Cashier's Checks

If you’re considering getting a cashier’s check or confused about how the process works, MyBankTracker has updated its basic guide on some frequently-asked cashier’s check questions. Also, check out cashier’s check fees from the top biggest banks in America.

What is a cashier’s check?

A cashier’s check is a check that is issued by a bank, in which funds are guaranteed by the bank since it comes from the financial institution. Cashier’s checks are usually necessary when a person needs to make a large purchase (think a house or a car) and the recipient requires a guarantee they will get paid. A cashier’s check provides good reassurance that the check will clear.

Once issued, a cashier’s check must be cashed within 90 to 120 days of the date of issuance.

What’s the difference between a cashier’s check and money order?

Both cashier’s checks and money orders essentially do the same thing, but the difference is that a cashier’s check is written out by a bank, whereas a money order is not. Both payment methods are drawn from funds that are guaranteed: a cashier’s check is guaranteed by the issuing bank, and a money order has already been paid for by the person who purchased it.

A cashier’s check can only be acquired from a bank, but a money order can be purchased at a variety of locations, including the post office, credit union, grocery store, and more. Money orders usually have dollar limits on them, but cashier’s checks can go for much bigger amounts.

How do you get a cashier’s check?

There are varying policies at different banks, but there are a couple of options of getting a cashier’s check. If you don’t have a bank account, you can go to a bank to see if they issue checks for non-banking customers, and if they do, there’s a chance you might be charged a fee for getting the cashier’s check. If you’re not a customer of the bank you’re purchasing a cashier’s check from, you will need to have the full amount of the check at the time of purchase.

If you’re getting a cashier’s check directly from the institution you’re already banking with, make sure you have the full amount available in your account.

When you get a cashier’s check, you will need to know the exact name of the person you’re making the check out to. Once you get the check, remember to retain a portion of the check for your records.

How much do they cost to buy?

If you’re already a customer at the bank you’re seeking a cashier’s check from, you can find the cashier’s check fee in your checking account fee schedule. We compiled a chart of the fees at the ten largest banks in America, and the prices range from $7-$10. You should always check with your bank before acquire a cashier’s check.

In addition, if you are not a customer of the bank where you’re buying the cashier’s check, the bank might have different fee structures. Sometimes banks charge a flat rate, and sometimes they will charge a percentage of the check total. Some banks might refuse to grant a cashier’s check to customers who are not already banking with them.

How do you cancel a cashier’s check?

If you are still in possession of a cashier’s check and you want to cancel it, bring it back to the bank where you originally got the check and you will usually have to fill out a deposit slip to have the funds put back into your account. A teller will give you further direction on what to write on the backside of the check.

What do you do if you lose a cashier’s check?

If you have misplaced a cashier’s check, go to the bank and put a stop payment on it. There will be a fee to stop the payment and it will usually be pricier than to stop payment on a regular personal check. Different banks have different regulations, but once a cashier’s check has been canceled, you have to wait for a period of up to 90 days before the bank can issue you a refund.

What are some cashier’s checks scams to watch out for?

There is an increasing number of frauds related to cashier’s checks, so it’s always important to beware of scams. One popular scam involves a person paying you with a cashier’s check for more than the amount agreed, and then asking you to cash the check and pay them the difference. From the FTC’s page on fake checks,

A scam artist replies to a classified ad or auction posting, offers to pay for the item with a check, and then comes up with a reason for writing the check for more than the purchase price. The scammer asks the seller to wire back the difference after depositing the check. The seller does it, and later, when the scammer’s check bounces, the seller is left liable for the entire amount.

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  • ddmorgan

    Can you stop pay on a cashier check?

  • Jen

    What if someone else takes it and cashes it?

  • Daisy Delgado

    When making a cashier’s check for a large amount of cash (such as $35,000); will I be questioned about where the money came from?

  • Obededom

    For stop payment information, look under “What to do if you lose a cashier’s check.” It says, “If you have misplaced a cashier’s check, go to the bank and put a stop payment on it. There will be a fee to stop the payment and it will usually be pricier than to stop payment on a regular personal check.”

