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Wells Fargo Latest Customer Reviews

charliegurak's Profile Image

Reviewed by charliegurak

Jul 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Customer Service is HORRIBLE!

Not only was I charged $80 due to bank errors and communication errors, I was treated extremely disrespectful when I called the customer service line in order to fix these fees. My account was continually in the positive way over any charge that occurred on my account when they stated that I overdrafted. When I called they claimed that all these transactions occurred on the same day when some of them did not post until the next day. Also I have signed a waiver saying that if my account were to be negative at any point my transactions would be declined. This also has never happened. Apparently my account was positive when I used my card, but also negative to where they could charge me a fee. Obviously I closed my account and I will never bank with them again! They charge monthly fees of $10 which should be waived if you use your credit card more than 10 times in a month, but they never actually waive them. Unless you call them and complain. And that's a courtesy not a bank error. For every one out there looking to open a banking account I would stay far away from Wells Fargo!!!

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bunster's Profile Image

Reviewed by bunster

Jul 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Had money taken from my account by bank stating "Bank Error"

I received a letter from Wells Fargo stating they were removing over $300 from my account stating Bank Error as the reason. I have been calling and asking for explanation for over 3 months with no success. If it is valid, so be it, however I would like proof and an option to understand and if necessary dispute. UNACCEPTABLE. I also asked for information on a home equity line of credit. Before I knew what was happening, they had pulled my and my fiancee's credit report, without permission or even a signature. All I wanted was information on the product to compare to other options. That ,of course, dinged both our credit scores for no reason;as it happens , their rates were much higher than what we already had.

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gumbogaga's Profile Image

Reviewed by gumbogaga

Jul 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Twice I have given cash to tellers, they take the money to the back and return to tell me my cash balance was less than what I had given them. First time $100 (about 5 months ago). Second time, $50.

I count my cash three times before I makes drops for my business or change from smaller to larger bills. I've used several Wells Fargo branches in the area and have never had an issue except for this particular one and it's happened twice ... Something is not right.

I voiced my concern with the manager and the tellers drawer was counted but she did not use her drawer. She went to the back to count the cash. The manager said that the teller could not have taken it because there are cameras. OK??? Let me see the video! They did not let me see video.


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fredfriedrick's Profile Image

Reviewed by fredfriedrick

Jul 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Wells Fargo incompetent with over the top fees

I have checking, savings and brokerage accounts at wells fargo. I noticed that my online access to my checking account was not available. So any reconciliation I intended to do was impossible. The next day I tried to issues trades on the brokerage account (around 9:30am Mondday). However the brokerage link never returned a response.

I went to another institution to transfer the brokerage account to a more reliable service. Now I see a $95.00 charge for a "termination fee".

I am closing all my accounts after this.

I suggest that you reconsider doing any kind of business with Wells Fargo. If you have an account, get your money and get it to another more reliable service provider. Be careful though. Wells will gouge you if they are able. I suggest going to the bank and requesting CASH.

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mhyatt7's Profile Image

Reviewed by mhyatt7

Jul 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst major bank in the US

I have had the misfortune to have to deal with Wells Fargo in New York City. Upon the passing of my parents, who held considerable assets in a local branch of the bank in New England, I became executor of their estates, and I needed to conduct business locally in Manhattan. Unlike their local banker in New England, who exhibited intelligence, competence, and compassion, Manhattan Wells Fargo bankers have been uniformly rude, uncaring, disrespectful of my time, and ill-informed about a wide range of financial matters. It is little wonder that I reduced those Wells Fargo accounts to next to nothing. There are many commercial banks in New York City. Choosing Wells Fargo means you adopt their icon, a stagecoach and horses. That symbol worked well in the late 19th century. Unfortunately, the bank's service is still mired in the past. Go elsewhere.

