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Learn When Your Check Funds Will Be Available and Never Pay Overdraft Fees Again

Learn how long it takes for funds to clear on a check deposit and when you can withdraw those funds.

Check fund available

Where you bank is a big factor when it comes to how long you must wait for a check to clear.

MyBankTracker took a peek at the most recent account agreements from all the nation's biggest banks which indicate it is policy to make funds from all check deposits available on the first business day after the deposit is received.

From firsthand experiences, you'll know that it isn't always the case. The reality is that it is very hard to determine exactly when a check will clear fully.

Quick answer: When you deposit checks through a bank teller, the teller can immediately tell you how long the bank will place a hold on your check deposit.

But, while you wait for check funds to clear, each of the banks makes an effort to provide at least some access to the check funds.

This courtesy is part of each bank's "fund availability policy."

How much is available to you after a check deposit

Bank When funds become available:
Bank of America The first $200 of the check amount is available for cash withdrawal no later than one business day after the deposit.
Wells Fargo The first $200 of your deposit is available on the first or second business day after the deposit.
Chase At least the first $200 of the check deposit will be available on the first business day after the day of your deposit.
Citibank The first $200 of your total deposits will be available immediately on the business day of the deposit. Deposits of $5,000 or less usually clear within 3 business days. Deposits of more than $5,000 usually take 4 business days to clear.
U.S. Bank The first $200 of the total check deposits will be available no later than the first business day after the deposit, usually available immediately.
Capital One The first $200 of your deposit will be available on the first business day.
PNC Bank The first $100 is available on the evening of the day of the deposit. An additional $100 is available on the first business day after the day of the deposit.
TD Bank The first $100 is available on on the same day of the deposit. An additional $100 becomes available no later than the first business day after your deposit.
BB&T Bank The first $200 of your deposit may be available on the first business day after the day of your deposit.
SunTrust Bank The first $200 of each day’s total deposits will be available on the first business day after the day of the deposit. Additionally, up to $400 of a deposit of local checks is available at 5pm and after on the 2nd business day after the deposit. The remaining funds of the deposit of local checks will be available on the 3rd business day following the deposit.


  • Business days include Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
  • Some banks reward long-time customers for their loyal support. Citibank, for instance, allows for an increased same-day deposit availability depending on the age of the account, as noted by a representative, "The same-day deposit availability increases as the accounts get older and with good banking relationship of the client."
  • New accounts are subject to different regulations. It takes many banks an additional day for checks to clear if an account where the funds are being deposited is less than 30 days old.

As you can see, check clearing times at the top banks are not all the same. Therefore, it is wise to understand the regulations put into place to the financial institution where you hold your money.

Understanding how long it will take for a check to clear once you deposit the funds can help you properly manage your money.

While mobile deposits have made the depositing process much more convenient, you still have to wait for the funds to clear, which can be frustrating, confusing and stressful.

It's easy to advise people not to deposit checks too close to when bills are due, but oftentimes it is not by choice -- people sometimes get paid late, and in general, are living paycheck to paycheck.

Being late on bills may incur late fees, and if payments from your account bounce, you will get charged expensive overdraft fees from your bank.

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Available Funds vs. Account Balance

There are two different forms of verification that indicate your funds are available in your account.

The first is your available account balance, which is how much you have to use at your disposal.

The other is your actual account balance -- the total amount you have in your account, including funds that have yet to clear.

While your account balance may represent a higher number than the available balance, think of your available balance as a true indicator of the amount of money you can spend.

For anyone who actively deposits checks into their bank account, it is crucial to know check clearing times, especially if you manage more than one bank account.

Compare the times it takes a check to clear at the top banks to get an idea of when your deposited funds will be available.

How long does it take for a cashier's check to clear?

While the majority of banks make the funds from a cashier's check available to you the next business day, the funds are still at risk for being rescinded.

This happens in the instance that you deposit a counterfeit cashier's check.

There is an ongoing scam in which victims are given a counterfeit cashier's check to deposit.

