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Reviewed By Ben Dec 17, 2012

Terrible Customer Service-Wells Fargo

I went into Wells Fargo in Brooklyn Center, MN to get a replacement Check Card. The woman behind the counter was all too interested in selling me products rather than addressing my reason for visiting, which is exactly why I avoid going into Wells Fargo at all costs. She gave me a temporary card and said my new card would come in 5-7 days. The temporary card was a joke and would decline randomly, which resulted in me having to call Wells Fargo numerous times where someone seemingly flipped a switch and said "ok, it should work in 5 min".

Wells Fargo also called me on a daily basis from "Fraud Protection" and wanted to go over all of my purchases. After 2 weeks had passed I called to check on the status and was told "it was sent and to wait a few more days". A month had passed and I called to see where my card was and the woman told me that no replacement card had ever been issued. Needless to say, I was upset and wondered how so many people couldn't figure this out. All I wanted to do was get a Check Card.

Now it's the middle of December and I spent the better part the morning purchasing Christmas gifts online. Once I got home from work I see email after email saying my card was declined and my orders were cancelled. All of my Christmas gifts!! Cancelled!! So I called Wells Fargo to see what the heck is going on and am told that my temporary card was cancelled and I would have to stop into a branch to get a new card. At this point I'm pretty upset but keeping it cool because by now I understand how Wells Fargo Customer Service works.

The woman tells me that she hopes my card comes in the mail in time to reorder my Christmas presents in time for the Holidays....Just before she tries to sell me BillPay....
I will be taking my money elsewhere.

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Reviewed By Marta Lugosi Jul 20, 2015

Service fee

This morning as I checked my balance at Wells Fargo I noticed they posted a service fee of $13 on my checking account. According to the contract (everything is a contract when you sign up for something) I was told there is no service fee as long I don't request hard copies of my statements. I've been a customer from 1995 at First Union, Wachovia and now Wells Fargo and I am treated like this. They sent no notes, or mail or e-mail to announce this change. After a long discussion with a supervisor she gave me a partial reimbursement of $3.25 and pocketed $9.75, which in my opinion is unjustified. This supervisor also told me, the change was communicated in the monthly statement and I could have avoiding it by switching over to a different type of checking account 3 months ago. How should I have known this??? I have decided to close my account and open a checking account at a different bank. STAY AWAY from Wells Fargo, they are stilling our money.

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Latest Wells Fargo Reviews

  • D
    Reviewed By dorinez Jul 19, 2016

    The Worst!

    Took them almost two months to close a mortgage with 25% down and excellent credit rating, for long time customers and mortgage holders. Poor customer service. Our contract expired and we had to re-negotiate the deal and lost half the money seller was going to give us at closing written in first contract because of their sorry service. WF passed me from employee to another asking for a stack of documents, some of which I had already provided earlier in the time period. I would never do business with them again, for a mortgage. Hope to prevent others from having a similar disappointing, frustrating and costly experience. And don't both filing a complaint with them. It's the same run around, poor customer service at the customer's expense and a waste of time. By the way, that took two months, too, with no satisfactory results!

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  • K
    Reviewed By kristyr03 Jul 5, 2016

    Wells Fargo and their scamming overdraft fees

    I was a customer with Wachovia and went many years with no problems. After the transition with Wells Fargo, I started having minor issues and now it seems there is one problem after another. They put a hold on my husbands check after being with the same company for over 10 years, with no warning and no good reason. I'm sure it was for the 35.00 overdraft fees they will be making from me. Honestly, your money is not safe and out of your control once you let someone else manage it and tell you when you will be receiving your paycheck that you worked so hard for. Majority of the branches and phone customer service there is a language barrier and you have to explain several times the reason why you are there or the question you may have.After 20 years, I will be closing my account.

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  • P
    Reviewed By profrod Jul 1, 2016

    Good bank until.....

