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Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp ("USB"), with $266 billion in assets, is the parent company of U.S. Bank National Association, the 6th largest commercial bank in the United States as of September 30, 2008. The company operates 2,791 banking offices and

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Most Helpful U.S. Bank Bank Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By Kayla B. Oct 7, 2013


    I left Old National after banking there for years because my work was banking through US Bank, and I loved the customer service I would receive when making work transactions. My first bad experience didn't happen until about a year in, up until then, I thought US bank was the best bank I could imagine having. I had never over drafted any checking account of mine, but mistakes are too be made. One day after getting an overdraft notice, I go to the bank to investigate. The bank apologizes and says their fault, refunds the fee. The next day when checking my account, everything is fine, and I go to make a deposit. After depositing my money, three more fees have been added to my checking account that "must have happened when the other one sent my checking account into the negative." Considering that US Bank claimed fault for the first one and said it was their mistake, it seems silly that I was left with so many fees after their mistake. They told me, "since they already refunded the one, they couldn't do anything about it." I went through three different tellers and got three different answers about the fees. US Bank is out to make your dollar. I just got a letter in the mail about a Class Action Settlement against US Bank illegally obtaining over draft fees.

    Long story short- do not bank with US Bank!

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    Reviewed By janet h. Aug 8, 2012

    Most Horrible Experience Ever. These People Try To Take Any Money They Can, Hold As Much As They Can For As Long As They Can.

    Any time my account is low, they take fees for anything they can pull out of their hats until you are overdrawn. Most recent experience, 8/3 deposited $2,500 for purpose of paying bills and did not have access to the funds for 4 days; before i had access to most of the funds ($200 allowed), on the 3rd day, i needed money, so i deposited another check, thinking i would have access to at least $200 more, but i could not squeeze a dime out of them, though i told them i am out of gas, have my elderly mother in extreme heat in the car, we had to leave car a mile away and take a taxi home.

    The reason given was that they counted that day's deposit in with friday's, so i could only get $200 between the two deposits, which i already had gotten last friday. So i paid my bills on tuesday, believing i would then have access to the two deposits. Wrong again. They decided to put a hold on the 2nd check deposited because they said they had reason to believe the check would be returned to the bank it was written on! It was my mother's check, who has never written a rubber check, i have never deposited a check that did not fund and there was absolutely no reason for them to hold my funds.

    Then they changed it to the reason now is because i have had too many nsf's in the past--guess what, it is due to the fees they indiscriminately take and refuse to reverse most of the time, and i put money in to cover it immediately upon finding out it is overdrawn. I now have no money, little gas, have appointments where i need to pay to have my dog seen by vet, no food in the house and they say they are holding the entire check for one week from today, which would total 9 days since my deposit.

    Try to find out who to talk to above these incompetents is a secret that they don't let out, saying she is in charge and is as high as it gets. She is high alright, i agree with that--and full of herself as well.

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    Reviewed By Hd_ultra02 Feb 16, 2014

    US Bank SUCKS

    I logged into my online banking and saw a new Visa Card on my account. I called customer service and was told that one of my existing cards were being canceled and the new card was to replace it. I informed them that I was currently out of the country and would be for another week and not to cancel my card. I was told by a real bitch of a customer service (Tammy Emp ID 1562643) rep that my card would be canceled regardless. I pleaded with her to not cancel it and was told sorry it will be canceled and there is nothing I can do about it. I ask for a new card to be FedEx to me and she refused, said one was already sent to my address in the states. I again informed her that I was out of the country and could not get the new card and I was relying on my current card to pay my Hotel, Tolls etc. No bank should have the right to strand someone while out of the country unless there is proof that fraud has occurred on the account. I ask them what I was to do without access to my account and I was told to go withdraw money from an ATM and deal with my problems in cash. I ask if the back was going to pay the outragious fees that it cost to use an ATM outside the US and was told no that your problem also. You should avoid this Bank at all cost, they will strand you and not think a thing about it and leave you with no access to YOUR MONEY. I will be moving my account elsewhere as soon as I can. US Bank SUCKS If I were to hold someones money like that I would be charged with larceny these assholes need to put behind bars.

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