Chase Bank ATM Check Deposit
Chase Bank ATM Check Deposit

MyBankTracker examined factors that determine how long it takes for your check to clear and what you can expect after you make your deposit

Time It Takes For Checks To Clear

Type of CheckTime To ClearFund Availability
Regular Checks At An ATM or Branch TellerReceive a deposit receipt with the date and time of when the check will be cleared and the hold time (if any)Can expect funds in 1-2 business days unless it is an unusually significant amount
Cashier's ChecksCan clear on the next business day, unless a bank suspects there might be fraud, then could be several weeksCan be available on the next business day in most cases
Money OrdersCan clear on the next business day, unless a bank suspects there might be fraud, then could be several weeksCan be available on the next business day in most cases
Mobile Check DepositsReceive a deposit receipt with the date and time of when the check will be clearedSimilar to regular checks, you can expect funds in 1-2 business days unless it is an unusually significant amount

(Note: you may be limited to the amount you can deposit through mobile check deposits)
Post-Dated ChecksBanks will accept post-dated checks immediately and begin to process them like they would for any other regular check

(Note: be aware of possible insufficient funds fees as the payer or returned deposit fees as the payee)
Similar to regular checks, you can expect funds in 1-2 business days unless it is an unusually significant amount

Regular Checks at an ATM or Branch Teller
Cashier’s Checks
Money Orders
Mobile Check Deposits
Post-Dated Checks
When Funds Are Delayed
Holds on Checks
Fund Availability vs. Time It Takes For a Check to Clear
Business Day Cutoff Times

Regular Checks at an ATM or Branch Teller

After making your deposit at an ATM or at the branch teller, you will receive a deposit receipt with the date and time of when the check will be cleared and the hold time on the check, if any. (A hold time refers to how long the check will be placed on hold, and banks use many factors to determine this, including your account history and account balances.)

The actual time of how long it will take for the check to clear won’t stray too far from the expected time presented on the deposit receipt. You can expect the funds to be available as indicated on the slip, which is usually 1 to 2 business days, at most, unless it is a significant amount.

Chase Check ATM deposit
This receipt was from Chase for a deposit that was made. As you can see, the check deposit will most likely clear the next day, but it also states that there could be a delay.

Large Deposits Vary Based on Customer Relationship

The policy for very large deposits varies by bank. We spoke with a banking representative at Chase Bank, who better explained their policy to us. The rep explained that the speed of the check deposit also weighs heavily on the banking relationship the customer has with Chase.

Let’s say Chase customer John Doe is in good standing with the bank and normally keeps a high balance in his account and wants to deposit a $10,000 check. The rep told us in this case, the check would probably clear the next business day.

However, if John normally had an average balance of $1 in his account and tried to deposit $10,000, Chase would probably put the check on hold (for up to 10 business days). Also, if John showed regular overdraft activity and had a number of returned deposits, it would also delay the clearing of his check.

For all accounts other than Chase Analysis Business Checking (with or without Interest): Wire transfers, electronic direct deposits, and cash deposits will be available on the day Chase receive your deposit. Except when you make other deposits, the funds are available on the first business day after the day we receive your deposit.

In most cases when you deposit checks drawn on a Chase account:

  • At a teller station, funds from these deposits made with an employee will be available on the same day we receive your deposit;
  • At an ATM, some or all funds from these deposits will be available on the same day we receive your deposit.

Once funds are available, you may withdraw them or use them to pay checks and other items.

Cashier’s Checks

The rules are different when it comes to cashier’s checks. The good news is, it is more secure than a personal check, as the funds are held by a bank. Therefore, the verification process from the paying institution is curtailed significantly, making it possible for most banks to have the funds available to you by the next business day, in most cases.

Not surprisingly, a cashier’s check from the same bank that issued it is likely to deposit much more quickly that one that is issued by a different bank. The bank would be able to verify the funds much quicker.

This is unless the bank suspects the cashier’s check to be fraudulent — at which time, it may still take up to several weeks to verify the check.

Money Orders

Money orders are very similar to cashier’s checks. They are frequently bought through the United State Postal Service, Western Union, MoneyGram, and financial institutions. When a money order is deposited at a bank, the bank collects the funds from one of these institutions.

The time it takes for money orders to clear will be similar to that of cashier’s checks — so one business day. Like other forms of payments, money orders can be fake and used to scam unsuspecting people. So, a bank may take longer to clear the money order if it believes fraud is involved.

Mobile Check Deposits

Ally Bank Check Depsoit
Ally Bank Check Deposit

With the ability to deposit checks through smartphones, you may expect different rules for them. However, mobile check deposits will clear in roughly the same amount of time as a regular check deposit made at an ATM. You’re submitting a check image for reviews — similar to what happens when you submit a check at the ATM.

Note that your bank will have limits on the amount that can be deposit through your smartphone.

Post-Dated Checks

People often write post-dated checks with the expectation that they’re deposited at a later time. This practice may be used when sufficient funds are not available yet. The post-dated check acts as an agreement to pay — with the expectation that the recipient doesn’t deposit it until the date written on the check.

Although you may think that the bank won’t process a check deposit until the date written on it the check, that’s not the usually not the case.

Generally, banks will accept check deposits even if they’re post-dated. And, they’ll begin to process them immediately and it will follow the same procedure as a regular check for deposit clearance. If there aren’t enough funds in the accounts, the payer will get hit with a fee for insufficient funds. Meanwhile, you (as the payee) may be charged with a returned deposit fee.