  • tomas

    I made a cashier check to 927 LLC and I was supposed to make it for 927 s Edison LLC.. is it a big deal?

    • Simon Zhen

      The acceptance of the cashier’s check will depend on the recipient’s financial institution at which he or she deposits the check. It is possible that the recipient’s bank will reject the check.

      • tomas

        Can I go back to my bank and have them reprint the check with the correct name?

        • Simon Zhen

          It would definitely be the smarter move — especially if there are an potential penalties or late fees if the recipients doesn’t receive the funds on time.

          Try calling your bank first (I’d suggest calling your local branch directly) and ask how you should proceed with obtaining a cashier’s check with accurate payee information.

          • tomas

            K..i appreciate the feed back

      • AungSwe

        I am from Myanmar.
        Our university has recieved a cashier’s check of JP morgan Chase bank form an organization. We cannot cash from this check in Myanmar banks because of US sanction on Myanmar. So, we have sent back this check to US. We are waiting for wired tranferring of money.
        We would like to know whether it can be transfered cash from check by wire transfer and how long it can take ?
        If there has another way for cashing check,

        • Aurelio Bermudez Jr.

          Your government will seize those funds.

  • smith

    Can a company that does not have a bank account purchase cashiers check to pay their vendors?

  • edward stengel

    Can a cashier’s check be stopped by a 3rd party? For instance, let’s say you purchased a cashier’s check for you wife and then went out and committed a murder. Could a 3rd party prevent your wife from cashing that check if they had a wrongful death suit against the husband, not that I’m thinking of committing a murder?

    • Simon Zhen

      I am no legal expert, but I believe that the cashier’s check will be honored when deposited, without interference by a 3rd party. However, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that a law enforcement or government agency would seize those funds as part of an investigation or legal action.

      • edward stengel

        Thanks, Simon. My whole point is, however, whether or not the cashier’s check is a contract between the bank and the payee, without the purchaser being involved. If that’s true, I don’t believe any 3rd party would have any rights over the payee’s funds.

  • salyanna

    1) Three cashier’s checks were stolen from me and cashed in 2013. I have requested copies of these from the bank.The bank is requesting certain information such as exact date of purchase and exact amounts. I don’t have these due to all receipts were also stolen. 2) Is California one of the state to enforce section 3-312 language?

  • leslie

    can you get a copy of a cashiers check from the bank it was purchased form if it was not purchased by you but made out to you?

    • ClaireMBT

      Hi Leslie, great question.

      Yes, you can get a copy of a cashier’s check if you purchased it but wasn’t written out to you. If the check was cashed, you can basically go to any Chase branch and ask for a copy of it. They will give you a copy of the front and back of the check.

      However, if the check has NOT been cashed, you need to go to the branch where you purchased it from, and they should be able to provide a copy of the check for you there. Also, it should be free. Just remember to bring your receipt. Hope this helps.

    • ClaireMBT

      Sorry Leslie, I misunderstood your question.

      I have some questions for you, before I can answer.

      Did you already receive the check? Or did you already cash the check and now need a copy of it? Are you a member of the bank that the cashier’s check was purchased from?

  • tanisha

    Can you do a tax write off on cashiers checks

  • Rox

    Does anyone know if a bank can post date or future date a cashiers check? I don’t believe its
    possible but am being told when a purchase or
    issue isimade on a Saturday the bank will print
    with a Monday date. I say this is Impossible.
    Perhaps 30 yrs ago when the cashiers checks
    were manually created but it couldn’t be the same now or in 2011. Any ideas where I can find out? I’ve been to various banks asking

    • Simon Zhen

      It is not possible to post-date a cashier’s check because the bank will post the date of purchase once you buy it. The fund become immediately available, like cash. The recipient of the check can deposit it whenever they want, once it is in his or her hands.

      If the cashier’s check was purchased on a Saturday, the bank will not print a Monday date (according to Chase, at least).