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kattmom5aolcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by kattmom5aolcom

Jul 20th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Super pleased

I have to say that my husband and I could not be MORE PLEASED with the handling of our retirement funds! We put my 401K and my husband's limited savings--both of which had lost money during the recession and were not gaining much back, in the hands of the Wells Fargo representative Mr Joseph Kirby here in Jacksonville. He has grown our money unbelievably well, and has FAR EXCEEDED our hopes. We never thought to say it, but "Here we come, travels and cruises!" The Lyles

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RalphTowers's Profile Image

Reviewed by RalphTowers

Jul 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Poor Service and a shameful way to deal with new customers.

We were trying to consolidate our debts in one loan so we could managed better our finances.

My wife and my daughter had both of them major "Brain" surgeries in a time frame of less than one year.

This type of medical procedures requires a lot of money. One of the most expensive in the health industry.

For my daughter we were charge $160,000 and for my wife $ 65,000. My health plan payed 90% of this charges leaving us with a balance of thousands of dollars to pay to the hospital and of course every time they did an MRI to both of them the charge was $350.00 for each and an MRI was done every 2 weeks to monitor the recovery from the brain surgery.

All of this added a balance to my credit cards of thousand of dollars, $ 45,000.00 to be more exact and this is why we try to use the services of Wells Fargo Bank applying for a debt consolidation loan.

We will never again go to Wells Fargo bank.

First they did not wanted to give us a loan for this amount because we were new customers and they did not know us, even with excelent credit score like the one I have.

Second the loan amount offered to us was with an interest rate of 15% when my credit cards the highest interest rate is 11%, I had to turn down the offer of lousy low loan with a very high interest rate, leaving us with 2 credit cards to pay plus the Wells Fargo loan, they are crazy or the people in charge of analyzing the loan applications don't know what they are doing, fire alll of them, you will be doing better Wells Fargo..

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tvuong2014's Profile Image

Reviewed by tvuong2014

Jul 17th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Is there a 0 star rating for the rudest customer service?

Wow, the worst customer service ever I've encountered in any places, small or large - and come from a large, well respected American company to boost.

Lost a debit card. Called in to cancel and replacement. They totally forgot about sending out replacement.

Call in again, ask about it after 4 weeks. The rep just fire off questions to verify my identity. That's reasonable except for the quick clips like interrogation sound. Jump from one question to another, if think and have not answer in 5 seconds, got irritated and jump to the next question. Asked about my transaction, receipts. Of course, we have to look through our batch of receipts. Just continue badgering us while we frantically looking. We asked her to hold on. Answer - "I'll hold on for exactly 1 minute then will hang up. You could call back when you're ready.".

Ask why the Bank would not care about lost customer card and wanted to terminate the call, then she relented and wait for another 10 seconds. Asked why did the bank not handle it the first time. She mumble about "oh it's in the record", then totally ignore the handling part (i.e. sending replacement, contact us, etc...)

Ask if they could expedite the process since they did not handle in the 1st place. No - and not an apology either - "You go to the local branch and get a temporary replacement". We supposedly get the issue resolve. Hopefully so. I'm not so sure that she may just throw it in the trash.

To end, she loudly read continuous paragraphs for 30 seconds without taking a pause for any question and end the conversation.

Wow, that's the worst customer service I ever got since coming into this country 40 years. Treat customer like a uneducated criminal trying to steal stuff.

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palmerdsl's Profile Image

Reviewed by palmerdsl

Jun 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Want Change? Don't Dare Enter a Wells Fargo Bank

Grass Valley, CA. Shopping at a large grocery store and noticed a Wells Fargo Bank in the store layout.

Walked up to two tellers without business, placed a U.S. currency $100 bill on the counter and requested they "break it" for me.

'Do you have an account with wells fargo ?'


'We can't help you. If you had an account, we could...'

Last time I will enter any wells fargo bank. If I have business that requests them I will either offer to change the bank or refuse the deal entirely.

Charles Palmer

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kelley's Profile Image

Reviewed by kelley

Jun 23rd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent Experience

Personally I have not had any problems with Wells Fargo. Most all employees are helpful and polite. It is rare to ever have an issue with their online banking and if you do they will solve it in a timely manner. Most branches are able to handle most problems.