When Funds Are Delayed

In some cases, Chase may not make all of the funds that you deposited by check available by the first business day after the day of your deposit. Funds may not be available until the second business day after the day of your deposit. However, at least the first $200 of these deposits will be available on the first business day after the day of your deposit. If you will need the funds from a deposit right away, you should ask us when the funds will be available, but further review of the deposit after we receive it may still result in delayed availability.

For all accounts: Funds you deposited by check may be delayed for longer than two business days under the following circumstances:

  • If bank believes a check you deposited will not be paid;
  • You deposited checks totaling more than $5,000 in any one day;
  • You redeposited a check that has been returned unpaid;
  • You have overdrawn your account repeatedly in the last six months; or
  • There is an emergency, such as failure of communications or systems.

If the bank delay availability for one of these reasons, funds may not be available until the seventh business day after the day of your deposit.

If your check deposit is made with one of the employees or at an ATM and decides at that time to delay your ability to withdraw funds, they will tell you then. If bank decides to delay the availability of your funds after you complete your deposit, the bank will mail you a deposit hold notice.

Holds on Checks

In the case that the check cannot be cleared, a hold is placed on the check and it will be resubmitted for approval. This will prolong the process. Other reasons for a delay may be due to insufficient funds or a frozen, blocked, or closed account.

Related: What Happens When You Deposit a Post-Dated Check Early?

However, if nothing looks out of the ordinary, your bank should receive the funds from the paying institution within 5 business days — at which time the check will clear. But keep in mind that even if your bank is still waiting for the money from the paying institution, they can still release the funds to be available to you. This is called fund availability.

Fund Availability vs. Time It Takes For a Check to Clear

Many bank customers may confuse the terms “fund availability” with the “time it takes for a check to clear.” They are two separate terms. Even though the deposited amount may be partially or fully available to you, it isn’t yours until the check completely clears at the bank, because your bank may not have received the funds for it yet.

The fund availability policy that your bank means that you don’t have to wait for checks to fully clear before getting access to at least a portion of the deposited amount.

How much is available to you after a check deposit

BankWhen funds become available:
Bank of AmericaThe first $200 of the check amount is available for cash withdrawal no later than one business day after the deposit.
Wells FargoThe first $200 of your deposit is available on the first or second business day after the deposit.
ChaseAt least the first $200 of the check deposit will be available on the first business day after the day of your deposit.
CitibankThe first $200 of your total deposits will be available immediately on the business day of the deposit. Deposits of $5,000 or less usually clear within 3 business days. Deposits of more than $5,000 usually take 4 business days to clear.
U.S. BankThe first $200 of the total check deposits will be available no later than the first business day after the deposit, usually available immediately.
Capital OneThe first $200 of your deposit will be available on the first business day.
PNC BankThe first $100 is available on the evening of the day of the deposit. An additional $100 is available on the first business day after the day of the deposit.
TD BankThe first $100 is available on on the same day of the deposit. An additional $100 becomes available no later than the first business day after your deposit.
BB&T BankThe first $200 of your deposit may be available on the first business day after the day of your deposit.
SunTrust BankThe first $200 of each day’s total deposits will be available on the first business day after the day of the deposit. Additionally, up to $400 of a deposit of local checks is available at 5pm and after on the 2nd business day after the deposit. The remaining funds of the deposit of local checks will be available on the 3rd business day following the deposit.

Most banks will generally provide the depositor with at least $200 for immediate availability after a check deposit is made. Also, when you’re using your online banking to your funds, you may see two different figures listed for “account balance” and “available balance.” The available balance indicates the amount you have to use at your disposal and the account balance shows the total amount you have in your account — including money that has yet to clear.

Wait a Few Days Before Contacting Your Bank

Try waiting a day or two before you call your bank. Keep in mind business days are Monday through Friday, and non-business days are on the weekend. Holidays can also slow down the hold time on your check becaue they are not considered business days.

Again, it will usually take a day or two for your check to clear. But if it doesn’t clear in that time, it’s most likely due to an issue with the paying institution (where the check came from), your account history, account balance, or check amount.

You know your banking history better than anyone else. If you’ve consistently bounced checks or overdrawn your account, you will have an idea of why that check for $5,000 isn’t clearing within the average amount of time.

Business Day Cutoff Times

It is important to know what a bank considers to be the cut-off time for a “business day.” If you deposit a check after that time, it won’t begin processing until the next business day. This could delay your access to those funds.

The cut-off times can vary based on whether you deposit the check with a branch teller or at an ATM. Legally, the cut-off deposit time cannot be earlier than 2 p.m. at a branch or noon at an ATM.

For most banks, the cut-off time is around 5 p.m. at a branch location. For ATMs, it is usually later — around 8 p.m. or even later. For mobile check deposits, the cut-off time is similar to that of ATM check deposits.

Note: Even though a bank may be open on a Saturday or Sunday, it may not be considered a “business day.” Also, remember that holidays are not business days. If you need a check to clear quickly, it would be best to know your bank’s cut-off times.

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  • Z_Lauren_Z

    Um, Capital One 360 doesn’t clear checks for FIVE business days.

  • ladycruiseagent

    A check drawn on my BOA account and deposited into my Regions account before 4pm will clear my BOA account the same day. But the reverse (Regions deposited into BOA) takes an additional day to clear. Go figure.

