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Recent Questions

JordieB's Profile Image
1 week ago

Does anyone have any experience when it comes to Wells Fargo secured credit cards?

My husband and I are sending our first child off to college! We'd like for him to build up his credit and learn a thing or two about personal finance. We're thinking of getting him a secured credit card. We're interested in Wells Fargo but other options are welcomed.  More »
SaraK1181's Profile Image
2 weeks ago

How are Wells Fargo's online & mobile services?

Thinking about opening a checking account at Wells Fargo and in reading review on this site, it seems Customer Service is a hit or miss, but surprisingly there are a number of positive reviews on the subject. I guess it depends on the branch. Anyways, what I couldn't find was anyones experience with WF's online and mobile services. More »
452013's Profile Image
on Apr 12th 2013

Wells Fargo is fraud -- unauthorize take 2-mortgage pay at once on . Watch out!

I'm an IT profession, and has several mortgages, but only once with Wells Fargo. On 3/21/13 I log on WellsFargo and wanted to put $250 extra more principal. I already had autopayment setup when the loan done a year ago. I couldn't add $250 more to the principal, it did show I already had $300 extra principal extra each month, could not change to $550, there was no option on the on-line, nor, any option to change nor schedule, part of security, and I understood that. So I email asked to take extra $250 for principal starting 4/5/13. 2-day later on 3/24/13, Wells Fargo sent me message confirm to take extra $250 for total $1250.14 each month starting 4/5/13 I had documents. Then on 4/11/13, I found that Wells Fargo took 2 times of $1250.14 on 4/5/13. When called Wells Fargo, Lie1 answered immediately that I on 3/21/13 I scheduled a ONE-TIME payment in the amount of $1250.14 to be applied to my loan on 4/5/2013, such a terrible lie! and If so, why they took twice on 4/5/13? no sense?. Then talked to manager, name Lie2, the same lie as Lie1. I asked for quickly return back $1250.14, Lie1 asked my bank routing #, account# and location of my bank and stated that take 5-10 days to return, but provide no confirmation. Then about 8PM Lie3 called me, the same lie, even worser lie, said that I got confirmation # from them. Continuously blamed that I schedule such. It's unprofessional image of WellsFargo. I email that the unauthorized to take the second $1250.14 on the same day 4/5/13 must return to me by 4/12/13 or I report to State Attorney General and want to file $1milion case to against such lie, it's distressful, and the penalty to abuse the public for such wrong procedure or computer problem. More »
thw333333's Profile Image
on Feb 5th 2013

Wells Fargo is the worst bank in the world!

I loved Wachovia. They had integrity. They had humanity. Wells Fargo is a demonic monolith that makes every one of it's customers a slave to the company store. The fees are absolutely unbelievable. They charge for every conceivable thing. Don't dare take a deep breath in the lobby, I'm sure there's a charge for that. Foreign currency rates are predatory--what you'd expect from a loan-shark or a pawn shop. This is the worst bank on earth. Everything they do is a total rip-off. Every single month I get a fat envelope with page after page of tiny type telling me about all the fees that have increased or been contrived of in the previous week. There are so many crazy fees that most of the employees can't even find out what the fees are for or how much they are. I hate this bank. I didn't choose it; I can't imagine that anyone would actually choose to do business with this bank. We are all just prisoners trapped in hell after Wells Fargo swallowed up a much better bank. RUN--RUN--RUN from Wells Fargo! More »
almondey63's Profile Image
on Nov 21st 2012

Wachovia had great customer service. Wells Fargo has horrible customer service.

Wells Fargo's customer service is absolutely horrible. Wachovia's customer service was ten times better. I recently learned today that companies can put a pledge on your account and then this amount can disappear making you think that this was an error but show up again days later. I believe this is a ploy to make you overdraft. I called customer service and spoke with a Bianca Guerin and an agent named Watson and they were sarcastic stating would you like me to send you a check register and when threatening to close my account Bianca just said ok. No one showed any empathy and Bianca stated that when customers are treated unfairly and rudely no compensation is offered. I don't understand why emails can be sent to me about overdrafts but not about a pledge put on the account. I will also be writing to the corporate office. More »
KHIll's Profile Image
on Apr 20th 2012

Big Banks like Wells Fargo are Charging more and more fees

What do you think? We bailed them out in times of need and they turn around and slap us in the face with more fees all in the name of the almighty dollar. Long time customers as well as new customers are feeling that this is too much. They tried their fiasco on debit card fees recently with a mee-too fee like other big banks but that did not pan out because we sent a message that we will not put up with it. So did that deter them, no!!!! So now they are now on a mission once again to try and move the fees to impose Checking fees per month. Now they acn charge rates are even higher as they go along. Should we allow them these big banks to get away with it, I say no! We should band together and send them a message that we will not tolerate their greediness. Everyone of us is trying to survive and pay for a living in these hard times. Their profits for last year showed that they were doing very well indeed. It is not that they are in great despair in their business; apparently, they are not! Shame on these greedy bank executives. Their incessant greed will lead to their biggest downfall. Everyone who banks with Wells Fargo, go out and tell everyone about their new high fees and threaten to close all accounts. Please do something that will help you and make a difference. Send these greedy bankers a sound message! Take them to the bank!! More »