So it makes banking with them convent like using debit card to withdraw money, numerous locations, mobile banking, etc. This has been the best bank I have banked with so far. If you don't want fees budget your account regularly, use online banking to pay bills and sign up for both a checking and savings package. Then you will not have extra fees and as close to free banking as possible.

I would recommend Wells Fargo before I would recommend BB&T or Union First Market Bank! No bank is perfect and you will have an issue from time to time. To me it is how you are treated and how the bank deals with the situation.

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Eyespy's Profile Image

Reviewed by Eyespy

Jun 7th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Wells Fargo will fee gouge then charge overdraft fee

Two legal orders were posted same day to my account. Wells Fargo charged a $125 fee for each one just to click a mouse and post. These fees totaling $250.00 caused my account to be overdrawn. So while I am down, Wells Fargo kept kicking me by charging an overdraft fee of $25.00. They cut me deep by overdrawing my account with exorbitant fees then added salt to the wound by slapping another $25.00 to their offers.

Had to call their legal department in Arizona but received no mercy for a customer of 25 years.

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guanajamama's Profile Image

Reviewed by guanajamama

Jun 5th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

I don't have all day!

The tellers at this branch are nice. That's not the issue. The issue is this one guy who sits behind the customer service desk and doesn't listen to a thing anyone says. I told him I needed a document for our payroll company which confirms our business account and routing number. So, what does he do? He lets me sit there while he sends an email to Wells Fargo payroll asking them to give me a quote on providing payroll to my organization. He then gets them on the phone and gives them my phone number and tells them to call me!

I again told him that I needed a letter confirming the account number and routing number. This time he sits on his computer and starts looking up a Direct Deposit form. I don't need a Direct Deposit form -- he says, "oh, you don't?" I again said that I needed a letter to confirm the account number and routing number so I could submit this to my payroll company. He's now not sure this can be done and goes to get the manager.

Honestly -- this one employee ruins the entire branch. He's so freaking aggravating and slow (I have dealt with him before) that he enrages me and I always leave angry. Customer service is supposed to be about service.

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RicardoBerrospi's Profile Image

Reviewed by RicardoBerrospi

Jun 4th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

An arrogant branch manager

After more than fourteen years as client of this bank, I opened an account for my wife. The person who helped us was very nice but made some mistakes and we had to come back two times to the office. That incident was not so important; but now the new manager of the branch located at the 17th Ave. in San Mateo called my wife asking to bring her social security card.

My wife answered and said she brought this document twice before, but the manager said she has to bring this document again. I went to the office with my wife to tell her this is the third time we are requested to bring this document. She answered, "I don't care, I am the new manager and I don't know what happened before because the person who helped you before is no longer working in the bank." I refused again to give the document arguing that if the copies the bank made was lost it's dangerous for us; she answered that our accounts will be closed. The name of this manager is [Redacted] and we spoke in Spanish.

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dontdonothing's Profile Image

Reviewed by dontdonothing

Jun 3rd 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Tried to pay my credit card

Funny bank. I was laughing so hard. I tried to pay my credit card balance on line, but I could not figure it out so I called the service desk. Of course you are probably saying to yourself that â??s easy -- not! There is no number for credit card help. So I called Online Banking & Bill Pay Including Quicken® and Microsoft® Money. I bet you didnâ??t see that one coming? There is no mention of credit card help anywhere unless there is fraud.

Ok, so get this guy who is super helpful. He starts walking me through the process. I login to my account. This where it gets fun. Under â??I want to â?¦â?? he says; click Make payments. Ok, done. Now click transfer funds. No, I want to pay my bill and anyway we just skipped over the â??transfer fundsâ?? on our way to pay bills. He says, â??you gotta trust me this is going to workâ??. Wells Fargo calls paying a bill, â??transferring funds, donâ??t you get?â?? Ok I am on for the ride. We click transfer funds from my bank to the credit card. Good. Now go to the frequency drop-down menu and click â??pay nowâ??. You have got to be kidding me? We have not yet entered an amount to pay. How do I know what it will remove from my account? Itâ??s ok, it wonâ??t take your money. We go a couple of rounds and I finally trust him and a new screen opens asking for a payment day and amount. So, â??pay nowâ?? really was a joke and things worked out fine. A lot of banks use the terms like confirmation and then submit at the end. You gotta love a bank with a sense of humor. â??Pay nowâ??, thatâ??s a good one.

