICEF
Lowe’sWorld Wildlife Foundation
Forever 21
The Home Depot
Old Navy
Toys R’ Us/Babies R’ Us

The best cash out option to avoid losing a significant of money to fees is the electronic gift code or charitable donations.

Coin exchange optionFeeHow it works
Cash voucher10.9%Turn in the cash voucher to a cashier
eGift CardNoneGift code is printed on the receipt
Charitable donationNoneDonation is automatically made -- with a receipt for tax purposes

Stores with Coin Counter Machines

Rather than going to the bank, you might run into a coin-counting machine at one of the places to visit the most: a grocery store or supermarket. With cash transactions happening all the time, it makes sense that these machines are readily available at these stores.

Note: Every single store, even if it’s under the same chain, may not have a machine. If you’re thinking about making the trip, we suggest calling the store first.

Winn Dixie
Food 4 Less
The Food Emporium

Frustrated with your bank? Check out these new top banks that people are talking about:

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  • Jim Fath

    Charter One in the Midwest has coin counters in their lobbies. Free for customers, and 5% for non-customers (That might have gone up as I haven’t lived in Chicago in 4 years)

    • ClaireMBT

      Hey Jim! Thanks for sharing. If Charter One only charges 5%, it’s definitely one of the lowest fees for coin-counting machines.

      • Jim Fath

        I should say that this was true at one branch in Chicago where I used to live. Not sure if it’s even still there but I LOVED it. Throw your change in the machine, it spit out a receipt, hand the receipt to a teller and it went into your account right away. I don’t know why banks DON’T do this. I imagine the machine might break down enough that it’s not worth it.

        • ClaireMBT

          Sounds like you were able to save a nice chunk of cash. I think in general, people today just don’t use as much cash as they once did. From my personal experience, I don’t know too many young people who throw loose change in jars, since many turn to debit cards/credit cards to make purchases. Also, you’re right, I read somewhere that these coin-counting machines are expensive to maintain.

      • FredCadena

        Unfortunately, Charter One was bought by Citizens Bank and all Chicago-area branches are closed. I’m going to try at PNC later today and see what happens.

        • ClaireMBT

          Great, keep us posted.

  • Kay

    Vystar was free for customers though that’s a small credit union I think in the north part of Florida only. But still, just thought I’d share. I don’t remember what the non customer fee was :/

    • ClaireMBT

      Hi Kay, I would assume if it’s at a credit union, the fee is probably cheaper than Coinstar. I’ve never heard of Vystar before. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Mauricio

    This is very helpful! Thank you!

    • ClaireMBT

      You’re welcome Mauricio! Did you use a Coinstar machine or go to your bank?

  • Zev Katz

    This is wrong I called both Capital One and PNC and they got rid of their coin counting machiens in all branches

    • Simon Zhen

      You’re right about Capital One, but not about PNC.

      I just confirmed that Capital One recently removed coin-counting machines from all of its branches on May 13, 2015. I’ve updated the story to reflect this new information.

      PNC, however, still offers coin-counting machines in certain branches. You can find them by using the filters through the branch-locator tool on PNC’s website.

      • Zev Katz

        I am not sure about that. After reading your article I called the PNC near my home in Rockville Md. and the person at the local branch told me PNC removed them all.

        • Simon Zhen

          I called a couple of PNC branches in Pennsylvania after finding the locations that had coin-counting machines. Both branches said those machines were still up and operating.

          Maybe the staffer you called was referring only to the machines removed at that particular branch?

          I’ll keep an eye on PNC to see if they actually remove them from all branches.

          • Zev Katz

            It could be. Also, while coin star charges a fee for gift cards they do not. The only thing is that they do not have that many gift card options. Best options seem to be Home Depot, Amazon and Lowes.