      The only way to ensure that the recipient deposits the check at a later date is to give it to the recipient at a later date.

      • Rox

        Thank You Simon. Actually this is regarding a CD redemption and by all information was redeemed on a Monday, but the opposing party insists it was redeemed and cashiers check for the total amount was issued on Saturday; BUT because it was a Saturday they Put a Monday Date. I say this is NOT possible, so I was looking for some feedback. I wish I knew where I can find it in some sort of legal content written for bank regulations so I can hand off to our counsel. Thanks for the confirmation

  • Gina Facciolla-Lafayette

    My mom died 2007. It is in her revocable living trust that my sister close her savings account, and get the amount in a cashiers check. Grant it, she has been a customer at this bank for 3 decades, Anyway, May 2008, 6 months after my mom past away, and all that is involved with losing our mother, my dad’s wife, the account was closed, and a cashiers check issued to my sister, was given. My sister asked explained my mom’ wishes with this money. First, my mother has us four adult children, and 7 grandchildren. If any of us, her children needed our portion, only in a necessary situation, it was ok. But her written instructions are that when alll her grandchildren are teenagers, we are to go to the bank, cash the check, and have our equal portion.. For me, her oldest daughter, disabled, single mother, homeowner, her equal amounts for everyone was based on the amount of money i need to pay off my mortgage, and my siblings, nieces, and sons would divide remainder to equal amounts.

    It was made clear, especially knowing and having a relationship with her, and knowing us, ny sister and i, and also an established relationship, that it fine. We asked if we would have any ;problems cashing the check. NO. Is there a time limit to cash it. NO. Is there going to be any problems because my mom didn’t work, saved with little money she would get here and there, and died suddenly, but always, we were her life.

    Now it’s time to cash the cashiers check. There wasn’t an expiration on cashiers checks at that time 2008, though I know there is now. We have the receipt of amount in account when closed, Cashier check, Every monthly bank statement from the day she opened her money market account, and her documented instructions for this money upon her death.

    I am posting this because i am the daughter that survived severe brain trauma. I went to heaven, Jesus gave me a purpose for my life, I am very blessed, My disability is what the world and people have become. And have a knowing of things that will happen before they do, without being told, just an honest person, intuitive spirit, and have documented proof as well and more important, THE TRUTH.

    I have a knowing that I need information, and will go to bank with all i have, including the bank official that we spoke to, who close account and issued cashiers check. I have mental disability. The inability of unexpected. Unable to communicate assertively when an employee at any facility acts and states policies, aggressive, etcc, Would it be wise to go to the bank with an attorney? is there anyone that has kindly taken the time to read this, and has any insight, and advice. It will be a true blessing for me. I will be eternal grateful.

    God bless anyone who cares,


    • Simon Zhen

      Gina, sorry to hear about your situation. I’m assuming that you’re having issues with recovering the funds that were on that cashier’s check. The bank was correct that the cashier’s check doesn’t expire. But, they are subject to state abandonment laws, which may kick in if the bank is shut down, acquired or merged with another bank.

      You may be able to retrieve those funds through, which lets you search for missing funds by state. Look for anything under your mom’s name and the names of anyone written on the expired cashier’s check. (Remember to check different states as well.)

      If the unclaimed money is under your mom’s name, be prepared to show proof that those funds have been passed on to you and other family members.

      I hope this information helps, and keep us updated if you were able to get that money back.