It may take weeks for the bank to determine that it is fake -- and by this time the victim has most likely already spent the funds.

When this happens, the victim is, unfortunately, liable for the money spent, even if it was made available to the account from the bank.

Why is an overdraft fee charged when a deposit was made on time?

You may deposit a check in the hopes to avoid an overdraft fee, but your efforts may be in vain.

f you are on the cusp of being charged an overdraft fee, your best bet is to deposit cash, not a check.

As noted, it may take at least a few days for the funds from a check to be available for you to use when deposited into your account.

Banks only refer to a number of funds you have available when processing overdraft fees.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the funds will be available before your account reaches a negative balance.

If you do not deposit the funds with an adequate amount of time for your bank to fully verify the amount, you may be hit with overdraft fees.

Choose the right bank for your financial needs.

Look for a bank that clears checks in a short amount of time if you regularly deposit and write checks. Also, choose a bank that you feel has a reputation that you can trust.

For instance, MyBankTracker user expressed frustration about how Citizens Bank failed to deposit funds into the correct account, "Doing whatever it takes to stick it to the customer.

I deposit a tenant's rent check to my line of credit, they deduct it from a random checking account when it bounces."

If you have more than one account with the same bank and deposit a check or multiple checks, make sure that all funds are being deposited to the right accounts, as banks do make errors. Confirm with a teller or check your online statements.

In your research to find the perfect bank, make sure you find one that will accommodate your needs.

For instance, if you are always on the go and need funds to be available soon after you receive checks, choose a bank with more flexible hold times, such as one that makes funds available for mobile deposit the next business day.