  • Rhonda Hoffman

    Bank of Fort Sheridan in Highwood, IL is great. Machine is in the lobby, dump it all in, grab your printed receipt, walk up to the teller and exchange for bills. Now I am in Fresno, CA and cannot find a single one of these freebies in a bank. I am a Chase customer and they will hand you the paper rolls, but I must have sitting here at least $400 in change. Soooo miss my bank back in Illinois…

    • Simon Zhen

      Would you pay a small fee to have a machine count those coins for you?

    • ClaireMBT

      First of all, wow, $400 in change? That’s a lot of change! If you make it a habit of saving up your coins and can’t find a coin counting machine near you, it might be worth it for you to invest in a coin machine. They sell them on Amazon. Prices vary, but after doing a quick search, it looks like the highest rated ones will run you about $50. Good luck!

  • Debi

    Today is the last day for Chase Bank to convert your coins using the machine 6/30/2015, I just went in there today.

    • Simon Zhen

      Your Chase Bank still had a coin-counting machine available? Care to share which branch location that was?

      • Scott Beldin

        No more. I took in 2k$ in guarters every month. I have 3 accounts at Chase. I went to my branch in July to drop off 4 bags of $500.00 each and the teller said, “sorry, we dont accept unwrapped change anymore as of July 1st”.
        Do you know how time consuming it is to wrap 8000 quarters?

        • Simon Zhen

          Unfortunately, the discontinuation of coin-counting machines seems to be the norm for banks nowadays. Even if banks didn’t carry them in all branches, I’d like to see at least one machine that can serve a general area — I don’t see this happening.

          Out of curiosity, how is it that you come across so many quarters?

  • Kaylynn Christy

    I counted all my coins and put them in coin wrappers. Let me remind you this took about two hours out of my day, being about $30 in pennies alone. Will key Bank take my coins and deposited the funds into my account?

    • Simon Zhen

      Yes, KeyBank will accept your rolled coins for deposit into your account.

  • Robert Lindelof

    BB&T in South Florida has also gotten rid of the machines. Was free for customers but good luck finding a decent deal on pricing now jus about anywhere. I have decided to take my change to Coinstar in Walmart to get an Amazon gift card at no charge and unload my approx $400 in change rather than give them almost $50 to take my money to get cash. Spends the same and I use Amazon quite a bit.

    • Simon Zhen

      Robert, when did you notice that the machines were no longer available? Also, can you share the location of one of these branches where you saw this?

    • Gerri

      All NC State Employee Credit Unions have coin counting machines for free to customers.

  • Kristen

    Marlborough Savings Bank in the MetroWest region of Massachusetts has coin counters in some of their branches. I think they charge 3% for customers who deposit the coins directly into their account (holders of certain high end accounts get this fee waived IIRC), and 7% for everybody else – still cheaper than Coinstar.

    • Simon Zhen

      Wow, surprised that they charge a fee even for customers. Do you know if they charge for coins that you roll yourself?

  • Aimee

    If you’re in the Philadelphia area, Freedom Credit Union has coin counting machines in their branches that are FREE for members AND non-members! Details here:

    • Simon Zhen

      Aimee, wow! Great find! It’s amazing that this credit union offers the service for free. Have you tried used them before? I’m guessing that they try to turn these non-members into members when people try to use the coin-counters.

      • Aimee

        I haven’t, but I’ll update when I do. In general, I’d assume credit unions are more likely than big bank chains to have free/low-fee coin counting.

  • George Schlesner

    In Milwaukee, WI, Guaranty Bank still has coin machines but, does have a strict no customer coin counting policy.

    • Simon Zhen

      Cool, thanks for spreading the word.

      However, what do you mean by a strict no customer coin counting policy? Does that mean you must give your change to the teller, who uses the machine?

  • trainwife

    What if you dump the bag of coins on counter and tell the bank teller that you just want coins deposited into your account? Do they refuse to deposit coins?

    • Simon Zhen

      If the branch has a coin counter in the back, they may accept it.

      If they don’t, the teller will likely tell you that the coins have to be wrapped first (by you). They’ll give you free coin wrappers, but you’ll have to wrap the coins yourself before you can deposit them.