  • nena

    If i sold a property that i never lived in, the fact been was because the neighbors didn’t allow me to do it, i only owed for 6 months, i was planing on pit services to move in a mobile home, so there I’m using all money i had planing on doing payment plans on services, but then i found out, i wasn’t able to do it, because according to service light the neighbors have to give me permission to use their light pole then install new power poles to be able to reach my property, this is a private property that’s why service light company handle this in a different matter, no restrictions in it.
    Any way had to sell property, because of obvious reasons, bought it for 35k sold it for 38 k, due to survey expenses, clearing of it and gas money i waste on, so basically i didn’t made any money on it and wasn’t planning on.
    I just wanted my money back, so they paid me with a cashier’s check and now i don’t know how to handle this, do i report it to irs, and how do i do it, i never had this kind of money before, the money i pay property was with my income tax return from 3 years, plus the current, and money i was able to save, but that will not happen again, so with this money i would like to buy another property, that i finally will b able to use, and don’t be paying rent anymore, but im in the dilema of how to handle this, i ask a lady that do the taxes and she told me i don’t have to report it, because that was my property, unles i made like 250k
    Off of it, but i end up even, all i wanted was my Back, but of course, nobody want to be in trouble with the goverment.
    Please advise me on this one.

    • Simon Zhen

      Nena, I would say that you should report the sale — I believe you should be using a Form 1099. You said you spoke with a tax preparer for your particular case, but I would suggest a visit to another tax professional to clear up the questions of your specific property sale.

      • nena


      • nena

        But isn’t 1099 the for that u use if u are ur own boss?
        Or if u have a business?

        • Simon Zhen

          No, Form 1099 is often used for all types of self-reported income regardless of whether or not you own a business. For real estate transactions, the correct form should be 1099-S.

          IRS website:,-Proceeds-From-Real-Estate-Transactions

          • nena

            I read on line that u have to report proceeds of a sale with a cashier’s check within a time frame to irs, is that at beginning of the year, like every body else once we get our w2, or it is as soon as get the cashier check or quarterly?
            This check was from a sale of my land for 38k

            • Simon Zhen

              From the IRS website:

              “However, you do not have to file Form 8300 if the transaction is not related to your trade or business. For example, if you own a jewelry store and sell your personal automobile for more than $10,000 in cash, you would not submit a Form 8300 for that transaction.”

              If you are not in the real estate business, I don’t think you have to file Form 8300 for large cash transactions. Again, this is just based on the information on the IRS website, check with a tax professional to be completely sure for your case.

  • Chana Gleiser

    Can I hand write additional information on a Cashiers check to the US Treasury that will include my social security number and tax year/form # as the IRS requires. My Cashiers check is drawn on Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

    • Simon Zhen

      Yes, you can.

      • aung

        It is possible to transfer cash from check (Chase bank) in a bank in Bangkok to account of check’s owner in Myanmar bank.

  • Amanda N Frank Emry

    I am getting a cashier’s check from someone who works in the United Nation we have been skyping for about a week all i have to do is cash the check and buy supplies and have them shipped out now does that sound like a scam

    • Simon Zhen

      I don’t know the nature of the business that you’re having with this person, but I would suggest that you deposit the check and wait two weeks for the check to clear. Yes, there are fake cashier’s checks. First, call the bank that issued the cashier’s check to see if it is legitimate.

    • theresa

      Hey did you do this? I have a person sending me a cashiers check to purchase some software. He is from China and hired me to work from home doing data entry. He said I should only purchase the software from the company he deals with.

      • Simon Zhen

        Theresa, you may be dealing with a scammer here. You could end up paying this “company” only to find that the cashier’s check to be bad. It is odd that this person doesn’t purchase the software for you directly.

  • Donna Mitchell

    Can I use a cashiers check at Winn Dixie that I received as a gift to spend lilke cash? Where else could I exchange it for cash? Thanks!

    • Simon Zhen

      I don’t believe Winn Dixie offers check-cashing services, so you would have to go elsewhere to cash it.

      If you don’t have a bank account in which to deposit the cashier’s check, you can try a local check-cashing store, the bank that issued the check or even places such as Walmart. However, you might have to pay a fee to cash a check at these locations.

      • Bunny

        Simon Zhen – ►If you don’t have a bank account in which to deposit the cashier’s check, you can try a local check-cashing store, the bank that issued the check…◄

        I am going to be receiving a cashier’s check over 10 thousand dollars. I do not have a bank account and would like to cash the check and receive the cash right on spot, at any bank. I’m assuming I can do this, but not positive. Could you tell me if I will be able to do so?
        FYI, My parents are deceased and the house belonged to them. We were to sell it and split the proceeds. The house did sell and the proceeds have been divided between seven siblings.