  • Dave Keeling

    I opened an account at BB&T and wrote a $50,000 check drawn on Fifth Third bank from the sale of my house. The money was taken out of my Fifth Third account the same day but it took 11 working days to be credited in my BBT account. I was not a happy person. Totally uncalled for in this day of wire transferring money. And….it was a certified check.

    • Guest

      You’re right. In today’s day and age if wire transferring money you should have been smart enough to wire the money to your account so that it would be available that same day rather than writing a check and expecting your bank to take a $50,000 risk by giving you immediate access to the funds. That’s standard Regulation CC holds that every bank in the country does…

    • Richard

      Next time raise some eyebrows and though it will take some time (probably still much less than 11 days) ask for the cash in 1s and 5s and explain why you had to do it that way. At least you would have some other unhappy campers 🙂 Misery loves company but might cause them to wake up and re-evaluate their policies.

      • Jerkcules

        Most banks do not have $50K in 1’s and 5’s on hand. And doing this would only inconvenience tellers who have little say in the policy. Its similar to constantly changing your order at McDonald’s because youre not happy that the price of the burger went up.

        Not only that but the bank’s hold policies are presented to you when you open an account. Every accountholder agrees to this when you sign the papers.

        Now let’s take the flip side. Imagine the bank instantly gave you $50000 without verifying the funds. Now let’s say the check bounces and youve already spent some or all of the money. You still have to pay it back. Would you be happy suddenly being up to $50k in the red? This is why banks hold checks until the funds can verified.

        • Richard

          You’re actually correct in banks not having much cash. My local BAC didn’t even have $11,000. In cash I wanted to withdraw a few years ago (I moved my account shortly thereafter) to buy a used car :(. I was really surprised. The hold time though today at some banks taking up to 2 weeks is ridiculous. I also would not be cashing and spending a $50k check without either knowing the source or verifying funds. The point is though the banks are placing holds on checks for much longer than needed in today’s world.

        • Dark_Space

          11 days, though – that is ridiculous. I own a company and wrote myself a $40k check from the company account that cleared that account in 1 day… got my funds 8 days later in my personal account. That may be in the tiny legal print policy as being normal, but it shouldn’t be normal. They should strive for better service.

          “It’s in the fine print” – you should shove the fine print up your arse, what a dork.

    • tinagleisner

      Sounds like you should have closed this account right away. I have unsecured LOC baking up my checking account. They have hold on 21K, although it’s funny that they show 33K in the account … and then they took 11K from loan to cover check. I called the credit union & got charge reversed but it is WRONG!!!

  • Bank buster

    Yes, & Suntrust is still “2 business days” for my business account. Which translates to two business days starting the day after you deposit the check. Which is actually about 5 days total if you deposit on a Wednesday afternoon. Funds will be available the following Tuesday. Guess what? I will no longer be banking with Suntrust

    • Buddie

      Been banking at Suntrust for 25 years deposited 2 checks $16,500.00 &10,300.00 Sunday night call the teller Monday she informed me she took care of it for me received a call today that the money would not be available till 2/11/14 she said they could not cofirm that money was available from the 2 banks the different bank Chase and Bank of America Called the person that gave me the check for 16,500.00 the check cleared their bank on Monday 2/3/14 thiis would mean the bank is holding my money for 8 days ????

      • A Helping Hand

        Per Reg CC, banks have the right to hold large deposits (anything over $5k) for up to 7 business days following the deposit. So with that information in hand, the bank actually gave you pretty good treatment by making the funds available on the 6th business day (2/11) following your deposit (2/3). I know you said you deposited it on a Sunday night (assuming via mobile), but it really doesn’t matter if you did it Sunday night (2/2) or Monday (2/3) during the day before the cut off time because it’s really isn’t processed until Monday night.

      • checks available

        sup man

  • JLew

    Ally isn’t on this list… for good reason. So, FYI… Ally can hold a check deposit for up to SIX business days. Gawd forbid you should have a small NSF lasting for one day…. they are very unforgiving and have poor customer appreciation.

  • stan

    Capital one 360 takes 10 days for a check deposited in the savings. i called about this and need the cash for bills. My error of which I was not aware that savings is different from checking. Annoying hyped advertising on phone as one waits one of their “just a seconds”.

  • I found Bank of America to be the absolute worst when it came to clearing checks. Four to five days sometimes, even though they always told me it was supposed to be ‘same day’ or 24 hours at the most.

    What with this, plus ridiculous scam fees, I finally closed my Bank of America account a couple of years ago and went with a credit union instead. Haven’t had a problem since 🙂

    • jack beeler

      The best thing I have ever encountered when I banked with BOA I deposited a check for $8800 they gave a $100 same day ,$4900 in two business days and the rest in 7 business days go figure like the check would come back in three pieces if it wasn’t honored at the other bank

      • Cashoutking

        How old was your account?

        • jack beeler

          Not sure exactly but wasn’t new ,maybe 2 yrs

          • Guest

            That was a standard Reg CC hold time. It’s now changed to $200 same day, but still the remaining $4800 after 2 business days and the rest after 7 business days. Standard practice among every bank that places a large item hold.

            • jack beeler

              Not on any other banks ..I sell cars so all my deposits r large so if I stayed with BOAI I would’ve gone bankrupt

  • Guest

    You need to spell out the difference to people between a checks worth being made available and actually clearing the other parties bank. What you are talking about in the table above is when your bank makes the funds available to you. NOT the check clearing. I bank at Chase and most of the time funds are mine to use the next day. That does not mean those funds have been collected and that the check will not bounce when it reaches the other person’s bank in a couple days time.