  • kdb

    Hello – there is a company in Harrisburg that places coin machines in banks, credit unions and grocery stores. They have a website You can enter your zip code and find coin machines close to you. They are not national but cover 7 states on the East Coast.

  • Barb Miller

    Santander Bank in Wayne, PA has a coin counting machine still. I used it several years ago to cash in my jug of pennies. Just filled it again and called them and they confirmed they still have the coin counter. Free to customers!

    • Simon Zhen

      Wow, what a lucky find. Unfortunately, I called a couple other Santander Bank’s in the New York area and none of them have coin counting machines. I guess the machines are only in some branches.

      Did you happen to catch what the fee would be for non-customers?

      • Barb Miller

        No, but I’ll find out when I get there. I don’t usually use that branch, only to count coins. The two other branches I use don’t have coin counters.

        • Barb Miller

          I was at the bank today cashing in my 5964 pennies and they do not charge to use the coin counter. They’re “supposed” to charge non-customers, but they don’t always. And they’re the only Santander branch with a coin counter.

          • Simon Zhen

            That’s very generous of Santander (or just that particular branch). Thanks for checking. Also, many pennies you got there!

      • Mary T

        Thanks for the tip. I will call my local Santander Bank.

  • Michael Romm

    Here are the TCF Bank’s fees (for IL, IN, MI, WI, effective 04/28/15):

    Coin Counting for TCF Account Holders:
    – Express Coin Machine — 0% of total
    – Rolled Coin — 0% of total
    – Loose Coin — 5% of total

    Coin Counting for Non-TCF Account Holders:
    – Express Coin Machine — 8.9% of total
    – Rolled Coin — 8.9% of total
    – Loose Coin — 8.9% of total

    I would love to get rid of loose coins accumulated over time, and there are a few TCF branches near me. Still, given their rather stingy policies, I don’t think their mysterious “Express Coin Machine” could sway me to become their customer…

  • Michael K

    One of the PNC Banks in my area will not accept rolled coins in paper wrap. They insist you put it though their self service coin counting machine, which is often not working.

    • Simon Zhen

      That’s a rather unsettling policy — makes sense from an operational perspective, but inconvenient from a customer service perspective.

      The branch won’t accept the rolled coins when the machine is out of order?

  • traethetrth

    North star charter bank offer a coinstar service. it is amazing because the give you 10 % more than your total change amount. If you have an account you may deposit the coins and get the same exact coins back if you withdrawal them in the future. Slap me and call me susie!!

    • Simon Zhen

      I’m going to sound skeptical here but that’s quite a deal — so good that I don’t see the catch here… There has to be a reason that the bank is doing that. I’ve also tried to look up the bank and cannot find it. Can you link me to the bank’s website?

      • ed

        Doesn’t Coinstar charge a fee of 10% for the service? So, I would think that the total amount would be after the fee. Sounds like the bank reimburses the fee for their deposit customers and I highly doubt you would get the ‘same exact coins’ back… how would the bank sort and all of that coin?

        • Simon Zhen

          Ah, if the bank reimburses the customer for Coinstar’s cash-out fee, then that would make sense. Still, it is very generous for the bank to do so.

        • Truthasaurus Rex

          Almost 11% 10.96

      • Carol Darling

        The coin counting machines were found to be inaccurate and some banks are being sued. Hence good bye machines!

  • AR154U

    Sadly my bank doesn’t offer a self-service option with regards to coins.
    Perhaps it’s time for me to patronize another banking institution ?!!

    • Simon Zhen

      As you can see from the very short list above, you’d be hard pressed to find a bank that provides a coin-counting machine. If your current bank does everything else you need it to do, it might be worth staying.

  • Coincounter

    I just called 2 pnc banks in the annapolis, md area and they said they no longer have coin counting machines. Tower bank in Pasadena, md has one and charges 7%

  • Rich Brisbois

    As of 4/20/16 PNC does not have any coin counter’s (at least for MI) but it sounded like they all got rid of them, she said only about a week or so ago…I just missed it, ouch!