        Thank you in advance for your reply.

  • Donna Mitchell

    The cashiers check I received as a gift is for $100

  • kevinnika

    What if the check is made out to ebrpha 9990 avenue j apt 9042,but it was suppose to be made out to Kevinnika Jones 9990 avenue j apt 9042,can Kevinnika cash it or only ebrpha

    • Simon Zhen

      Only ebrpha would be able to cash the check. If the check was written to the wrong person, you should destroy that check and ask the payee to write a new check.

      • Susie Q

        Cashier Check is for 3 years ??

  • Kim H.

    If I give someone a cashier’s check, will I ever know if they cashed it? I am returning money to someone and I don’t want them coming back to me saying they never received the money. Will I have some kind of proof that they received it to keep for my records??

    • Simon Zhen

      If you send the cashier’s check to to recipient via certified mail with a return receipt, you have proof that the person actually got the check. You can check if a cashier’s check was cashed by contacting the back that issued the cashier’s check.

  • Ree

    I purchased a cashiers check and don’t want to be the remitter. I want to put a label over my name with another remitter name. Will this void my cashiers check? Will the bank still pay the check. I am not changing anything else.

    • Simon Zhen

      Ree, I asked a Chase bank branch rep about this. If you just want to hide your information (the payer information), the check won’t be void. The bank will still pay the check because all the pertinent information is still there.

      However, the payee’s bank may choose not to accept the check if they suspect something is fishy going on. I would suggest that you confirm this with the payee’s bank if possible.

  • linda

    I purchased a cashiers check in 2014 , remitter 2 years later is saying they never received and I can not find my receipt , is there a way to get a copy of that cashiers check from the bank to show as proof to remitter ?

    • Simon Zhen

      Linda, you should reach out to your bank to try to obtain proof that you purchased that cashier’s check. However, note that proof of purchase of the check does not mean that you made the attempt to deliver it. I would believe that it is more important to show that you sent the check to the remitter.

      Furthermore, if the remitter didn’t receive the check, it shouldn’t have been cashed. You may be able to retrieve those funds (or end up discovering that the remitter DID get the money).

  • Ann

    I bought a Cashier’s Check 3 months ago at my bank and the online company that I deposited the funds with is a month late in paying out. I don’t know if they will pay out and I would like to recover my funds. I called the bank and they transferred me to the Fraud Dept. and I had no luck there. They said since I came in on my own free will and purchased it is not an unauthorized purchased and they have no provision for a refund for that. I need to try different terminology or a different approach. I know some people have received a refund to their bank with an online business turns scam. Any ideas?

    • Simon Zhen

      Ann, fraud liability is minimal when it comes to checks that you legitimately sent out — hence, the lack of interest by the bank’s fraud department. If you believe you’re being scammed by a company, you should report the incident to the police and/or taken legal action against the company to retrieve the funds that belong to you.

  • heather

    I received a cashier’s check from chase in the mail and I dont know why I have received it…im not sure what to do.

    • Simon Zhen

      The cashier’s check should have the name of the party who paid for the check. Do you recognize the name?

  • Denise

    If I buy a cashier’s check does it have to have my name? For example if I am purchasing cashier’s check for my father………

    • Simon Zhen

      Banks will print the name of the remitter (the person who purchased the cashier’s check) on the cashier’s check. It helps the recipient identify who the payee is because cashier’s checks are commonly used as instruments of financial fraud. Furthermore, consumers are not advised to deposit anonymous cashier’s checks for this very reason. Your father might end up thinking it is a scam of some kind and toss it away.

      You might consider a money order if you want to gift the money anonymously. Again, make sure that your father doesn’t pass it off as a scam or fraud.

