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The Most Helpful Wells Fargo Reviews

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Reviewed By Ben Dec 17, 2012

Terrible Customer Service-Wells Fargo

I went into Wells Fargo in Brooklyn Center, MN to get a replacement Check Card. The woman behind the counter was all too interested in selling me products rather than addressing my reason for visiting, which is exactly why I avoid going into Wells Fargo at all costs. She gave me a temporary card and said my new card would come in 5-7 days. The temporary card was a joke and would decline randomly, which resulted in me having to call Wells Fargo numerous times where someone seemingly flipped a switch and said "ok, it should work in 5 min".

Wells Fargo also called me on a daily basis from "Fraud Protection" and wanted to go over all of my purchases. After 2 weeks had passed I called to check on the status and was told "it was sent and to wait a few more days". A month had passed and I called to see where my card was and the woman told me that no replacement card had ever been issued. Needless to say, I was upset and wondered how so many people couldn't figure this out. All I wanted to do was get a Check Card.

Now it's the middle of December and I spent the better part the morning purchasing Christmas gifts online. Once I got home from work I see email after email saying my card was declined and my orders were cancelled. All of my Christmas gifts!! Cancelled!! So I called Wells Fargo to see what the heck is going on and am told that my temporary card was cancelled and I would have to stop into a branch to get a new card. At this point I'm pretty upset but keeping it cool because by now I understand how Wells Fargo Customer Service works.

The woman tells me that she hopes my card comes in the mail in time to reorder my Christmas presents in time for the Holidays....Just before she tries to sell me BillPay....
I will be taking my money elsewhere.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Marta Lugosi Jul 20, 2015

Service fee

This morning as I checked my balance at Wells Fargo I noticed they posted a service fee of $13 on my checking account. According to the contract (everything is a contract when you sign up for something) I was told there is no service fee as long I don't request hard copies of my statements. I've been a customer from 1995 at First Union, Wachovia and now Wells Fargo and I am treated like this. They sent no notes, or mail or e-mail to announce this change. After a long discussion with a supervisor she gave me a partial reimbursement of $3.25 and pocketed $9.75, which in my opinion is unjustified. This supervisor also told me, the change was communicated in the monthly statement and I could have avoiding it by switching over to a different type of checking account 3 months ago. How should I have known this??? I have decided to close my account and open a checking account at a different bank. STAY AWAY from Wells Fargo, they are stilling our money.

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Latest Wells Fargo Reviews

  • P
    Reviewed By PBC Feb 9, 2016

    10 Day Hold

    I have been a customer of wells fargo for 20 years. These guys put a 10 day hold on a check that has already cleared the bank. Do not trust this bank. They are thieves.

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  • W
    Reviewed By Workingclass Feb 4, 2016

    Wells Fargo on Hamilton ave in Hamilton NJ is a joke!!!

    I made a sizable deposit by check from my attorney I was looked at like I was trying to pass off a bogus check. Than on top of that they put a hold on it for 7 days to make sure it was real. The check already cleared my attorneies account but the bank still won't release my money till the end of the hold they put on it. This is total B.S.!
    I make sizable deposits all the time at another branch never have any problems no matter how I look, scruffy,dirty from work or clean cut and shaven always treated with respect and the most time I ever had to wait for a check to clear was 2 days.n
    The worst part is I called the customer service and there answere was (we have to wait for the federal reserve to clear my check) WTF. Federal reserve has nothing to do with my check! Maybe if I was depositing gold bars I would take that answer. They really need better training. Oh I still haven't gotten any apology from the branch I made the deposit at. I guess they don't need to they are always write.

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  • R
    Reviewed By rickyrab Feb 3, 2016

    Transfer Chatges

    I called the bank to inquire if there were any associated fees to transfer money from a Wells Fargo account to a Non Wells Fargo account. Without hesitation he assured me there were no fees if I performed this transaction online. He did say it would take 2 -3 days for the transaction to be completed using this method, but No Fees involved.
    Well I did the online transfer and guess what? There is a $3.00 fee charged. If you can't depend on their answer for a simple question such as this, I would definitely never take their financial advice for anything of real value. I called to complain about this lack of knowledge on their representatives part and the lady was not helpful either. Poor business in my mind.

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  • L
    Reviewed By Lorianne2010 Jan 30, 2016

    Wells Fargo Free checking ( not so free) WF changing rules over and over Don't Trust them

    I have a " FREE CHECKING" account that requires I use the account 10 times a month to avoid service fees.Although I don't use this account very often I make a point to use it just enough to avoid the fee.

    Last month Wells Fargo began delaying my transactions so they could charge me a fee. And when I called them they were rude and unhelpful.

    I am closing my account and would urge anyone looking into a new account with WF to go elsewhere.The free checking isn't free and it isn't worth the stress.

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  • D
    Reviewed By dmgonza63 Jan 28, 2016

    WARNING: DO NOT USE Wells Fargo Merchant Services!!!

    If I could post a -10 rating, I would. Here's my story ...