    • Simon Zhen

      Thanks for the update. It does appear as PNC Bank is slowly removing the machines, but it is still a little early to say that they are completely unavailable now.

  • Jo Momma

    Representatives from both PNC Back and BB&T have confirmed that they are removing our have already removed all coin counters. Banks address no longer interested in convenience services for customers. I will happily transfer all my accounts to a bank that has a change counter. 🙁

  • Jen

    TD bank removed all their machines before this article was written, and I’m pretty sure PNC removed all of theirs before this article was written. TD says they are planning to bring theirs back after testing.

  • Marianne McKenna

    I just left a TD Bank in Baldwin. The Teller inforned me that coin counters were “down” in all locations. Very disappointed.

    • Wheeets

      I just spoke to a rep that told me they are getting rid of the penny arcade (coin counter machines) in all the branches. However until May 31st 2016, they will refund you (up to $50 per customer) if you are charged a fee at another coin counting machine such as coinstar.

    • InterestingFact

      They are down because TD bank is in the process of being sued by a man who figured out the coin counters were not accurate, counting less than the amount of coins put into the machine.

  • sephethus

    This article is dated March 31st 2016, two days ago, but I’m seeing comments from 9 months ago. What’s the deal?

    • brian1248

      The article is probably updated periodically, and the older comments are for an older version of the article.

  • sephethus

    Will PNC bank accept rolled up coins for deposit now that they’ve removed all their machines?

    • Simon Zhen

      Yes, PNC Bank has always accepted rolled coins for deposit as long as you have an account with them.

  • Julia Barrera

    I can literally find no banks that will count my coins for me in my area. How frustrating it is to collect all these coins and have them be of little use because the institution that is made to count money can’t even handle that task. I may end up doing something drastic like melting all the coins down so no one can use them.

  • Chimbok

    What a bunch of NONSENSE!

    How cheap will the banks get? ? ?

    They’re a rip-off anyway, not even offering the savings account interest of “yester-year”.

    They’re just a receptacle for my money. I really EXPECT MORE services. Coin counters, FOR FREE, are one of them.

    A PERSON ANSWERING THE PHONE is another one. I hate all this automated crap.
    I realize it’s this SADLY OVERPOPULATED WORLD we live in, but I haven’t contributed.
    Shouldn’t I be given a little more priority than “families”?


  • Tilica21

    Navy Federal in O’Fallon, IL has a free coin counting machine for customers. Just take your account number along because it goes directly into your account, but you can withdraw it right away.


      Tilica21, thanks, we’ve added it to our list.

  • Jody

    I took my coins in rolled up to a chase bank and they denied me


      That’s odd that Chase denied it when they actually give out free coin rollers. Have you tried at a different Chase branch? Or call ahead before making the trip?

    • Stefanie Jackson

      Chase bank also denied me today.. hmm..

      • I would complain esp if you have service fees on your account. Change in any denomination is legal tender for all debts public and private, it must be accepted for them to do business in the US. I wold threaten legal action, no problems after that.

  • Jody

    All banks are greedy scamming controlling freeks!! They even steel from your account

  • Aida A

    Anyone out there that can help with information….regarding coin counting machines in Manhattan, NY……..It seems a lot of the banks are getting rid of them…..
    Could you let me no of a bank that still have these machine available…..thank you

  • Carolyn S. Harden

    I heard Republic Bank has free coin counting…..for everybody. 😉

    • Simon Zhen

      Carolyn, thanks for letting us know. It has been added to our table.

      • Eileen Colbert Pattinson

        Excellent! Thanks for the tip Carolyn, this is extremely helpful. I was totally surprised today when I walked into my bank, TD Bank, to cash in my coins for some Christmas cash only to find out that they took away their Penny Arcade machines. How disappointing!! However, there is a Republic Bank just a few miles away which I will be headed to tomorrow. Thank you!!

