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PNC Bank Bank Review

PNC Bank is a major U.S. bank with more than 2,000 branches throughout 19 states in the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast. The bank provides a comprehensive list of financial services and products for consumers and business clients -- with a focus on financial wellness and education.
  • Overall Rating Considers financial health, fees, accessibility and technology. 3
  • Financial Health Based on the Texas ratio, which measures the institution’s credit troubles.
    Based on Texas Ratio: 6.81
  • Fees Factors include monthly account fees and other service fees compared to the average.
    vs. Average
  • Accessability Factors include the number of branches and locations compared to similar institutions.
    vs. Similar Institutions
  • Technology Factors include convenient digital features for online and mobile banking.
    Quality of Mobile Services
  • Virtual Wallet account comes with helpful digital tools to manage money wiser
  • Low interest rates on personal loans
  • Convenient mobile banking app with useful money management tools and features
  • Deposit accounts offer very little interest earnings
  • Lacks free checking (except for students)

About the Bank

PNC Bank has earned a spot as one of the nation’s biggest banks, with more than 2,300 branches and 9,000 ATMs located across 19 states. Those locations stretch along the East Coast from Florida to New York, and into the Midwest, including Illinois, Ohio and Michigan.

PNC Bank specializes in four key areas: banking, lending, investing and wealth management. Its clients include consumers, as well as business and institutions. From a banking perspective, PNC Bank caters to a wide range of customers, including students and members of the military. Their range of banking products and services covers:

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Money market accounts
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Individual retirement accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • Insurance

Checking Accounts

For checking and savings accounts, you can opt for PNC Bank’s traditional options, or you can become a Virtual Wallet customer. On the traditional checking side, you’ve got Standard Checking, Performance Checking and Performance Select Checking accounts to choose from.

Standard Checking is your basic checking, no-frills checking account. Performance and Performance Select Checking are interest-bearing accounts that come with extra perks like bonus rewards if you have an eligible PNC Bank credit card and ATM fee reimbursement.

Savings Accounts

For savers, the traditional options include a Standard Savings account, a Premier Money Market account and CDs, including IRA CDs if you’re interested in saving for retirement. There’s also a savings account designed especially for kids who want to get a head start on saving.

Virtual Wallet Account

Virtual Wallet is PNC Bank’s comprehensive money management solution. When you open a Virtual Wallet account, you get a Growth account for savings that offers higher relationship rates than the standard savings options.

You also have a Reserve account for short-term savings and a Spend account, which is your checking account. You can choose to open a Virtual Wallet account with any of PNC Bank’s checking account options, including student checking.

Your Virtual Wallet account includes numerous tools to help simplify your money management. Those tools, which are available online and through the Virtual Wallet app, include a calendar for scheduling online bill payments, a Money Bar which shows you at a glance how much you have to spend, a Wish List for creating and tracking financial goals, a budget and spending tracker and Punch the Pig, which lets you transfer money instantly from your Spend account to your Growth account. You can also use the app to send money to almost anyone with Zelle.

Credit Cards

In addition to checking and savings, PNC offers several credit cards designed for different kinds of spenders. The PNC Cash Rewards Visa, for example, offers generous cash back rewards on gas and dining purchases, along with cash back on everything else.

There are also cards for travelers, spenders who’d rather earn points on purchases and those seeking low interest balance transfers.

If you need a spending alternative to a credit card or a checking account, PNC Bank offers prepaid debit card accounts. These cards allow you to pay bills and make purchases for a low flat monthly fee.

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Bank Fees

Fees National Average
Monthly Inactivity N/A $6
Non-Sufficient Fund (Overdraft) $36 $30
Stop Payment item $33 $27
Domestic Wire Transfer (Outbound) $25 $22
Domestic Wire Transfer (Inbound) $15 $10
Non-Bank ATM $3 $1