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Ask a Question

Friday, 22 Jul 2022 9:15 PM
<p>Depends on the type of check .. for me it would clear next day that is not a large sum at all. But if you are not use to making that kind of deposit then they will hold it. But say your paychecks are around that they won't hold it because they know they can revover the funds faster if the check bounces.. I do know if you have DD they also are more legit with you.</p>
Friday, 22 Jul 2022 9:13 PM
<p>3-7 days . My mom's check was 100,000 and I had a 7 day hold on mine. Bank Of America. Not bad atl all I feel.. But then I Had a little 1200 check from work a bonus check and they held the check for 7 days what in the world. I don't know its weird.</p>
Friday, 06 Aug 2021 8:52 PM
<p>I deposited a check from a business on a Thursday, it was for less than $500. The teller told me there was no hold on the check when I asked her. A few minutes later, the customer service rep called, telling me that a 9 day hold was placed on my check, and no funds would be available until the 9 days were passed. There is no $200 or $100 available the next day or second business day. I have zero access to this money until my 9 days have passed. I feel it's a bit excessive. They acted insulted when I told them as such.</p>
Thursday, 27 Feb 2020 5:51 AM
<p>Same they told me that to a few times from a few banks</p>
Friday, 08 Mar 2019 12:20 AM
<p>Ellen, you should not have any issues about depositing a check (written with your name as the payee) into your own account. If you find it difficult to access your account or finding an answer about what happened to your account, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for an investigation:</p><p><a href=";cuid=15643" rel="nofollow noopener" title="">https://www.consumerfinance...</a></p><p>Now, if you're saying that your friend had you deposit her check into your account, the bank may have suspected check fraud and closed/froze your account. If this is what happened, you may try to explain it to the bank for an agreeable resolution. Otherwise, this may cause a negative remark to be recorded in your ChexSystems report. This could make it difficult for you to open a new checking account at another bank.</p>
Friday, 08 Mar 2019 12:13 AM
<p>Yes, a portion of the funds will be made accessible immediately.</p>
Thursday, 07 Mar 2019 3:35 PM
<p>About two months ago my friend who does not have a bank account asked me to deposit my other check into my account so she wouldn't be hit with a bunch of illegitimate fees I did at my CHASE checking account and then all of a sudden my account was closed immediately without any warning and they told me that I had to call them back in February or March to get my available balance now here it is two months later and I have called about the check and now they are telling me that I need to call the people that initiated the check and have them do a stop payment on it and re-issue another but they will send me a copy of the original check I am totally confused and don't understand it this does not seem legal in any way form or fashion please help if you have any suggestions and I know that banks are not allowed to keep your friends for more than like nine days or something but it seems like Chase is doing in most in keeping this little $1,400</p>
Sunday, 26 Aug 2018 9:13 PM
<p>If I deposit my check via the mobile app Will I still have access to the first 100.00</p>
Wednesday, 30 May 2018 1:02 AM
<p>If my boa account is negative 250 and I drop a 3500$ check in my account will I still have a immediate balance I can withdraw</p>
Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018 1:53 AM
<p>If my account is negative $100 and I deposit a check for $1,000. Will $200 still be available next business day or only $100 due to me being negative $100 at time of deposit? Chase bank</p>
Tuesday, 07 Nov 2017 6:05 AM
<p>Pnc did away with the $100 available the first day. You have to wait two business days to get access to the funds or pay to have it available quicker.</p>
Monday, 04 Sep 2017 2:06 AM
<p>When will my check fund available please.</p>
Monday, 04 Sep 2017 2:03 AM
<p>It is acceptable and intersting to note.</p>
Monday, 28 Aug 2017 9:10 PM
<p>I put in a 344$ check into my debit card on Friday at 2 pm. It is Monday at 4pm should I be worried? How long would I have to wait until I get my full balance?</p>
Friday, 21 Apr 2017 10:32 AM
<p>I need deposit a check but im negative 700 but check 4,000 how much be available then in first convenience bank <br></p>
Friday, 13 Jan 2017 7:09 AM
<p>I have Wells Fargo for 8 yrs if I deposit life insurance check for 50,000 when will funds be available<br></p>
Friday, 09 Sep 2016 5:31 AM
<p>Wells Fargo and other big banks (B of A) like to lie and tell you holds are placed "for security reasons" and "federal law requires (Reg CC) all banks to have holds" (This is about only 50% correct) Then they try to up sell you to a more expensive account lying to you that “if you gets this account, holds will be released faster.” The real reason Wells Fargo and others likes to hold people money (aka "deposit holds") is because they float your money. Let's say you deposit $10,000 and Wells Fargo or whatever bank has the money but still haven't released it to you.....if they do this with thousands and thousands of people, the amount of money Wells Fargo makes using your money investing in short term investments (7-12 days) is staggering.</p><p>Example: Big Bank puts hold on 5,000 customers for around $7,000 each….. That means the bank has $35,000,000 in monies there holding not yet released. For the sake of it, that bank throws that 35 million into a short term investment at a return of 4%…. That bank just netted $1,400,000 using YOUR money. This is happening everyday.</p><p>It's all about business and using your money as leverage before giving it to you. (They legally can hold your money up to 12 days) Banks make hundreds of millions of dollars doing this... Wells Fargo just happens to be the worst and greediest in the industry. So while you are waiting for your much needed money, Wells Fargo and other banks are floating that money with thousands of other customers accumulating interest. It's a corrupt cycle in the banking world that ultimately hurts the end user..... customers.</p>