  • La Vena

    A friend received an inheritance of $119,000 which was put on a cashier’s check. I want to know how long it usually takes banks to get the money? We went to the bank it was written on and it feels like they are giving him the runaround (he is handicapped). We were told that they would need to order the money, as he wants to cash the cashier’s check, not deposit it. It’s been over a week and the branch manager said it would take at least another week for them to get the money in. This seems very strange to me that a bank cannot come up with the money faster than 2 weeks. What’s your opinion?

    • ender

      That’s very normal they are also reporting him to various government agency’s.. For such a large amount

  • Katie

    I received a cashiers check for my federal refund. I went to Walmart to cash it and it would not allow me saying that the SS number did not match the one on the account. Well I finally called and was able to talk to a person from the company that issued the check and they said that now bc the check was “verified” (which it tells you to verify if u r a check cashier) that it’s no longer good and I will now have to fill out a document to issuer me a new one! This just doesn’t make any sense to me!! But when I talked to the lady she said that the SS was correct on the account! Please someone help me understand this?!?

    • Simon Zhen

      Katie, is this cashier’s check sort of a tax refund advance? There have been many cases where these companies are tough to deal with when problems arise — they’re often considered unscrupulous businesses.

  • Melissa Griffin

    I recieved a cashiers check and want to see if it is a good check online how do I check if it’s a good check

    • Simon Zhen

      There is no way for you to verify the check online. Your best bet is to contact a branch of the bank that issued the check.

  • Tarina

    I got a chasers check onFebruary 29th to pay off a loan and had never been received how long do I have to wait to stop payment on it?

    • Simon Zhen

      Have you checked with the lender to see if they received your check? You can also check with your bank to see if the cashier’s check was cashed. Through your bank, you can request a refund.

      In the case that the check has been uncashed for a long period of time, the funds maybe turned over by the bank to the state in which it was issued. It could be marked as unclaimed property, which you would have to go through the procedure to retrieve.

  • Andrea

    Can I cash a cashiers check dated 1/6/2014 ?

    • Andrea, you can submit it for deposit, but be aware that your bank may choose to not accept it.

      Cashier’s checks tend to have a date when they’ll be voided.

      Furthermore, if you do deposit it, there’s a chance that the check was canceled. If this is the case, you might get hit with a returned deposit fee.

  • Frances

    Received a cashiers check from Republic Bank and was asked to deposit it, keep $228 for me and wire them the rest of the money. Apparently they disguised this as a job “mystery shopper” to test the telegraph office to see if they are doing their job correctly. I looked up the address they want me to telegraph the money too and it is an empty lot on google earth. I am not depositing this check. Reported to FBI

    • matthew jessup

      same happened here! Going to cash it at a check to cash place so I just get free cash 😀

  • Paul

    I bought a cashiers check and made it to the wrong business name. Can I take it back and have another one made?

    • Yes, cashier’s checks can be returned to the bank (if you are still in possession of them).

  • Jane Szerman

    I’m a co-signor on a corporate account with another person. There is a company debt that must be paid. I am getting a cashier’s check to make the payment but the other owner wants to default on the loan instead and keep the money. If I take out a cashier’s check to the debtor can the other signor on the account stop payment on it?

    • Cashier’s checks cannot be cancelled unless it was reported lost or stolen.

      The disagreement in business and handling of a corporate account may be a legal matter.

  • Artie Gregorsome

    I needed IRS W-2 a few weeks ago and was made aware of a website that hosts a lot of fillable forms . If others are requiring IRS W-2 as well , here’s a

  • Emily Unsicker

    If I receive a cashier’s check that should no longer be cashed (money needs to go back to the person that wrote it) what’s the best way to go about that? Can I take it to their bank to have them release the funds? Or do I just need to send it back to the person who wrote it?

    • The best way, if possible, would be to return the check to the payer. The payer can return the check to the bank to get a refund.

