Updated: Jan 04, 2024

Progressive Insurance 2024 Review: Multiple Discount Offers

Our review of Progressive looks at the insurance offerings, especially for auto coverage, and the multiple discounts and promotions available often.
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You may know about Progressive's insurance products from its ever-running ad campaigns and its beloved spokesperson, Flo.

Not only is Progressive a genius at creating fun and engaging TV ads, but they also offer various insurance products.

If you want to know more about the policy options available, here's a breakdown of Proggresive's offerings for homeowners, auto, and life insurance.

Progressive Insurance Pros & Cons

  • Large selection of policy types
  • Many discount options
  • Efficient customer service enabled by technology
  • Low ratings for customer service
  • Prices could be high for drivers that are young, have tickets, or have an accident history

Basic Background: Progressive

Founded in 1937, Progressive is a publicly traded insurance company.

Progressive sells its line of personal insurance products through both agencies and direct channels. The agency channel is a network of more than 35,000 independent insurance agencies in the United States.

The insurer's direct business comes through the internet, mobile devices, and over the phone, accounting for about 50% of its premiums.

Finally, it's helpful to know that Progressive's policies are sometimes underwritten directly by Progressive, a related insurance company owned by Progressive, or an unaffiliated insurance company.

In some cases, Progressive acts as a marketing channel and may not always underwrite your insurance policy. Depending on your location, an insurer from their network may underwrite your policy.

Industry ratings

As of December 2020, AM Best affirmed Progressives Financial Strength Rating (FSR) of A+ (Superior.)

Based on J.D. Power's 2020 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, Progressive received an 856 on the 1,000-point scale. Out of the 25 companies ranked in this study, Progressive was 4th to last.

Progressive is not certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB,) but its BBB profile does have information on complaints.

As of this writing, 2,900 complaints closed in the last three years, and 1,069 were closed during the previous 12 months. 

Customer service

Progressive offers many tech-enabled customer service options — from the smartphone app to Facebook chatbots and their toll-free customer service number.

The Progressive insurance app is rated 3.5 stars out of 4 on the Apple App Store and enables policyholders to access account information, including:

  • Policy information
  • Billing and payments
  • ID cards and documents
  • Claims center
  • Roadside assistance
  • New products and quotes

Auto Insurance Overview

Progressive's most famous insurance line is its auto insurance. Here's a highlight of their standard coverage options:


This protection kicks in for accidents when you are determined to be at fault in an auto accident.

It pays for property damage, injuries you cause to others while driving, and court and attorney costs.

Comprehensive & collision

Progressive's comprehensive auto coverage repairs or replaces your car due to covered incidents like theft, vandalism, hitting an animal, fire, or some natural disasters.

This coverage will also repair glass damage on your vehicle.

Collision coverage pays for damages to your car if you're in an accident, no matter who caused the accident.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist

This coverage protects you from drivers who are not insured or do not have enough insurance to cover damage to your vehicle from an accident.

This coverage protects you when a stationary object like a tree, guardrail, or fence damages your car.

Roadside assistance

If your car breaks down, this coverage will pay for towing services and more.

It also covers flat tires, fuel delivery, lock-out, and jumpstart services.

If there's any labor required onsite where your vehicle is disabled, one hour of work is covered. This service can also apply to motorcycles, RVs, and boats.

Ways to save on your Progressive auto insurance policy

Progressive gives their policyholders many opportunities to save money. Here are a few discount options:

Bundle auto and property

Progressive offers multi-policy discounts. You can bundle home or renters and auto insurance to save money.

According to Progressive's website, you can get a discount for other policy combinations, including motorcycle/boat, boat/RV, renters/motorcycle/boat, and others.


This discount program helps you save money based on your driving habits. Snapshot monitors your driving through the Progressive app or a plug-in device.

Policyholders rated as safe or infrequent drivers will save money.

Though it's possible that your rate could increase, Progressive reports that their policyholders save an average of $145 per year using Snapshot.

You even have the option to test it out for 30 days if you are not yet a Progressive customer. If you earn a discount based on the test, you'll get an invitation to get a quote for auto insurance with Progressive.

Rate comparison tool

Progressive has a rate comparison tool helps you compare quotes for multiple car insurance carriers.

With the tool, you choose the desired coverage(s,) view Progressive's rate, and answer a few questions.

Then, Progressive will show you prices from different companies.

Name your price tool.

With this tool, you state the amount you are willing to pay for your monthly premium.

From here, Progressive will suggest a combination of payment options and coverage types that might meet your budget.

Deductible savings bank

Policyholders add $50 to their Deductible Savings Bank each time they finish a policy term without an accident or a violation.

When there is a comprehensive or collision claim, they can pay from their Deductible Savings Bank.

Progressive Homeowners Insurance Overview

Progressive homeowners insurance covered perils, including damage from fire, wind, hail, tornadoes, falling trees/limbs, ice dams, roof damage, and others.

Their standard homeowners coverages include:


Dwelling coverage pays to repair or rebuild your house and some attached structures due to damage from a covered incident.

Detached garages, sheds, barns, unattached guest homes, and fences can be protected by request at an additional charge.

Temporary living expenses

Sometimes, your home may be unlivable due to a covered loss, and you may need to relocate temporarily while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.

Your homeowner's insurance with Progressive will cover any increase in expenses for these arrangements up to your policy's limit.

Everyday covered expenses may include hotels and meals.


Personal liability insurance protects you and your assets if you are liable for someone else's death, damages, or injuries.

Additional coverages are available for libel, slander, and other lawsuits.

Personal property

This covers damage or destruction to your personal property from a covered occurrence.

Furniture, clothes, electronics, appliances, tools, power equipment, and other belongings are covered up to the policy's limit.

You may need more coverage for more expensive items. You can add jewelry or art by adding a rider for these items at an additional cost.

Progressive homeowner's insurance discounts

  • Bundling: Get a multi-policy discount by purchasing two or more Progressive insurance policies
  • Quote in advance: Save when you get a homeowners insurance quote ten days before your policy starts
  • Alarm systems and safety devices: Installing fire and burglar alarms, automatic sprinklers, or a security system in your home can garner a discount
  • New home: For a new home that you purchase or build
  • Single deductible: If you bundle Progressive homeowners and auto, and one incident/claim applies to both, you only have to pay one deductible
  • Pay your policy in full
  • Go paperless

Life Insurance Overview

Progressive offers the following life insurance products:

Term life insurance

Progressive offers policies in 10, 20, and 30-year terms.

Policies can start at just $14 per month for coverage up to $5,000 through Progressive's life insurance affiliate, eFinancial.

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance is a permanent type that accrues a cash value as policyholders pay their premiums.

You can borrow against the policy or leave a tax-free lump-sum payout to your beneficiaries.

Universal life insurance

Universal life insurance is like whole life insurance because you can borrow against the accrued cash value.

Universal life insurance differs slightly because policyholders can increase or decrease the premiums and death payout benefits.

Final expenses (burial) insurance

Burial insurance policies with Progressive can start as low as $20 per month and offer up to $35,000 of coverage.

These policies can cover expenses like a funeral or the policyholder's remaining legal and medical bills.

Bottom Line

Progressive offers many of the standard coverages and discounts you'd expect from a large insurer. Their prices are on par with their competitors as well.

Progressive seems to shine in the area of efficiency and technology, making it ideal for customers who appreciate this convenience regarding insurance. Unfortunately, their customer service ratings are not as impressive as their feats in automation and technology.

If you shop for insurance, research can't hurt. The Progressive quote comparison tool can help you find reasonable prices for insurance whether you choose to get insurance coverage with Progressive or not.