Sunday, 24 Jul 2016 8:19 AM
<p>I have Wells Fargo I deposited a check for 7k I'm a minor so it's a legal hold till I'm 18 but my mobile app say I have 200$ of it available but I can't transfer it over so is it not mine to spend or is I just didnt wait long enough because it also say my hold ends the 29th but why is it available now then </p>
Saturday, 09 Jul 2016 9:37 PM
<p>It can also leave you vulnerable to strong-arm robberies.</p>
Saturday, 09 Jul 2016 9:27 PM
<p>Depends on your bank's policy. Some banks will hold personal checks longer than business checks, since personal checks are more likely to bounce.</p>
Saturday, 09 Jul 2016 9:26 PM
<p>Depends on the bank's policy. Most large checks take 5 business days to clear.</p>
Saturday, 09 Jul 2016 9:24 PM
<p>The person who can tell you is an officer of the bank, so call and find out. (Suggest you use some of your funds to take a refresher course in English).</p>
Friday, 24 Jun 2016 10:09 PM
<p>I get 24,000 cheak from my financial compani to by equpment from dealer out of my state but the cheak is written by undaer dealers company name,so dealers said me I have to wait until the check is clear ,he deposit the check yesterday,how long it take to be clear?can any one tel me please? To day is Friday it will be clear on Saturday? </p>
Wednesday, 22 Jun 2016 5:14 AM
<p>It could clear as early as the next morning.</p>
Tuesday, 14 Jun 2016 5:55 PM
<p>i have a one day hold on my checks depsoited through the atm i deposited a check yesterday before 6 what time would my funds be avaialble</p>
Wednesday, 01 Jun 2016 9:51 PM
<p>I bank with Regions and will recieve a check for $14,000 drawn on a Suntrust check. long does it take to clear</p>
Tuesday, 31 May 2016 4:41 PM
<p>Although it is unlikely that the non-matching names of the check and the account are an issue, it is possible that the bank sees it as a risk. If the funds are not in the account within 2 business days, it would be wise to contact both banks to see what the problem may be.</p>
Friday, 27 May 2016 3:05 AM
<p>I have my direct deposit set to my fiancés account in us bank (i am not on hes account) my check says paid but its not showing pending or anything how long will it take to be deposited? Or will therr be problems?</p>
Thursday, 11 Feb 2016 11:32 PM
<p>There are multiple factors that can affect your specific deposit. Generally, if there aren't issues, you can expect the check to clear within 3 to 7 business days.</p>
Thursday, 11 Feb 2016 8:42 PM
<p>if I deposit $1900 how long will they put a hold on it.</p>
Monday, 19 Oct 2015 4:15 PM
<p>Depending on your bank and its policies, you should be able to withdraw a portion of that check amount immediately. For most banks, the first $200 of a check deposit can be withdrawn immediately.</p>
Sunday, 18 Oct 2015 9:55 PM
<p>What if you deposit a $60 check on Sunday? Can you withdraw it that same day?</p>
Saturday, 07 Mar 2015 3:46 PM
<p>That's what I'm trying to figure out. This is my exact question. Have you found anything out yet?</p>
Thursday, 05 Mar 2015 11:39 PM
<p>Can anyone tell me how long it takes for funds to become available to an account from a trust fund deposit via check from an account with funds well over the million dollar range ?</p>
Tuesday, 23 Dec 2014 6:58 PM
<p>Many things come into play. What is it a cash deposit or a check deposit? What it a small or large amount of money?</p>
Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 5:55 PM
<p>My husband made a deposit today from a ATM it told him his funds won't be ready till the 26th why is that? If it supposed to be next day</p>
Thursday, 26 Jun 2014 3:32 PM
<p>The information I gathered was taken directly from the U.S. Bank website. I chatted with a representative by the name of Darla and this was her response, "For the first 30 days of your account, deposited checks are made available within 5 business days of the date of deposit. After 30 days, deposited checks are available the following business day after the date of deposit."</p><p>Sorry if there are any discrepancies, but I do contact banks directly in order to ensure the information I present is as accurate as possible.</p>
Wednesday, 25 Jun 2014 3:39 AM
<p>Check your facts! I am a teller at US Bank and $200 is ALWAYS immediately available if you deposit with a teller! The rest is available the following business day unless we have reason to believe there may be a problem with the check or if the check is a large dollar amount (over $5000). Even the large dollar amount may be ignored if you have an established customer relationship.</p>
Wednesday, 18 Jun 2014 9:01 PM
<p>The whole available funds vs accnt balance thing always throws me off. Like i see whats in my accnt n just assume thats what i can spend Its def a lil tricky. I think thats how i gotten myself into a few "over-draft" situations. Those fees r no fun! and this is y dealing with cash is so much easier.</p>

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