  • Loretta Mills-Terchek

    i got a cashiers check approximately 2009 from 5th 3rd bank, it was made out to my ex husband and BOA. ex states he took check to BOA branch, BOA states they never received the check. 5th 3rd says they are looking to the cds I had to get that amount. if they cant figure it out, do i just loose 20K

    • It may take roughly 90 days before Fifth Third Bank comes back with their findings. It’s good that you at least got confirmation from your ex-husband that he received and attempted to deposit the check. If Bank of America says they never received it, it means that the check wasn’t stolen.

      It is likely that Fifth Third Bank will tell you that the cashier’s check funds are still there. You can then cancel it and request another one.

      We’re very interested in how your case was resolved. Please update us! Hope this turns out smoothly for you.

      • Loretta Mills-Terchek

        I want check made out to me not Boa. I’m leaving the house and moving. Was my money
        Sending you a message to brighten up your day

  • Marcin P Ditty

    I am a contractor, who does insurance work.I have recently gotten a total of 21k sent to customer for my invoices. He is acting extremly shady and evasive. I have completed 16k worth of work which includes storaqage and move out of all their furnitire after a flood..and 5k is for moving it all back and seting it up ..lots of stuff. I have advised him i need the 16k in a cashier check form so i can schedual the move back which he need to give me the remaining whcih is 5k..Whats the point of me asking him for a cashier check if he can put a stop payment on it anytime he wants,and deposit the money back in his account, i NEED TO WAIT AROUND 7 BUISNESS DAYS BEFORE I CAN ACTUALLY SEE IF THE FUNDS CLEAR, SINCE MY ACCOUNT WILL JUST GO NEGATIVE AFTER 7 DAYS AND ALL??

    • A stop payment/cancellation of a cashier’s check will not work once the cashier’s check has been deposited legitimately. Once you get the cashier’s check, the best step would be to verify it with the bank and deposit it immediately after.

  • tiff axoloti

    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions!
    I gifted a friend with a Cashier’s check in hopes that it would have to go into her account or be lost in the void. She unfortunately was able to return the money directly to my account through her bank. She really needs the money, but was trying to be nice. Can i return the money to her account if I go back to my bank and ask them?

    • No, you would have to issue a new cashier’s check to your friend. It is possible that your friend reported the original cashier’s check as lost. Therefore, your bank simply canceled that check and returned the funds to your account.

  • Dusti Nabach

    If I have a cashiers check made out to a business, can I cash it on my own account? If I use a different bank than it was drawn on? Please explain.

    • For a check written to a business, you’re likely to need a business account to accept check deposits. If you try to deposit it into your own account (that is not under the business name), but the bank is likely to catch it.

  • Ellen

    How do you find a cashier check if you don’t which bank it was written with??? I saw the check after the passing of a relative but don’t remember which bank it was written with? Would you need a SS number to track it?

    • Your best option may be to get in contact with the executor of estate of the deceased relative to track down that cashier’s check. It would be very difficult (if not impossible) to track down the cashier’s check with just a SSN.

  • BobD

    My mom bought a cashier’s check at the credit union and it is payable to the IRS. The IRS has verified in writing that they have not received the check and she still owes the money ($500) plus interest. The cashier check has cleared with Zion bank in Utah but will not disclose whose account the money was deposited into. The credit union says “you are out of luck because a cashier check is like cash”. This doesn’t sound right. Any suggestions?

    • Unfortunately, that is one of the major disadvantages of a cashier’s check. It is possible that the cashier’s check wasn’t deposited (but on the way or pending clearance) when you contact the IRS. The reason is that no one else should be able to deposit the check.

  • Warren Barczynski

    I have a cashiers check from a savings account I closed ,when I cash it does it still go thru my closed account and/or bank

    • Warren, would love to help you with your question. Could you clarify your question?

  • Saddique Ali

    I Had a Bank of America Account for last 17 years its offshore account, without any notice
    Bank of America closed my account and i can no longer log into my account i had over 50 K in my account and now i really don’t know what happened to my money, i called bank of America Account closer division and some of them says its been sent to my by UPS and some of them says sent by DHL but no one can give me any tracking number and i am waiting for this for last one week and nothing arrived so far, can any one help me to let me now what should i do ????

