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Recent Questions

HaroHaro01's Profile Image
1 week ago

How are private student loans at WF?

My oldest just started their first semester of college and boy, have the expenses been hitting the wallet hard. I bank with Wells Fargo and am interested in their private student loans. Anyone have any info about this? More »
POAJim's Profile Image
2 weeks ago

Is there a Regional Office in the Bucks-Montgomery County PA Area

I would like to talk to someone with regard to some suspicions of irregularities More »
OhCharlie's Profile Image
3 weeks ago

Will a loan modification from WF help?

Had good payment history with WF until my husband was fired and is not unemployed. More »
PlaneJane's Profile Image
on Aug 12th 2014

Any one else experience discrepencies in their statements?

Online statements show you one thing but the branch tells you another thing. Hard to keep a balance account when this happens - and it happens one too many times. More »
JordieB's Profile Image
on Jul 15th 2014

Does anyone have any experience when it comes to Wells Fargo secured credit cards?

My husband and I are sending our first child off to college! We'd like for him to build up his credit and learn a thing or two about personal finance. We're thinking of getting him a secured credit card. We're interested in Wells Fargo but other options are welcomed.  More »