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lennylow56's Profile Image

Reviewed by lennylow56

Jun 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Best customer service

I've been with Wells Fargo for a few years and hadn't always had the best service. Until I started going to the branch on Dry Creek and Yosemite in Centennial CO. Their service is outstanding! The staff is always friend and helpful. They even help me fax paperwork to a different bank for my mortgage paperwork. helped me get my credit back on track. That branch rocks.

Lenny Lowenstein

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knayber's Profile Image

Reviewed by knayber

Jun 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Another Big Banking Failure (Farewells, Fargo)

Due to our poor experiences with Wells Fargo, we closed our accounts after only four months as new customers. Initially, we were impressed by the enthusiastic Personal Banker service provided, but assistance when needed and follow-up support when requested varied from merely inadequate to unacceptably lacking. Several ongoing issues were unresolved or unaddressed by branch staff with whom we worked and whose professional interest and personal efforts to retain our business were woefully absent at our final meeting to close our accounts. What so seemed to be superlative customer service at the outset of our relationship with Wells Fargo ultimately turned out to be just the same old bailed-out business as usual at another of the Banks Too Big To Fail.

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Dorishoiles's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dorishoiles

May 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bank teller's facial expressions

I have had complaints in the past two months concerning the operation behind the teller counter. A canister was taken by a forgetful customer, I have done the same, the drive through light was on green for open. I had a busy day and left. Called and suggested that they have a reserve canister on hand to keep the customers from being inconvenience.

Today I went into a branch and the teller was making facial expressions of disapproval. I could not tell if it was the piddly amount in my account or the conversation between the teller and the guy customer next to me.

I was a courier several years ago and I worked for this company picking up and delivering bags. I was pretty darn thorough about my job but ran into a couple of the at that time Wachovia employees that had a bit of an attitude. No courtesy, very abrupt and snobbish! Others I could not wait to see because they always made me feel welcome and that the job I had was important!

Before coming to Florida I worked at a job that dealt with the public on a regular basis. The people that I have encountered as employees of Wells Fargo do not define the word "professional" by any means!

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JasonG's Profile Image

Reviewed by JasonG

May 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

When it was Wachovia

A number of years ago (I know it was less than 10), I opened an account with Wachovia (which was previously called First Union, and now called Wells Fargo) on Saint Pete Beach, Fl. I was depositing money, using my checks, and check cards.

On the 3rd week they were a day or two later (than usual) with clearing a deposit. That particular week I had written a check to daycare, and used my check card on Redbox rentals (3 rentals at $1 each). Because of the delay in the deposit, I was charged an overdraft fee for each $1 rental @$35 per overdraft. This came out $105 for three $1 overdrafts due to a delay on the bank's part.

I went to a branch in Saint Petersburg to discuss this with a manager. This manager told me to go to the st. pete beach branch where I opened the account. I then went to the St Pete Beach branch and I was literally laughed at by the branch manager. He told me there was nothing he could do. I then called the toll free number and spoke with a customer service rep. This person was slightly rude in telling me the same thing. Finally, I asked to speak with a supervisor. The customer service rep insisted that I would get the exact same answer from her supervisor. After some back and forth, I was transferred to a supervisor (after an extended hold time). The supervisor told me that he could remove these ridiculous overdraft fees from my account, but "since I was a customer of their bank for less than 30 days, I see no reason to." Once again, I was laughed at.

After this incident I began to write a letter to the company, but I never did finish it. I am finally writing it somewhere.