    • Eileen Colbert Pattinson

      Excellent! Thanks for the tip Carolyn, this is extremely helpful. I was totally surprised today when I walked into my bank, TD Bank, to cash in my coins for some Christmas cash only to find out that they took away their Penny Arcade machines. How disappointing!! However, there is a Republic Bank just a few miles away which I will be headed to tomorrow. Thank you!!

  • Stefanie Jackson

    I went to Chase bank in Stevens Point, WI today and they do not have a coin counting machine.. I was very disappointed and now have to search for where to take my coins.

    • Simon Zhen

      If you don’t mind going through the hassle of rolling your coins, your Chase branch should provide free coin wrappers. After the coins are wrapped, you can deposit them.

  • Mara

    I went today to TD Bank and found out they do not have coin counting they give to me paper wrappers…. What a disappointment me and my husband like to gess how much money we have

  • Jacklyn Chandler

    Peoples bank has machines for their customers only

    • Simon Zhen

      Jacklyn, thanks! We added it to our list.

  • David

    I guess Td bank is not the most convenient bank maybe they should remove. There sign and change there greeting does anyone have a bank that offers this service in pa

  • Debbie

    What a real bummer. Just went to TD Bank today to and found out they no longer have the coin counting machine. I toted all this change in my backpack for nothing so disappointing. They could of had the courtesy to send us a memo. Oh well

    • galacticduck

      Not only that, but they are removing the machines because they were underpaying us for coins. Not intentionally, but still. Something of a scandal.

      • GodGutsGlory

        I pre-counted all my coins and always caught it ripping me off. I would lay out $10 worth of quarters and have the manager count them then have her stand there while the machine counted $8.50. After that they just believed me unless the amount was more than $2 then they would open the machine.

        • a bank ripping people off? say it isn’t so………….

  • Jax

    This is a bunch of bull, I went to TD bank where I bank, loaded my SUV with just 2 Poland spring water jugs and found out they did away with the machines. Now my only option is coin star ?? WTF. They’re rip offs ! 11% they take. Now every full jugs of the quarters I have hold anywhere from $2200-$2400 and they’re going to take out $210.00 on every jug ? That’s crazy. I been saving quarters for 12 years and have 14 jugs and have to cash them in cause I’m moving, what the heck do I do ? It’s going to it’s seriously going to take me at least a month to roll them. Anyone have any suggestions ? Please help. I sold my home and have to be out by August 15th, 2016.

    • adam kleist

      where do you live Jax? anywhere near the Detroit, Michigan area? I’ll gladly offer to help you roll some of the jugs if you need me to…was looking to help anyone who needed it actually to this end and to make a bit of cash for myself in the process as I need the work. If you’re not local, would you be willing to ship here bit by bit if you had to? Either way be happy to help….if/when you see this send me an email at if you’re interested. (anyone else can feel free to email also btw if they need this service)

      • Jerry Rich

        I guess “Jax” isn’t as dumb as he sounds.

      • GodGutsGlory

        I have several bags of 100 dollar bills I need counted. If I mail them to you will you count them for me ? You can take your cut out of the bills. For each million you count, I will let you keep one of the $100.00 bills. Would really be nice to get the help.

    • Tyler jobs

      You complain a lot about other people not having free solutions for you. Either A. Pay a fee for a machine to do it for you or B. Build a machine that counts coins (that’s what someone else did) or C. Count them yourself. Nobody owes you a free solution because you decided to collect coins for 12 years.

      • Jax

        I’ll go with D , mind your own fu ck ing business

        • Tyler jobs

          You asked for suggestions from the public in a public forum. I’m part of the public. Therefore I think it’s fairly clear that it’s in fact, my business.

          • EBAY

            Drop the mic Tyler

            • Jackie

              Hey jax, you made yourself look like asshole. Be grateful for advice. Don’t put your ignorant thoughts online if you don’t want people to comment.

              • Jax

                Blow me , I’ll give you a few quarters .

        • Tyler jobs

          Also it’s not “crazy” to pay $210 to pay someone something that takes you “a month” to do. Seems like a very good deal to me actually. Anyways what did you end up doing?