  • win

    the research on this and several other articles aren’t well done. the time to clear a check varies between banks because some will make partial funds available and the rest the next business day, or same business day, or in 2-3 business days but,

    the check still can bounce because the check itself didn’t really clear. that bank is choosing to make the funds available earlier as a goodwill. when the check is processed sometimes the system will pick up something that will cause a hold, anywhere from a few days or even upwards of a business week so that the funds won’t be available until it’s actually collected from the bank it’s written on

    • phillips

      Did finish reading the article? There is a huge box in the article that lists 10 different banks and the time frame that funds are made available.

  • Alf

    This article is incorrect. Capitol One 360 takes 5-6 business days to clear a check via mobile checkmate deposit. It take the same 5-6 business day to clear a cashiers check deposited in this manner

  • Gerald Morales

    Keep in mind the research conducted for this article is about 6 months old, policies change.
    As far as the actual time it takes for checks to clear as of today, I will look into it. When I did create this table I literally called banks and spoke with representatives via chat to ensure all of the clear times were correct.
    Sorry if any have changed, but I will look into the matter and make corrections.

  • CommonSense

    Banks holding of funds for extended periods of time has become more and more widespread. Keep in mind we live in a digital world. When you deposit a check drawn from another ABA member bank, that check is entered into the system. It essentially triggers a ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction. ACH is the common central clearing house of fund transfer processing each night. When you use your debit card. it triggers a command to debit the other account at midnight during processing and credit/funds show up in your account. Yes, the paper check will be scanned and the physical check finds it way back to your bank. Gone are the days when it took days for a check to clear because it physically had to show up at the regional Fed, entered, and then shipped off to the bank for which the funds were drawn. However, the banks are gaming the system by telling you they have put a hold on funds for 2, 3,4 or in some cases 7-10 days. This is a scam and should be a topic on 60 minutes. Just like a few weeks ago when they exposed the high speed millisecond stock trading where traders make millions each year on high speed trading. Banks digitally have that credit from the drawn bank in their system……..use the overnight credits to their benefit/use and hold you hostage on use of funds anywhere form 2-10 days. Now, if you go in after 2 two days, scream and jump up and down, they will over ride “”the standard procedure”” programmed into the computer and give you access to the funds. Why………….becuase the funds are in their system digitally, but most people never protest and the banks get away with. I have done this on a check from my brother. Large amount. He gave me a screen shot of his checking account being debited for the check. It was the day after I deposited his check. My branch manager just said the 3 day hold was procedure. When I produced the the print out showing the funds had beed debited from the bank the check was drawn on………he verifed that in fact the funds had gone into their system. He immediately removed the (standard hold time) the 3 day hold on my funds. This goes on millions and millions of times each night…………and the banks get away with it. Once you deposit a check to your account and the teller enters it into the system or if it processed after hours that night and the bank is a ABA member and part of the ACH system…………..there is NO reason to place a hold 3-10 day hold on the funds for domestic transactions

    • David Morgan

      This is very refreshing !!!

      • Joe J

        Is it now? Is it really refreshing????

    • Lisa

      A check for 60k was deposited. Here it is 11 business days later. Supposed to be today to clear but I’m doubting it. What can I do to speed along?
      Do you think they put it on hold?

      • Common Sense

        If the $60K check is a domestic transaction and not a international transaction, yes it should have credited to your account by now and funds available to you. Put on hold? Check with the maker of the check and ask, 1. did the $60k debit from their account. 2. do they have a copy of the cancelled check? If the answer is yes to both, then your bank is up to something. Once an account is debited and a check has cleared it is hard to put a hold or reverse the transaction, unless, something abnormal happened at the origina bank. What is the name of your bank?

        • Lisa

          ok I will check this out. It’s Florida Community.

          • Lisa

            And yes it’s Domestic. Thank you for your help!

          • Kristin

            I am having the same prob with my bank PNC #%@kers I deposited on Saturday I was told when I called today it should be released by midnight it has already came out of my grandmother’s pension account I am livid. Spent 4 hrs on the phone with the bank today, to be told it will be completely available after midnight well guess what NOPE!!!

  • zzzzzzZ

    I deposited a check on a Thursday and its almost Tuesday and still haven’t been accredited my paycheck

  • Gloria

    okay i have PNC and somebody from TD Bank sent me a check via bill pay and on their end it said that it would be to my account by 8/5 however i don’t have any money. can somebody let me know how long the processing would take if PNC got it. and how would i really know if they got the check?

  • Clayton Boyd

    This is NOT true. I deposited a check from a law firm, out of state…. and waited two weeks. I asked the bank if it had cleared and they said the money was available, aka cleared. I withdrew the money for bills. A week later, the bank reversed the deposit and demanded I pay the money back. I asked the manager about when the check clears…..He said that it never ‘clears’, which confused me as it goes against everything we are told. I asked what I did that was incorrect, and he said I should have waited longer, but he could not give me any timeframe. All he said was that the bank is NEVER responsible for a bounced check, regardless if that bank makes the funds available or however long you wait.

  • Bob on

    They make money off interest so holding your money for days is another way to make them rich yet they get the money right away or within a day.

