New Yorker, who works in the fashion industry. Born in Canada, I enjoy snowboarding and taking walks with my dog Sola. Current a TD Bank member.

bstern wrote a review of Ally Bank on Aug 6th 2014

What's not to like?

It's only been a couple of weeks, but I'm already impressed with my no fee, interest earning checking account. I already had a Money Market and a 12 month CD with Ally, but always chose to stick with an traditional bank for my checkin...

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alex started a question in Hot Deals on Feb 26th 2012

$150 Chase Savings Bonus - Limited Time Offer

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New $150 Chase Savings Bonus for anyone still looking. It seems Chase has decided to move away from only number codes. Bonus code is good till December 14, 2... Continue reading

alex started a question in Hot Deals on Apr 26th 2012

Chase $125 Checking Bonus

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Received another Chase bonus code today for those looking to open a new Chase checking account. Same terms apply as listed in the original post. Also this of... Continue reading

bstern wrote a review of TD Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card on Aug 21st 2012

Great First American Credit Card

New to the United States and in looking to build my credit, TD Bank issued me this card after I locked $500 in to a Savings account for 12 months.

The process of getting the card was anything but smooth. The reps at my local br...

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bstern started a discussion in Property on May 7th 2011

Rent or Buy in a Metropolitan City

bstern started a discussion in Smart Spending on May 6th 2011

Average consumer spends $368 on Gas per month

bstern started a discussion in American Express on Mar 19th 2011

Getting a credit card in the US as a foreigner...

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