          • Jax

            It’s $210 a jud x14 compared to free ?
            I had my friend go to Bank of America and deposit it in his acct then he gave me the money. Thank you

    • Your Grandpa

      “Anyone have any suggestions ? Please help.”

      “I’ll go with D , mind your own fu ck ing business”


    • KMac

      I just spoke with Bank of America. They prefer that you NOT roll your coins and just drop them off. They will put the coins in the vault where it is counted – I imagine by a machine – and place the money in your account. The $$ will be deposited in your account with 5 business days for free. Good to know.

      • Jax

        Thank you

    • STeff

      So what did you end up doing? Lol

    • Mike Jaeger

      I know I’m late to the discussion, but check your quarters and dimes for 1964 and prior dates before a coinstar or bank deposit. They are actually 90% silver and are worth way more than face value.

      • Jax

        Ok, thank you very much for the info , I did get rid of the quarters, I have a 5 gallon jug full of pennies left and that jug weighs a ton.

  • Denis D.

    i have a Question?? can i deposit my coins instead trading??

    • Simon Zhen

      Denis, coins can be deposited at most financial institutions.

      If you’re using a third-party coin counting service such as Coinstar, you’ll have the option of changing those coins into things like gift cards. Coinstar also lets you cash out the coins (minus the fee), after which you can deposit as you wish.


    Very mad that TD bank lied to me. I tried to use a penny arcade machine back in May. I was told all the machines from all TD banks were being calibrated and to try back in a few weeks. However, I was traveling for the summer. Just found out that they discontinued the coin counter. I am searching out some credit unions to see if they have machines.

    • FJD

      Yes . same story here. Very upset. I will be leaving TD Bank.

    • Joe Schipani

      thats because when i went there they said that they closed the machines down come to find out that good old penny was ripping ppl off

  • Joanne Monfort

    Walmart had them drop all your coins in get cash idkn if they keep a % of the money

    • Simon Zhen

      Walmart has Coinstar machines in their stores. These machines will collect a 10.9% fee if you decide not to exchange your coins for gift cards.

  • Joanne Monfort

    I AM looking for quaters that I don’t have exchange for one’s. I AM also trying to catch up on the quaters with capitals on them now
    I have a list will send back quaters if someone needs them plz I’M me
    Thank you
    Joanne Monfort
    Reg quater
    Nebraska Idaho


    This is for the quaters with capitals
    Not sure which ones are for 2016 and up
    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    West Virginia
    South Carolina
    New Mexico
    North Dakota


    Ok so the machines at TDB were a little off…maybe by a few cents…someone sued the bank and now…poof….no more machines! People make me crazy…so now I’m off to coinstar to cash in my coins…getting a e-gift card for Amazon and I’m not saving any more coins..Boom!

  • Valentina Garcia

    Does Citibank accept rolled coins?

  • cros99

    TD Bank…the “Most Convenient Bank” has let it’s customers down by “retiring” its change counter machines. I too am looking for another bank that “wants” my business.

  • Brooklynski

    I opened my TD account ONLY because of the coin counting machines. I will close it.

    • Barbara Pearl

      Me too!

      • TD Bank former customer in ME

        me too!! they said the machine was down, but did not know if was going to be for a month or more for them to be back on line.. why did they lie??? Time for anew bank!! I’m sure if I roll and deposit as cash, they will product push!! (can you say “Wells Fargo” lol) oh and it will “take 7 business days to deposit!”” LOL

  • SMB

    Meadville Area Federal Credit Union has a coin machine in their branches – completely free for members, a 9% fee for non members to use

  • dennis walker

    i am shocked by the many people who take their FEDERALLY minted coins to a FEDERALLY ins. bank and have to PAY in order to GIVE the bank ashort term loan interest free upon deposit!!! how can this be legal? isnt counting money one of the reasons we PAY for tellers?

