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Recent Questions

Caron's Profile Image
2 weeks ago

Is the WF Bill Pay feature free?

And how does it compare to Citi's Online Bill Payment? More »
JulieSims's Profile Image
4 weeks ago

Debit card vs. ATM Card?

Ok, I'm confused. I've had my WF Savings account for some time now and finally looking into getting a debit card. But I also read something about a WF "ATM Card." What's the difference? Which makes more sense for me to get since I already have a Savings? More »
KhaBin85's Profile Image
on Nov 6th 2014
ALint's Profile Image
on Oct 28th 2014

Apple Pay promotion?

I heard about a promotion that WF is doing to get more of their card holders to use Apple Pay. Anyone have confirmation or more information about this? I haven’t used Apple Pay with my new iPHone yet. More »
JessJessYall's Profile Image
on Oct 8th 2014

Question about OptBlue for merchants.

I saw this morning that Wells Fargo joined the American Express OptBlue Program. How will this effect us small merchants? More »