If Wells Fargo is essentially the same bank as Wachovia, with the same personnel, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

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Maxie's Profile Image

Reviewed by Maxie

May 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Immoral, Illegal, Rude Wells Fargo Bank

Loan account on Commercial Property. Verbally lied to my husband and said 5 years Pre Penalty cost would go down and after 10 years no Pre-Penalty. Now he is selling Commercial Property and Wells Fargo say he has Pre-penalty of $40,000 dollars. Was $37,500 few years ago. Wells said you signed original Contract. Was told one thing and Contract is different. Tried to negotiate. Agent was rude and threatening. s We sent complaint to proper Agencies and they did very little except sent complaint to Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo was adamant they did nothing illegal. No way to prove they committed fraud because what they told him verbally and was in written Contract were 2 different things. Read other reviews, many similar. Do not bank with Wells Fargo.

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RodSmith's Profile Image

Reviewed by RodSmith

May 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

refused to reimburse the money to my moms account

my mother recently passed away her caregiver found her deceased on the floor removed her credit card and removed money from her account at the ATM machines at two different banks then used the card a different business in town to purchase items totaling over $875.00 I went to the bank and complained and was told well your mother must have given her her pin number to use the card so we won't cover the theft.

of the momey removed. even though most of the purchases were made or removed from her account after she was deceased. I filed a Police report and tried to give a copy of it to the banker and she told me it was not going to be repaid into the account. My mom &I, have been with Wells Fargo for 20 years

oh well guess its time to move on....

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VincentFong's Profile Image

Reviewed by VincentFong

May 23rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Wells Fargo too much into making money from their customer

I have been a customer with Wells Fargo for over twenty years. Just recently started a business and got a business credit card from Wells. I missed paying the balance by six days because I was on business trips and thought it would be linked up with my bank account. Wells Fargo insisted charging me high late fee. Wells Fargo is too much into money making and ignores good customer experiences. I am first closing out my business accounts. I have good services from other banks and don't really need to put up with Wells Fargo. I will convince my wife on closing out all my personal accounts with Wells.

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jfaghani's Profile Image

Reviewed by jfaghani

May 22nd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Thretaned By Staff Thrown out of bank




Dear Wellsfargo & the VP that runs the above Branch .

I have been Banking at the above Branch for more than 10 Years.

Since you have been running this bank I have seen nothing but a bad service.

This is now beyond my comprehension .

History of events :

I have two Joint accounts of which one also has a Mortgage, These accounts have never had any charge on them they also have two direct debits as they have always had for years . As of two months ago one of them is being charges 10 Dollars a month . On three occasion I have been told different reasons each time changing â?¦

1) It is because I have not had 10 debit TXns all of us sudden

2) It is because I went below the limit but then that was not the case

3) I was told the account was mislinked all of us sudden but charge

not reversed

Today I finally went in to shut the account and I was told security has been called and I am no longer allowed to visit the branch and they refused to close the account .

Short of embarrassment of hearing this in front of other people with this over reaction .

I keep getting told Wellsfargo charges for its banking services and I have no idea that why suddenly this account started incurring charges and at every attempt the VP refused to look at it and told his staff to call security. I am really amazed at this .

What is it that resulted in this, the only reason is that this White VP feels threatened and is racial profiling me. There are Videos at the bank I have never acted in a threatening manner to deserve this treatment. Now I understand you dont want my color of Customer in the Bank but why did you not let me close my accounts at the Branch so we can be done with each other â?¦.

I feel disgusted by Wellsfargo , defaming my character and not even letting me run away from this abuse and no explanation of what happens after 10 years that charges come in except we charge for our service .

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annagil's Profile Image

Reviewed by annagil

May 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Claims department's incompetence

I tried using my card to make an online payment and it kept getting declined even with more than enough in the account. I called customer service and they stated that the charge was not going through due to the company I was attempting to purchase from. I made a payment via a different route and two days later the payment went through on my Wells Fargo card! I called wells fargo and submitted a claim in february.