  • Guest

    Can someone pleas help me out with a question I have a BOA account my dad wrote me a check off his BOA account for me to deposit into mine can someone please tell me about how long i will have to wait I’m about to lose my car if I don’t get the funds please someone help me?

    • Simon Zhen

      It SHOULD clear within one business day.

  • Guest

    Can someone pleas help me out with a question I have a BOA account my dad wrote me a check off his BOA account for me to deposit into mine can someone please tell me about how long i will have to wait I’m about to lose my car if I don’t get the funds please someone help me?

  • Awadira

    Bank of America is the worst. Holds on funds availability vary but can be al long as a week. They suck.

  • Guest from Cali

    Chase was terrible. I deposited 6k check from a customer of mine for a car and it put 2 week hold on it. Didn’t give any immediate short term credit. The customer was upset that I held the car so stopped payment on check and gave me a cashiers check. I took it to his bank and got the cash. Long story short. Chase froze my card and account a day before my family and I left for hawaii. Closed it and I had over 10k already before the deposit. It really hurt our vacation and I lost faith in banks. On the flip side, bank of america did credit a $6500.00 check the next day with no problems when I had my account with them. I now spread my money out with different banks and some cash at hand for emergency. DO NOT TRUST A BANK. I should have listened to my great grandfather when he told me that. He learned the hard way in the great depression. I feel everyone’s pain. The only way to make them suffer is to pull all our money out as a united front and bankrupt them. Then again, the gov will help them.

    • Simon Zhen

      Did Chase give you a reason that your check deposit was put on a 2-week hold? When you say “immediate short term credit,” do you mean that you didn’t even get the $200 portion of the check immediately?

      Sounds like Chase really made the effort to inconvenience you before your family trip. Seems like a drastic measure for Chase to freeze your account over a stopped check payment.

    • Mami Carmen

      The samething happen to me. I deposit a check in their teller. On the next day the fund were there. But when i try to take some of it out they put a Hold on my account and i saw that little witch banker do it. I have to wait 2 week and I feel it’s disgusting and unacceptable what they did.

      • Laurence Almand

        Close your account and find a better bank.

    • Mami Carmen

      To top it off this is a check from my lawyer firm bank ConnectOne

    • Laurence Almand

      Banks typically hold personal checks longer than check from established businesses – this is just normal business caution, in case the check bounces because of insufficient funds.
      Why didn’t you call an account executive at Chase and ask what their policy was, and what they were doing?

  • Jodie

    MY mom passed and I am the only heir the house sold I don’t have a bank anywhere and I’m receiving around 60,000 for the inheritance how long will it take to clear if I pick a bank (don’t know which one to choose ) ?

    • Simon Zhen

      Unless you’ve had any negative banking history in the past, you should be able to open an account, deposit the check and be able to access all of the funds within two weeks — but it should be much faster (more like less than a week). The actual clearance time will depend on the bank and your banking history.

    • Laurence Almand

      The standard clearance time for large checks is five business days, but that can vary from bank to bank.
      Suggest you call several local banks and explain the situation, and find out which one will give you the best terms. A check that size should be placed in an interest-bearing account.

  • Flunking_retirement

    Did you mail it? Biggest problem sometimes is the good ol US Postal service. Ive mailed checks across the country and had the funds available im 4 days, other times its taken as much 2 weeks. And look out if a weekend in transit intervenes! that could add another 3 to five days simetimes. Best way is to wire funds.

    • AwarenessForex

      Some banks still charge up to $30 USD for a domestic wire and $60 USD for an int’l wire.

    • tinagleisner

      We sent deposit in overnight with 3pm delivery guaranteed … and they didn’t deliver until 2nd day so we get our postage (about $21) back

    • Laurence Almand

      If at all possible, large deposits should be made in person, and an exact receipt secured, even if the bank has an ATM machine.

  • Susan

    Credit Unions are the ONLY way to go and these days with Co Oped Credit Unions there is really no reason everyone doesn’t move their money. You also need to try and go in when you can so you have that personal relationship. Also if you think you can;t join one…that is a thing of the past. Most all CU now accept anyone as long as you live in the county or belong to some organization or have graduated from some school, etc etc etc etc. I promise there is a CU that applies to everyone these days.

    • tinagleisner

      Yes, but I have same problem with my credit union where I’ve had accounts for 20+ years – 10 day hold on checks when my balance is often quite high … crazy!

  • Tony

    How long does it take for a IRS refund check to clear
    with Chase if I deposited it TODAY?

    • Laurence Almand

      Depends upon the size of the check and the Chase policy. Most bona-fide tax refunds are available within 3 days. Polite suggestion: Have your refund directly deposited into your checking account (there is a line on the tax form for this) – the refund will be as much as 30 days faster than the standard check refund.

  • Lindsey

    While cleaning out my car I discovered a check still attached my a pay stud. Using my online check capture I deposited it into my bank. Assuming my bank would deny it if it was already put through. To my surprise it was deposited. I left the money in my account just in case it didn’t clear. A few days later I contacted my bank to see what was going on. They didn’t give me much information. 2 weeks later the money is still in my account. How or when will I know if it’s cleared?

    • Simon Zhen

      Lindsey, generally, 10 business days is a good amount of time to wait to see if the check bounces. I would suggest waiting even up to 1 month before touching those funds to ensure that the bank doesn’t remove those funds for other reasons.