    Before closing no one notified me by mail or at message center at my Bank of America
    login, even they did not sent me any letter, i have scheduled payments coming in to my
    accounts and i don’t know what will happen to it will it be deposited or sent back???

    • Bank of America should be able to tell you exactly what it did with your account and your balance. Banks often reserve the right to close an account without any prior notice. Bank of America may have sent a letter that is taking a while to get to you.

      Call and demand an answer as to where you money is. Also, you can submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and they’ll investigate your case in a manner that requires Bank of America to resolve your case.

      • Saddique Ali

        On my cashier check at the back bank have printed the address with which i opened the account 17 years back but now my company in different city with the different address with the same name of the company and same owner as me. can i deposit?????

  • Alan Gibbons

    I gave my ex girlfriend a cashier’s check made out to her apartment complex in the event so she wouldn’t get evicted the apartment complex refuse to accept the funds can my ex-girlfriend deposit the cashier’s check into her account. After all I used to live with her I left the responsibility of rent on her

    • No, the cashier’s check cannot be deposited into her personal account when it is made out to another party. You’d have to cancel the check to have those funds returned to your own account.

  • Brandon hines

    I Was give a cashier check for a car, i deposited it and a day later the man said he was going to cancel it and bring car back. Is that possible?

    • If you’ve already deposited the check, it would depend on whether the other person was able to cancel the check before the funds have started to move to your account. If the funds are already on the way, the money is yours.

      However, there is nothing stopping the other person from escalating the situation through legal channels if they want that money back in return for the car.

  • Hannah Ardner

    The people I babysit for sent me a cashier’s check in the mail and they said it was deposited a few days ago. I never saw the check and I never got the money. Is it possible that someone stole it and somehow cashed it?

    • Sam Spayed

      Unlikely, but yes. I once had a check stolen from an apartment building mailbox. Someone (presumably who worked in the building’s office) apparently steamed open a birthday card from my grandfather, removed the check, and resealed the envelope, since I received the card but not the check (which was cashed at a nearby dance studio) (by someone who misspelled my name).

      It’s more likely that the parents lied about sending it, though. It’s odd that they would send a cashier’s check in the first place. Cashier’s check are generally for big purchases that transfer immediately (like a car, a house or an apartment lease) where the recipient can lose a lot of money if the check is canceled (e.g. a huge depreciation once a new car is driven off the lot, or having to go through eviction proceedings for a residence). Your babysitting services were already rendered, and the bank guarantees signatures on regular checks (e.g. my grandfather was reimbursed for the stolen birthday check), so why bother going through the trouble (and expense) of obtaining a cashier’s check when a regular check would do just as well? It stands to reason they were lying about sending a check, and said they sent a “cashier’s check” because they thought it would sound more impressive.

  • Daisy Letts


    • Yes, there may be holds on cashier’s checks. However, the holds are likely to be much shorter if the cashier’s check was issued by the same bank in which it was deposited.

  • Melanie Thornton

    Please help someone, the people that rent my house are shady to say the least. The have always made out a cashiers check to pay rent. Lately, the past 3 months my last name has been misspelled. Unnoticeable if u didn’t pay attention, but none the less it’s still not my last name. What kind of fraud could he be committing if the bank is depositing the cashiers check.

    • If the misspelling isn’t drastic, you can still deposit the check. Make sure to print your name near your endorsement when you deposit it.

  • Juke Manor

    can you take a cashiers check made out to you to their bank? and cash it? do they keep it or if they find out its fake will you get in trouble if you didn’t know

    • Yes, you can cash the funds from a cashier’s check directly at the bank that issued it. The bank may reject it if the amount is very large or if it suspects fraud of any kind.

      If the cashier’s check is found to be a fake, you will not get in trouble for it because you could have been scammed.

  • Juke Manor

    if you decide to take a cashiers check to the bank they made it out to you for instead of your own can they hold it?