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Recent Questions

carmendelia's Profile Image
6 days ago

Do you have a correspondent bank in Lima, Peru?

How much do you charge for transffering money from a WF account to an account in Lima, Peru and who is your correspondent bank there? More »
JeffVail's Profile Image
on Feb 4th 2015

Any suggestions for a checking account?

I am a college student interested in a checking account, preferably one just for students. My parents are WF customers but I'd like to get my own debit card now that I'm away for college. Any suggestions? More »
KobyNotKobe's Profile Image
on Jan 29th 2015

How does Wells Fargo's My Money Map compare?

I've been getting mixed reviews about Mint. How does Wells Fargo's My Money Map compare? More »
QueLindaF's Profile Image
on Jan 2nd 2015

What cards can I link to my ApplePay account? Is there a fee?

Finally got my iPhone 6 for Christmas and I'm ready to use ApplePay! I have more than one card with WF though, so I want to know.. would I be able to use both my cards? Also, is there a fee to use ApplePay? More »
ryanrl's Profile Image
on Jan 1st 2015

Opening a checking account

We recently purchased a house in Englewood, but still live in NY. Can we set up a checking account while living in NY? We are relocating to Fl. in about 6-8 months. More »