    • Laurence Almand

      This is another example of why you should use Direct Deposit – the money will go directly into your account so you won’t have to fool with deposit slips, misplaced items, etc.
      In general, banks will honor checks with 6 months of the date they were written – but that policy varies from bank to bank.

  • lisa

    If someone gives me a check and I deposit it into Chase on a Saturday when will it clear the account it came from Santander

    • Simon Zhen

      Typically, your check will clear by Wednesday morning, but that is not a guarantee.

      • Laurence Almand

        It also depends upon the size of the check, and whether or not the check is from a business or an individual. Personal checks might be held for a longer period of time.

  • Teri Burns

    If i depoist a 45,000.00 check . how long will it take.. My account is not in the neg. But we dont have money just sitting there too often.. I get this check i need things

    • Simon Zhen

      The deposit time can vary greatly from case to case. You should expect it to take about 7 business days for it to clear — with the possibility that the bank could hold it for longer. Your bank will usually tell you the approximate date that the funds will clear.

  • Gregg Sanders

    I have $120,000 corporate check how long will it take the bank to clear the funds if I open an account with the bank with the check

    • Simon Zhen

      With such a large check, you can expect the bank to put a hold for roughly 2 weeks.

  • John

    The article is not very helpful. It confuses “funds availability” with the clearing of the check. They are not the same thing. The bank may decide to make funds available and then charge the account when the check bounces.

  • jot

    i have a $7,000 check how long will it take to clear in my business account. had the business account for 7 months with bank of america

    • Simon Zhen

      It will likely take a week to clear. When you actually deposit it, Bank of America will notify you of the approximate date that the all the funds will be available.

    • Laurence Almand

      The standard clearing time for large checks is five business days. A very large check might take longer.

  • Nikki Blomker

    I just deposited a check for 2300 a few days ago into my savings account my bank told me there would be a 10 day hold on it, then this morning told me 20 days and then 2 hrs later told me 60 days, my aunt is the bank manager from which the cashier check came from she called my bank to give them all the information they needed to see if the check would clear, they pretty much told her they couldn’t talk to her about it and it needs to be held for 60 days, why is this, under compliance with regulation cc says they can only hold it for a max of 11 days, so why are they saying they won’t let me touch it for 60 days

    • Simon Zhen

      That is quite a ridiculous hold duration for a check, especially a cashier’s check. Have you escalated your case to the bank manager? You can also file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

    • Laurence Almand

      Sixty days is absurd! I don’t think this is legal. Check the banking laws of your state and find out the regulations, or consult the State Attorney General. And if they are going to hold YOUR money for 60 days, who is collecting the interest?
      Get busy and investigate this situation – and think about doing business with a better bank!

      • wokkawokka

        Federal law allows banks to only hold checks for up to 12 days max.

    • Anthony Abelardo

      Because the crappy bank your aunt works for has huge debt they have to pay first and using that $2300 and other monies to keep from losing more money.

    • Lori Wojtas

      what bank is this? I am experiencing the same problem with bank of America. they told us the funds would be available on july 18 because the issuer of the check state farm won’t pay for it. I called up the state farm, 3 agents they all said that the state farm released the funds already on the 17th. I called up the bank of America now they’re telling me that the funds won’t be available till the 26th of july, because they to finish verifying the funds. I think the bank are scamming us, the consumers, they’re using our money to finance their other investments, like credit card, house loans. The government should protect the consumers and not protecting these bank industries . Instead the government bailed out these banking institutions who are sucking the people’s money .

  • Belinda Holt

    I deposit a check for three thousand and bank held it for two days they relesed on thire day and on fourth day they came to my house and informed me it was fraudulent and charged my account the sum of the check was I wrong thinkin g the bank wouldn’t have cash if it hadn’t cleared

    • Simon Zhen

      Unfortunately, these incidents happen quite often. Banks often make the funds available to you even though the check may not have cleared. Depending on the situation and state laws, the bank customer is often responsible for ensure that the check is legitimate before submitting it for deposit.

      You would have to go after the check writer and even request that demand compensation for fees that you may have incurred.

  • Eric Gettinpaper Stoutamire

    I cashed a check for 3,750.25 on Wednesday at my Vystar ATM. How long will it take for my check to clear

  • Tristan Fah

    I have a check for 650.00 USD i cashed it today when will all the funds be put into my savings so that i may buy something online?

  • justin vitale

    I deposited a check for 4,893.50 into my account they said it would be available in 4 days does that sound about right ???

  • Dee

    I made a deposit check deposit for $480 on Saturday. The other party placed a stop payment after the deposit. My bank released the funds. However the party stating their bank frozen her account. I show no return check and its 3 days. What do I do next?

  • Shawn

    How long will a cashier check for 3,500 take to clear in a account I opened the same day I deposited at Bank of America?

    • Lori Wojtas

      It takes more than 10 days. They’re bunch of crooks!!!

  • Aleta

    The bank has several days to “use” my money. It feels like I am being bilked. Where is my money during this period of unavailability?

    • wokkawokka

      Your money is being pooled with thousands of other customers thrown into short term investment accounts, trades and other ways banks make money.

      If Wells Fargo puts holds on 5,000 customers at around $7,000 each, that’s 35 million bucks Wells Fargo has before releasing to customers. If they got a return of (let’s say) 4%….. They just made over 1.4 million on customers money in a very short time. This goes on every single day. It’s a corrupt cycle the Feds allow banks to do.

