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Wells Fargo Customer Review

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Victor's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Victor

Dec 27th 2012

bad experience

Bad place for your business. I run a small business and i run around all day to see my customers and get supplies. In banking industry it is a common practice to make checks out to "cash" so anyone can cash it. On Dec. 26 I got one of those checks and was on my way to cash it so i can get supplies for the customer. When I get to the bank there is a line but I decided to wait despite being short on time. 20 minutes later i finally got to see teller, someone named Deneen, and she tells me i can't cash it there and check has to be made out to my name. WTH aren't they familiar with banking industry standards? I just wasted 20 minutes that i did not have. This bank is bad for your business. I don't know how personal business is handled there, probably just as poorly, but businesses should stay away from them. This is not the first time i had hard time at this bank. I wrote this review because i'm angry i wasted my time which i could've spent working and a disappointed customer who now have to wait three days untill his check posts to my account. Just stay away from them.

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mugridge's Profile Image

Reviewed by mugridge

Sep 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bank Not Doing Their Job

Since i know this will not be posted i will just say what happened for me. I went to the bank with a check that i was not sure of. I asked the teller to check on the check to make sure that the check was in fact a good check. I know that the bank has a number that they can call to see if any other fraud movement has been received on an account. The teller i found out later did not do a check so i asked but rather waited a few moments and and tell me that the check was fine and would clear.

The next day again before i would take any money i asked again if they had in fact contacted the bank fraud department. That teller said let me check on that for you. After more than 2 1/2 hours shr found out that the check was in fact not been checked on and was a bad check that had been written before for 400. 00 to pay someone rent.

Even though i asked for this to be checked on before being deposited i was charged 12. 00 unpaid check fee, 12. 50 overdraft fee, and 11. 00 taken for my savings. I i had 14. 99 in my account 10. 00 to cover the monthly fees. The 11. 00 they used to cover part of the 12. 50 and 12. 00 and then took the rest from a 19. 75 direct deposit that was made from an employer. The account is being closed and i am being called a scammer for something i brought to the banks attention. All this because the bank does not want to admit that they made a mistake.

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Bnelson's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bnelson

Feb 25th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

the word DEPLORABLE does not even describe!

My husband's company uses WF for payroll and THAT is the ONLY reason we opened our account there. We opened an account to be "close" to the source of our bi weekly funds. Needless to say from the beginning I have not been happy. For one, I was fraud ed in a different state which made me non qualified to be on the account. My husband was the sole account holder which is scary when you think of what could happen if he died. My husband went on a trip at the beginning of Feb- debit/credit card had multiple issues - intrastate usage locks, limit locks, etc. Before my husband left (2 weeks) he was approved for a "Secured" credit card and verbally agreed to a max limit of $700.00. The $700 was taken from his account the week of his trip leaving his account short. I represented him in his absence and received nothing but excuses..no resolution. Upon returning home my husband unequivocally requested that the secured card be revoked/cancelled since WF had the $700 and we had no card anyways PLUS the fees were outrageous.

We are ONE MONTH later and WF is STILL messing with that $700.00. We have seen OD transfers from our savings without prior consent...because the alleged "memo posted" $700 is not reflecting on our balance.

We are headed there NOW to address this issue ONCE and for all! I am sick to my stomach at the lack of follow thru and respect to people. My husband works in the oil field - 90+ hours a week and on occasion he even gets "turned away" at WF when he wanted to talk to his bank rep Wade. I thought I was getting somewhere with bank manager Chris - but not at this point. My emails and phone calls have been ignored even though all have been made on my busy husband's behalf.

This WF location that we are having POOR experience with is in Loveland, CO - at Centerra. We are VERY disappointed in this issue...VERY! :( I would not recommend this bank to anyone.

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