Updated: Jan 04, 2024

Allstate Insurance 2024 Review: Many Discounts Opportunities

Our review of Allstate looks at the different types of insurance offered and how the various coverages and perks stand out again other insurers.
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Allstate is probably one of the most well-known insurance providers.

Their massive advertising campaigns ensure brand recognition and loyalty almost unparalleled in the insurance industry.

Allstate's prices are on par with key competitors regarding pricing and coverage.

They may even be slightly below-average rates, depending on several factors and discounts.

Their ability to serve customers online makes it convenient to pull quotes, check rates, and file claims.

If you'd like to know more about Allstate's insurance coverage, pricing, and industry standing, here's more information that might help.

Allstate Insurance Pros & Cons

  • National insurance carrier with 24/7 customer service and quoting tool via phone, web, or app
  • Affordable policies, especially on auto, home, and life bundles
  • Many discounts and extra benefits available
  • Many coverage options; may require the help of an agent to sift through all the offerings and discounts

Brief Background: Allstate

Founded in 1931, Allstate is a publicly traded insurance company trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker ALL.

Currently, the insurer has 113 million proprietary policies and provides coverage for auto, home, life, and other insurance types.

Allstate offers various insurance products under its main moniker, Allstate, but also through other brands and distribution channels, including Esurance, Encompass, SquareTrade, and Answer Financial.

Allstate's corporate responsibility guidelines support commitments to a variety of causes.

Allstate currently uses a portion of its corporate profits and operating procedures to focus on diversity, sustainable business practices, community giving, military support, and more.

Industry ratings

Allstate life companies have consistently earned solid ratings, such as A+ scores from A.M. Best.

According to a study by J.D. Power, the company has also achieved a high ranking for customer satisfaction due to the growth of its digital channels.

Customer service

Like most national carriers, Allstate's customer service can be handled online, with a local agent, or by calling the 24/7 customer service line.

Allstate has a robust app, allowing you to easily access your policies, track insurance records, and get help.

The app, available on iOS and Android, has many valuable features:

  • Digital ID cards
  • Drivewise® (Rewards for safe driving)
  • QuickFoto Claim®
  • Bill pay
  • Roadside assistance
  • Agent Access
  • Allstate Digital Locker®
  • Policy access

If, for whatever reason, you don't have access to your login credentials, Allstate's Express Access gives you quick, limited access to your account.

With Express Access, you can download your ID cards and pay your bills by providing your policy number, last name, and ZIP code on the Allstate website.

Auto Insurance Overview

Allstate offers many of the standard coverages you would expect for a national carrier and some additions that are uncommon.

Here are some quick highlights of their auto coverage options:

  • Collision
  • Liability
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured & underinsured motorist coverage
  • Personal injury protection
  • Personal Umbrella
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Sound system
  • Car insurance for travel to Mexico

Allstate also offers some additional benefits for policyholders. Some are included in your auto insurance premium, and others cost extra:

  • Allstate rewards: Safe drivers can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards
  • Car buying service: Car reports, savings, and access to a certified dealer network
  • Deductible Rewards: Drivers get $100 off their deductible, plus $100 each year they remain accident-free—up to $500 (add-on)
  • Accident forgiveness: Even if you're at fault, an accident won't affect your rates (add-on)
  • New car replacement: If your new car is totaled, it will be replaced, not just reimbursed for the depreciated value (add-on)
  • Safe driving bonus: Get a bonus every six months you're accident-free (add-on)
  • Roadside assistance (add-on)
  • Extended vehicle care: Covers some repairs; offers seven years and 100,000 miles of protection (add-on)

Allstate auto insurance discounts

Discount Notes
New car Must be the first owner of the car
Multi-policy When your auto policy is combined with an Allstate homeowners or renters policy
Safe driving discount For drivers with a good driving record; must also meet safe driving requirements
Smart student For students that meet one or more of the qualifications
Anti-lock brake discount
Anti-theft device discount
Early Signing Discount® Applies when you activate your policy 7 or more days before it becomes effective
Responsible payer discount Applies if f you did not receive a cancellation notice for non-payment in the past year
EZ pay plan discount For those who choose autopay for their premiums
Allstate eSmart® discount Applied for paperless statements
FullPay® discount Must pay your policy in full, upfront
Allstate Ride for Hire Can cover insurance gaps for those participating in ridesharing programs as drivers

Homeowners Insurance Overview

Allstate homeowners insurance also has standard coverage you'd expect from a national insurance carrier.

Covered perils include damage from fire, smoke, lightning, wind, hail, theft, and vandalism. Flood insurance can be purchased separately.

Here's what Allstate homeowners insurance covers for your home, condo, or mobile home:

  • Dwelling Liability
  • Personal property

In addition to these coverages, you may be able to add the following endorsements to your homeowners policy:

    • Identity theft restoration
    • Water backup
    • Scheduled personal property (appraised valuables like jewelry and antiques)
    • Business property
    • Sports equipment
    • Green improvement reimbursement (replacing damaged or destroyed items with more energy-efficient items)
    • Yard and garden
    • Electronic data recovery
    • Musical instruments
    • HostAdvantage® Home-Sharing Insurance
    • Guest medical protection

    Allstate homeowners insurance discounts

    Discount Notes
    Claim rateguard® Prevents your premium from increasing just because you file a claim
    Claim-free rewards You can save on your premium when you switch to Allstate without recent claims
    Claim-free bonus 5% back on your renewal every year you don’t file a claim
    Deductible rewards Get $100 off your deductible when signing up; receive an additional $100 off each year you stay claim-free, up to $500
    Welcome & loyalty discount Save 10% on your premium for switching to Allstate; 10% stays in place as long are you are a customer
    Homebuyer discount For newly constructed homes or recent home purchase
    Easy Pay Plan® Save up to 5% for autopay
    Protective device discount Applied when you have theft or fire protection devices
    Early signing discount Save up to 10% if you sign up for a new policy at least 7 days before your current one expires

    Life Insurance Review

    Allstate offers the following life insurance products:

      • Term insurance: Starts at $24/month for a 20-year, $250,000 policy; flexible term lengths between 10-30 years
      • Universal life insurance: Policies start as low as $79.69/month for a $100,000 policy
      • Whole life insurance: Policies start as low as $136.68/month for $100,000 of coverage
      • Variable universal life insurance: Rates vary; allows policyholders to invest their cash through various subaccounts

      Read the fine print, understand your coverage

      As with all insurance policies, be sure to go over the fine print regarding the coverages offered.

      It would be best to ensure the coverage limits were sufficient and that you were comfortable with the deductible and monthly premium amounts.

      Based on your state's regulations, coverages, benefits, limits, and deductibles will vary. There may be some limitations and exclusions that apply to your policies.

      If you have questions about your policy and available coverages, you should speak with an Allstate agent for clarity.

      Bottom Line

      Allstate Insurance could be a good choice if you are looking to save money on your insurance costs while possibly picking up several additional and even unique coverage options.

      Their rates are already relatively competitive, and their varied discounts can make them even more so.

      It doesn't hurt that they have thousands of offices nationwide and a vast network of agents that can walk you through getting estimates and filing claims.

      If nothing else, the ease of getting a quick quote via their online tool should be enough incentive to compare them to your current insurer.

      As long as you have your declarations page(s) handy, you should be able to compare prices and coverage limits and determine if switching carriers makes sense.