    Was told by the Sales Rep she could beat the rate of our then current processor. Our previous processor was averaging about 2.7% effective rate monthly, that's inclusive of all fees, charges, etc. The Wells Fargo Sales Rep quoted a rate of 2.2% plus a few small extra fees, but didn't mention ANYTHING about the interchange fees. And we sent her statements from our previous processor so she could do a competitive analysis. After we switched to Wells Fargo, the effective rate was 2.84% (first month), 5.15% (second month), and finally 7.99% (third and last month), before we finally cancelled. Took me over a month to reach the Sales Rep's supervisor (she would never call back) and her only way of an apology or explanation was saying the Sales Rep was new and would get more training. I would NEVER do business with Wells Fargo Merchant Services again and I'm looking and switching all my regular business banking as well.

    P.S. Was able to get last Service Rep to reduce termination fee from $500 to $250 when I cancelled.
    P.P.S. Our new Merchant Services Provider offered to pick up the cancellation fee from WFB for switching over.
    P.P.P.S. Forgot to mention, the WFB Sales Rep had promised a $100 rebate on the $199 setup fee. The rebate never showed up and when I called to inquire, was told I didn't qualify. Had to fight tooth-n-nail to finally get the rebate.

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  • T
    Reviewed By trailrunner Jan 27, 2016

    My favorite branch I have ever had

    I have to pick one Wells Fargo branch to wire the money to Taiwan once a three months. Southland branch is by far my favorite Wells Fargo branch I have ever had since 1990's. Everyone that I have deal with at this branch have been extremely helpful, friendly and courteous. Sanam Saati was my banker this time. She is so sweet, nice and professional. She finished the job very efficient and fast. In order to prevent any careless mistake, she check the information three times with me very carefully in total. Not only is the level of her service exemplary, but her level personal care and attention to me is unparalleled..
    If you need to find a good Wells Fargo branch, you should just come to this one. You will not regret it.

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  • A
    Reviewed By antibank Jan 23, 2016

    long time customer looking to get out

    Wells Fargo customer for 15 plus years. Investor in rental properties. Always went to Wells first and always told they were not interested but shortly after I went elsewhere they bought the loans back.

    Always charging ridiculous fees and changing accounts around to make more fees appear.
    You always have to keep an eye on them so they don't change things up on you and start hitting you accounts with service fees. Who has time. I spent countless hours in my branch and on the phone getting things straightened out. Wells Fargo could care less about you as a customer they just want to nickle and dime all of their customers to death.
    Went through this crap for years and now I have gone elsewhere with most of my accounts so now because we have no relationship they say, Wells is raising all of my three accounts interest rates. The lack of relationship means I don't have a checking account or savings account so they can scam money from a direct deposit so they are sure to get my money in their bank.
    I am in the firearms industry and Wells Fargo is one of those anti gun banks and all about their political agenda not the customer.

    Soon I will take the rest of my accounts away from them never to return. I have nothing good to say about Wells Fargo.
    I have lot of friends and co-workers that feel the same and have also pulled out of this Bank.

    I could go on and on but I am so tired of them I don't want to talk about it anymore. Stay far away!!!
    Give your business to a credit union instead.

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  • Z
    Reviewed By Zel123 Jan 17, 2016


    Interesting suggestions ! Speaking of which , if your business require to merge PDF or PNG files , my business partner used a service here http://goo.gl/BuxQPI

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  • K
    Reviewed By Kmprevette Jan 16, 2016

    Very Poor Customer Service at the Bassett VA location!!!

    My husband goes and pays our Wells Fargo account faithfully every single month. Every time he goes into the bank to pay they give him the run around because his name isn't on the account. He has to prove him self every single time (which I totally agree with) but then proceed to give him a lecture that they can't tell him what the balance is after he has paid. There is one woman that is super rude towards him. It takes him about 30 minutes to just pay one single account. We don't like to pay stuff online and we appreciate great customer service. They don't even greet him or remember him when he comes in!!! This is why I absolutely love Suntrust! No matter how long it is before I step into the bank, they act like am a family member and I'm in and out in no time. They even offer bottled water if am waiting in line for no more than 5 minutes.

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  • E
    Reviewed By edveits Jan 15, 2016

    Not small business friendly!

    I've been a Wells Fargo Lakeville Minnesota, small business customer for 23 years, obtained 2 SBA loans over the years, personally have a 813 credit score, my home mortgage is also through Wells Fargo. Received in the mail recently an application for small business line of credit, filled it out, provided 3 years of corporate tax returns and was turned down for a measly $20K line of credit which would have helped me through a few months until spring with the lack of snow this winter. About a year ago I found that $5000 mysteriously disappeared from my business savings account, it took 3 weeks to resolve the issue and was told it was an internal employee error, they keyed in a wrong account number and set it up to be a reoccurring line of credit payment to someone elses account. They also nickel and dime customers with ridiculous fees, even for cash deposits!
    Then they start pushing a mortgage refinance at around 3%, I'm currently at 5.25% so the more we talked the higher the interest rate went, up to 4.25 plus I'd need another appraisal. Several years ago I fell for their bullshit, spent over $450 for the appraisal, made the required repairs to the siding and trim and they still turned me down!

    I'll be shopping for a new bank for my business since 23 years of customer loyalty means nothing to them. Take your banking business elsewhere, you mean nothing to them and they are not there to help!

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