It is May, and they still continue to deny my claim stating that the receipt showing alternate payment is "illegible" when I went into the branch and emailed it to a banker and they could see it fine. Their complete disregard and unwillingness to help me became so ridiculous that I involved one of the bankers at my branch and had her call. They gave her a million excuses as to why the claim was not resolved. In the end, it turns out they had closed my claim without telling me! My banker made them reopen the claim. As soon as this is resolved I am closing my account.

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Scott666's Profile Image

Reviewed by Scott666

May 21st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Rude Tellers and Supervisors

Been with Wells Fargo over 10 years. Three years ago service started to suck. Tellers are rude Supervisor was very indigent and told me to leave and they were going to flag my account. Would not take a check made out to my wife's estate from the state of Florida even though the check has been going there for 4 years while she was alive. I have switched banks and the New Bank said I was the 11th person in 2 weeks to switch from Wells Fargo. The absolute worst banking experience I have had in my lifetime.

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ExWellsFargocustom's Profile Image

Reviewed by ExWellsFargocustom

May 21st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Very rude tellers

I closed my account today because I had had enough of the rude tellers. Have of the staff don't understand the products offered and get an attitude when you ask for more information.

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munequita777's Profile Image

Reviewed by munequita777

May 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever

You call customer service and a rep called Melrine will insult you and block your account.

Very hateful woman.

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AlBrown's Profile Image

Reviewed by AlBrown

May 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Wells Fargo the worst retail banking experience of my life

I attempted to withdraw $500 from the ATM, which was far less than the balance on the account.

Although the machine processed the transaction, no money was dispensed. When I went inside the bank to inquire I was treated like a common criminal, and thus I left only to be treated even worse by the phone customer service team. They promised to investigate and resolve within ten business days but it took twice that long, and with no apology. In short, Wells Fargo does not care about their customers, only their stock price. I suggest you go to your local credit union -- a non profit that is designed to help not provoke these emails.

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elambert10's Profile Image

Reviewed by elambert10

May 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Very Rude and Nasty Employees

Our companies experience was that when they set up our business accounts they did not know the difference between business and personal accounts. Signers that have personal accounts show up under our business accounts or our business accounts show up under their personal accounts. We tried to get it straightened out, but it was impossible. We are having to close our accounts in this bank because we cannot take the chance as to who all could see our accounts. Business accounts are not set up under the signers social security number and as of right now, our signers show that they own a business because of the way they got it set up and they will not do anything about it. I am the accountant for our company and they won't even talk to me because they know I caught them in one of their major screw ups, so everyone, "Beware" before you open an account with this bank make sure you do your homework because they will not tell you anything other than wanting to take your money.

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ErickA's Profile Image

Reviewed by ErickA

May 20th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Horrible Customer Service

I had a horrible experience attempting to deposit an endorsed check. Apparently Wells Fargo does not accept endorsed checks unless the second person on the check is on the same account.

For a one time check, I do not see the point to add a person to my personal account. My personal banker spoke with his manager, as I had asked about removing the second person from my account as soon as the check is cleared. I was told that was not possible. After speaking to the manager who instead of attempting to resolve the issue, went on the offensive, and showed her lack of customer service.

I've had a positive experience with Wells Fargo and have had them for years, but this one event was so horrible that I opted to close out my account. I went to Chase on 2920 (2 minutes away) and in less then 5 minutes had the check deposited.

Never again will I return to a Wells Fargo. Customer service is everything in this field, and showing utter disregard from a manager no less can tarnish a companies reputation.

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demijackson's Profile Image

Reviewed by demijackson

May 20th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Hidden bank charges

Banks are doing businesses to profit, no matter how greatly you benefit using the services of your banks.

Hidden charges are still choking bank consumers, says Pew. In spite of reform efforts, a brand new report says, big banking institutions are still choking customers with hidden fees in order to make more profit. How often have you needed additional information on where can I get a payday loan, and turned to a web site search on payday loan? We should be very smart in choosing our banks.

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