    I've been with Wells Fargo for several years and was happy with them until I got into a bit of a rough patch financially. A direct deposit wasn't made that I was expecting and my account ended up being overdrawn. I've made arrangements to cover the overdraft and asked them to either hold or close my account to stop any automatic withdrawals from coming in even though I've stopped all of those. WF refuses to do this because the account is overdrawn. So, here's what's happened. The automatic withdrawals which came in before the problem with the deposit keep recycling through. So, WF slaps another $35 fee on me every time this happens. How very convenient for them! Rather than work with me on this, they keep me in a situation where they can make more and more money. This after having been a customer for 10 years with never an overdraft. This puts them right up there with Bank of America and the rest of the crooked banks.

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    Reviewed By investormatt Jun 26, 2016

    Poor Giant Bank...

    To start with their ATM ate my debit card which turned into nightmare to get resolved. 2nd their checking account fees are sky high with little benefits & my credit card pays a 100 times the interest their accounts do via cash back & the rates are thousands of times higher!

    Finally, they charge $35 overdraft fees as where my online bank charges nothing or a couple pennies. App is only decent thing but lacks features like wire or mortgage help.

    On top of all this every time I use an ATM I get gay pride messages that won't go away!

    Ready to divorce them but my business partners use them & it's too convienent!

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  • J
    Reviewed By John1228 Jun 15, 2016

    Idiots run the bank

    I was with my elderly father who simply wanted to add my name to his accounts (joint), we went into his Wells Fargo Branch Bank (in his home town) after both of us provided a picture ID to the bank's officer and copies made of the ID's the bank had a power glitch that cancelled the officers transaction. Since I was returning back home and had to catch a flight I said ... you have a copy of my ID a signature if you need one, my father is present with his ID can't you complete this request after your computer comes back online? To my astonishment the answer was NO! I was told that I would need to go to another Wells Fargo Branch in my city to sign a bank signature pad. I told him that there was no local branch and he said he could FedEx the forms to sign, have them notarized and FedEx them back. Really? they could not do the same thing while I was present at the branch with the account holder present, but it was Okay to mail the forms? OMG! I would not bank with this type of incompetence. They should actually consider that one day, my dad unfortunately will pass on and I would be their customer and free to choose another bank.

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  • S
    Reviewed By Schushops Jun 14, 2016

    Don't use this bank.

    I do not bank with Wells Fargo, but I used the drive thru ATM and it ate my card. I was told no one in the bank could help me because the ATM belonged to Loomis, whose name is as secretive as Voldemort's (they would not give me a phone number for Loomis and told me they shouldn't have told me the name). I was told my card was shredded with no evidence whatsoever. They could not have cared less that my ATM card was gone. I called Loomis myself using a number on their website, and they said WF owns the ATM and they would have to put in a trouble ticket. WF lied. I had to cancel my ATM card with my bank and it will be 14 days before I can get a replacement card that I use daily.

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  • W
    Reviewed By whotte Jun 11, 2016

    Line of Credit-Forget It

    They promote customer satisfaction. That's a joke. You would think that they would want to treat their long long term customers with some respect and reward loyalty. WRONG. They obviously don't care about that. I was recently denied a line of credit on some very weak justification.
    I have always spoken very favorably of WF in the past. Well, not anymore. That is going to change. And I am considering/in the process of closing my accounts and taking my business elsewhere.

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  • R
    Reviewed By Reviewer60 Jun 6, 2016

    THE WORST, WORST, WORST! Never BANK or FINANCE with them!

    Spineless, heartless, rude, and sneaky! Save yourself the trouble and heartache and bank/finance anywhere else but Wells Fargo.

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  • E
    Reviewed By ernestp May 31, 2016

    they are real nice and helpful, they helped me find an acccount most suited to me and for me.i would higly reccomend this bank to any one

    wells fargo is a wonderful bank, they are very friendly and helpful, they helped me find the right account for me

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  • F
    Reviewed By fuckwf May 28, 2016

    S P I N E L E S S S N A K E S.......!!!!!!!!

    Wells Fargo is beyond horrible. They are very inconsistent. You can talk to 2 different bankers and get 3 different answers to 1 issue. If you call customer service, then you would receive a fourth answer. They are never on the same page. They lie often or they cant tell you why or don't know why. Also, they will charge customers, without notification, some random fee and take it from your account without permission.

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