      • Nathan_Brazil

        While the do this, and they DO make a lot of money, this is how a bank makes more money to lend. To be honest, lending is where a lot of the profit is, but it is also the backbone of the economy in this country. So it is not corruption. It is profit, and it is how banking is supposed to work.

        • Charlie213

          You are paid interest from date of deposit. Funds availability is fraud protection. Apples and oranges.

          • wordwar

            You have posted your comment about banks paying interest from the deposit date like four times, and it makes you look and sound like a shill for the banking industry.

            • Tom Roth

              enough with the cut & pasted remarks

      • HP

        This is silly, Mr. MBA in economics, yields are below 4% for investments that last a year. Yields are pretty near zero right now for investments as short-term as you site. Yes banks do float money, but with the numbers you are throwing out there it seems like you have an agenda. Masters in econometrics here.

        • Greg P

          you and “Mr. MBA” are both idiots…nobody asked you to flaunt your credentials

    • Charlie213

      You are paid interest from date of deposit. Hold or not.

      • wordwar

        Many checking accounts do not pay interest.
        You have posted your comment about banks paying interest from the deposit date like four times, and it makes you look and sound like a shill for the banking industry.

        • stevepesce879 .

          Yea,,, Nobody is even mentioning interest lol. When did someone say “they didn’t cash my check in time, and they didn’t give me interest”? Interest, especially how low it is, is irrelevant.

  • wokkawokka

    MBA here in business economics….. Wells Fargo & other Big Banks like to lie and tell you holds are placed “for security reasons” and “federal law requires all banks to have holds” (bullsh–t) The real reason Wells Fargo and others likes to hold people money (aka “deposit holds”) is because they float your money. Let’s say you deposit $10,000 and Wells Fargo and Co. has the money but still haven’t released it to you…..if they do this with thousands and thousands of people, the amount of money Wells Fargo makes using your money investing in short term investments (8-12 days) is staggering. It’s all about business and using your money as leverage before giving it to you. Banks make hundreds of millions of dollars doing this… Wells Fargo just happens to be the worst and greediest in the industry. So while you are waiting for your much needed money, Wells Fargo is floating that money with thousands of other customers accumulating interest. It’s a corrupt cycle in the banking world that ultimately hurts the end user….. customers.

    • Ann

      You are correct about Wells Fargo–they are currently holding a $7,800 Cashier’s Check deposit for more than one day and hinting that the full amount still may not be made available, even after they have verified the check! Clearly, this is an example of exactly what you cite. Do we as consumers have no recourse other than to switch to another bank?

      • wokkawokka

        Federal law allows bank to legally hold your money for up to 12 days max before releasing funds to you. All banks do this and the Feds let them do this knowing they are cash cows.

      • Charlie213

        Wrong u are paid interest from the date of deposit, not the funds availability date.

        • wordwar

          Wrong about what? Where did she say she gave a crap about 0.023% interest on a checking account? The interest on checking accounts is such a joke that most everyday checking accounts don’t even offer interest anymore.
          Nobody is seriously trying to make money by earning interest on a checking account, unless you have a “rewards” or similar interest paying account of about 3%, more or less.
          Most people use checking accounts for the purpose of receiving funds in and paying funds out. Putting holds of even just a day or two, even if some of the funds are released immediately, can cause real problems for people who are not expecting such delays.
          Years ago I had an account with Bank of Texas, into which I deposited a $60k check from an inheritance. The bastards held the check for six weeks! It wasn’t like I was cashing a million dollar check from Nigeria. I knew the money was coming months in advance, and I already had plans to use the cash in a real estate transaction. Fortunately I am cautious by nature and didn’t commit to anything that would have left me in a money-losing situation, but I did miss out on the chance to purchase a property that would have been ideal for me.
          These delays make good money for banks and cause real problems for people trying to move their own funds. Whether a bank is super nice about paying a token interest from the date of deposit means absolute SH*T, presuming the account even pays interest, which many do not.
          You have posted your comment about banks paying interest from the deposit date like four times, and it makes you look and sound like a shill for the banking industry.

    • Greg P

      Nobody cares about your MBA!

    • Charlie213

      They may place a hold on your deposit, but if the check is good, the bank pays you interest from the date of deposit not the date the funds are available. Obviously Mr. MBA, you have never seen a bank statement. It lists the posting date only and never the availability. Your premise is invalid.

      • CL

        This is irrelevant. The fact that a bank may or may not pay interest from the date of deposit does not preclude them from uses the money elsewhere while it’s being held.

      • wordwar

        Charlie, many checking accounts do not pay interest.

        You have posted your comment about banks paying interest from the deposit date like four times, and it makes you look and sound like a shill for the banking industry.

      • Tom Roth

        you know a bank which pays interest?? what—- 0.01%?? Big deal.

    • stevepesce879 .

      I was always under the impression that there is an agreement that if the bank holds your money, then they are allowed to use your money for their investments, as long as you have it when you need it? Many accounts don’t cost anything, so there’s only one way for them to make money, I assume, being investing it.

    • Tom Roth

      So, Mr. MBA, what’s the return on an 8-day investment? We talking about the Mafia? Loan sharks? Who?

  • Kat

    I gave my landlord a check to hold until tomorrow but she already put it in her account tonight. Will i have enough time to go to the bank in the morning to put cash into it for it to clear?

    • Yaroslav Zaitsev

      In most states it is a felony to give check to a person without funds to back it up. If check bounces there is going to be very steep fines to pay for both landlord and yourself.

