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Wells Fargo Customer Review

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carolynnnn's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by carolynnnn

Feb 22nd 2013

Absolutly the most un-loyal bank ! They do not care about their clients AT ALL and will be quick to charge you fees

I have had Wachovia bank since I was 17(a very long time ago). For years I didn't have problems until about 2 or 3 years after wells fargo bought them out. They started charging outragous fees for each account which I luckily bi-passed by having direct deposit and a good job ! Well one day I deposited a check that had evidentally been a bad check .... Ok no big deal except for the fact that they withheld ALL of my funds until they were able to close my account (this process took about 10 days). Not only did this upset me but they were not going to call me and let me know what was going on !!!! They said they were just going to send me a check with my funds and send me a letter saying my account had been closed. So I was irate about that. I had asked them if I could retreive my funds from a branch in cash because I really could not wait for a check in the mail , my kids were hungry , I needed diapers and I needed gas to get to work ! , they said no . This was the worst week of my life. Because of this bank my kids went hungry and I had to use hand towels for diapers. It did not matter how long I had been a client or the fact that Ive never had a bad check. They disgraced me. For this reason I would never recommend this bank.

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Other Wells Fargo Reviews

Iowegian's Profile Image

Reviewed by Iowegian

Sep 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Will Not Return Your Call.

I agree with the above negative accounts. I have a similar one but do not want to disclose the details. Bottom line was i called the i-800 number twice. Then i wanted to talk to the branch near me to get clarification and ask some questions if i should come to the bank personally for this transaction. No one returned my call. Ever! Just said they would but if needed to call the 1-800 number which i had already done twice. This is the second very negative experience we have had with the northeast branch. A bank change may be in order now.

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hh2014's Profile Image

Reviewed by hh2014

Sep 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Poor Customer Service

I entered the bank to make a deposit today but while waiting had to use the rest room. When I asked, I was told the restroom was for employees only. I left, went to a nearby store, then returned to find the bank closed, which means another trip. I am furious about this kind of treatment.

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