  • lenati

    I save all my coins for a year then at a Christmas I cash them in. This year a disappointment as. The banks are doing away with them. Like they don’t make enough already

  • Aslynn

    West Michigan / Grand Rapids area for coin sorting / loose coin banks:
    All banks want them to be rolled, some will take under $100 unrolled.
    Banks with coin sorters: 5/3 Holland Downtown will take half-dollars (as of 2016 it is broken); Lake Trust Credit Union in Grand Haven, but will not take half-dollars.
    Hopefully this helps someone!

    Now to find a cost effective way to tumble all my coins!

  • sweetiepie54

    Best Bank / Guaranty Bank takes them (when their machines are working). Don’t know if they are nationwide.

  • IanDayre

    Just called Bank of America, they said they don’t have coin counting machines. Appears this site is full of shit.

    • MichaelG

      Dude, can’t you read?! – says “Bank of America – None” 😉

      • james lee

        Lol… That’s what I was thinking also…

  • Rocco Ditalia

    You’re right – “Coin Crappers” are a great way to deposit coins!

  • Sam2001

    I started an account at a local bank, (otherwise we use USAA for everything) just to have a local bank for services like coin deposits. The bank we have an account with was sold to another bank. The new bank removed the coin counters from all the branches. none of the other local branches have coin counters either. Nor does the new casino, everything there is done by cards.

  • 1bestdog

    Complete bullshit that there are 2 coinstar locations in all of Manhattan and none in banks. Nobody has time for wrapping and counting. BTW, you know who depended on coin counting machines? Elderly on fixed limited incomes. Shame on corporate America once again. God forbid banks help local communities they have fleeced for decades.

  • henry cole

    Banks are in business to take your currency in Paper or coin. Good ole American greed

  • Amy Alvarez

    Navy Federal apparently no longer has coin counting/deposit machines. I went in today and was told all branches have gotten rid of them due to the cost to mainatain them. Really??

  • smr413

    People are complaining in comments about the inconvenience of wrapping their coins. There are coin sorting machines for purchase in a wide price range. Google it.

  • Happy coin wrapper

    I rather spend the time and count and wrap my loose coins to take to bank than use the coin machines. They have so many problems that I understand why the banks do not want to deal with them anymore. TD Bank has one that you can use for free if you have an account with them. Be aware of the problems and the annoying customer service they provide when the machine breaks down during your coin counting. It Rejects good coins in return slot. And the nightmare when the machine miscounts your coins!!!! I always counted my coins before I go the coin machine and several times the machine shorted me. Complaining to the bank manager gets you a headache and the runaround. The bank never takes your word on how much you put into machine. Read the customer complaints on TD bank and coin counting machine.

  • TychaBrahe

    In Chicago, Northern Trust has one in its basement at 50 S La Salle. You get a receipt that you take upstairs to a teller.

  • Loco Motive

    Leave it to the big banks to no longer offer this service. Such BS

  • Mr Big

    Why Capital One don’t have coin machines anymore

    • Many banks have removed their coin-counting machines because they say that the machines are not being used enough to justify the cost of maintaining them.

  • Dave Grebin

    Wells Fargo used to provide this service. I took a big jar of change there today and discovered they discontinued the service yesterday. Just my luck!

  • David Mackin

    I get a bunch of free wrappers from the bank then hire my kids to separate, count, and stuff them.
    They get 50%

  • Amy Dorval Fleck

    very helpful information – thanks!

  • Terri Yaki


  • Melody Hammer Biddle

    BMO Harris will be removing their coin sorter 7/30/17.

    • Melody, thanks for the update. We’ll remove BMO Harris from the list above.

  • Danny Modlin

    Navy Federal no longer provides free coin counting for cash.

    • Danny, thanks for the update. Navy Federal CU has been removed from the list.

  • Lotus Elise

    How about American Eagle Federal Credit Union??

  • LC1245234

    Just went into my local Chase bank and the teller told me Chase doesn’t accept unrolled coins any longer.

    • Most banks require rolled coins for deposits. They usually provide free coin wrappers for that purpose.

  • Ed Yung, PE