      • Shizuppy

        Depends on the amount of the check. In my state it’s a misdemeanor, not a felony.

        • stevepesce879 .

          His/her landlord is a cunt, thats for sure.

    • timtan

      Depending on what time she deposited the check. If it was well after six pm, then you might be alright. However, the micr strip was picked up on the deposit and transferred to the Fed that evening for verification, etc after passing it to your bank and back. At that point, the check just bounced! Then again….it depends on the bank and how up to date their systems are. Its a gamble! Sometimes it may work, and most times it wont.

    • Master Baiter

      In the future, date the check for the day they’re supposed to cash it. I date my rent checks for the 1st, but usually drop it off the day before. Then they can’t try to cash it as soon as I give it to them.

  • wokkawokka

    All banks do this. Legally under federal law, banks can hold your money for up to 12 days max before releasing the funds to you. It’s a corrupt cycle over and over.


    I deposited a 10,200 dollar check and they said 5 business days. I put in on the 11/10 and it didn’t clear till 11/18. That was do to holiday and the weekend and they do not even count the day of deposit. so my check actually took 8 days to clear. If you need a check to clear faster. Go to the bank that is issuing the check and get it cashed and then go to your bank and put in cash. Then you have access to your money on day one.

  • Pissed Off Mom

    I actually agree with workawokk I’m currently going through this now with Wells Fargo. I started a new job and had to wait 3 weeks to get paid only to deposit it and my bank which currently holding the check until the 6 which is close to my next pay period this is really frustrating especially being a parent and having things to get in order my financial life is at a halt until further notice seriously don’t trust the banking system after this


    Don’t TRUST these ‘BANKS’ – they’re rubbish. Especially in USA. – you need to set up a system where u can have a cheque cashing agent relationship. Then take the CASH from them – DEPOSIT into bank-transfer to PAYPAL (e.g.) and keep YOUR MONEY in YOUR possession – as much as possible. I also use Morgan Stanley’s Active Assets for LARGER deposits. They will do ANYthing for you in terms of immediate CASH, loans etc …Its ONLY about the CASH kids!

  • Terrence Houston

    I made a deposit and it say in 2 days but they’ll be closed on that day so will I still get my money

    • John

      Business days!

  • Chandramouli Alagappan


    • Anton savonov

      I hope long enough, for the banks to investigate, that this is not some sort of Tax collection scam. Like people from India do.

  • Peter

    Banks using the float is an old story. What I’d like to know is whether or not the check that a contractor sent me is real or rubber? If the check is real, the money’s there, I’ll release materials to them now. We’re talking over $50k so the Banks 7+ day holding period is holding up his progress.

  • Melinda Marie Mokshefski

    My bank put a seven day hold on a deposited check but didn’t say seven business days does that matter

    • Banks may not necessarily tell you immediately that there is an extended hold on the check deposit. You may even find that the bank will hold it for a little longer for further investigation.

  • Master Baiter

    I did a large deposit cashier’s check at Wells Fargo a few months ago. They said at the very beginning it will take 14 days.

  • Shwetha Vardhulash

    A customer had paid me by cheque of 3500$, chase cleared it and so I gave my item to him. But after 2 days, chase deducted 3500$ from my account. What can I do now to retrieve back my money. Pl discuss

    • John

      All they did wa make the funds available to you, subject to clearance. The check did not clear, because there were insufficient funds on the other end. There is nothing you can do, because someone gave you an NSF check, and you are stuck.

  • Eric Karp

    I transferred money from another large bank to pay for a house closing to a Chase account.. It was three weeks until the closing. The institution that transferred the money showed the money deducted the same day. Two weeks after transferring the money, I tried to wire the money to the closing agent, and Chase refused, saying it hadnt cleared yet.

  • ob

    my institution was suppose to send me 50,000, only my school system it shows that the funds was sent to my bank account i check the bank 7 days after and my account was still empy why is so 🙁

  • TerroristsAreRuiningEverything

    I used to be able to call a payer’s bank to find out when a check made payable to me was paid, but the banking laws changed after 9/11. Banks will not tell payees anything now. Accepting checks of any kind is risky. Any could be fraudulent, but you might not find out until weeks or months later. Years ago, it took USPS over a year to tell my friend that a postal money order that he deposited was fraudulent! He ended up losing thousands of dollars.

  • SheWatches

    It is my experience that if you are counting on money to be there by a certain date and are depositing a check or money order then you better cash it first and then deposit the cash. It’s worth paying a tiny service fee to assure your piece of mind.

  • William Warf

    The author of this article should has it wrong: just because the funds are available from a check that you deposit does NOT mean the check has cleared. It simply means the bank has made the funds available for you to use. Essentially, this means the bank has advanced you the money and they expect to be paid back by the bank from whom the check is issued. This is one of the many reasons why banks will look at your banking history to determine how long they will hold the funds on the check. It’s part of fraud protection. It is possible for a check to bounce months after it has been deposited (though this occurrence is rare). A tip for those complaining about check deposit funds being made available for business purposes, then the check actually bouncing, you could either protect yourself one of two ways: either stop accepting checks OR wait 10-15 business days before sending out the merchandise. On most checks that bounce, you’ll know about it within 5 to 10 business days.

    • Thanks for your input. The table header has been edited so that it doesn’t confuse readers. Solid tip for businesses — and consumers too.